Windsor Police Constable Michael Brisco Punished to Reinforce Political Control Over Law Enforcement

The Ontario Civilian Police Commission has reinforced its position that policing organizations and individual police officers should obey political orders without question, and ignore our Constitution, the Charter of Rights and Freedoms, and the Rule of Law.

Windsor Police Constable Michael Brisco was convicted of Discreditable Conduct for anonymously donating $50 to the Freedom Convoy on February 7, 2022. The Ontario Civilian Police Commission just disallowed his appeal of the conviction and the outrageous penalty of 80 hours pay.

“The conviction of Constable Brisco for donating to a group that was in opposition to the government and its tyrannical and destructive political policies is just one of a series of recent events and decisions intended to solidify political control over law enforcement organizations and individual officers in Canada.”

At the time he donated to the Freedom Convoy, Constable Brisco was suspended without pay for refusing to be injected with the experimental mRNA COVID gene therapy that has since been shown to have caused millions of injuries and deaths.

Constable Brisco’s refusal to be injected with the experimental vaccines marked him as an independent and critical thinker. His donation to the convoy was, in my opinion, merely an excuse to punish Constable Brisco for his original sin of refusing the injections.

Just as we saw other professional regulatory bodies punishing and purging dissenting medical doctors, lawyers, pharmacists, and academics – policing organizations were quick to target critical thinkers who are a dangerous threat to effective top-down political control of the professions.

There was no admission or apology from either the Windsor Police or the Ontario Civilian Police Commission about how the vaccine mandates violated the Nuremburg Protocols, or that there was no informed consent throughout the population because the manufacturers and government concealed known vaccine adverse events including deaths and life-changing serious injuries.

Neither the Windsor Police nor the Ontario Civilian Police Commission acknowledged the fact that – according to the Pfizer Documents – the vaccine manufacturer and government officials knew that in the initial trials the vaccine killed 28 of 30 babies in the womb. Yet the Windsor Police and Ontario Government continued to mandate the injections that Constable Brisco refused.

The Windsor Police did not and will not launch a criminal investigation into the pile of injured and dead that grows daily – a political decision that flies in the face of the facts.

So the Windsor Police and government targeted Constable Brisco – even using criminally obtained stolen data to prove their case. The prosecutors and the Ontario Civilian Police Commission discarded the legal concepts of ‘Fruit of the Poison Vine’ and Rule of Law to do what they wanted to do.

The Windsor Police Tribunal Hearing Officer talked of “the harm Constable Brisco caused to the reputation of the (Windsor Police Service). This factor is particularly linked to the important objective of maintaining confidence in policing.”

“Maintaining confidence in policing.”

Both the Windsor Police and the Ontario Civilian Police Commission remain silent on the fact that the Windsor Police were recently shown to have illegally and brutally arrested citizens for lawfully protesting while standing off the roadway on a sidewalk. The Crown had to drop those charges.

No mention was made of how Windsor and other police brutalized Canadians for four years, shut down small businesses while allowing Costco and Walmart to remain open, barricaded churches, arrested Christian pastors – and brutally handcuffed visibly pregnant women for the egregious offenses of watching their children play hockey while unvaccinated, pushing a child on a swing in a closed park, or simply walking down the street in the open air without a mask.

The unquestioning political obedience, brutality, and overreach of Canadian Police in the last four years destroyed the public’s faith in law enforcement and brought the reputation of policing into disrepute.

Principled officers like Constable Michael Brisco are the last hope of restoring public confidence in law enforcement, but instead of acknowledging the ongoing public-confidence disaster of policing in Canada, the Ontario Civilian Police Commission chose to further entrench political control over law enforcement organizations and individual police officers.

Constable Brisco’s Appeal and Decision

June 14, 2023 – Notice-of-Appeal-Brisco-14JUN2023_Redacted (pdf)

February 14, 2024 – 2024oncpc24 Decision (pdf)

Other Sources

Epoch Times – Matthew Horwood: Windsor Police Officer Who Donated $50 to Freedom Convoy Loses Tribunal Appeal

Windsor Star – Doug Schmidt: Windsor cop’s discreditable conduct appeal dismissed

Canada Frees Two of Its Political Prisoners As International Attention Grows

An International Audience Learns That Canada Has Political Prisoners – Lot’s of them!

After two years of torture, isolation from loved ones, deteriorating health, and financial ruin – two of Canada’s political prisoners finally signed a coerced confession as required by the tyrannical Alberta and Federal governments.

Only two days ago Chris Lysak and Jerry Morin were said to be terrorists and too dangerous to release on bail under any circumstances…

… but once they signed their confessions they were free to go. Thus the courts and both governments admitted that denying bail to the Coutts accused was a political decision and act – nothing to do with public safety.

Canadians already knew that truth, just as they knew that the RCMP and the prosecutors have no evidence to convict these men of the main charge of Conspiracy to Murder Police Officers.

“Chris Lysak and Jerry Morin were political prisoners. Anthony Olienick and Chris Carbert remain political prisoners. The battle for justice continues.”

IF the police and prosecutors had the evidence to convict of Conspiracy to Murder Police Officers, these accused would still be in remand jail. It’s as simple as that. There will be no outrage from serving police officers about this failure to prosecute because the police know THERE NEVER WAS SUFFICIENT EVIDENCE TO CONVICT.

I don’t believe that there was even sufficient evidence to lay the charge. A Grand Jury would probably have tossed the charge to begin with. (See my article Denying Bail To The Coutts Four Is a Political Decision and Act)

Chris Lysak and Jerry Morin stood tall for two years because they knew they were innocent. They refused previous deals because they knew they were innocent. But after two years of resisting the politically-imposed torture, and having maintained their innocence, they did what was necessary to survive. Canadians owe each of them prayer, respect, and welcoming support as they regain their lives.

Chris Lysak and Jerry Morin were political prisoners. Anthony Olienick and Chris Carbert remain political prisoners. The battle for justice continues and the International Press are paying attention.

