Ottawa Police Detective Helen Grus sings Oh Canada at Hockey Tournament

Have a listen to Ottawa Police Detective Helen Grus singing our national anthem, and the cheers of the crowd that follow.

The public invitation to Detective Grus shows strong community support behind the Ottawa Police officer. She is charged with conducting ‘unauthorized investigations’ into the potential connection between mRNA ‘vaccines’ and nine Sudden Infant Deaths.

Detective Grus’s trial continues October 30, 2023 and is already attracting considerable attention from foreign news media.

Worldwide Interest in Grus Case

A recent article in the US press by Christopher Brunet resulted in uncountable millions of views and social media postings. Read ‘Trudeau regime puts Canadian detective on trial for investigating link between infant deaths and mRNA vaccines.’

Even legendary New York Police Detective and Medal of Honor recipient Frank Serpico has slammed the Ottawa Police Service for covering up Detective Grus’s investigation into the potential connection between mRNA ‘vaccines’ and Sudden Infant Deaths.

Detective Serpico says this cover-up is proceeding even though it puts “innocent infant lives” at risk…

“Incompetence or criminality will go to any length not to be exposed even at the cost of innocent infant lives.”  Famed NYPD Detective Serpico comments on the Detective Grus case.

Starting October 30, 2023, Donald Best will be posting daily reports and live broadcasts from the trial of Detective Helen Grus on X-Twitter – @donaldbestca

Full article list on the Detective Helen Grus case here.

Sudden Infant Death Parents Contact Donald Best – Supporting Detective Helen Grus

“I don’t want more babies to die. Whether it’s vaccine-related or not, I want to try to find out why these little babies died… I’m not okay with babies dying and not getting any answers.”

Ottawa Police Detective Helen Grus during her compelled interview by Professional Standards. (Photo: Courthouse prayers for Detective Grus at the first day of her trial.)

Ottawa Police Detective Helen Grus is charged with ‘Discreditable Conduct’ under the Ontario Police Services Act for conducting “unauthorized” investigations into the sudden deaths of nine infants. Detective Grus was investigating any potential connection between the vaccination status of the mothers and the sudden deaths of breastfeeding babies.

Since my August 2023 reporting of the first five days of prosecution testimony in the trial of Ottawa Police Detective Helen Grus, I have been contacted by seven parents whose babies died suddenly and unexpectedly.

The communications came from mothers and fathers in Canada, the USA, and one from Australia.

Each parent expressed support for Detective Grus and told some of their own story and grief. Two of the babies died many years ago, while five died since January 1, 2021 – (which puts the five deaths within the period when the experimental mRNA COVID vaccines were rolled out.)

The common thread was that none of the parents was provided with any answer as to what caused their child’s death. Further, each parent expressed a lack of confidence in the completeness and diligence of medical personnel and / or police. One mother described the police as “callous and didn’t care” about her infant’s death. She stated that she wished Detective Grus had been the officer to investigate.

A Police Detective to be Admired

During the first day of testimony on August 14, 2023, the prosecution played a video of the three-hour long Professional Standards Unit ‘compelled interview’ of Detective Grus.

Many in the courtroom were moved to hear Detective Grus describe why she initiated the investigation into the cluster of Sudden Infant Deaths. She told the Professional Standards Sergeant Jason Arbuthnot that other officers in her unit were disinterested about a spike in infant deaths.

Detective Grus also told the interviewer that she personally met with and informed Chief of Police Peter Sloly of the spike in infant deaths – and of her investigations that later became the subject of her charge!

Detective Grus was in tears as she said:

“There’s something alarming going on. We had double, a huge spike in baby deaths, and I said “What are we gonna do about it?” Because I was getting that people were dismissive about it. (They said) “Oh well, that sucks.”

I’m not okay with babies dying and not getting any answers.

I need a tissue.”

Later in the recording, Detective Grus explained that two of the nine Sudden Infant Deaths were highly unusual, yet her fellow officers “fluffed it away”…

“These two cases struck a bell suddenly that day because both those babies were sent home healthy. Both those mothers picked them up to feed them, and both of those babies collapsed and went limp in the mother’s arms.

It still gives me chills because to leave it, to just fluff it away.

As a police officer, that’s not enough. I’m a police officer; I’m there to solve and help solve if somebody dies. Especially an innocent little baby.”

Sean Hartman just wanted to play hockey. He took the jab and died.

More from various times during the interview…

“With the way that the babies expired in their mama’s arms. Which I find crazy. It’s a drastic change from what we’ve always known as SIDS.”

I’m not comfortable with just closing it as “Oh well. Too bad, so sad; it’s unexplained.”

“I don’t want more babies to die. Whether it’s vaccine-related or not, I want to try to find out why these little babies died.”

January 11 (2022) it struck a chord. I found out that two babies collapsed in their mother’s arms. One had an enlarged heart. The next day I found out that Sean Hartman died, just dropped dead with an enlarged heart.

Detective Grus met with Chief Sloly and told him about the spike in Sudden Infant Deaths

“I told the chief there had been a significant increase – double or triple numbers on baby deaths in 2021.”

A Request of Parents Whose Babies Died Suddenly

Some of you have already reached out to me – a few using only their first names.

I would appreciate hearing from more of you as I research a further article in my series about Detective Helen Grus.

I want to know your stories, your experiences with medical personnel and police officers – and whether you believe that Detective Grus was correct to investigate the cluster of infant deaths as she did.

You have my promise that I will never reveal your name to anyone without your explicit written permission. I’m fine if you wish to remain anonymous and use a g-mail or some other method of contacting me.

My email is: [email protected]

My twitter for direct messages is: @donaldbestca

I can also speak with you on Telegram or Signal.

Thank you,

Donald Best


Tom Marazzo – An Open Letter to Canadian Law Enforcement: The Crisis of Confidence

Canadian Police handcuff visibly pregnant mom behind the back for refusing to reveal her medical vaccination status while watching her son play hockey.

“If the trust between law enforcement and the public isn’t re-established soon, we will find ourselves in a society where the concept of policing by consent is a relic of the past”

Let’s have a real talk about a real issue that’s affecting our beautiful nation from St. John’s to Vancouver. I’m a part of a brave group of people—current and former EMS, military and police officers called Police On Guard For Thee, or POG for short.

We stand for the principles embedded in the Canadian Charter of Rights and Freedoms. But what’s happening now in our nation is an affront to these principles.

“What do you do when the very institution that is designed to protect your freedom starts to erode it… When unchecked power becomes the gateway drug to corruption and government overreach?”

Make no mistake; this is not an isolated phenomenon. It’s widespread, and it’s terrifying. If our law enforcement officers can disregard the rule of law with zero repercussions, then what does that say about the state of justice in Canada? The POG Officers have seen this devolution and are vocal in their opposition to what they rightfully see as an abuse of power.

I pose a question to those in the ranks of our so-called “law enforcement”… If you disregard our Constitution, our Rule of Law, and our Charter of Rights and Freedoms, then why should any Canadian citizen continue to respect your authority?

It’s simple: they shouldn’t.

