9/11 taught me everything I needed to know about COVID Vaccine Mandates

On 9/11, many who survived the World Trade Center attack did so because they thought for themselves, disobeyed authorities, and acted with common sense.

That’s not so different from the decisions made by many of us in the last three years – to disobey, and to resist authorities who were so obviously acting contrary to our interests.

In the last three years, people who questioned the ‘authorities’ and refused to be injected with an experimental genetic treatment survived what was a mild flu. Many of us lost jobs, businesses, homes, and relationships with friends and family – but we maintained our right to bodily integrity and self-determination of medical care in the face of government coercion, threats, and devastating financial sanctions.

Now hundreds of millions of people who were injected are waking up to the growing tsunami of vaccine injuries and deaths – along with the certainty that the ‘authorities’ they trusted and obeyed lied to them about the safety and efficacy of the mRNA gene treatments. In cruel hindsight they now see the coordinated worldwide propaganda campaigns and profiteering by ‘authorities’ who knew that the shots were injuring and killing – but wanted control, power, and profits so badly that they were willing to commit criminal acts and mass crimes against humanity.

The vaccinated are now waking to the fact that they were uninformed lab rats in the world’s largest medical experiment. They are hearing about an unprecedented explosion of heart problems, aggressive cancers, and problems with fertility that had been deliberately concealed from them.

The vaccinated are now learning that the slaughter of elderly and disabled in long-term care homes was caused by the response to the ‘pandemic’, and not by COVID itself. They are learning that the medical industry and governments deliberately inflated the number of COVID infections and deaths on a mass scale for profit and propaganda.

Many good people – including top medical doctors, researchers, and scientists – publicly warned of the dangers of lockdowns and of the experimental mRNA injections, only to be censored, attacked, de-platformed, fired, and de-banked.

‘Waking up’ came too late for millions, but now they know why it is critical to question ‘authorities’ and ‘experts’ – and especially so when contrary opinions and dissent are absent from public discussion.

9/11 taught me that ‘authorities’ can be dead wrong, incompetent, overwhelmed, and make mistakes that kill.

COVID ‘vaccine’ mandates taught me that ‘authorities’ can also be tyrants who are willing to injure and kill millions for control, power, and profits.

Think For Yourself. Act Independently and Disobey Authorities If Necessary.

When the first airplane crashed into the North Tower, thousands in the South Tower stayed at their desks because they rationalized to themselves that it was an accident – in broad daylight and 30 mile visibility. Group inaction took over and relatively few individuals acted in a timely manner to save themselves.

The WTC ‘authorities’ including security and Port Police broadcast that people should stay at their desks and await the arrival of emergency services. Some employers ordered their staff to stay in the office and to not leave the building – and like a heard of unthinking sheep people obeyed ‘authorities’, stayed in their offices and died.

“Workers fleeing in panic were sent back into the inferno”

A September 16, 2001 Guardian news article was one of many reporting that Security and Port Police actually blocked escaping people and forced them back into the buildings where they died.

“Those who disobeyed the authorities lived. Those who obeyed died.”

We are always told to take the stairs and not the elevators in an emergency. Many in both buildings who did leave took the stairs and died – because it took an hour to evacuate via the stairs. Many who lived did so because they took the elevator to quickly evacuate and were out of the buildings when the second plane hit or when the structures collapsed.

Even as the buildings collapsed, many people were still waiting for rescue while their co-workers had already acted independently and evacuated themselves. Even as the buildings collapsed, some were still being told by authorities to remain at their desks and to not evacuate the building – because that was the drill so as not to hinder firefighters making their way up the stairs.

This is what I learned from 9/11…

‘Those who disobeyed the authorities lived. Those who obeyed died.’

So when the COVID ‘pandemic’ arrived, I was ready to question the ‘authorities’.


  • Thank you for your reply to the Ottawa Police who are dragging their feet on the Det Helen Grus case. They don’t deserve any respect. They have put the rule of law in disrepute. They have tarnished the reputation of all police.