Check out the latest Newsweek USA coverage of the Coutts accused by Gord Magill…

No Canadian Is Free. Justin Trudeau’s Political Prisoners Are the Proof | Opinion

Ottawa Police Prosecutor Vanessa Stewart Likens Detective Helen Grus to Serial Rapist-Murderer Russell Williams

Hearing Officer Superintendent Chris Renwick allows outrageous comparison over defense objections

Stewart Court Attire

Every time we think that the internal hearing against Ottawa Police Detective Helen Grus can’t get any wilder – Prosecutor Vanessa Stewart yells “HOLD MY BEER!” and once again proves us wrong.

Accompanying her outrageous courtroom behaviour with fashion statements and hi-heeled boots that rival anything seen on Ottawa’s Gladstone Strip, Prosecutor Stewart seems to have little sense of decorum and propriety. Every day she makes the hearing into a theatre of the absurd where the audience can’t even guess at her next act.

You can’t make this up!

On Wednesday, January 10, 2024 Prosecutor Vanessa Stewart cross-examined defense witness Ottawa Police Service Sergeant Major (retired) Peter Danyluk.

In earlier testimony Danyluk described Detective Helen Grus as having a calm demeanor when she spoke with him about her investigation and concerns with the mRNA Covid ‘vaccines’.

Prosecutor Vanessa Stewart then despicably likened ‘calm demeanor’ Detective Helen Grus to ‘calm’ Serial Rapist – Murderer Russell Williams

Prosecutor Stewart – “You would agree that good people can make bad decisions.”

Witness Danyluk – “Anybody would agree with that. Yes.”

Prosecutor Stewart – “You would agree with me, people who appear calm can make bad decisions?”

Witness Danyluk – “Yes”

Prosecutor Stewart – “So people who appear calm can make bad decisions. I can give you a specific example. In the course of your career, did you ever have a chance to watch the interview of Russell Williams?”

Witness Danyluk – “Possibly”

Prosecutor Stewart – “I’m going to suggest that during the video of his interview Russell Williams was extremely calm.”

Defense Counsels Bath-Sheba van den Berg and Blair Ector – “OBJECTION!”

At this exchange the public gallery looked at each other in amazement, shaking their heads and wondering what idiocy would be next. They didn’t have long to wait…

Defense Lawyers Allege Criminal Witness Intimidation, Obstruction of Justice by Professional Standards Inspector

Insp. Hugh O’Toole

At a little after 3pm just before Detective Grus was to testify in her own defense, lead counsel Bath-Sheba van den Berg and co-counsel Blair Ector informed Hearing Officer Chris Renwick that Professional Standards Inspector Hugh O’Toole had sent an intimidating and threatening email to Detective Grus just prior to her scheduled testimony.

The email threatened that if Detective Grus gave certain evidence and referred to certain Ottawa Police documents in her testimony, the Ottawa Police Professional Standards Unit would launch another investigation against her.

This email was sent directly to the witness as she was about to testify – not to her defense lawyers.

In the chaos that followed Prosecutor Vanessa Stewart also threatened Detective Grus – stating that Stewart had “Put (Grus and her lawyers) on Notice” about the use of certain Ottawa Police documents as evidence. By her comments, Stewart also revealed that she had prior knowledge about the threatening email and was probably in collusion with Inspector O’Toole in delivering the threat.

My next report will provide full details of the threats to Detective Grus and an update on further developments.

After consultation with some of my lawyer friends, I am of the strong opinion that the intimidating and threatening email from Ottawa Police Inspector Hugh O’Toole meets the criminal threshold for:

– Intimidating a Justice System Participant (CC 423.1 (1) b),

– Obstruction of Justice (CC 139 (2) AND (3) )

Next Hearing Date – About February 14 / 15, 2024

When the hearing adjourned on Thursday, January 11, 2024 the parties were discussing the next hearing dates to be confirmed on or about February 14 / 15, 2024 – but no date has yet appeared on the Ottawa Police hearings website.

News Media Articles about the latest chaos in the Detective Grus Hearing

January 13, 2024 – (Jason Unrau – True North) Witness intimidation accusation mires misconduct hearing for Ottawa cop who probed child deaths

January 12, 2024 – (Vlad Tepes Blog) A few words about the Helen Grus hearings in Ottawa

January 11, 2024 – (Robert Kraychik – Rebel News) Ottawa cop facing discipline tribunal warned not to cite police docs minutes before testifying 

January 11, 2024 – (Matthew Horwood – The Epoch Times) Chaos Erupts at Hearing of Ottawa Detective as Lawyers File Report Accusing Superior of Witness Intimidation

January 10-11, 2024 – (Vlad Tepes – RAIR Foundation) Exclusive Trial Update on Helen Grus: Canadian Police Target Own Detective for Daring to Question Role of ‘Covid Vaccines’ in Death of 9 Babies

January 10, 2024 – (Matthew Horwood – The Epoch Times) Lawyers Accuse Officer of Witness Tampering, Intimidation of Detective Who Looked Into COVID Vaccine, Child Deaths

For more, see the ‘Detective Grus Case’ tab at the top of my website.

Donald Best

January 24, 2024 – 1045am Eastern Time

Farewell to dear friend Padre Michael Cassidy

Merchant Marine, Toronto Police, Whitchurch-Stouffville Police, Padre Canadian Armed Forces, Navy League… Private Investigator

Pastor Michael Maurice Cassidy passed on Sunday, January 14, 2024, at 89 years. Each of us would do well in our lifetime to have the respect and love that this faithful servant garnered.

As a young and self-confessed “pretty rough” merchant marine sailor, Mike fell so in love with Irene in post-war Britain. But his future wife wouldn’t even speak with him unless it was at church under the watchful eyes of her parents and the congregation. Irene was attracted to Mike, but she had her standards.

And so, Michael first heard The Word – and it took. Irene and Mike immigrated to Canada and produced two daughters and five grandchildren.

Michael served as a Constable with the Toronto Police and Whitchurch-Stouffville Police before founding a licensed Private Investigation Agency in Barrie, Ontario where I first met him about 1988.