To the virtuous officers who have been on the side of justice, I say this: Your time to be silent is over. If you truly honor your oath to serve and protect, then you must become vocal in your opposition to the unions and the managers who allow this to continue. You see, the silence of the good is more damaging than the brutality of the bad.

It’s time for a reckoning. If the trust between law enforcement and the public isn’t re-established soon, we will find ourselves in a society where the concept of policing by consent is a relic of the past. This is a reference to the Peelian Principles, the foundational ethical guidelines for law enforcement that stress the importance of a mutually respectful and consensual relationship between the police and the public.

Canada, we are at a crossroads.

For the police who still hold a sense of duty and righteousness, the time is now. Take a stand, be heard, and act in a manner that reflects the principles upon which our great nation was built. We need you now, more than ever.


Guest Column by Tom Marazzo

Tom Marazzo was a volunteer for the Canadian Trucker Freedom Convoy 2022 and was integral in helping to coordinate truck movements and logistics, as well as negotiations with Police Liaison Teams from the city of Ottawa. A retired officer of the Canadian Army, his advice on how to safely and responsibly achieve the objectives of the Convoy was instrumental in the success of the Convoy which can be measured by the mandates removed in the province of Ontario. Tom acted as the main spokesperson, doing press conferences, almost daily, on behalf of the Freedom Convoy.

Witnessing Canadians losing their inalienable human rights is not something to ignore or abide by. Tom’s unwavering commitment to Canadians is the reason he’s written a highly person and detailed account of his life experiences leading up to, during and in the after math of the Freedom Convoy.

Tom’s Book – The People’s Emergency Act: Freedom Convoy 2022
 – Available on Amazon Now

Letter from Canadian Political Prisoner Tony Olienick – Without Bail 563 Days

Clockwise from top left: Jerry Morin, Tony Olienick, Chris Carbert, Chris Lysak.

I received the following letter on August 29, 2023 from Father Jeffrey Stephaniuk, who had received the original from Coutts Four political prisoner Tony Olienick. The original hand-written letter appears at the end…

Freedom Convoy

Honk! Honk!

Hold the Line

Stand on Guard For Thee

August 24, 2023

Dear Jeffrey Stephaniuk,

Hello! Thank you for sending me your heartfelt letter of support. I am grateful and honoured to serve God and all the amazing Patriots out there like yourself. I honour and respect your father for his military service for this great nation, and I appreciate you for being a Priest and fellow son of God.

I’ve been a new Christian believer since March of 2020, that’s when I realized the battle between good and evil happening in the spirit world, and now how it’s spilling out into the physical world now. Since being in custody it has given me the much needed time, I always made excuses of not having ample time to sit down and read the bible and to understand God’s great words.

I’m grateful for being in custody as it truly saved me, I feel more free behind these walls than a lot of people out there are. So I totally believe this was my destiny, God’s plan for me, so I have no regrets from my time at Coutts and know in my heart that we are not guilty of anything except peacefully protesting against a corrupt system.

“We stood there at Coutts for the people of this great nation and I will continue to stand and defend their God given rights and freedoms for as long as need be. Especially for the children as their fate rests in all our hands, so we must not give up for their sake.”

For the little time I’ve known the other three men, I can say they are real down to earth peace loving Patriots and like myself love this country and ALL Canadians. We are passionate about Freedom and concerned about the direction our government is leading us.

Now myself and one of my co-accused were arrested at Coutts while standing peacefully at the front of the protest crowd, filming the events on our phones outside the saloon. We were unarmed and were surrounded by heavily armed militarized RCMP. We did not cause any incidents to warrant our arrest for mischief.

A few hours later the third guy was sick and asleep in his trailer which was parked blocks away from the protest site and on private property. He was suddenly awoken and told to come out, he came out peacefully and unarmed but shocked to be face to face with dozens of RCMP pointing their rifles directly at him. He did not cause any incidents to warrant his arrest for mischief either.

The next day the fourth guy was in Calgary and driving to work when he was suddenly pulled over and arrested by SWAT. Again he did not cause any incidents to warrant his arrest and was 4 ½ hrs away from Coutts!

“It wasn’t until after we were all in custody is when the corrupt evil system needed an excuse to justify their draconian act in implementing the Emergencies Act so that’s when they hit us with bogus charges of weapons for a dangerous purpose and conspiracy to murder RCMP.”

This was all fabricated by a bias evil agenda driven by the federal government, when in fact the real criminals at Coutts were the RCMP as they admitted on the record for vandalizing three excavator machines which posed no threat and were parked on private farmland outside of Coutts. The RCMP did this blatant act of sabotage to try and provoke us peaceful protestors into acting out in a retaliatory response which none of us did. So that’s when the RCMP used more underhanded evil tactics, breaking the law and our charter rights to push a government agenda.

“Now just yesterday the judge announced that he is going to open and review the envelope our defense lawyers submitted containing crime fraud between the Federally appointed crown prosecutors and the RCMP. This is a big win for all Canadians!”

We can’t have a corrupt law system, so people need to hold the courts liable to expose the corruption.

My lawyer fees have reached $500,000.00 to expose this. I am very grateful for the help I’ve received financially from all the Patriot donations that have come through my angel Granny McKay!

I pray as we move forward that no stone gets left unturned. I want the truth to be told to the public, everyone has a right to know what’s going on.

You don’t hear much about us any more on the mainstream as they don’t want to report the crime fraud collusion that happened between the crown and RCMP. They know they are the ones who should be sitting here in jail and not me or the three other men.

Anyway, thank you for reaching out to me! It sure means a lot. God bless you, Jeffrey! Thank you for being a Freedom Warrior with me!!

With sincere love and gratitude

Tony Olienick

P.S. If you have access to Instagram please follow and share my profile tony_o1911 as I posted all my videos from Coutts on there. The last video I posted was minutes before my arrest and depicts the exact location as well as events leading up to my arrest. Please share my story far and wide!


Ottawa Police Still Withholding Court Documents In Detective Grus Case – Here Are Those We Have

Worldwide Interest in Ottawa Police Disciplinary Trial

Ottawa Police Detective Helen Grus is charged under the Police Services Act with ‘Discreditable Conduct’ for allegedly conducting “unauthorized” investigations into nine Sudden Infant Deaths where she sought to know the vaccine status of the mothers in January 2022.

The internal trial is scheduled for five days August 14-18, 2023.

Although Ottawa Police recently released some of the legal documents filed in the case, the organization is still refusing to release motions and decisions since April 26, 2023.

As previously reported here, the Ottawa Police for many months concealed the judge’s decisions and lawyers’ motions – even going so far as to deceitfully inform the public and the press in April that the judge had not made a decision about a December 29, 2022 Disclosure Motion – when the truth was the judge delivered his decision on January 31, 2023.

This lack of transparency continues with much of the case still being conducted in secret.

Further, the Ottawa Police ignored numerous requests from the public and media to stream the upcoming trial over the internet as was done for a few appearances in the Fall of 2022.

In a recent commentary, legendary NYPD Detective and Medal of Honor Recipient Frank Serpico slammed the Ottawa Police cover-up in the Grus case, saying “Incompetence or criminality will go to any length not to be exposed even at the cost of innocent infant lives.”

