Ottawa Police Conceal Legal Motions in Detective Grus Case – Sudden Infant Deaths

A Legal Process Reduced to Controlled Theatre…

Ottawa Police refuse to provide journalists with the written legal motions filed in the trial of Detective Helen Grus.

Detective Grus faces an internal Police Services Act charge of ‘Discreditable Conduct’ for allegedly conducting “unauthorized” investigations into nine Sudden Infant Deaths – where she sought to know the vaccine status of the mothers.

Ottawa Police (‘OPS’) launched an internal investigation and suspended Detective Grus in early February 2022. Grus was formally charged on July 26, 2022, and the case has been before the internal Trials Officer on several dates since then.

Grus Legal Team Alleges ‘Incomplete Disclosure By Prosecutor’

Grus Lawyer: Bath-Sheba van den Berg

At the last public video-hearing on December 6, 2022, Canadians learned of a dispute concerning the prosecution’s evidence disclosure. Defence lawyer Bath-Sheba Van den Berg was to file a written motion by December 29, 2022 to demand additional disclosure. The prosecution would then be able to reply in writing.

Trials Officer (retired) Superintendent Chris Renwick stated he would issue a decision about disclosure early in January. That decision date still appears on the Ottawa Police website – informing that the ruling will be delivered during the first week of January.

It is now the first week of February and the Trials Officer has not made a ruling in the disclosure motion. A few days ago I wrote to Ottawa Police Media Relations and requested a copy of the December 29, 2022 Grus Defence disclosure motion. OPS replied that they would not provide any written motions in the case…

“We have explored your request and have been advised by the Legal Section that written Motion materials are not available for release.

The public can access the Police Services Act Hearing Officer’s written decision, once rendered (posted at”

Motions Filed in Real Courts are Public

Most legal motions filed in real Canadian courts are public – to ensure transparency and promote public confidence in the legal process.

In some prosecutions or civil cases where there are concerns about confidential information, privacy, Identity Information, juveniles, proprietary business data, and other recognized exceptions – the information at issue is usually redacted before public release.

Seldom is an entire motion sealed and kept from the public, but when that happens it is as a result of an application and a court ruling that is publicly declared.

Motions are not just arbitrarily withheld from the public by the prosecution or a court clerk… but that’s what is happening in the Grus case.

“In the Grus case, Ottawa Police have chosen to arbitrarily and without explanation, conceal filed legal motions from the public and the news media.”

Ottawa Police prosecutors know that they can get away with hiding legal motions from the public because it would take a legal motion by interested news media to force transparency – which would be prohibitively expensive.

What are Ottawa Police Hiding? What’s in the Defence Motion?

As I reported in my October 11, 2022 article Detective Helen Grus Proven Correct To Suspect Vaccine Harm To Breastfeeding Infants’…

“Detective Grus has been fully vindicated by the release of data from the US Centers for Disease Control (‘CDC’) and Food and Drug Administration (‘FDA’) that confirmed serious side effects and deaths of breastfed infants whose mothers received the COVID-19 vaccine.”


“Evidence exists and is in the author’s possession that the case against Detective Helen Grus was an engineered politically-motivated ‘set-up’ by persons within the Ottawa Police Service who had detailed and specific knowledge of the internal investigation into Detective Grus.”

I speculate that the hidden Grus motion asked for disclosure showing if the Ottawa Police ‘Lead Detectives’ in the nine SIDS deaths investigated whether the mothers’ mRNA vaccine status was a potential factor in the infant deaths.

I speculate that the hidden Grus motion asked for disclosure about the internal leaks to CBC journalist Shaamini Yogaretnam by multiple rogue Ottawa Police personnel.

The answers to just these two questions alone would embarrass the Ottawa Police and undermine the allegations against Detective Grus – so naturally the OPS doesn’t want the public to know.