Family First

Family always came first for Michael and Irene, and so it was he left the police service. As Michael told me, it was no contest when he had to choose between his family and a job he loved. He was my support and counsel when I later made that same choice – even hiring me as a private investigator and teaching me to thrive in that profession.

Canada’s Abandoned Warriors

Starting in earnest with the first Gulf War in 1990, for over three decades Padre Cassidy devoted himself to bringing care and healing to Canada’s military veterans. He was a regular fixture at Remembrance Day Ceremonies and military parades, but his most important work was always one-on-one with the injured, damaged, and destroyed warriors that Canada so shamefully abandoned – and continues to abandon.

Goodbye Mike, and thank you.

Pastor Michael Maurice Cassidy’s family and friends celebrated his life and laid him to rest on Saturday, January 20, 2024.

Ottawa Police Tribunal Biased To The Core Against Detective Helen Grus

Natural Justice Denied: The Fix is In

Hearing Continues January 8, 2024

  • Detective Grus Not Allowed to See Her Own Handwritten Duty Book
  • Tribunal Refuses to Allow Expert Defense Witnesses
  • Tribunal Allows Prosecutor’s Conflict of Interest: Sister-in-Law is Prosecution Witness.
  • Tribunal Allows Dishonest Prosecution Strategy of Preventing Cross-Examinations

There is little doubt that “The Fix Is In” for the trial of Ottawa Police Detective Helen Grus – who is charged with Discreditable Conduct for conducting an alleged ‘unauthorized’ investigation into a potential connection between mothers’ mRNA injections and the deaths of breastfeeding infants in a cluster of nine infant deaths.

For many observers, the final straw occurred when Hearing Officer Chris Renwick refused to allow Grus to examine her own hand-written duty book for January 30, 2022.

The prosecution alleges that Detective Grus’s on-duty investigative phone call to the father of a deceased infant on January 30, 2022 was improper. Grus made notes that day in her Duty Memo Book – but the Tribunal refuses to allow the veteran Detective to see her own official notes she made on the very day that the prosecution alleges she committed an on-duty offense.

Please read the above paragraph again so you can fully comprehend the injustice and illegitimacy of process faced by Detective Grus and her defense lawyers.

Trials Officer Supt (Retired) Chris Renwick

While the Memo Book Decision is a prime example of the Hearing Officer’s bias and unfair conduct, it is only one of many biased and unfair decisions – major and minor – that Superintendent Renwick made during the initial ten days of the Grus disciplinary hearing. The hearing continues January 8, 2023.

Every day of the hearing so far has seen multiple instances where the Tribunal’s bias was so open that the public gallery often gasped or guffawed at the outrageousness of it all. Each day journalists and the public also witnessed institutional and personal biases that further stacked the deck against Detective Grus.

Natural Justice Denied

The principle of Natural Justice is a cornerstone of Canadian society. In short, Natural Justice means that a court has a duty to act fairly.

There are principles of Natural Justice that cannot be violated without bringing a legal process into disrepute. These principles include…

  • An unbiased court and decision maker.
  • Just and Fair procedures and rules, known and applied fairly.
  • The accused’s right to know the case against them.
  • The right to be heard, to be allowed to present an unobstructed defense, and to have access to information and evidence that might support a defense.
  • The right to cross-examine prosecution witnesses, and to not be unfairly obstructed.
  • The right to a decision and rationale for that decision.

To protect an accused’s fundamental right to a fair trial in our adversarial system of justice, both prosecution and defense must have equal footing. The court should not be biased in its decisions or in its application of court procedures.

In the Detective Grus trial, the hostile bias has been so open that the coming verdict is already evident to many observers – even before the defense rises to present its case on January 8, 2024.

Ontario Superior Court Denies Defense Motion – Refuses to Interfere Until Tribunal Finishes

I have obtained from the Ontario Superior Court of Justice certain public documents filed with the court by both Detective Grus’s defense lawyers and by the Ottawa Police Service lawyers.

To the extent that I can without violating bans on publishing names of involved families and other Identity Information, I will be publishing redacted copies of all publicly available court documents on my website at the Grus Case List.

Public observers and journalists await the continuation of the hearing on January 8, 2024 – for what promises to be the most biased and out-of-control legal procedure that most of us have ever seen.

Defense Counsel Bath-Sheba van den Berg

Defense lawyers had asked a Court for a Judicial Review and other relief, but as is the norm the Court refuses to interfere with a Tribunal that is in-progress. In short, the current outrageously-biased hearings will have to finish before Grus’s lawyers are allowed to take steps towards overturning the coming verdict that is now completely evident.

Here is a paragraph from a court document filed by defense on November 27, 2023…

“The disciplinary proceedings against the Applicant concerning one count of discreditable conduct have been riddled with procedural unfairness towards the Applicant from the outset. The Applicant has been subjected to constant and continuing denial of disclosure by both the Prosecutor and the Tribunal as well as partiality of the Tribunal, which has become apparent in a ruling made on November 26, 2023 with respect to the Applicant’s request for expert witnesses to support her defence.

This context is important because it sets the stage for understanding why this Judicial Review is not premature and should be allowed based on the exceptional circumstances of a breach of natural justice, apprehension of bias, and want of jurisdiction. Further, Christopher Renwick ought to remain as a respondent in the Judicial Review for the reason that his submissions will assist the Court in being fully informed.”


Future articles will publish extensive details of the Tribunal’s and Ottawa Police Service’s incredibly open bias against Detective Grus. The Tribunal’s open bias will undoubtedly form the foundation of an appeal that must be filed should Hearing Officer Renwick convict Detective Grus.

This week I’ll be bringing daily coverage of the continuation of the hearing where Detective Helen Grus is not allowed to effectively defend herself.

For now, I’ll leave you with this observation from the first ten days of hearings…

Hearing Officer Chris Renwick’s approval of Prosecutor Vanessa Stewart’s outrageous conflict of interest and weaponization of objections to protect her sister-in-law – a prosecution witness – brought the entire legal process and the Ottawa Police Service into disrepute.