Five Court Documents Available Here

I redacted these documents to remove Identity Information, signatures, and email addresses. Use ‘control’ or right click to open these documents in a new browser tab for downloading…

20221229 Exhibit #8 Motion regarding Disclosure_Redacted

20230112 Exhibit #9 Respondent’s Factum – Response to applicant’s request for disclosure_Redacted

20230131 Exhibit #11 Ruling on Motion for Disclosure_Redacted

20230417 Exhibit #13 Consolidated Motion_Redacted

20230426 Exhibit #14 Respondent Ottawa Police Service Factum_Redacted

Obviously the April 17, 2023 Motion would have produced a decision by the judge, but the Ottawa Police are withholding this and any other documents filed since April 26, 2023.

Summary of Each Document

20221229 Exhibit #8 Motion regarding Disclosure_Redacted.pdf

  • Defense motion requesting disclosure from the prosecution.
  • Para 12 recounts that Detective Grus requested the OPS Professional Standards Unit to investigate who leaked the confidential information to CBC Journalist Shaamini Yogaretnam. OPS REFUSED TO INVESTIGATE THIS CRIMINAL OFFENSE!
  • Para 14 recounts that the OPS Sgt. Arbuthnot told the Detective Grus that ‘the two CBC articles that were published generated public attention and that as a result of the Applicant’s alleged actions, OPS’ s reputation was brought into disrepute.”
  • Para 15 – Professional Standards found that Grus did nothing wrong in looking at the Sudden Infant Death reports. HOWEVER – the Professional Standards Unit found she did wrong by conducting “an unsanctioned quality control project of SACA infant death investigations.” (Oh really! And what did Grus find? That the investigations were flawed, biased, negligent.)
  • Para 30 lists the initial disclosure to Grus. What follows are paragraphs detailing subsequent OPS disclosures and further requests by Grus’s lawyer – including the autopsy records of the deceased infants.
  • Para 42 reveals an extensive list of defense requests for disclosure items. The totality of the requests indicate that Grus’s legal team will be conducting a detailed and strong defense.
  • Para 42-13 reveals that Ottawa Police Wiretapped Detective Grus and her family. (See BREAKING HERE: Ottawa Police Wiretapped ‘Sudden Infant Deaths’ Detective Helen Grus – And Her Family)

20230112 Exhibit #9 Respondent’s Factum – Response to applicant’s request for disclosure_Redacted.pdf


Above is Work in Progress – Check back in a few hours for an update.

NOTE: I’ve published this article unfinished so readers can download the documents ASAP and start reading. If you find something noteworthy, please leave a comment. (Comments sometimes take a few hours to appear so please be patient.)

BREAKING HERE: Ottawa Police Wiretapped ‘Sudden Infant Deaths’ Detective Helen Grus – And Her Family

Court Documents reveal Ottawa Police wiretapped Detective Grus and her family

Detective Helen Grus is charged under the Police Services Act with ‘Discreditable Conduct’ for allegedly conducting “unauthorized” investigations into nine Sudden Infant Deaths where she sought to know the vaccine status of the mothers in January 2022.

Her internal trial is scheduled for August 14, 2023.

“The wiretap was calculated to intimidate Detective Grus and her family – but all these ‘Urgent Emergency’ wiretaps during the Freedom Convoy backfired.

 The wiretaps served only to galvanize Canadians and strengthen the legitimacy of protest against governments that overstepped their authority and power.”

Rob Stocki – former Ottawa Police Sergeant

For seven months the Ottawa Police Service (‘OPS’) refused to provide the motions and decisions in the Grus Case to journalists or the public.

Now we know why the Ottawa Police refused to let the public and press see the court documents. The documents are explosive – and not just because of the wiretapping revelation.

Only after famed NYPD Detective Frank Serpico publicly slammed the Ottawa Police and accused them of a cover-up did OPS provide five of the documents they had refused to release in January through April, 2023.

Some documents are still missing but I’ll work with what we have while the OPS decides if they will release further documents.

Prosecution Response Reveals Section 188 ‘URGENT’ Wiretap against Detective Grus

Ottawa Police Conducted ‘Urgent Emergency’ Wiretap Targeting Detective Grus and her Family

On December 29, 2022, the lawyer for Detective Grus filed a ‘Motion Regarding Disclosure’ demanding further access to police records and evidence in the case.

Section 42 (13) of this Defense Motion reveals that the Ottawa Police wiretapped Detective Grus…

“42. Further, on review of the disclosure provided so far, the Applicant requests the following disclosure be made and any and all disclosure in relation to the Discreditable Misconduct Charge:

13) Authorizations to Intercept Private Communications, namely decision to wiretap the Applicant:”

So, the defense lawyers received some type of disclosure that the Ottawa Police had wiretapped Detective Grus. Due to the OPS response below, I speculate that Grus might not have learned about the wiretap as part of the prosecution’s disclosure process. Instead, she (or her lawyers) might have been served with a standard notice of the wiretap after it ended.

In the ‘Respondent’s Factum’ dated January 12, 2023, the Ottawa Police state in paragraph 47…

“Authorizations to Intercept Private Communications, namely decision to wiretap the Applicant”. (Item 13 at paragraph 42 of the Applicant’s factum).

“47. There was no Wiretap authorization sought or granted in relation to this PSA matter. Further, any application to access materials filed and sealed in support of a Criminal Code s.188 (wiretap) authorization must be brought pursuant to section 187(1.3) of the Criminal Code, i.e., an application to unseal the packet must be brought before a provincial court judge, a judge of a superior court of criminal jurisdiction, or a judge as defined in section 552 of the Criminal Code.”

This response is an admission that the Ottawa Police did wiretap Detective Grus under the Emergency Authorizations for Interception of Private Communications under Section 188.

The passage also purports that the police did not wiretap Grus as part of her current Police Services Act charge before the Trials Officer.

Should we believe the Ottawa Police that Wiretapping Detective Grus had nothing to do with her Investigation of Sudden Infant Deaths?

Ottawa Police Professional Standards Unit began investigating Detective Helen Grus and suspended her with pay on February 4, 2022 after at least one of her fellow officers complained that Grus was re-investigating and “auditing” nine Sudden Infant Deaths.

According to the CBC, Detective Grus was also one of only ten Ottawa Police employees to refuse the mandatory mRNA genetic treatment injections that some call Covid ‘vaccines’. In September of 2021, she sent an open letter to the Chief of Police and fellow officers asking questions about the safety and effectiveness of the Covid ‘vaccines’.

One of Detective Grus’s questions to the Chief was: “Will Ottawa Police take full legal and financial liability for any injuries, adverse effects and/or death occurring to members following the receipt of any EUA vaccine potentially mandated?”

Detective Grus’s February 4, 2022 suspension was only a few days after hundreds of Freedom Convoy trucks and thousands of protestors arrived in Ottawa.

Notice to Rob Stocki of Urgent Emergency Wiretap – Courtesy of Rebel News

Police Used Freedom Convoy as an Excuse to Wiretap Grus and her Family

The Ottawa Police used a Section 188(2) ‘Urgent Emergency’ Wiretap against Detective Grus – a special shortcut authorization typically reserved for only the most urgent of cases like abduction, hostage taking, terrorism, murder, or organized crime violence in situations where there is no time to organize formal affidavits and evidence.

