9/11 taught me everything I needed to know about COVID Vaccine Mandates

On 9/11, many who survived the World Trade Center attack did so because they thought for themselves, disobeyed authorities, and acted with common sense.

That’s not so different from the decisions made by many of us in the last three years – to disobey, and to resist authorities who were so obviously acting contrary to our interests.

In the last three years, people who questioned the ‘authorities’ and refused to be injected with an experimental genetic treatment survived what was a mild flu. Many of us lost jobs, businesses, homes, and relationships with friends and family – but we maintained our right to bodily integrity and self-determination of medical care in the face of government coercion, threats, and devastating financial sanctions.

Now hundreds of millions of people who were injected are waking up to the growing tsunami of vaccine injuries and deaths – along with the certainty that the ‘authorities’ they trusted and obeyed lied to them about the safety and efficacy of the mRNA gene treatments. In cruel hindsight they now see the coordinated worldwide propaganda campaigns and profiteering by ‘authorities’ who knew that the shots were injuring and killing – but wanted control, power, and profits so badly that they were willing to commit criminal acts and mass crimes against humanity.

The vaccinated are now waking to the fact that they were uninformed lab rats in the world’s largest medical experiment. They are hearing about an unprecedented explosion of heart problems, aggressive cancers, and problems with fertility that had been deliberately concealed from them.

The vaccinated are now learning that the slaughter of elderly and disabled in long-term care homes was caused by the response to the ‘pandemic’, and not by COVID itself. They are learning that the medical industry and governments deliberately inflated the number of COVID infections and deaths on a mass scale for profit and propaganda.

Many good people – including top medical doctors, researchers, and scientists – publicly warned of the dangers of lockdowns and of the experimental mRNA injections, only to be censored, attacked, de-platformed, fired, and de-banked.

‘Waking up’ came too late for millions, but now they know why it is critical to question ‘authorities’ and ‘experts’ – and especially so when contrary opinions and dissent are absent from public discussion.

9/11 taught me that ‘authorities’ can be dead wrong, incompetent, overwhelmed, and make mistakes that kill.

COVID ‘vaccine’ mandates taught me that ‘authorities’ can also be tyrants who are willing to injure and kill millions for control, power, and profits.

Think For Yourself. Act Independently and Disobey Authorities If Necessary.

When the first airplane crashed into the North Tower, thousands in the South Tower stayed at their desks because they rationalized to themselves that it was an accident – in broad daylight and 30 mile visibility. Group inaction took over and relatively few individuals acted in a timely manner to save themselves.

The WTC ‘authorities’ including security and Port Police broadcast that people should stay at their desks and await the arrival of emergency services. Some employers ordered their staff to stay in the office and to not leave the building – and like a heard of unthinking sheep people obeyed ‘authorities’, stayed in their offices and died.

“Workers fleeing in panic were sent back into the inferno”

A September 16, 2001 Guardian news article was one of many reporting that Security and Port Police actually blocked escaping people and forced them back into the buildings where they died.

“Those who disobeyed the authorities lived. Those who obeyed died.”

We are always told to take the stairs and not the elevators in an emergency. Many in both buildings who did leave took the stairs and died – because it took an hour to evacuate via the stairs. Many who lived did so because they took the elevator to quickly evacuate and were out of the buildings when the second plane hit or when the structures collapsed.

Even as the buildings collapsed, many people were still waiting for rescue while their co-workers had already acted independently and evacuated themselves. Even as the buildings collapsed, some were still being told by authorities to remain at their desks and to not evacuate the building – because that was the drill so as not to hinder firefighters making their way up the stairs.

This is what I learned from 9/11…

‘Those who disobeyed the authorities lived. Those who obeyed died.’

So when the COVID ‘pandemic’ arrived, I was ready to question the ‘authorities’.

Charge Against Ottawa Police Detective Helen Grus Falling Apart

Over a year after Detective Helen Grus was suspended, Ottawa Police can’t or won’t produce the complete evidence against her.