Prosecutor Stewart continually interrupted the defense lawyers’ cross-examinations of prosecution witnesses – even objecting to questions before the defense even started to speak the question. This weaponization of objections was and is a purposeful strategy to deny Detective Grus’s right to cross-examine the witnesses against her.

During the first ten days of public hearings Stewart’s outrageous behaviour, theatrics, and visible contempt for defense lawyers – and occasionally even rudeness to the Hearing Officer -was unhindered. The transcripts I made from my recordings are unbelievable to anyone with any court experience.

Public observers and journalists await the continuation of the hearing on January 8, 2024 – for what promises to be the most biased and out-of-control legal procedure that most of us have ever seen.

Ottawa Police Detective Helen Grus Not Allowed Any Defense Witnesses

Dr. Eric Payne, Dr. James Thorpe, Dr. Gregory Chan, Ottawa Police S/Sgt (retired) Peter Danyluk, Lawyer Shawn Buckley – Ottawa Police Tribunal Rejects Every Defense Witness!

Hearing Officer Chris Renwick refuses to allow testimony from any of the five defense witnesses proposed by Detective Grus’s legal team.

Ottawa Police Detective Helen Grus is charged with ‘Discreditable Conduct’ under the Ontario Police Services Act for conducting “unauthorized” investigations into the sudden deaths of nine infants.

“Why even pretend to have this sham trial? The verdict’s already been decided. The fix is in.”

(Ottawa Police Staff Sergeant ‘B’ commenting to journalist Donald Best)

Detective Grus was investigating any potential connection between the vaccination status of the mothers and the sudden deaths of breastfeeding babies. Ottawa Police shut down her investigation, ordered her to stop, and charged her with an internal disciplinary charge.

In a decision dated November 26, 2023, Hearing Officer Renwick rejected all five defense expert witnesses – three medical doctors, a retired Ottawa Police Staff Sergeant, and a Regulatory lawyer.

Let me paraphrase the legalese of Renwick’s decision with the truth…

Trials Officer Supt (Retired) Chris Renwick

Renwick essentially found that he doesn’t require the testimony of the witnesses as they are biased and will present evidence in favour of Detective Grus.

Oh… he says it a little differently but the core of his decision is evident to anyone with any sense of justice.

For instance, Dr. James Thorpe had expressed an opinion that “the Ottawa Police Service should be investigated for their political prosecution of Detective Grus.”

So no testimony from Dr. James Thorpe.

“S/Sgt. Danyluk, in written response to a questionnaire, provides his respectful opinion that the disciplinary system is being used against Cst. Grus where leadership should have been applied and there was a failure in not investigating the media leak.”

So no testimony from retired Staff Sergeant Peter Danyluk – a recognized expert in police ethics.

Lawyer Shaun Buckley “was a moderator at the April 26, 2023 National Citizen’s Inquiry who put questions to a witness, former RCMP Corporal Daniel Bulford, on Cst. Grus’ actions and subsequent PSA charges – whereas Dr. Eric Payne and Dr. Gregory Chan were witnesses at the Inquiry.”

So no testimony from Shawn Buckley, Dr. Eric Payne, or Dr. Gregory Chan.

And there you have it folks…

The Ottawa Police Tribunal will not allow Detective Grus to call any defense witnesses.

Dr. Eric Payne, Paediatric Neurology – NOT ALLOWED

Dr. James Thorp, Obstetrics and Gynecology – NOT ALLOWED

Dr. Gregory Chan, Family Medicine – NOT ALLOWED

Ottawa Police Staff Sergeant (retired) Peter Danyluk – NOT ALLOWED

Lawyer Shawn Buckley. – NOT ALLOWED

A sham trial by a sham tribunal.

Ruling on Proposed Expert Witnesses for Defence

This is the November 26, 2023 ruling by Ottawa Police Hearing Officer Superintendent (retired) Chris Renwick.

Having attended every day of the Grus Hearing in August and October/November, 2023 – I can assure each of my readers that there is NO WAY that Hearing Officer Renwick wrote the attached Ruling. Not a snowball’s chance. Never happened.

Which raises the question… Do Ottawa Police Hearing Officers have independent legal counsel to assist in crafting their decisions? If not, the obvious writer of this decision is at best a lawyer employed by the Ottawa Police, and at worst the prosecutor herself.

Here is the Tribunal decision in .pdf format…

Grus Case Ruling on Proposed Expert Witnesses for Defence

Grus Expert Witness Decision scanned

The Memo Book Scandal

Hearing Officer Chris Renwick also won’t allow Detective Grus to examine her own handwritten memo book notes for the very date and event she is charged with. (I’ll be covering that part of the story in more detail later this week.)

Full Listing of Detective Grus News Stories Here

Lies, Defamation, & Hypocrisy: CBC, Ottawa Citizen, CTV Reporting of Ottawa Police Settlement in Detective Grus Parental Complaint

Ottawa Police strategically settle a parental compliant the day before Detective Grus’s Judicial Review Hearing

CBC, Ottawa Citizen, CTV deliberately lied to public, Defamed Detective Helen Grus


* CBC, Ottawa Citizen, CTV know that court evidence showed Detective Grus did NOT access the ‘vaccination records’ of the deceased infants – but the outlets nonetheless reported this falsehood on December 7, 2023.

* CBC, Ottawa Citizen, CTV know that court evidence showed that in March 2022, rogue Ottawa Police officers illegally released confidential information to CBC reporter Shaamini Yogaretnam – who then presented an ultimatum to the Ottawa Police Service that the police had only 24 hours to contact the parents of the deceased infants before CBC broke the story.

* CBC, Ottawa Citizen, CTV know that court evidence has shown Detective Grus had absolutely nothing to do with the public release of any information about her investigation of the cluster of nine sudden infant deaths.

* CBC, Ottawa Citizen, CTV know that court evidence showed it was CBC and reporter Shaamini Yogaretnam and the news media’s reporting of stolen confidential police information that resulted in the current OPS settlement.

* CBC, Ottawa Citizen, CTV. also know that the family involved in the OPS settlement includes two Public Health Agency of Canada personnel who monitored and actively sought to influence the OPS investigation of Detective Grus from March, 2022, and even after she was charged in July 2022.