Section 188 allows a judge to authorize a wiretap at much lower thresholds of proof and judicial oversight. The ‘evidence’ placed before the judge does not have to be sworn – a huge red flag ripe for abuse.

The judge can issue an authorization good for only a limited period up to 36 hours. This is typically done to allow time for police to ready and present the full sworn evidence and ‘Information To Obtain’ (‘ITO’) a normal wiretap authorization under Section 186.

We know that the Ottawa Police did NOT follow up after the 36 hours with a ‘real’ Section 186 wiretap against Detective Grus because that would be mentioned in the defense motion and prosecution response. That says everything.

In other words… there were no real grounds, no evidence, no urgency, to obtain the ‘Urgent Emergency’ Section 188(2) wiretap against Detective Grus and her family. Ottawa Police did it because they could get away with it during the Convoy – just to ‘see’ if they might catch Grus doing something, and to intimidate and punish her.

What the Ottawa Police did wiretapping Detective Grus and her family was probably illegal – and at the very least a gross violation of Charter Rights and privacy. It also shows the malicious intent of the Ottawa Police command officers to continue the shut-down of Detective Grus’s investigations into the nine Sudden Infant Deaths.

Someone in charge of obtaining the ‘Urgent Authorizations to Intercept Private Communications’ simply threw Detective Grus’s name on the list as a 36-hour fishing expedition – with no intention of applying for a ‘real’ warrant later.

Make no mistake… Wiretaps strip families naked to a degree that most Canadians never contemplate or realize.

The decision to wiretap Detective Helen Grus and her family was without any legitimate basis. The Ottawa Police knew exactly how invasive a wiretap would be against Grus and her family – and that Detective Grus would know that too when she was served Notice of the wiretap.

The wiretap was intended as punishment and intimidation for Detective Grus and her family members.

Ottawa Police Legal Counsel Probably Advised on the Grus Wiretap

Christiane Huneault

Throughout the Freedom Convoy, Ottawa Police senior legal counsel Christiane Huneault worked with the Chief of Police and even substituted for Chief Sloly at meetings with the RCMP and OPP. (CBC article here)

It seems reasonable that the Senior Legal Counsel to the Ottawa Police would have provided legal advice and perhaps even supervised the wiretapping of Detective Grus and other serving and retired OPS employees during the Freedom Convoy.

Ottawa Police Repeated the Abuses of 1970’s ‘FLQ Crisis’ War Measures Act

During the 1970 ‘FLQ Crisis’, police across Canada took advantage of the War Measures Act to violate rights, illegally enter homes, and to perform illegal searches – all of which had nothing to do with the FLQ kidnappings, murder, and bombings in Quebec.

Some 52 years later the police behaved in the same manner during the Freedom Convoy. Detective Grus and her family are probably one of the best illustrations of this abuse in 2022.

Across Canada during the Freedom Convoy there were many ‘Urgent’ wiretaps issued against serving and retired police employees. To my knowledge, no charges were laid because of evidence collected during these ‘Urgent’ wiretaps.

Ottawa defense lawyer Paul Lewandowski explains on his excellent website that “URGENT” really does mean “URGENT”…

Section 188(2) of the Criminal Code of Canada provides a legal avenue for law enforcement agencies to intercept private communications without obtaining prior authorization under section 186, but only if the urgency of the situation demands it.

[…]One strategic consideration is whether the urgency of the situation justifies the interception of private communications without prior authorization. In determining the urgency, law enforcement agencies must assess the risk to public safety and security, the potential harm that could result, and whether the information that could be gained by intercepting private communications is crucial to the investigation.

Former Ottawa Police Sergeant Rob Stocki

Former Ottawa Police Sergeant Rob Stocki Was Also Wiretapped

Rob Stocki is a former Ottawa Police Sergeant turned New Blue Party candidate in the 2022 Ontario Provincial election. He too received notice that police had wiretapped him during the Freedom Convoy under an ‘Urgent’ Section 188(2) from February 18 to 19, 2022.

Just as with Detective Grus, the Section 188 ‘Urgent’ wiretap was not followed up with a ‘real’ wiretap authorization.

That says everything to Stocki, who told me,

“The ‘Urgent’ wiretaps are a dangerous precedent because in this case they were used as a political tool to serve the interests of politicians. To accept this use is to normalize tyranny.”

“I accept the fact that there are real and dangerous criminals out there who deserve to be wiretapped. But in this particular case, the wiretap had nothing to do with justice. It had nothing to do with a danger to society. The fact that the ‘Urgent’ wiretap wasn’t followed up with a ‘real’ wiretap says it all. It was a political tool on a fishing expedition.”

Rob Stocki also advised about Detective Helen Grus,

“I was working in one of the convoy command centers along with Daniel Bulford, Tom Quiggen, and others. Of course, I met and knew of many others associated with the convoy.

I can definitively and absolutely say that Detective Helen Grus had nothing to do with the organization or planning of the convoy.

The fact that the Ottawa Police wiretapped Detective Grus is an example of politicians using the resources and power of the state to crush those who disagree with political policies.

The wiretap was calculated to intimidate Detective Grus and her family – but all these ‘Urgent Emergency’ wiretaps during the Freedom Convoy backfired.

The wiretaps served only to galvanize Canadians and strengthen the legitimacy of protest against governments that overstepped their authority and power. When the news broke that the police wiretapped me, so many people told me “When I saw what they did to you, I knew they were evil.”

Dave Menzies from Rebel News produced an excellent presentation on the wiretap against Rob Stocki… Did you take part in the Freedom Convoy? Maybe you were WIRETAPPED like this retired cop

Uher 4000 Report Monitor – Standard wiretap recorder used by Ontario Provincial Police in 1977

My Background in Wiretapping

Starting in 1977 I spent almost a year at the old Ontario Provincial Police HQ working wiretaps against motorcycle gangs and the Italian Mafia.

What an education for a naïve 23-year-old rookie cop!

We had wiretaps on home and business phones. We planted microphones in cold cellars, garden sheds, trucks, boats, and in the parts-room at a major auto dealership. At one home we planted a microphone in a gazebo where the target loved to bring his friends to smoke smuggled Cuban cigars and discuss heroin shipments from Hong Kong.

Against two wiretap targets – a husband and wife – with special judicial authorization we planted microphones over and beside their marital bed. And in the master bedroom ensuite washroom.

In the 1970s, everything was recorded on Uher ‘Report 4000’ reel-to-reel tape recorders – the standard German wiretap machine used by intelligence agencies on both sides during the Cold War.

I soon learned that some of our targets were so evil that they frightened me.

My police comrades and I listened as Mafia mobsters so casually discussed the future abduction, torture, and murder of a minor gang member for the purpose of delivering a message to his boss – their business rival. The plan was to castrate the man alive, then kill him, and send his organ and photos of the killing to his family via Canada Post.

I listened as motorcycle gang members discussed the pros and cons of raping the 15-year-old daughter of a bakery store owner who refused to pay protection money.