The Internal Trials Officer is two months overdue with his Evidence Disclosure Decision.

Ottawa Police facing a tsunami of Medical Studies showing vaccine harm to breastfeeding infants.

“The suspension, investigation, and charge against Detective Helen Grus was a political act… The non-existence of actual evidence against Grus was a secondary consideration to the goal of stopping her investigation into nine Sudden Infant Deaths.”

Detective Helen Grus is charged under the Police Services Act with ‘Discreditable Conduct’ for allegedly conducting “unauthorized” investigations into nine Sudden Infant Deaths – where she sought to know the vaccine status of the mothers.

Ottawa Police (‘OPS’) launched an internal investigation and suspended Detective Grus in early February 2022. Grus was formally charged on July 26, 2022, and the case has been before the internal Trials Officer on several dates since then.

At the last hearing on December 6, 2022, Canadians learned of a dispute concerning the prosecution’s evidence disclosure. Defence lawyer Bath-Sheba Van den Berg was to file a written motion by December 29, 2022 to demand additional disclosure. The prosecution would then reply in writing.

Trials Officer (retired) Superintendent Chris Renwick stated he would issue a decision about the disclosure motion early in January.

It is now Tuesday, March 7, 2023 and still no decision.

The Internal Trials Officer is two months overdue with his Evidence Disclosure Decision.

Only two days ago, the Ottawa Police trials page changed from “Ruling on motion to be delivered first week of January” to “Ruling on motion to be delivered in March.”


The Grus Case: Ottawa Police have a Tiger By The Tail

How can it be that the Ottawa Police Trials Officer can’t produce a decision in a disclosure motion for over two months after he promised to do so?

And why is the OPS Prosecution unable to produce the full evidence of their case after more than a year?

The answer to these questions is simple…

The suspension, investigation, and charge against Detective Helen Grus was a political act intended to destroy an excellent police detective who questioned the legality, safety, and effectiveness of the COVID vaccines and the mandates.

The non-existence of actual evidence against Grus was a secondary consideration to the goal of stopping her investigation into nine Sudden Infant Deaths. Now, that lack of evidence is a glaring indication of the political intent of the charge.

Ottawa Police refuse to provide journalists with the written legal motions filed in the trial of Detective Helen Grus.

Most legal motions filed in real Canadian courts are public – to ensure transparency and promote public confidence in the legal process.

Seldom is an entire motion sealed and kept from the public, but when that happens it is as a result of an application and a court ruling that is publicly declared.

Motions are not just arbitrarily withheld from the public by the prosecution or a court clerk… but that’s what is happening in the Grus case.

“In the Grus case, Ottawa Police have chosen to arbitrarily and without explanation, conceal filed legal motions from the public and the news media.”

Four Key Reasons Why the Ottawa Police Must Drop the Charges against Detective Grus

1/ Detective Grus was under no orders to not initiate the investigation or to cease the investigation. Her badge and sworn office provides Grus with the authority and duty to initiate independent investigations without permission and without notifying other officers.

2/ Enough medical evidence exists to justify Detective Grus’ professional investigative concerns that there is a potential connection between the mRNA Covid ‘vaccine’ status of the mothers and the sudden deaths of the nine infants.

Detective Grus therefore acted diligently and responsibly in her investigations. Her professionalism should have been admired and rewarded – yet for reasons that need to be explained by the Ottawa Police, Grus was suspended, charged with ‘Discreditable Conduct’, and notified that she would be fired if found guilty.

3/ Detective Grus exposed a series of at least nine substandard and potentially biased Sudden Infant Death investigations by other Ottawa Police personnel.

4/ Evidence exists and is in the author’s possession that the case against Detective Helen Grus is an engineered politically-motivated ‘set-up’ by persons within the Ottawa Police Service who had detailed and specific knowledge of the internal investigation into Detective Grus. (*To be revealed in a future article.)


Background: Charges against Ottawa Police Detective Helen Grus

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