* CBC, Ottawa Citizen, CTV know that the Public Health Agency of Canada is part of the government group that advised and mandated experimental mRNA injections – even declaring that the injections were safe and effective for pregnant women and breastfeeding babies.

* Media Outlets defamed and attacked Detective Helen Grus, calling her ‘rogue’, and dehumanizing and degrading her in public – when those media outlets know that Grus had nothing to do with the illegal release of confidential police information. These media outlets know that court evidence showed the Ottawa Police refused to investigate the rogue police officers who illegally provided confidential police information to CBC reporter Shaamini Yogaretnam.

* CBC, Ottawa Citizen, CTV know that court evidence showed the Ottawa Police illegally, abusively WIRETAPPED Detective Grus and her family – yet they refuse to report this to the public.


Why Do Canadian Media Outlets Promote Lies, Corruption, Defamation, and Cover-ups?

Shaamini Yogaretnam CBC Reporter

Yesterday CBC, Ottawa Citizen, and CTV – all government-subsidized news outlets – published reports of a settlement between the Ottawa Police and mother of a deceased infant who complained of privacy violations but did not file a lawsuit.

The timing of this monetary settlement was clearly a strategic decision by the Ottawa Police Service (OPS). The OPS faces imminent embarrassment and exposure in today’s December 8, 2023, Divisional Court Judicial Review application filed by Detective Helen Grus’s defense lawyers.

The settlement, media release, and published news articles are clearly intended to impact public opinion on the day of a court hearing where Grus’s lawyers have filed court documents detailing extreme bias by both the prosecution and Hearing Officer Chris Renwick in the internal trial of Detective Helen Grus.

Ottawa Police Detective Helen Grus is charged with ‘Discreditable Conduct’ under the Ontario Police Services Act for conducting “unauthorized” investigations into the sudden deaths of nine infants. Detective Grus was investigating any potential connection between the vaccination status of the mothers and the sudden deaths of breastfeeding babies.

In ten days of prosecution hearings in August and October / November 2023, this reporter witnessed firsthand many of the incidents of bias by the Hearing Officer, and outrageous behaviour by Prosecutor Vanessa Stewart. Among other excesses, Prosecutor Stewart weaponized ‘objections’ to prevent Grus’s defense lawyers from effectively cross-examining prosecution witnesses.

Trials Officer Supt. Chris Renwick

Prosecutor Stewart was so obviously attempting to protect the prosecution witnesses from impeachment – one of whom was her own family member sister-in-law Detective Renee Stewart. This conflict of interest was only revealed on the last day of the August hearings and shocked all public observers in the court.

More shocking, however, was that Hearing Officer Superintendent (Retired) Chris Renwick knew and approved of the conflict of interest.

Hearing Officer Renwick Refuses ALL Defence Expert Witnesses

In a decision dated November 26, 2023, Hearing Officer Chris Renwick DISALLOWED ALL FIVE DEFENCE WITNESSES.

Detective Grus’s lawyers sought to have three medical experts, one police expert, and one legal expert testify…

Dr. Eric Payne, Paediatric Neurology,

Dr. James Thorp, Obstetrics and Gynecology

Dr. Gregory Chan, Family Medicine

Ottawa Police Staff Sergeant (retired) Peter Danyluk

Lawyer Shawn Buckley

The biased Tribunal Hearing Officer Chris Renwick disallowed every defense witness.

December 7, 2023 Media Articles

CBC: Ottawa police board settles with family over invasion of privacy

CTV News: Ottawa police board settles with family over officer who accessed dead child’s vaccine records

Ottawa Citizen: Family settles privacy complaint with Ottawa Police Services Board

Much More to Come

This story broke late Thursday, December 7, 2023.

Tune in to The Lavigne Show on Friday, December 8, 2023 at 8am Eastern time when Vlad Tepes, Jason Lavigne and yours truly will provide full coverage.

You can see the show on X (Twitter) @donaldbestca

And on Rumble… The Lavigne Show – with Vlad Tepes and Donald Best

Questions, Doubts, Lack of Accountability Undermine Coutts Fundraising

Coutts Four Fundraising Chaos

Declaration by Donald Best

I, Donald Best, am the sole author of this Investigation Report concerning Fundraising for the accused men commonly known as the ‘Coutts Four’: Anthony Olienick, Chris Carbert, Chris Lysak, and Jerry Morin.

I verily believe that everything in this report is accurate and true to the best of my professional abilities, and considering the sources and information available to me at the time.

Should the need arise or be required, I am willing to create a sworn affidavit based upon this report and / or testify under oath if subpoenaed.

If any person or group objects to anything in this report or that I have published or broadcast anywhere regarding the subjects and issues at hand, I can be contacted via email at:

[email protected]

I will professionally consider all communications and especially any relevant evidence or exhibits sent to me. Should new evidence disprove anything in this report or cause me to change any reported fact or my analysis, I will prominently publish that evidence and a revised report at my website: DonaldBest.CA

This report is the result of requests from almost a hundred people (witnesses) who contacted me starting in July, 2023 and expressed concern with the fundraising activities of what I call ‘The Margaret MacKay Group’ or for brevity ‘The MacKay Group’. Some friends and family members of the four accused also contacted me.

I have never directly spoken with any of the four accused, although I have received messages through others.

The intent of this report is twofold:

1/ To document the Coutts Four joint fundraising controversy that is undermining the ability of the Coutts Accused to raise funds, and,

2/ To restore public confidence in fundraising through a recommended ‘Clean Start’ for the individual fundraising efforts of each accused. As detailed later, it is my belief that the current situation has destroyed the viability of joint fundraising for the foreseeable future.

Note: I will be further copying the text of the report into this post, but for now here is the full report in .pdf format…


Donald Best

Sunday, November 19, 2023

23:20 hours Eastern

Ottawa Street Cops Unaware Police Union Abandoned Detective Helen Grus

Ottawa Police Association Paid Legal Fees for On-Duty Rapist – but not for Detective Grus charged with ‘unauthorized’ on-duty investigation of infant deaths.