I listened as a thug called a prostitute and told her that she had better perform three ‘tricks’ a day or she wouldn’t be so pretty anymore. I heard her cry, promise to work harder, and beg the thug to deliver more “go” (methamphetamines).

Listening in to such evil every day can take a toll on a police officer, so as doctors do, cops learn to compartmentalize – to put the unpleasant in a box in the mind and leave work at work.

After my first week of listening to all this evil, my new squad mates took me out for a beer… or ten. I don’t quite remember except that Tex and Donny R. drove me home and poured me in the front door.

You see, there is much that ordinary decent people haven’t a clue about. They live their lives with love and integrity. They fight the normal daily battles, work hard for their families, and obey the laws – never knowing what evil people live across the street and two doors down.

Wiretaps allow police to listen in on your most intimate moments.

Wiretapping Detective Grus’s Family – Reality of Modern Wiretaps

It is 100% certain that the wiretap targeting Detective Helen Grus also recorded members of her family, her friends, and other people she communicated with.

Properly obtained, judicially supervised wiretaps are an unfortunate necessity against the monsters who live among us. But because wiretaps are such a gross violation of privacy, they should only be used to investigate the most egregious criminals and crimes.

Every wiretap also violates the privacy of innocent people – the target’s family, spouse, children, and friends. When someone calls the home, police listen because the caller might be leaving a message for the target. If a boyfriend calls the daughter and asks to come over while the parents were away, police listen because she might say where her parents traveled to. (“They went to Sudbury and won’t be home tonight so come on over.”)

Now ‘wiretaps’ aren’t just telephone taps. “Interception of Electronic Communications” includes email, chats, photos, faxes – everything. Not to forget that police are now capable of turning on the microphone in your smart phone to listen to everything in the room without your knowledge.

And so it is that the wiretap targeting Detective Helen Grus, was also a wiretap against her family.

For the year that I ‘worked the wires’ I came to know the targets’ spouses, children, relatives, and friends. Some you would feel sorry for, others you would silently cheer on as they faced some personal challenge. And you would learn their most intimate secrets.

I knew that a 17-year-old daughter was pregnant three months before she told her parents. I knew that a wife was having an affair with an old high school boyfriend. I listened as a sobbing son told his father about the affair.

We knew that a grandmother who lived with her daughter’s family kept a bottle of vodka in the garden shed – for those difficult days when she couldn’t find methamphetamine. We knew that grandfather was terribly embarrassed because he had cancer and had to wear diapers – often soiling himself at dinner or when out in public.

Make no mistake… Wiretaps strip families naked to a degree that most people never contemplate or realize.

The decision to wiretap Detective Helen Grus and her family was an abusive fishing trip without any legitimate basis. The Ottawa Police knew exactly how invasive it was against her family – and that Detective Grus would know that too.

The wiretap was intended as punishment and intimidation for Detective Grus and her family members.

Donald Best

August 7, 2023

Revision History

August 7, 2023 8:35pm ET – Originally published.

Famed NYPD Detective Frank Serpico Slams Ottawa Police Cover-up In Grus Case

“Incompetence or criminality will go to any length not to be exposed even at the cost of innocent infant lives.

Legendary New York Police Detective and Medal of Honor recipient Frank Serpico has slammed the Ottawa Police Service for covering up an investigation into the potential connection between mRNA ‘vaccines’ and Sudden Infant Deaths.

Detective Serpico says this cover-up is proceeding even though it puts “innocent infant lives” at risk.

OPS Detective Helen Grus faces internal Police Act charges for conducting “unauthorized” investigations into the sudden deaths of nine infants – where she sought to know the vaccine status of the mothers in January, 2022.

Detective Serpico’s powerful comment highlights the ongoing Ottawa Police cover-up that is operating at several levels:

1. Detective Grus’s inquiries into potential connections between mRNA and nine Sudden Infant Deaths (SIDS) ended when she was suspended and charged for ‘unauthorized’ investigations. Her investigation was stopped cold and the cover-up began.

2. During the April 28, 2023 hearing, citizens and journalists heard confirmation that the original Ottawa Police investigations into the nine SIDS deaths were substandard – even shoddy – with incomplete reports and sloppy investigations. The original assigned detectives did not even consider the possibility that the mothers’ Covid vaccine status could impact the baby in the womb, or through breastfeeding. This, despite numerous studies (including CDC VAERS data) confirming injuries and deaths of breastfed infants.

3. The Ottawa Police refuse to release written decisions in the case made by the Trials Officer Superintendent (Retired) Chris Renwick. The OPS also refuses to release the motions made by the prosecution or defense counsel. In effect, a good portion of the trial is being conducted secretly and out of the public view and knowledge.

4. The Ottawa Police falsely informed the public and journalists that Trials Officer Renwick had not made a decision on a certain motion, when he had in fact made the decision some two months previously in January.

5. The Ottawa Police cancelled the ‘Teams’ internet broadcast of the Grus case – despite continuing to broadcast other disciplinary cases scheduled as far in the future as November 29, 2023. This limits the ability of citizens to view the Grus case, and limits the news media to only those journalists who are able to personally attend the hearing. This is a deliberate Ottawa Police strategy to limit transparency and media coverage.

Ottawa Police cancelled broadcast of Grus Trial – while continuing to broadcast others.

Detective Serpico had earlier praised the Ottawa Police for internet broadcasting the Grus hearings as a “breakthrough in police transparency” – but now suspects that a cover-up is in progress and says “innocent infant lives” are at risk due to the Ottawa Police failure to investigate the potential connection between mother’s vaccine status and the SIDS deaths of newborn and breastfeeding infants.

The only Ottawa Police Detective to properly investigate these infant deaths now faces charges for doing so.

Whether the Grus Trial is broadcast on the internet or not, the world will be watching this most important legal event.

Detective Frank Serpico testifies at the Knapp Commission into Police Corruption

New York Police Detective Frank Serpico

Retired NYPD Detective Frank Serpico rose to fame with his whistleblowing on widespread police corruption in 1970. His testimony before the Knapp Commission resulted many indictments against corrupt New York police officers. He also testified in court to convict corrupt police officers.

In 1971, Detective Serpico was shot in face during a drug raid that had the hallmarks of a set-up by corrupt cops as revenge for his testifying against fellow officers.

Contrary to public belief, Detective Serpico was not awarded the Medal of Honor for his anti-corruption work, but for bravery during a shootout where he was wounded, and then shot the man who attempted to murder him.

A best-selling biography by author Peter Maas (Serpico, The Valachi Papers, King of the Gypsies, Underboss) brought Serpico’s story of police corruption to the world. In 1973 actor Al Pacino – fresh off his success in The Godfather – played the role Serpico in the award-winning movie of the same name.

At 87 years of age, Frank Serpico continues his decades of activism – speaking out about civil liberties, police brutality and corruption.

Detective Serpico inspired an entire generation of young police officers to stand against corruption and was probably single-handedly responsible for the end of general ‘beat collections’ in New York City and throughout North America – including in Toronto, Canada where I was sworn as a Police Constable in 1975. (And yes, Toronto once had corrupt ‘beat collections’ from shop owners.)

