BREAKING: Canada’s Parliament Considers Detective Helen Grus Case

Order Paper Questions Government Health Authorities’ Influence Re Grus Investigation into Sudden Infant Deaths

MP Cathay Wagantall Demands Communications Mentioning: Deputy Chief Steven Bell, Superintendent Heather Lachine, Inspector Hugh O’Toole, Prosecutor Vanessa Stewart

The case of Ottawa Police Detective Helen Grus and her investigation into a cluster of Sudden Infant Deaths in the Ottawa area is being raised in Canada’s Parliament. According to the rules, the Government must now provide a written answer within 45 days.

MP Cathay Wagantall (CPC)

Ottawa Police Detective Helen Grus is charged with ‘Discreditable Conduct’ under the Ontario Police Services Act for conducting “unauthorized” investigations into the sudden deaths of nine infants. The next Hearing is on Monday, March 25, 2024.

Grus was investigating any potential connection between the vaccination status of the mothers and the sudden deaths of breastfeeding babies. Ottawa Police shut down her investigation, ordered her to stop, and charged her with an internal disciplinary charge.

My independent journalism revealed that Public Health Agency of Canada personnel sought to influence the Ottawa Police investigation of Detective Grus as early as March 2022, and even continuing after she was charged in July of 2022. (My April 27, 2023 article here)

Now a Conservative Member of Parliament is formally demanding answers about the Grus Case by placing questions on the Order Paper.

The just-published Thursday March 21, 2024, Order Paper includes the following question by MP Cathay Wagantall, Member for Yorkton-Melville, Saskatchewan…

Q-24332 — March 14, 2024 —  Mrs. Wagantall (Yorkton—Melville) — With regard to Public Health Agency of Canada, Health Canada, National Advisory Committee on Immunization and Privy Council communications in 2022:

(a) were there communications between any of the entities or their personnel with the Ottawa Police Services Board or Ottawa Police Services personnel or the Office of the Chief Coroner of Ontario;

(b) if the answer to (a) is affirmative, was any of the communication with respect to Detective Helen Grus, stillbirths or deaths of infants under one year;

(c) if the answer to (b) is affirmative, what are the details of each communication, including the (i) date, (ii) type of communication such as memorandum, telephone conversation, fax, or email, (iii) subject, (iv) reports produced as a result of the communication, (v) names of people included or copied on the communication;

(d) were any of the named entities above or their personnel included in communications involving one or more of the following individuals, Deputy Chief Steven Bell, Superintendent Heather Lachine, Hugh O’Toole of the Professional Standards Branch, Prosecutor Vanessa Stewart, or the Ontario Coroner’s office; and

(e) if the answer to (d) is affirmative, what are the details of each communication, including the (i) date, (ii) type of communication, (iii) subject, (iv) reports produced as a result of the communication, (v) names of people included or copied on the communication?

Question Q-2433 can be found at the Parliamentary Website here.

Here is the Order Paper in pdf: ordpaper293

More Coming Soon


MP Cathay Wagantall

Website – CathayWagantall.CA

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  • Jeff Hopkinson

    Hello, I applaud these two fine women who are actually doing their job & have a genuine interest helping their fellow citizens?! I have absolutely no doubt that all of our institutions have been corrupted to their core?! I do not state this lightly, when intelligent people connect the dots: Covid-19 plandemic, climate change emergency, carbon footprint, carbon tax… etc?! All of these policies are bundled together; to control us, to manipulate us, to strip us of our individual identity, our freedoms, our rights, our liberties even to tell us that we are not men & women full stop?!?!?! When good people step up to the plate, no matter how difficult , great things will happen eventually. I once again cheer you on for a good fight against tyrannical governments?!?!?!

  • All MPs are part of the theatre. Wake up, folks. And censoring will no longer stop the truth.

  • All the best to Detecgive Grus tomorrkw. The criminals have been outed. In the USA the FDA lost in Court to 3 ethical doctors anc have to remove all social media tweets attacking ivermectin for covid 19. You wont hear that on the CBC or CTV or fom PHAG regarding that. The WHO defrauded on ivermectin and so did the social media docs of Canada. Save all their social media tweets and fraud studies. Dr. Isaac Bogoch called ivermectin safe to give out at Halloween but put forth fraud studies for covid on his social media. If its so safe like candy then safe for covid.

    Regina Watteelx 150 page report on the fraud of David Fisman to the Ontario Provincizl Police including his fake study on the harms of the unvaccinated and vaccinated mixing is exposed by ivermectin safe to use for covid . Kind of like attacking azithromycin fo strep throat. The fraud is on display and harms done with vaccine mandates. If you have a theraputic you cant brung out a vaccine especially an experimental one thats just authorized for use and not properly trialled. The vaccine study trials even have fraud attached and a 2 billion lawsuit against Pfizer et al.

    Your media in Canada wont divulge the win in the USA courts with ivermectin and the FDA losing who shoddily emergency use authorized Pfizer and Moderna. Do you trust these guys with your life. I think not if your smart. The OPP wont investigate the fraud of Fisman exposed. Why not? They are exposed for vaccine mandates. Thats why. They stand by and watch the fraud Court trial against Detective Grus. This trial now clearly exposed by the FDA losing in Court and having to remove social media attacking ivermectin for covid.

    • The fake kangaroo court trial hasnt been shut down yet? Why not? Miscarriage of Justice
      This is very unacceptable and shows a flagrant abuse of power by so called law enforcement . When is the government going to intervene or honest cops? We are waiting. Crickets!!!

  • Sharon Nickerson

    wonderful news that this is being kept in the forefront!

  • Thank you for this great news. Finally a MP in Canadian Parliament raising awareness of the shredding of the rule of law and funny business occurring between government and police.

    Gerard Rennick in Australia”s Parliament has been sounding the alarm on vaccine harms and finally the Courts have ruled the Australian vaccine mandates were unlawful. If you watched him in action many in his parliament thought vaccine injuries were a laughing matter and mocked him.

  • Great news. See how many cockroaches run for the exits when a light is shone on them.

  • Donald Best, you’ve done very good work in bringing this to people’s attention! Thanks very much for all you’re doing.

    • Thanks for your kind words Joan. Each of us can only do so much, and I’ve chosen to focus on a small number of cases and issues and so perhaps am making a bit of a difference by pounding the same drum over and over.

  • The Cathay Waganthal question is actually in order paper #290.
    Twitter @FreedomForAll98

    • Thanks for that Brad. I just learned of the question at about 3am yesterday morning as it was published on the list for Order Paper 293 – but now I see how I can go back to find it on #290. I wonder how it is that nobody broke the story for a week until I did?

  • Thank you MP Cathay Wagantall!