Former RCMP Union Director: Windsor Police Constable Michael Brisco Deserved A Fair Trial

Guest Column by Retired RCMP Officer & Union Director Leland Keane

“Mike Brisco deserved a FAIR trial. The tyrants in police management and the Police Commission who refused him one are unworthy of public trust.”

An open letter from Leland Keane to the Ontario Civilian Police Commission and Windsor Police Service:

From: Leland Keane
Date: Thu, Apr 4, 2024 at 8:38 PM
Subject: Support for Windsor Police Constable Mike Brisco
To: Ontario Civilian Police Commission
Cc: Windsor Police Service, Justice Centre for Constitutional Freedoms

Dear Sir or Madam,

I read about the case of Constable Mike Brisco some time ago;

Cop fined two weeks pay for $50 convoy donation asks for judicial review (Western Standard – Lee Harding)

I retired in 2019 after 32 years with the RCMP in BC, the majority of my service being in uniform and street-level policing. In provinces outside Ontario and Quebec the RCMP does the same job as our municipal and provincial brothers-in-blue.

I served on the executive of the Mounted Police Professional Association of Canada (MPPAC) from 1996-2018 and retired as a director of that magnificent organization. I was blessed to have advocated for police and police veterans.

“The obvious injustice perpetrated against Cst. Brisco by less-than-ethical police management and pseudo-jurists at the police commission is an odious display of malicious prosecution of Brisco and by implication of any honest police officer.

The malicious prosecution of those who dared stand up to tyranny by all levels of government in this country since 2020 has and will have a very detrimental impact on our institutions and those who keep us safe at night for many years to come.”

The people involved in this prosecution and those who stood idly by at Windsor Police and the Police Commission remind me of those who stood by and watched and those who participated in Kristallnacht in 1938; cowards, tyrants and bullies.

Please remember that tyranny was internationally and publicly repudiated in 1946 at Nuremberg. Canada, to heal our society after the tyranny of 2020 which is still perpetrated by governments and agencies, will require a Nuremberg-style solution.

“Government-ordered violence perpetrated by those in uniform against the Freedom Convoy in Alberta and Ottawa continue to haunt all freedom-loving Canadians, especially those of us who kept our oaths not to obey unlawful commands.”

Those that escaped judgement at Nuremberg still faced judgement day which comes to us all.

Mike Brisco deserved a FAIR trial. The tyrants in police management and the Police Commission who refused him one are unworthy of public trust.

Mike Brisco deserved a fair shake. Instead he was punished with a 2 week rip and has suffered unthinkable personal and professional damage.

Shame on all who took part and those who stood by and watched.

God Bless and keep you Mike Brisco.

Yours truly,

Leland (Lee) Keane

RCMP (Retired)

Editor’s Note: This email received minor edits for spelling and flow.

Photo Credit: Western Standard and journalist Lee Harding.


  • One possibility is a leftist union head chose the leftist government position over its member. Seen it happen before

  • Our son was shot to death in a brutal encounter with an RCMP Cst on April 23 2022.
    The IIO found the Cst did nothing wrong.
    It took nearly 18 months to find out the name of the Cst responsible.
    He would not speak to the IIO or make his notes and data available to them, he gave them no acount of his actions.
    A google search using his name turned up “Crosswords of Courage”, Bend Don’t Break”
    #56 listening to the you tube podcast we were horrified to realize that the “great story” being told in excruciating detail was the last few minutes of our son’s life.
    This is an individual that had a lawyer instantly 18 months paid leave, counseling etc.
    We got back our son’s clothes and washed the blood out of them and found 1 hole in the chest left front and 5 in the back.
    Our son was 51 years old and had no criminal record, he was, according to the Coroner, twice the legal limit for alcohol.
    His girlfriend called 911, she bitterly regretted asking for help as he needed to go to the hospital.
    She recently passed away, alone in her condo, we do not yet know the details. my wife or 56 years said she died of a broken heart.
    I am putting in a complaint to Ottawa on monday our complaint to Nanaimo RCMP went nowhere.
    We need a lawyer but are 74 and 75 been retired 15 years we cannot afford very much.
    We want justice for our son and every cop to wear a camera with the data collected to go to an independent office,
    Not the IIO the RCMP ignore them.
    They call the IIO the “Watchdog for the Police” We think they do not know what that term means
    This is not the RCMP we knew and respected.
    That the RCMP culture tells such transparently obvious lies is an expression of contempt for the questioner,it is not an attempt to deceive, they are untouchable.
    Listen to the podcast, form your own opinion.
    We have lived with this loss for nearly two years, the tone of the podcast, the details, put us right back to that knock on the door that changed our lives forever
    Lester and Shirley Brown

    • All of the provinces need to rid themselves of the freak show that is RCMP. They have shown their allegiance to government staff and zero to the people of Canada. All provinces need a police force that number one – is of service to the people and for the people. Each province better get going on their own military too. Trudeau is working hard at making policy changes to fire up the military against their own people in their own country.