NOTE: This article is available in French here.

Denying Bail To The Coutts Four Is a Political Decision and Act

Clockwise from top left: Jerry Morin, Tony Olienick, Chris Carbert, Chris Lysak.

Jerry Morin, Anthony Olienick, Christopher Carbert, and Christopher Lysak are political prisoners in Canada. Their wives and children are also being punished.

Five hundred and ten days ago just after midnight on February 14, 2022 – heavily armed RCMP squads raided three trailer-homes in the border town of Coutts, Alberta and started arresting people for Conspiracy to Murder Police Officers in Support of a Plot to Overthrow the Government during the Freedom Convoy protests in Alberta.

After a series of court appearances, four men remain in jail – denied bail for reasons of… well, we don’t know why they were denied bail. A court order prohibits publishing most details of the ongoing case and hearings.

Everybody makes bail in Canada

Constable Northrup’s accused killer is out on bail

Canada is a country that releases just about any accused on bail – including Umar Zameer who is currently accused of the first degree murder of Toronto Police officer Jeffrey Northrup. Also out on bail are several persons charged with setting multiple forest fires, and probably hundreds of violent armed robbers and drive-by shooters.

Sure, the courts often require the released accused to stay in their home, wear a tracking bracelet, not contact certain persons, and comply with various other release conditions set by the courts on a case-by-case basis.

All this is in place to protect the public, and to ensure that the accused appears in court, while acknowledging that in Canada persons are ‘innocent until proven guilty’.

But no bail for the Coutts Four. Why?

I really hadn’t paid attention to the Coutts Four case until a few weeks ago. I don’t know why I didn’t notice the case, except that life is busy and each of us can only care about so many external issues before we go into overload.

I did not know that these men were still being held without bail. When I learned of their situation I was surprised and then a bit confused. Everybody makes bail in Canada.

Most Canadians don’t know that these men are being held without bail, and that by the time they go to trial they will have been sitting in remand center jails for over two years.

“No Bail? Must be Guilty!”

When we hear that the courts denied bail to the Coutts Four, our natural reaction is to believe that the evidence must be overwhelming, and that these men are evil monsters locked up to protect society.

That is what I initially believed. Hey… I’m a former Toronto Police Sergeant Detective who has spent his professional life locking up bad guys. Twice I’ve said the words “I am arresting you for murder…”

I live for evidence… and until a few years ago was an unquestioning supporter of Canadian law enforcement and intelligence organizations. For decades my natural tendency was to accept the public declarations of the police as gospel.

“As a result of examining the information and evidence available to us in the Coutts Four case, I have grave doubts about the quality of the RCMP investigation. Further, I believe that the investigation, charges, and denial of bail to the Coutts Four were motivated or impacted by a political agenda.”  Donald Best

Staged RCMP Photo released morning of February 14, 2022 – Weapons Seized at Coutts, Alberta

When a Staged PR Photo is More Important than Professional Evidence Handling and an Ongoing Investigation

The above photo was part of a RCMP news release on the morning of February 14, 2022 – that can still be found at the RCMP website here.

To any trained investigator the photo shows substandard, even suspect, evidence handling. It also indicates a surprising sloppiness in the investigation – especially considering the serious nature of the charges against the Coutts Four, and the fact that a conspiracy is alleged.

“In addition to the sloppy police work though, we can deduce that the staging of the photo was intended to have a political impact on public discourse about the Freedom Convoy.”

Some police officer in authority – perhaps even acting on advice or request from the government – made a decision that the political / PR use of the photo was so important that it didn’t matter if its public distribution could interfere with the ongoing investigation and also weaken the legal case against the Coutts Four.

First let’s consider the lead charge “Conspiracy to Murder”…

Conspiracy investigations and trials are among the most complex cases that police and prosecutors handle. Conspiracy charges can be difficult to prove especially if the intended ‘unlawful objective offence’ (in this case murder of police) was not actually committed.

Hundreds, perhaps thousands, of books and papers have been written about the law of Conspiracy as it applies in the various jurisdictions, and I do not intend to explain even the basics in this article. An excellent primer on Canadian Conspiracy Law can be found at The Criminal Law Notebook here.

Why no Fingerprinting or DNA Testing of the Seized Firearms and Other Items?

Given that this is a major case involving a complex charge with multiple accused, I would expect that investigators would be meticulous in collecting evidence – especially in circumstances where if evidence is not collected, protected, and preserved immediately, it cannot be collected later.

RCMP officers briefing the news media on the morning of the raids and arrests indicated that there were other unknown members of the purported criminal organization that the accused allegedly belonged to – and that they would continue the efforts to learn the identity of the ‘other’ suspects.

In the next few days the RCMP executed additional search warrants to find weapons. The redacted ‘Informations to Obtain’ the search warrants indicated that there were other ‘unknown’ members of this group of conspirators – and thus the warrants had to be obtained and executed on an urgent basis.

Given that the RCMP appeared so concerned that there were other involved but unidentified co-conspirators – the question must be asked… Why didn’t the RCMP fingerprint and DNA test the seized firearms and other items that theoretically could have originated with ‘other unknown’ suspects?

How Do We Know the RCMP Did Not Fingerprint or DNA Test the Seized Items?

If the RCMP intended to fingerprint and DNA-test the seized items, they would have bagged each item at the scene where it was found – both to protect the item from contamination and to secure and protect the item during transport to the police facility and then to the forensic lab.

Police would NEVER have placed and displayed the items together on a table without individual protection. They would NEVER have placed items touching each other or in proximity so that hairs, skin flakes, or other DNA bearing evidence could be transferred from one item to another.

Had this been a competent investigation into the serious crime of Conspiracy to Murder Police Officers – seized evidence would have been professionally collected, protected, preserved, and forensically examined.

Forensic Examination of the Seized Firearms Could Also Have Produced Exculpatory Evidence – supporting the innocence of one or more of the Coutts Four.

Failure of police officers to adhere to the fundamentals of exhibits collection and protection doesn’t just potentially weaken the prosecution’s case – it can also deny important exculpatory evidence to the defense.

Many times I have seen otherwise good officers get ‘tunnel vision’ about a suspect or an investigation, and begin to pay attention only to evidence that supports their theory of the case and the crime. These officers become so focused that they will even deliberately exclude evidence that doesn’t support their vision of events.

‘Tunnel Vision’ police officers sometimes get blindsided at trial because they assume that they have ‘enough evidence’ and fail to take simple steps that would have solidified their case.

For instance, when a ‘tunnel vision’ officer discovers drugs or stolen goods in the trunk of a suspect’s car, they assume they have a solid case and don’t fingerprint the contraband or otherwise attempt to connect it to the suspect.

Then in court when some friend of the accused testifies that he borrowed the car from the accused – and the accused knew nothing of the drugs – the police have no contrary evidence. I have seen that exact scenario happen.

A Photo Created and Used for Propaganda and Political Purposes

RCMP Feb 14, 2022 Media Release

It is undeniable that the photo of seized firearms included in the RCMP’s February 14, 2022 morning Press Release was staged for the primary purpose of propaganda – and not as evidence for use in court.