But embarrassment is no justification for arbitrarily concealing legal motions from the news media and public. Withholding evidence that Grus was diligent, correct, and acted in good faith is not a valid reason to conceal legal documents from the news media and public.

Canadians want to know:

Did the Ottawa Police ‘Lead Detectives’ Properly Investigate the Nine Sudden Infant Deaths?

Were any of the mothers vaccinated and breastfeeding their baby?

The charge sheet alleges Detective Grus…

“On or about January 30th, 2022, you interfered in an investigation of an infant death, without the lead detective’s knowledge or authorization, by contacting the father of the deceased baby to inquire about the COVID vaccination status of the mother.“

In consideration of the tsunami of reports and research that brings the safety of the mRNA gene therapy injections into question for mothers, babies in the womb, and for breastfeeding infants – Canadians want to know if the Ottawa Police ‘lead detective(s)’ included the Covid mRNA vaccines as a potential factor in their SIDS investigations.

If the Ottawa Police SIDS Lead Detectives did not take the vaccine into consideration as a potential cause – then the investigations are incomplete, and perhaps even shoddy or biased. If that is the case, then the Ottawa Police should properly re-investigate each of the nine cases.

As well, the Professional Standards Unit should investigate the Lead Detective(s) to determine the reason for the sub-standard investigations, omissions or incompetence, and determine if charges or retraining are warranted.

Project Veritas, Pfizer Director Jordon Walker, and the Ottawa Police

On January 25, 2023 Project Veritas started releasing a series of undercover videos where Pfizer Executive Jordon Triton Walker confesses that his company is mutating Covid viruses so as to be able to profit from the sale of new mRNA vaccines that will be offered as solutions for the new viruses Pfizer creates and releases.

In a second undercover video released February 2, 2023 Walker confesses that the Pfizer vaccines are interfering with menstrual cycles and “has to be affecting something hormonal to impact menstrual cycles.” More video releases are on the way.

Walker’s confession is, in my opinion, prima facie evidence of criminal acts by Pfizer and associated personnel in Canada.

Ottawa Police have a serious Conflict of Interest over COVID Vaccine

The Ottawa Police Service mandated experimental Covid mRNA injections for all employees, and therefore has a real conflict of interest in anything to do with the legal and medical issues surrounding the vaccines.

It would not be in the interest of the Ottawa Police if evidence in the Detective Grus trial revealed that the mandatory mRNA vaccine injections cause injuries or deaths…

…and that is an actual and serious (not just ‘potential’ or ‘apparent’) Conflict of Interest.

The fact that the Ottawa Police Service charged Detective Grus for investigating whether the mRNA vaccines might have been a factor in Sudden Infant Deaths – means that any finding of guilt will be as political as the investigation and charge against Detective Grus.

Four Key Reasons Why the Ottawa Police Must Drop the Charges against Detective Grus

1/ Detective Grus was under no orders to not initiate the investigation or to cease the investigation. Her badge and sworn office provides Grus with the authority and duty to initiate independent investigations without permission and without notifying other officers.

2/ Enough medical evidence exists to justify Detective Grus’ professional investigative concerns that there is a potential connection between the mRNA Covid ‘vaccine’ status of the mothers and the sudden deaths of the nine infants.

Detective Grus therefore acted diligently and responsibly in her investigations. Her professionalism should have been admired and rewarded – yet for reasons that need to be explained by the Ottawa Police, Grus was suspended, charged with ‘Discreditable Conduct’, and notified that she would be fired if found guilty.

3/ Detective Grus exposed a series of at least nine substandard and potentially biased Sudden Infant Death investigations by other Ottawa Police personnel.

4/ Evidence exists and is in the author’s possession that the case against Detective Helen Grus is an engineered politically-motivated ‘set-up’ by persons within the Ottawa Police Service who had detailed and specific knowledge of the internal investigation into Detective Grus. (*To be revealed in a future article.)


Background: Charges against Ottawa Police Detective Helen Grus

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