  • Thank you Mr Leland for speaking the truth. It is unfortunate that only a few good men remain courageous enough to stand with dignity.

    I hope the rest of the RCMP and police for all across Canada wake up before it’s too late.

    It looks like we live in Chinada now.


  • Excellent commentary! The Ottawa Police Association and OPS are no better than Windsor for running down their own. Det. Helen Grus persecuted by the entirely stupid for investigation into the link between baby deaths and Covid shot shedding in breast milk, censorship to OPS persecution of the Convoy, horse trampling, jab mandates, persecution of Tamara Lich, and unlawfully use of force under the judged Illegal Emergencies Act. CST. Brisco deserves to be exonerated and commended for his proper instincts and support for rights. He stood up. His police service Windor are stupid cowards who do not know their duty and dont follow their oath. No better than those just following orders. They have sold their souls enforcing tyranny and now have no ethical of moral authority. I served 31 years in Uniform for the people of Ontario and in the 3 years since I retired they have destroyed all we worked for to maintain the mutual respect between the public and police Peels Principle. Shame! We must never let them live their tyranny down. They will reap the rot they sow.

    • Grace Joubarne

      Great comment, and I’m sure one my late husband who was RCMP would agree with.

      BUT, the Oath that officers take is not to ‘serve and protect’ the public. No where does it say who they are to serve and protect. Because they are employees of a corporation masquerading as a government, they ‘serve and protect’ their employer, the corporate government.

      The historical evidence clearly shows that our governments at all levels are for-profit corporations…we have for almost 200 years, corporations masquerading as government. In fact, the evidence also shows there was never a Constitution or Charter, ever. The laws imposed are corporate statutes (rules) which can be changed without notice at any time, and are.

      In 1985, the Canadian corporation formally transferred ‘governance’ to the United Nations, and thus all law enforcement are working to serve and protect the new corporate boss, the United Nations. In 1992, PM Mulroney signed the Rio Accord and transferred the entire ‘landmass’ to the control of the UN under the pretext of ‘saving the environment’.

      Since 1985, the UN has taken over all ‘services’ and government institutions using a public-private partnership (PPP) racket. It has stealthly installed a parallel court system…thus you see endless Tribunals and Administrative Law boards, committees, etc.

      The police SERVICES are such a PPP racket gone private, with it’s own ‘laws and courts’. They soften the terms to ‘disciplinary’ committees, tribunals and boards so we would not notice how we are deprived of access to real courts until we navigate endless such ‘tribunals’, only to hit a back-stop at the Divisional Court.

      In NO corporate government structure, such as Canada’s, can anything but tryanny and destruction of the common man/woman occur. Corporations, even the ‘non-profits’, are for-profit enterprises transferring our wealth to themselves under one pretext or another.

      The US have a great Constitution that for just over 100 years made that country the greatest … then corporations started to take over governance, until it became like Canada … lawless with corporations extorting the public of everything they have.

      Canadians must understand that corporations merge, sell, diversify, and do business in all sorts of ways. The imposters called politicians have done business with the corporate UN. The corporation CANADA, Inc (or whatever name it goes by now) was transferred (merged) with the corporate UN’s world government apparatus. Slowly, as the decades passed since 1948 when the UN was established from the remnants of the League of Nations and the Nazi regime, control of sovereign nations was passed to the UN in various Treaties, Declarations, Covenants and Agreements…read them and see how at the end of the documents, provisions are made to ensure the UN Charter and tribunals are the only means of resolving issues between the nation’s government and their people.

      Twenty-two years ago, I and a few patriots set out to find out just why so many ‘irregularities’ were allowed to happen as a matter of ‘governance’. We hope to educate Canadians about this reality. Once Canadians understand what is actually our reality, then we can lawfully put a stop to this. Until then, we must suffer.

      We are hoping that when we call on all you decent, patriotic law enforcement officers, that you will work with us to save Ontario. I say Ontario, because every province has been legally and lawfully sovereign since 1931. The template for freeing ourselves will work for every province and territory.

      There is a specific role for Constitutional Sheriffs in a free nation and it is time for good, decent, honourable law enforcment to learn about this role.

      Thank you for your time.

      • What an interesting idea. A constitution sheriff. I will definitely investigate this. Thanks