The tables are set up on a diagonal in what appears to be a police garage or prisoner receiving area – not in a secure evidence room or office for processing.

A marked RCMP patrol vehicle is staged at an angle behind the tables to let the audience know which policing organization achieved this magnificent result. Items have been arranged on the floor with five of the long-guns rather precariously leaning against the table for display. No person would normally position or store firearms in such a manner where a bump of the table might cause them to fall.

The vests have been arranged standing up, with the grey vest on the table having a box placed inside to keep the vest standing for display. The other vests are similarly standing in positions indicating that they may have unseen internal supports. The ammunition boxes are open to display the contents, with the large box on the table staged at an unnatural angle.

This display of seized weapons and equipment was intended, designed, and staged as a propaganda photo to be distributed to the press in the morning of February 14, 2022 just a few hours after the raids.

The photo and press release were also used in negotiations with protestors to convince them to leave the area. The photo had a national impact and was used by both the news media and the government as a justification for the invoking of the Emergencies Act and the police operations to arrest and clear Freedom Convoy protestors in Ottawa.

The RCMP Compromised Their Ongoing Investigation By Releasing The Photo

The RCMP’s almost immediate release of the propaganda photo on the morning of February 14, 2022 was a decision that placed RCMP public relations and Federal Politics ahead of professional investigation procedures.

The investigation of Conspiracy to Murder Police Officers was ongoing on the morning of February 14, 2022. The RCMP was purportedly looking for other yet-to-be-identified co-conspirators.

Despite this ongoing investigation, the RCMP released a large-size detailed photo of the seized firearms and other items that would have allowed the ‘unidentified suspects’ to know if any of the firearms or equipment they supplied had been seized. This photo could have alerted suspects that the police were coming for them and that they should dispose of any other evidence before the police arrived.

The decisions to publish the photograph and to not perform forensic investigations of the firearms put politics before professional policing.

When Political Agendas Enter Police Investigations – Justice Suffers

My examination of the information we have access to thus far convinces me that politics played a major role:

  • in the conduct of the police investigation,
  • in the less than professional handling of evidence,
  • in the staging and release of the photo on February 14, 2022, and,
  • in the denial of bail to the Coutts Four.

Given all of the above circumstances, I now believe that the decision to lay criminal charges against all or some of the Coutts Four was also politically motivated.

Don’t get me wrong here… I’m not saying that each of the Coutts Four is innocent of every charge. We won’t know that until we hear the evidence at trial.

What I am saying is that in context, the denial of bail is a political decision and act – intended to achieve three purposes…

1/ To act as public ‘evidence’ that the accused persons were so dangerous that it justified the use of the Emergencies Act,

2/ To influence potential jury members to be more likely to convict the accused,

3/ To deter other protesters and protests by teaching all Canadians a good lesson about what happens to people and families who oppose the Liberal Government.


Additional Information about the Coutts Four and the case against them

Jason Lavigne

Independent Federal Candidate Jason Lavigne has been following the Coutts Four case on his morning show – where I sometimes appear as a guest.

Twitter: @JasonLavigneMP




Margaret ‘Granny’ Mackay

‘Granny’ Mackay has been fundraising for the Coutts Four and their families, and working to tirelessly to raise awareness that the four are being held without bail.

Twitter: @CalmTheFear



Canada’s Largest Pharmacy Chain Quietly Deletes ‘Trans’ From Pride Month

Shoppers Drug Mart publicly embraced the Transgender Agenda from 2021 to 2022 – But Not Now.

The Bud Light Effect – or something much deeper?

Shoppers Drug Mart admits it supplies and injects hormones for ‘Transitioning’ people – Does that include puberty blockers and hormones for children? 

In Part 1 of our investigative series Exploring the Trans-Industrial-Complex, former Toronto Police Detective Donald Best interviews a Shoppers Drug Mart hormone replacement patient.

This is the horrific story of transsexual-woman Lois Cardinal – a Shoppers Drug Mart hormone patient “On a mission to save vulnerable children and young people from the predatory trans-industry that destroyed me.”

Lois Cardinal: Transsexual Woman & Shoppers Drug Mart Patient – On a Mission to “save vulnerable children and young people from the Predatory Trans-Industry.”

“I woke up in the Recovery Room. And like that, just like that – Regret. That Instant. Regret.

Oh My God, I shouldn’t have done that! I should have listened to my intuition. Instead I listened to others.”

A Sterilized Indian Celebrates PRIDE Month by Burning a Flag

On Saturday June 3, 2023, self-described “Sterilized Indian” Lois Cardinal marked Pride Month by going to the Shoppers Drug Mart that supplies the hormone treatments that he can never stop taking since his disastrous sex change surgery in 2009.

At Shoppers, Lois purchased a ‘Progressive Pride’ flag. Within 24 hours almost half a million people had watched online as he cut the ‘trans’ triangle from the flag and burned it, declaring…

“I reclaimed the flag, and I burned the ideologies, the sterilization of children and vulnerable people, and I am taking a stand.”

“Transition is Conversion Therapy, and I will NOT STAND for it.” 

The next day Lois spoke to me for over three hours from his Alberta home on a Treaty 6 Reservation where he was born, raised, and lives now.

His story is that of a child who knew he was different, of a youth attracted to other males, and of a 14 year old vulnerable teen who at 18 finally succumbed to years of propaganda and pressure from the trans-industry. Looking back, Lois recognizes that he was depressed, upset, and confused as many teens are to some degree.

In hindsight, he also realizes just how vulnerable he was at the time because of his youth, his sexual feelings and awakening, and the culture and reality of growing up on a Reserve.

Quick Approvals – The Sex-Change Business Needs Customers for Profits

Lois tells of a short one hour initial medical ‘assessment’ in October 2007 where the doctor declared him to be ‘feminine’, accepted him into the transitioning program, and immediately prescribed testosterone blocker. The doctor also wrote in a report, “Lois is depressed but that will disappear once she is on estrogen.”

Taking a patient into the transitioning program after only a single one hour meeting was, according to Lois, unusual and a violation of the normal program procedures. Acceptance into the program was supposed to be given only after a series of meetings and assessments over several months. The doctor next saw Lois again six months later in April, 2008.

In November of 2008, Lois started estrogen prescribed by doctors at the University of Alberta’s Division of Endocrinology and Metabolism.

Rushed – Pushed into Irreversible Surgery to Ensure Government Funding

The transitioning program was supposed to take an initial two years of assessment, education, and lifestyle changes – and then another two to four years living as a transsexual before what is euphemistically referred to as ‘bottom surgery.’

But the Alberta Government funding for the program was ending, so the trans-industry rush-approved Lois for the irreversible surgery. This was done even though one of his psychiatrists reported that he did not meet all the criteria and did not pass the assessment.

The shortened timeline was two years sooner than he had initially been told to expect.

Lois still had only a general idea of what the surgery entailed, so the Alberta doctors provided him with videos of the surgical procedure – videos that even at this stage of the program he had never seen before. He couldn’t watch more than a few minutes because he found it so upsetting.

Lois told me that he was relieved when he heard that the program funding had stopped because he had been having serious doubts. But how could he explain to the doctors – authorities that he had been trained to trust since he was a child – that he thought he wanted the surgery, just not right now?