An informal survey of 37 Ottawa Police patrol officers from August to November 2023 revealed that not one was aware that their own union – the Ottawa Police Association – is not paying legal fees for Detective Helen Grus.

Detective Helen Grus is charged with ‘Discreditable Conduct’ for conducting a purported “unauthorized” investigation into the potential connection between mRNA vaccinated mothers, and the sudden deaths of breastfeeding babies.

Detective Grus conducted her investigation ON DUTY, and after informing then Ottawa Chief of Police Peter Sloly about a significant increase in sudden infant deaths. Detective Grus presented her official criminal investigation file to Professional Standards investigator Sgt. Jason Arbuthnot on May 12, 2022.

The Ottawa Police served Detective Grus with ‘Notice of Increased Penalty’ that she will be fired if convicted. Nonetheless the Ottawa Police Association refused, and continues to refuse, to pay Detective Grus’s legal expenses for the charge arising from her on-duty investigation.

Matthew Cox, Ottawa Police Association President

“The questions that you have put to us are not only rife with inaccuracies, they also relate to internal policy decisions…

Guidelines are established that our members have to follow, and I do not believe it would be appropriate to speak out in the middle of a Police Service Act hearing.

The Association will not be granting your request for an interview. We can, however, confirm that we adhere to fair and transparent business practices, and ensure that all our members are treated equally.”

Matthew Cox, President Ottawa Police Association on November 10, 2023, replying to an interview request. (Media Request + Full Response below.)

Patrol Officers Question Why Some Accused Officers Receive Association Legal Funding and Others Do Not

Ottawa Police Officers told me that they have questions not only about why their police union refuses to pay Detective Grus’s legal fees, but also about what some called “the secretive process” that results in the Association covering legal fees for some members but not for others.

Ottawa Police Association Paid Legal Fees for Officers Accused of On-Duty Rape, Bribe-Taking

Several Ottawa Police Officers informed me that their police union paid at least partial legal expenses for Constable Eric Post – charged in 2018 with 32 criminal offenses against women including sexual assault (rape), forceable confinement, threatening, and pointing a firearm.

It is alleged that some of the criminal events occurred while Post was ‘on duty’, including when he wore his uniform and sidearm into a school classroom where the victim was teaching.

Post victimized numerous women over several years. One victim committed suicide. In 2021, Post pleaded guilty to five criminal charges involving violence against women in a negotiated plea that many found disgusting.

Police sources also state that the Ottawa Police Association paid at least some legal counsel expenses for three Constables charged by an RCMP anti-corruption squad for taking bribes and kickbacks from tow-truck operators for on-duty corruption. Two officers were also involved in a fraudulent insurance report that also involved on-duty criminal acts.

Constables Hussein Assaad, Kevin Putinski, and Andrew Chronopoulos resigned from the Ottawa Police in 2022 after a mixture of pleas and stays.


Informal Survey of Ottawa Police Officers Yields Shocking Answers

From August to November 2023, I approached 37 Ottawa Police patrol officers on the street and near various police facilities. I informed the officers that I am a former Toronto Police Sergeant Detective – now an independent journalist – and asked if they were aware of the charges against Detective Grus, and that the Ottawa Police Association is not funding her legal defense.

All 37 officers were unaware that the Ottawa Police Association had refused to fund Detective Grus’s legal expenses. Further, 26 of the officers passionately stated that I must be wrong – that their union would of course be paying Detective Grus’s legal fees.

The disconnect between these officers’ beliefs and their union’s refusal to fund Detective Grus’s legal fees is shocking.


“I thought the Association was covering her (Detective Grus’s) lawyer.”

Ottawa Police Constable ‘J’ – August, 2023.

“Officers don’t know that their legal fees aren’t covered until it happens to them. They assume they’re covered for all charges from on-duty things but it’s not true. The Association lets them think that they have their back.”

Ottawa Police Constable ‘J’ – October, 2023. (Same officer as above, two months later)

“The Association is more concerned with saving its bank account than the members who fund it.”

Ottawa Police Constable ‘T’ – October, 2023

“No f’ing way the Association is not paying for her lawyer. I heard the brass wants to fire her.”

“She has to fund raise? WTF?”   (When told of Detective Grus’s GiveSendGo)

Ottawa Police Constable ‘P’ – November, 2023

One Toronto Police Staff-Sergeant blames both Toronto and Ottawa officers for not taking an interest in the Association rules and policies that could impact them – but also acknowledges how decisions to pay member’s legal expenses can be quite arbitrary.

“Toronto Police Officers are ignorant of the Toronto Police Association bylaws about funding legal expenses, and it’s probably the same thing in Ottawa. They should be asking for the bylaws. It’s available to the rank and file and if they don’t read it, that’s their problem.

When the Association Executive is unfair in its discretion that’s something else. It’s happened in Toronto too. Sometimes it depends on who you know in the Executive. It’s not fair but it’s the way it is.”

Toronto Police Staff Sergeant ‘B’ – November, 2023

Union Reps Missing in Action at Detective Grus Trial

Ottawa Police Association union representatives were distinctly absent from the ten days of Detective Grus hearings in August and October / November.

In November one union representative showed up for a few hours.

I forgot to ask OPA President Matthew Cox about this, but he refused to answer any questions so it would not have made a difference.

“I would be pleased to publish any response by Mr. Cox as to why the Ottawa Police Association is so disinterested in the trial of an outstanding Detective who will be fired if convicted.”

Police Association Conflicts of Interest

Some officers told this journalist that the support shown by their police union for the coerced and mandated Covid vaccinations of Ottawa Police Service officers and civilian employees raises questions about Conflicts of Interest by the Ottawa Police Association.

Officers said that the Ottawa Police Association has consistently been in favour of experimental mRNA gene therapy injections for police personnel – and that their leadership failed to stand up for their members’ personal health autonomy and medical privacy.

