• Interested on how this plays out!

  • The government of Canada has spent over 110,000 to fight a civil matter on behalf of an indigenous teenager who needed braces that cost $6000. So the tax payers of Canada have had to cover the costs of this legal action because the government interpreted the laws in their usual corrupted way.

    But worse than just the monetary value it exposes the farce of our government especially Justin Trudeau who told the UN that Canada was working harder to help the indigenous Canadians and the reconciliation plan that is being undertaken right now that is in disarray and how could you expect it to be successful when the government would rather save face than pay $6000 to help a Canadian teenager with severe teeth pain and suffering. They save face by spending more than $100,000 to fight the family of the teenager. The bill for legal fees will continue to rise as the family appeals. What a joke.

    In the case of Mr. Simetic one of the complainants that had Mr. Simetic put under house arrest is related to a Ontario Judge who sat on a board of reconciliation for indigenous people and who removed himself from the panel as he felt the other members were not respecting his authority so to speak. What an arrogant judge.

    That is why no doubt they are trying to lock Mr. Simetic up. Is this arrogant Ontario Judge behind it???? Is he using undue influence to try and lock Mr. Simetic up. Please stand behind Mr. Simetic as we watch corruption at its finest. Very intriguing story.

    • Criminal charges need to be levied immediately before the judicial hearing in order to make sure that there is not a puppet master controlling the hearing.

      Reading through Mr. Fantinos affidavit which mind you I could have written one all by myself as a little guy to act as intervenor for the Canadian citizen and I do not need to have a resume of public service. The only thing that is necessary in an affidavit is a truthful one. Not a fabricated one.

      Mr. Fantino has given clear cut evidence to solidify the air tight evidence of Donald Best. The only way the judge can get off is by a criminal act of cover up. The only way the police officer can walk away free is by criminal cover up. There needs to be a clean up of the CJC with the removal of Norman Sabourin followed by criminal charges against all the corrupt.

  • questions please

    What is the story on Fantino’s appeal of court’s rejecting his intervention? Is he appealing? When? What will happen if the judge resigned like knees-together judge did? Does that end the review of the CJC ?

  • Your new FAQ page is the best yet. Please keep us up to date on the CJC hearing.

  • Just wondering if you have any resources when it comes to this criminal cover-up at the Toronto Hospital for Sick Children, where defenseless children who suffer epilepsy, are exploited for unauthorized covert lobotomy and brain implant experimentation, after parents are only informed of “scar tissue removal”. I’ve been informed by the HSC Patient Advocate, that since I’m a victim of criminal assault and battery by Sick Kids, she could not intervene in fear of losing her job, but further pointed out, there remained a “on-going problem”, and I was encouraged to disclose this hidden child abuse. This is most difficult when Nuremberg Code violations at Sick Kids is sanctioned by our police. Neurosurgeon Dr. Harold J. Hoffman is noted for having 15,741 children under his care between 1964-1998. It would be fair to suggest that anywhere between 20-75%, have been subjected to unauthorized brain surgical research. (3-10,000 children) What’s going on at Sick Kids is no indifferent than the child abuse in Quebec, where during the 50’s, over 100,000 DuPlesiss orphans were exploited for CIA MK-ULTRA LSD and lobotomy research. it should be recognized as most criminal, sadistic, evil and extremely inhumane, as to impose healthy good brain tissue removal on a epileptic minor, when the historical research of lobotomy upon psychiatric patients demonstrate adverse effects of “seizures and cerebral hemmorrahaging”. No parent should be deprived informed consent, when the risks outweigh any benefit for their child. Is there a lawyer who can address this covert abuse at Sick Kids? Further info http://www.thewhyfiles.net/mkultra4.htm#update

  • 52 Division C Platoon

    The new FAQ does the job Mr. Best. It was something that was needed on your blog and now you have it. Sometimes when you write about your case you forget that new readers dont know anything about you or your legal battles. Now new readers have a good summary to start them off. well done Sarge!

  • Going through hell myself still in Windsor Ontario. They are trying to lock me up now!

    • Did you serve the lawsuit on those involved in your case Mr. Simetic? Is that why they are trying to lock you up now? They received the civil lawsuit papers exposing their corruption and the only way to shut you up is lock you up.

      I guess house arrest allows you a computer and a telephone 24-7 so they need to lock you up tighter.

      • In Windsor Ontario the fr

        I pressed personal charges through justice of peace. Was arrested 3 days before I could get evidence into justice of peace by same fraud investigator who had evidence for a year but refuse to due anything about it. Have several local lawyers busted on fraud regarding family estate. The fraud investigator placed me in a jail cell and said he would come back and talk to me, never seen him again. He quietly resigned the police force to avoid breach of trust but is still city councilman. We found approximately 260,000.00 out of missing $400,000.00 from family assets the 11 lawyers involved overlooked while keeping me obstructed from family accounts for over 4 years as an executor! Family destroyed and been under house arrest for 2 1/2 years no lawyer will help with charges or estate!

      • In Windsor Ontario the local fraud investigators arrest fraud victims to conceal corruption.