Nobody ever asked if he watched the video or questioned him about what he had seen.

When he expressed doubts about going ahead with the surgery, he was universally told that doubts were normal and he would get over them. Program staff indicated that it was “Now or never” if he wanted the government funding. As he had no way to pay for the expensive surgery on his own, with growing doubts he agreed to proceed.

Availability of Government Funding Ensured His Mutilation Would Proceed

On September 10, 2009, just two business days before the scheduled surgery, he flew to Montreal with travel expenses paid for by the program’s government funds. Lois had never before met or even talked with the surgeon. Fear replaced doubt. He felt pressured into making the decision to have surgery that would cut off his penis and testicles.

The entire transitioning program and the medical industry operating it had been all about achieving this moment. An unsophisticated, conflicted, young man from the Reserve felt powerless, pressured, and alone.

“I was the most scared I had ever been in my life. I should have listened to my gut instinct.”

The next day a frightened Lois deliberately missed his pre-surgery consultation in Montreal. When he finally gathered the courage to attend at the clinic, instead of asking how he was feeling the clinic staff angrily berated him. They now had to reschedule his pre-surgery appointment at the surgeon’s practice.

When Lois and the surgeon met for the first and only time before the next day’s operation, it was only for a quick 20 minutes during which the surgeon examined his penis and “constantly picked his nose.” The surgeon declared the penis large enough that he could invert it to perform vaginoplasty – the creation of an artificial vagina.

The next morning as Lois was sitting on the gurney in the clinic hospital – naked and about to be taken into surgery – he felt consumed by the urge to run. He repeatedly told the nurses “I don’t think I should do this.” They said “calm down” and assured him that “everybody feels this way”.

“So when they wheeled me into the operating room I was panicking. I went to get up and they said that they were gonna give me a spinal epidural… And they’re putting me in a headlock and stuck me in the back with a needle. That was so painful.”

The next thing he remembers was waking up in the Recovery Room…

“I woke up in the Recovery Room. And like that, just like that – Regret. That Instant. Regret. 

Oh My God, I shouldn’t have done that! I should have listened to my intuition. Instead I listened to others.”


by Donald Best

Coming in Part 2… A Transsexual-Woman’s Lost Years of Regret, Sorrow, and Self-Harm.

Pope John Paul II blessed me… during a knock-down, drag ‘em out fight

Attack on the Pope during the 1984 Toronto Visit

An Early Lesson in Media Censorship

On September 9, 1984, Pope John Paul II landed at Quebec City to start a grueling twelve-day, 15,000km marathon that saw him visit millions from Newfoundland to British Columbia. It was a national event and the first time a Pontiff had set foot in Canada. In Toronto alone, almost a million people attended mass at Downsview airport.

But not everybody loved the head of the Roman Catholic Church – so my friends and I at the Toronto Police Oriental Crime Unit found ourselves working undercover protecting the Pope, along with a thousand other police officers from all over Ontario.

“Everything happened slowly, and then very quickly… I realized we might be too late.”

The danger to Pope John Paul II was real, and everyone on the security detail was nervous. Just three years earlier a Muslim terrorist shot the Pope twice during an assassination attempt in St. Peter’s Square.

Bulgarian military personnel had been involved in the St. Peter’s attack, so any attempt in Toronto might also be supported with resources from a USSR satellite nation. This was at the height of the Cold War. Martial law was in force in Poland against Solidarity and its leader Lech Walesa. The Polish Pope strengthened the resolve of the Poles and weakened the Soviet Block. That made him even more of a target.

We were therefore a serious bunch, suspicious of everything – armed to the max and ready-to-rock at every moment that “il Papa” was anywhere near us.

But it was also a happy time as Canada celebrated. The massive crowds were joyous, loved to touch the Pope and he permitted it. You can imagine our er, ‘delight’ with the Pope’s walking into crowds as he often did even after the assassination attempt.

The University Avenue Attack

Everything happened slowly, and then very quickly.

Thousands lined University Avenue waiting to see John Paul II as waved and blessed the crowd from the slow-moving Popemobile.

I was one of hundreds of undercover police officers along the parade route when one of my team made eye contact and scratched his ear – our signal that he’d seen something. I walked to him and immediately spotted the target.

The man was in his early thirties. There was nothing outstanding about his clothes or appearance, but in this crowd his body language was all wrong and that’s what attracted our attention.

Everyone was smiling and waving at the Popemobile slowly coming towards us about 75 feet away. Our friend looked towards the Pope, but every so often he glanced at the uniformed police on the other side of the street. Then he slowly swiveled his head left and right – looking for undercover officers, for us. He wasn’t smiling.

But he didn’t spot us. We were smiling and waving at the approaching Popemobile even as we signalled for assistance to take him down.

Within a shorter time than it takes to tell, there were five of us within striking distance and we were just about to grab his arms and flash a badge and the Pope was closer and then it all happened so quickly and I realized we might be too late…

Fast as anything he shoved his right hand into his jacket pocket, pulled out a round green object, cocked his arm, and started to throw. Everybody launched themselves at the man’s arm and hand and for an instant I thought he held a grenade – but it was an apple that fell to the ground.

Frenzied Rage

Down we went and he started screaming in a berserk rage “The Pope is Satan! The Pope is Satan!” Then he started biting.

Those of you who have never been a police officer, paramedic, or worked at a hospital probably don’t understand how one person in a frenzy can have the strength and violence to resist or even overpower five or six big men. Doctors have many theories about bipolar behaviour, ‘Intermittent Explosive Disorder’, and the role of various drugs in precipitating rage – but none of that matters in the middle of an attack.

In those days we had no pepper spray or tasers – only physical restraint, fists, and chokeholds – but nothing seemed to work.

Fists flew in both directions as we struggled to gain control. One of the team screamed as the man squeezed his privates. During the melee he bit three of us. When he chomped my forearm I had to punch him twice in the face before he let go. Then I got on top, and hit him hard on the jaw.

I cocked my arm to give him another, but the fight was done – so for the first time in a while I looked up…

And there was Pope John Paul II frowning as he surveyed the chaos, making the sign of the cross – blessing us. By this time some uniform officers were arriving and in an instant the Pope realized who we were.

Still looking at ‘il papa’, I shrugged my shoulders – and saw him smile, wink at me and make the sign of the cross again. Then he was gone as the Popemobile continued on.

And that is how Pope John Paul II smiled, winked, and blessed me in the middle of a fight.


The public never heard about the incident on University Avenue, nor of a handful of similar happenings across Canada. Like the man we arrested, most of the ‘attackers’ were troubled individuals with long histories of mental illness.

At the time it was thought by those in power that there should be nothing in the news to mar the feeling, image and historical record of the Pope’s Canadian visit. So the police said nothing of any incidents, and newspapers printed nothing even if they knew.

At the time I agreed with the non-reporting of incidents during the Papal Tour – but given the rise of government and corporate collaboration to censor, it should have been a caution to me about the power of the news media to deliberately ignore events in order to control and construct narratives.

“No matter how well-intended, censorship always becomes a weapon for those in power.”

Donald Best

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