    A stdy of MRNA in 2016 stated that females would suffer more adverse events from this experimental platform. Therefore how the heck could they have pushed these vaccines on pregnant females especially in light of the fact it was never trialed on pregnant females to begin with. Safe was far from the truth.

    In fact if you research hospitals everywhere even in Toronto stated covid wasn’t affecting pregnant females. They stated it was the covid protocols that interfered in pregnancy management and afterwards it was affecting new moms dealing with postpartum depression and other issues. Not the virus the health protocols. So exactly how could OB/GYN tell pregnant females to take this experimental vaccines and call them safe. If it was not trialed on pregnant females then it is an experiment and it’s criminally negligent to call it safe. Dr William Makis has shared stories of pregnant females who were vaccinated and died and many of the babies died too and the data from Ontario indicates live burths have dropped considerably after vaccine rollout. Since covid virus wasn’t affecting pregnant females then what is the common denominator for live births dropping? Criminal conspiracy has grounded truths in them that’s why investigations are needed but the charges against Det. Helen Grus are unconscionable reckless and pure spite and cover up.

    Thank you Mr Best for being courageous and demanding accountability. The German Health Minister who said that these vaccines have no side effects and even tried to make the vaccines compulsory in Germany has now changed his tune and says serious adverse events causing disability and death are coming from the vaccines. I guess the German pathologist is outing the truth of the covid MRNA vaccines. Biontek stated the vaccines were never meant to stay in the arm but needed to travel to the lymph nodes No wonder the spike is found in the ovaries and other body organs. The vaccines are affecting woman’s hormones that can affect the unborn child. The truth of these vaccines is readily available to the Ottawa Police who are caught. They mandated these vaccines to their own police so they will try to weasel out of criminal negligence any way they can and charging Det Helen Grus is one way they are covering up. Prove the vaccines killed the babies and you prove they are dangerous. They can’t have that.

  • Thanks Ron, excellent corollary of two life shaping events.
    You can track back from sept 11 and forward to today with events that nudged this takeover along in small and large moments, that everyone who was asleep thought were just outliers.

    Those awake now know we have maybe left it too late, but Twitter revelations now reveal what we were up against, a truly massive monster indeed.

    And those fooled do not care at all, and still fight for their foolers😢

    What happened to the USA ?

    How did they become the hideous regime they now are?

    The political parties are no different at all, watching Blinken and Rand dance yesterday, it seemed all rehearsed and meaningless.

    The main Russian General Kirilov , in charge of chemical weapons monitoring , has an excellent presentation on what has so far been found .

    Same companies and people, all connected to The Bindens of course.
    And the USA has been doing this since the 50’s in Korea.
    Highly recommend this article or slide presentation. Dr Trozzis site has it.

    With the supply of Uranium enriched missiles by the heartless British Army now on the table, I truly fear what Russia will HAVE to do to defend themselves from this move.

    Very scary times ahead, get cash, get supplies, and be ready to implement your escape plan! There is no longer any point in trying to save the vaxxed, they are beyond the point of admission now.

    • Hello John: I was slightly disagreeing with the wording of one or two of your statements – but then decided that nuance doesn’t matter anymore. In the main you are correct… I wish I lived on a farm with a well, but other than that I’ve done what I can for myself and my family. I still attempt to wake people up, but you are correct that many (most?) are beyond saving… (I’d not agree with that entirely but I get your point.) Can we regain our freedoms and human rights under this tyrannical government? I don’t know, but I’m still trying.

    • Excellent article there Ron. Thanks for the find. A short article that is well worth the time to read.

  • I wish more people were waking up, I just don’t think so. We awake people are still in the minority.

  • You are Historically and Currently … Correct!!!

  • Where to begin … I am a life long dissenter with respect to those who deem themselves to be 100 % correct 100 % of the time. As a veteran I also understand the need to take action with a sense of urgency in compelling circumstances. The opportunistic reaction by western governments at many levels underscores their true mentality – power and profit at all costs – Machiavellian does not even come close.

  • Kathleen Davis

    Excellent perspective. I am sharing this with friends and family.