When the Ottawa Police Service mandated COVID ‘vaccines’ for members, the Ottawa Police Association agreed. OPA President at the time Matt Skoff stated that unlike the Toronto Police Association, the OPA would not oppose the mandates. Further, President Skoff made statements in support of the Ottawa Police Service “(continuing) to pursue high vaccination rates of its members…”

Ottawa Police Association won’t oppose potential vaccine mandate – Ottawa Citizen August 25, 2021

Like the Ottawa Police Service that mandated the experimental injections for all employees, the Ottawa Police Association is a defacto supporter of mandatory mRNA injections and therefore has a real conflict of interest in anything to do with the legal and medical issues surrounding the vaccines.

“It would not be in the interest of the Ottawa Police, the Ottawa Police Association, or the Police Association of Ontario if evidence in the Grus Internal Hearing revealed that the mandatory mRNA vaccine injections cause injuries or deaths…”  Donald Best

Courthouse Prayers for Ottawa Police Detective Helen Grus

Media Request for Interview – Matthew Cox

Thursday, November 9th, 2023 at 2:21 PM


Donald Best
Barrie, Ontario


Mr. Matthew Cox,
Ottawa Police Association

Re: Detective Helen Grus

Dear Mr. Cox,

I am requesting a media interview about the case of Detective Helen Grus.

I’ve covered the Grus case extensively at my website and in other media. I did live broadcasts at the hearing every day of the recent August and October / November dates. The case is attracting international attention in the US, UK, and Australia where I’ve appeared in various media interviews.

I’m not into ‘ambush’ journalism, so here are the issues I wish to cover in your interview…

My readers and viewers are interested in these issues concerning the Ottawa Police Association and the Detective Grus case…

1/ Why isn’t the Ottawa Police Association covering the legal fees of Detective Grus?


  • At the very least the allegations against Detective Grus were an ‘on duty’ event. Professional Standards and the Hearing Officer have already stated that there is no evidence that the investigation Detective Grus initiated was for a personal purpose. The evidence before the Hearing is that Detective Grus was engaged in a criminal investigation, briefed Chief Sloly, and even provided her investigation file, evidence and exhibits to the Professional Standards officer on May 12, 2022.
  • The Ottawa Police Association has previously covered the legal expenses of police officers charged with on-duty rape, accepting bribes-kickbacks, and other offences.
  • So why is Detective Grus forced to mortgage her home to pay legal costs?

2/ I recently interviewed 37 Ottawa Police patrol officers on the street. Not one of them was aware that the OPA is not covering Detective Grus’s legal fees. Fully 26 of them informed me that I must be wrong – that the OPA was certainly covering her legal fees given the seriousness of the charge and the fact that the prosecution served ‘Increased Penalty’ notice that Detective Grus can be fired if convicted.

Question: Why do Ottawa Police patrol officers believe that the OPA is covering the legal fees of Detective Grus?

Question: In what other cases has the Ottawa Police Association NOT covered the legal fees of members charged with offences?

3/ Does the Ottawa Police Association have a Conflict of Interest in the Grus Case?

When the Ottawa Police Service mandated COVID ‘vaccines’ for members, the Ottawa Police Association agreed. OPA President at the time Matt Skoff stated that unlike the Toronto Police Association, the OPA would not oppose the mandates. Further, President Skoff made statements in support of the Ottawa Police Service “(continuing) to pursue high vaccination rates of its members…”

Further, the Ottawa Police Association is now aware that some OPA members are claiming serious injuries from the mandated injections that the OPA failed to oppose, and defacto supported.


a/ Does the position of the OPA to not oppose the mandates, and / or to support the COVID ‘vaccines’ – now create any actual or perceived liability for the OPA?

b/ Did the OPA require employees, members, or volunteers be ‘vaccinated’ to enter the OPA office?

c/ How many OPA members have reported injuries allegedly from the mandated injections?

d/ Has the OPA Executive discussed…

1/ Claims by OPA members of alleged vaccine injuries, and

2/ the growing medical evidence and even admissions from some governments that the COVID ‘vaccines’ have caused unprecedented levels of injuries and deaths?

Has this been a topic at Executive meetings, and if not, is this issue scheduled for discussion by the OPA?

e/ Does the OPA’s refusal to fund the Detective Grus legal defense have anything to do with the fact that her acquittal might draw attention to the OPA’s role in supporting COVID injections for its members?


I would appreciate recording an interview with you at your convenience via phone, Zoom or any other method of direct communication.

In the alternative, I would publish your written response to this email.

As I intend to publish my article at 6am Monday, November 13, 2023, I would appreciate interviewing you or your written response by Sunday evening.


Donald Best

Barrie, Ontario Canada

X: @DonaldBestCA

website: DonaldBest.CA

Daily Broadcast: co-host of The Lavigne Show –

Published in and / or interviewed by:

Epoch Times
Financial Post
Globe and Mail
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Response from Matthew Cox – President, Ottawa Police Association

FW: Media Request for Interview – Matthew Cox

From Matthew Cox

Friday, November 10th, 2023 at 8:44 AM

Mr. Best,

Thank you for your enquiry, along with your request for an interview.

The Ottawa Police Association is an independent, Not-For-Profit corporation that has a fiduciary duty relating to the labour relations interests of the Civilian and Sworn employees of the Ottawa Police Service. The questions that you have put to us are not only rife with inaccuracies, they also relate to internal policy decisions; these policies are developed and approved by the duly elected Board of Directors of the Ottawa Police Association.

Guidelines are established that our members have to follow and I do not believe it would be appropriate to speak out in the middle of a Police Service Act hearing.

As such, the Association will not be granting your request for an interview. We can, however, confirm that we adhere to fair and transparent business practices, and ensure that all our members are treated equally.

Matthew Cox

President, Ottawa Police Association

“Statistically Improbable” Sudden Infant Deaths Ignored by Ottawa Police

Ottawa Police Detective Helen Grus is charged with ‘Discreditable Conduct’ for conducting purported “unauthorized” investigations into the potential connection between mRNA vaccinated mothers, and the sudden deaths of breastfeeding babies.

“I haven’t yet reported the jaw-dropping testimony about infants dying in their mother’s arms.”

