Quotes by, and about, Donald Best…

“Former Conservative cabinet minister and provincial police commissioner Julian Fantino has accused a Canadian judge, lawyers and several police forces of acting improperly and even illegally in the conviction and jailing of (Donald Best) for contempt of court.”

(Toronto Star, December 29, 2017: Ex-federal cabinet minister Julian Fantino takes aim at judge, cops, lawyers)

“The systemic failings in our justice system include a Canada-wide tolerance by judges and lawyers for corruption in the legal profession.” DB

(November 1, 2017 – DonaldBest.CA summary)

“My lawyer believes that everyone deserves Access to Justice and fair legal representation – but for over one hundred other Ontario lawyers, Access to Justice apparently ends if a litigant has evidence of misconduct by a fellow member of the Bar.” DB

(July 7, 2016 Windsor Law School – National Self-Represented Litigants Project (NSRLP) The client most lawyers fear – and won’t represent at any price.)