Vincent Gircys: Police Profession and Police Unions Self-Destructing Over Human Rights Violations, Woke Agendas

Four Years and Counting..

As a former police officer I’ve personally witnessed an abhorrent amount of suffering from those who lost their businesses, homes, and careers in the last four years. While a small minority of ultra wealthy gamed the system to the tune of billions, the vast majority of Canadians have not done well financially or otherwise – the result of tyrannical government decisions and those who supported the decisions by remaining silent.

“Beyond the financial losses – the Charter and Human Rights violations and Police Brutality are off the charts.”

What was once considered a noble profession no longer stands tall and true today. The trust has been broken with too many examples to list.

Guest article by Vincent Gircys

The result of that demise includes the loss of public trust, police morale decimated, replacement rates falling rapidly, an increase in sick time, and a lack of public interest in joining the profession. And, like every other civil service position, internal issues are contributing to the collapse.

One of the main issues is tribalism within the organizations based on hiring models that began almost 25 years ago. In an effort to comply with increasing international WEF commitments, policing organizations have accelerated the DEI (Diversity Equity and Inclusion) component. The hiring and promoting those who scored highest in the employment and promotion processes is taking a back seat to an approach based on gender, race, and sexual preference.

The fallout from this process and others like it is the big fat lack-of-competency elephant in the room. Nobody is talking about it on the outside.

Today, police service social media accounts are lighting up with congratulatory messages celebrating the special days dedicated to some – while intentionally ignoring others. This is itself divisive and can’t be discussed by those in public service without retribution.

Discussion of divisive comments made by the Prime Minister or others in power is also taboo in our Police services. If that isn’t enough, Bill C-63 will make sure to silence the remainder.

I recently posted my thoughts to the PAO (Police Association of Ontario) on the proven value of meritocracy where performance takes precedence. I also noted the problems associated with tribalism.

PAO President Mark Baxter

PAO President Mark Baxter chose to respond, “I understand why you’re a former forensic investigator. No room for your divisive views in our police workplaces in 2024! Let’s use today to celebrate the accomplishments women have made in policing and in all workplaces, not diminish them with your 1950’s views #IWD.”

It seems Mr Baxter doesn’t actually know me, my service contributions spanning over 32 years, my awards or my experience.

What Mark Baxter knows is at all cost he needs to defend the narrative put before him – much like the Ottawa Police Service attempting to destroy Detective Helen Grus.

Detective Grus failed to adhere to the narrative and chose to ask questions regarding the sudden and unexplained deaths of infants. No mention of that woman’s courage from Mark Baxter while celebrating Women in Policing Day.

“The response toward Detective Grus has revealed just how corrupt our Police Services and Police Associations are, and how far they are willing to go to keep specific information from surfacing.”

Many working within the Police service are aware and this fact adds to the everyday stress. I started my career in 1982 at a time when my recruiter explained only the best would be hired to complete a career exceeding 30 years of experience that most could not handle.

“I don’t subscribe at all to the dark days of 50’s style policing as Mark Baxter suggests. I also don’t subscribe to the current cult beliefs of cutting off your genitals, demanding the use of gender pronouns, tampons in men’s washrooms, men in woman’s washrooms, giving up your Charter Rights, or hiring people to perform dangerous duties with less than outstanding skills.”

If I’m in need of Police Services I’m not looking at race, gender or sexual preference. I want to know that the responding police officers are the best possible.

Ultimately our cultural changes will be decided by Canadians over a much longer time period than envisioned by those pushing the Woke Cult Agendas in the Police Service and Police Unions.

Vincent Gircys


About Vincent Gircys

Vincent Gircys was a serving member of the Ontario Provincial Police for 32 years. As a police Constable in one of Canada’s largest police services, he was a member of the
Emergency Response Team and later became a Forensic Reconstructionist adopting the principles of science to determine contributing factors leading to death.

Vincent was a recipient of several awards for service including the distinguished Exemplary Service Medal. He retired from law enforcement in 2015.

He has been active in fighting government and police overreach, and stands against the unjust suspension of Human and Constitutional Rights.

Vincent Circys is also a plaintiff in a civil lawsuit against Canada’s financial institutions, Justin Trudeau, several Cabinet Ministers, and others who unlawfully “identified individuals, provided financial information, interfered with private property, and seized financial products, information services of the plaintiffs including but not limited to their bank accounts and credit cards.”

Editor’s Notes

This article is based upon a major X post by Vincent Gircys on March 9, 2024.

The editor, Donald Best, made changes for grammar and clarity – that have not yet been seen or approved by Vincent Gircys. If Mr. Gircys wishes any changes, I will make them and post the revision notice.