Grus’s trial resumes Monday, October 30, 2023, in Kanata, (West Ottawa) Ontario. The public is invited. (details below)

The initial five days of testimony from three prosecution witnesses in August 2023 produced many shocking revelations. I’ve already covered some of the evidence in previous articles and broadcasts on Jason Lavigne’s Morning Show – but I haven’t yet reported the jaw-dropping testimony about infants dying in their mother’s arms.

A Disconnect Between Prosecution’s Perspective of the Testimony – and Public Gallery Reactions.

Detective Helen Grus

Readers and viewers of my coverage of the first five days at the Detective Grus trial know that I’m running out of adjectives to describe each new revelation that seems more “Shocking”, “Incredible”, “Unbelievable”, “Gasp-producing”, and “Stunning” than the last.

From August 14-18, 2023, the Prosecution led so much evidence that was damning against its own case – that independent media and public observers were left with two obvious conclusions:

1/ The case against Detective Grus lacks any meaningful prosecution evidence at all, which reinforces the widespread belief that the charge against Grus is entirely political, and,

2/ The Prosecution’s perspective and faith in its ‘evidence’ is disconnected from reality and how the public perceives each shocking revelation.

“The prosecutor seems totally unaware that not only is the case floundering, the reputation of the Ottawa Police is increasingly being brought into disrepute with each new witness.”

I have no doubt that by this time, a jury would already be planning a ‘NOT GUILTY’ verdict. But there is no jury of peers involved in this internal tribunal – only Trials Officer Superintendent (Retired) Chris Renwick.

The Ottawa ‘Cluster’ of Sudden Infant Deaths was Seven, not Nine

Defense Counsel Bath-Sheba van den Berg

During the first day of testimony on August 14, 2023, we heard Defense Counsel Bath-Sheba van den Berg explain how the original ‘cluster’ of nine sudden infant deaths should be regarded as seven – because one of the nine children drowned, while another was unfortunately a homicide.

Also, during that first day the prosecution played a video of the May 12, 2022, three-hour long Professional Standards Unit ‘compelled interview’ of Detective Grus.

Many in the courtroom were moved to hear Detective Grus describe why she initiated the investigation into the cluster of Sudden Infant Deaths. She told the Professional Standards Sergeant Jason Arbuthnot that other officers in her unit were disinterested about a spike in infant deaths.

Two of the Seven Deceased Infants Died in Their Mother’s Arms

Later in the recording, Detective Grus explained that two of the seven Sudden Infant Deaths were highly unusual, yet her fellow officers “fluffed it away”…

“These two cases struck a bell suddenly that day because both those babies were sent home healthy. Both those mothers picked them up to feed them, and both of those babies collapsed and went limp in the mother’s arms.

It still gives me chills because to leave it, to just fluff it away.

As a police officer, that’s not enough. I’m a police officer; I’m there to solve and help solve if somebody dies. Especially an innocent little baby.”

Detective Grus also stated…

“I don’t want more babies to die. Whether it’s vaccine-related or not, I want to try to find out why these little babies died… I’m not okay with babies dying and not getting any answers.”**

Testimony from Prosecution Witness: Only 1 in 500 infants die suddenly in Mother’s Arms.

On Tuesday, August 15, 2023, the court heard Detective Grus’s immediate supervisor, Sergeant Marc-Andre Guy, testify that he had for many years been assigned to the ‘Deaths Under Five Committee’.

This multi-disciplinary committee was established under the office of Ontario’s Chief Coroner…

“… to review all cases investigated by a coroner involving the deaths of children under five years of age including neonatal cases where the death was potentially linked to parental behaviour (for example, sleep circumstances/unsafe sleep environment, maternal substance use, neglect, domestic violence, etcetera) and those in which a children’s aid society or Indigenous child wellbeing society (“Society”) was involved at time of the death. The committee did not review neonatal deaths that occurred prior to discharge from hospital where no substantive issues had been identified.”

Sgt. Guy testified,

“I was part of the Death Under Five committee. I went to Toronto three times a year and investigated about 500 infant deaths (in total). I reviewed investigations from other police services. Over four or five years every time I reviewed at least 150 different files.” **

Defense attorney Blair Ector asked Sgt. Guy how common it was for healthy babies to just die in their mother’s arms. Guy replied…

“In my experience it is very rare. I can think of a case or two that the committee reviewed where it happened, but that’s all.”

So there it is. Testimony at the August hearing showed that Detective Grus had every right to be concerned about the cluster of infant deaths and to launch an investigation… when the usual is 1 of 500 babies suddenly dying in their mother’s arms versus the 2 of 7 infant deaths in the Ottawa cluster.

An argument can be made that the sample size (7) is too small to extrapolate from, and that it might be an anomaly. While that position has technical merit, the testimony of Sgt Marc-Andre Guy that he only saw one or two ‘dying in mother’s arms’ incidents in over 500 infant deaths over a five year period is powerful.

Further, Canadians will not have a larger sample size anytime soon because the Ottawa Police Service shut down Detective Grus’s investigation and punished her for daring to ask if mothers’ mRNA injections could have anything to do with the Sudden Deaths of breastfeeding infants.

Conflict of Interest between Prosecutor Vanessa Stewart and Prosecution Witness Renee Stewart

Defense Attorney Blair Ector also pointed out that prosecution witness Detective Renee Stewart investigated one of the cases where the infant died in its mother’s arms.

Then on the last day of the hearings, Friday, August 18, 2023, the public gallery and journalists were shocked to learn that Prosecutor Stewart and Detective Stewart are close family members – sisters-in-law.

My next article will cover this serious conflict of interest that threatens to undermine the prosecution’s entire case.

Grus Hearings – October 30 to November 3, 2023 – 9:30am

Community Boardroom, 211 Huntmar Drive, Kanata, ON

Ottawa Police Service: Police Act Matters – Scheduled Hearings

** Testimony Quotes appearing in this article are taken from my own notes, and may differ from those reported by other journalists or in any official court transcripts.

Legal Defense Fund for Detective Helen Grus

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