Court Evidence

We’ll be adding many more documents after we redact the Identity Information, so check here regularly.

Each of the court documents available at has already been filed in the courts as part of the Donald Best v. Gerald Ranking et al lawsuit or in Best’s original contempt of court case. Each has been redacted to remove personal information and ‘Identity Information’ as defined in Section 402.1 of the Criminal Code of Canada (i.e.: address, date of birth, written signature, electronic signature, digital signature, user name, credit card number, debit card number, financial institution account number, passport number, Social Insurance Number, health insurance number, driver’s licence number or password.)

Under Section 402.2 (2), “Everyone commits an offence who transmits, makes available, distributes, sells or offers for sale another person’s identity information, or has it in their possession for any of those purposes, knowing that or being reckless as to whether the information will be used to commit an indictable offence that includes fraud, deceit or falsehood as an element of the offence.”

It is the opinion of several senior lawyers, including a Crown Attorney, that distributing or publishing Identity Information such as dates of birth, driver’s licence numbers, passport numbers etc. to the public via the internet or any other means is reckless, places persons at risk of Identity Theft, Fraud and similar offences, and therefore constitutes a criminal offence in Canada under Section 402.2 (2).

We have worked diligently and responsibly to redact all Identity Information from the court documents published at Should you find any inadvertent omissions:

  1. Do not further distribute the document. Immediately delete or otherwise destroy the document.
  2. Contact immediately via email at [email protected] and inform us specifically of the Identity Information that needs to be redacted. (Document name, page number, paragraph or passage and Identity Information)
  3. We will correct the mistake by redacting the Identity Information, and reposting the corrected document at, along with a public notice of the change.

The documents are named and sorted via date. We’ll be adding many more after we redact any Identity Information, so check here regularly.

If DonaldBest.CA has misquoted any of these documents, please advise us via email so we can make corrections. We urge our readers to fully examine the source court documents before forming any opinions, and that is why we are making them available here in order of date (year-month-day) :

20070518 PWCECF motion and Hatch affidavit (PDF 1.8mb)

20080110 Nitin Amersey Deposition (PDF 1.1mb)

20081030 Hatch full transcript (PDF 389kb)

20081030 Hatch transcript page 10 only (PDF 16kb)

20081204 Barbados Underground post and comments (PDF 153kb)

20081210 Barbados Underground post, factum and comments (PDF 448kb)

20090128 Iain Deane’s Barbados Underground post and comments (PDF 126kb)

20091021 Van Allen Affidavit  (PDF 600kb)

20091024 Van Allen Invoice (PDF 95kb)

20091102 Court Transcript (PDF 3.6mb)

20091107 Van Allen Invoice  (PDF 85kb)

20091117 Secret phone recording with lawyers  (MP3 39mb)

20091117 Lawyers ‘Statement for the Record’  (PDF 6.1mb)

20091117 Certified Transcript (PDF 1.3mb)

20091117 Dr. Pausak Affidavit (PDF 3.1mb)

20091117 Jeannine Ouellette Affidavit of Service (PDF 1.2mb)

20091201 Best Letters to Court-Lawyers (PDF 627kb)

20091202 Court Transcript (PDF 2.9mb)

20100115 Warrant of Committal/Arrest for Donald Best (PDF 107kb)

20100329 Letter Miller Thomson (PDF 424kb)

20100422 Letter Miller Thomson (PDF 2mb)

20100607 Zagar Affidavit (PDF 2mb)

20121126 Notice of Appearance (PDF 1.2mb)

20121128 LSUC Best Letters (PDF 489kb)

20121210 Best Affidavit PWC Excerpts (PDF 5.4mb)

20121210 Best Affidavit page 23 only (PDF 86kb)

20121210 Best FULL AFFIDAVIT with exhibits (PDF 15.8mb)

20130104 Affidavit of Lawyer Alair Shepherd (PDF 794kb)

20130110 Best Affidavit without exhibits (4.1mb)

20130111 Excerpts Best cross-examination pages 31-35 (PDF 29kb)

20130123 Excerpts Best cross-examination pages 406 – 408 (PDF 26kb)

20130123 Exhibit 32 (PDF 610kb)

20130125 Excerpts court transcript pages 21-29 (PDF 1.8mb)

20130429 Best Affidavit Secret Police Investigation (PDF 174kb)

20130503 Secretly substituted Warrant of Committal (PDF 107kb)

20130504 Best Prison Medicine Request (PDF 861kb)

20130508 Best Prison Heart Letter (PDF 1.1mb)

20131230 Van Allen Call (MP3 6.5mb)

The February 14, 2014 Appeal Court Motion Record with the affidavit of honest Toronto lawyer Che Claire. Large file offered in 3 parts:

20140211 Affidavit of lawyer Che Claire (PDF 39.6mb 429 pages)

20140214 Best Motion Record to Appeal Court (PDF 54.2mb 546 pages)

20140324 Best Affidavit Excerpts ‘Solitary Confinement’ (PDF 645kb)

20140415 Endorsement of Justice Molloy (PDF 201kb)

20140415 Release Order of Justice Molloy (PDF 339kb)

20140528 Supreme Court excerpt (PDF 74kb)

20140718 Statement of Claim ‘Best v. Ranking et al’  (PDF 1.3mb)

20140723 Civil Jury Notice (PDF 574kb)

20141222 Deane Default Motion (PDF 6.1mb)

20141222 Plaintiff’s Motion to Amend Statement of Claim (PDF 9.1mb)

20150122 Defendants’ Motion to Set Aside Default  (PDF 26.5mb)

20150122 Defendants’ factum  (PDF 1.1mb)

20150105 Plaintiff’s Motion Record, Donald Best Affidavit  (PDF 18.2mb)

20150205 Plaintiff’s factum  (PDF 173kb)

20150205 Plaintiff’s Book of Authorities  (PDF 2mb)

20150212 ISN Inc Statement of Defence (PDF 431kb)

20150331 Injunction Motion with Exhibits (PDF 17mb)

20150423 Donald Best affidavit (PDF 882kb)

20150828 Supreme Court costs decision (PDF 349kb)

20160414 Notice of Application, Judicial Review of CJC Decision (PDF 900kb)

20160427 Affidavit of Donald Best in Support of Application for Judicial Review of CJC Decision