Donald Best


  • Donald, never has a truer sentence been written about our justice system.
    “Our justice system is self-destructing before our eyes because too many lawyers, judges and elected / appointed government officials place their profession, friends, and profits before the rule of law.”
    I have lived with this for 14 years now and because of this, here I am at the age of 73 having lost every asset I ever owned including 4 businesses, properties and more and am left without a penny to my name, do not have a penny for retirement, with no insurance, can’t afford to drive and can therefore no longer work and sometimes struggle to put food on the table and there is a lot more. Is this what is now considered to be fair and reasonable justice by Judges and lawyers? If so, God help us all?

  • I hold you Donald Best, Vincent Gircys and Detective Gruus in the highest regard. My son is an Officer with the OPP going into his 15th year of service. I pray everyday that he maintains the values he was raised with so that he can stand proud beside such fine outstanding men and women in blue.

  • Compare the physiognomy of Detective Gircys and that of Mark Baxter’s. Tells you everything you need to know.

    Thank you for your hard work, Detective.

  • The head of the Police Services Association who paid no attention to Vincent Gircys just actually proves Vincent right. In fact unions put accolades to those who follow the narrative but in fact ignore what the regular people think about the person they nominated or hired and many times its to cover up corruption. Yes there will be many legitimate awards to the worthy and they will hire some right woman for the job who prove themselves fit for the job but there are many woman who abuse the job. They are lazy and take full advantage of being a woman in a male dominated field and they are the biggest narrative followers. The true and honest ones work hard and have integrity and they speak up and they are the ones attacked abused and stopped from moving up. If you walk the experience you cant dispute this so getting your backs up at this just exposes stupidity. Detective Helen Grus deserves hero of the year. She deserves public recognition for her courage and bravery especially since the police are caught in criminal conspiracy with the vaccine mandates and a sham police trial that has gained international attention.

    Sexual harassment and sexual assault covered up by the police is huge and they attack police woman especially who out it. Heather MacMillan is a success story that took years for justice. The police fail all woman of all walks of life by covering up sexual assault of their own and attacking those who out it. The police failed pregnant females and nursing mothers with the vaccine mandates. They committed crimes against humanity. The sham trial of Detective Grus is proof of this. It is proof of cover up. The same cover up of sexual assault and harassment of their own. The same cowards that are in the police in the unions and lawyers .

    They never learn a lesson. They just keep covering up. Myocarditis was an adverse event to these covid vaccines. It was listed in Nov 2020. It was added as a warning and they still mandated it anyways especially to our children and young adults and pregnant females carrying a small unborn child with a little tiny heart. They knew and did not care. Just like they cover up sexual assault and rape and harassment even though we have criminal laws in place to guard against it. They bully and abuse power and breach trust. Just like they bully Detective Grus and have a phony court trial. An embarassment to honest people and true justice.

    Accolades to former OPP Vincent Gircys. I applaud his courage. His blind deaf and dumb comments truly bang on to those who harmed us during this pandemic. Who traumatized us with military psyvhological warfare non stop criminalizing viruses we can get 2 or 3x a year and destroyed lives in the process. Harms that any person who removed fear from their thoughts should have known especially so called doctors and mental health experts. Really not difficult to figure out. Doug Ford called chiropractors massage therapists and other professiinals yahoos who were advocating at Queens Park for their patients to return to their offices for treatment early in the pandemic when they were locked out of work. The same clown known to traffick drugs and no doubt dirty money put him into politics. Lets see who is the real irresponsible yahoo. Its quite obvious. When they say they monitor social media to protect the public they lie. They monitor social media to help cover up and protect criminals and attack and censor the good people outing them.


  • You are standing tall Vincent. Bless you!

  • Grace Joubarne

    What a breath of fresh air … this article provides a health dose of optimism that we still have professionals around who have not sold their souls.

    Thank you Vincent; thank you Detective Gruus, thank you Donald.

    And thank you to all those professional law enforcers who do the right thing, but are unsung.

    • Police, Government, AG, SG, OPC, the PC, Lib, NDP, Rights Groups, JC, LSO and the RCMP need look no further than the “Mark DeMarco Case History in the Niagara Region to understand the Root Cancer in the Legal & Officer of the Courts entire structure”. Rampant Crime by factions who have built over time a hidden power base and infiltrated day to day operations of ALL of the above Official Working structures to as proven by the DeMarco and CBC investigations and reports of the Late G.M., CBC Investigative reports. Of N.R.P.S. criminal conducts since 1973 to date!, as well documented by Lawyer Clay Ruby and varied others who were cautioned by the Powers that were being exposed!.