Retired Ontario Provincial Police Inspector Bill Van Allen publicly attacks Julian Fantino for exposing brother’s corruption

Donald Best highly recommends Bill Van Allen’s Criminal Investigation textbook.

Corrupt cop’s brother attacks Fantino in National Post.

I like and respect retired OPP Inspector Bill Van Allen although I’ve never met him. We do seem to have a difference of opinion about his brother, former OPP Detective Sergeant Jim Van Allen. Since Bill has publicly jumped into the discussion by launching Ad hominem attacks against former OPP Commissioner Julian Fantino and yours truly in the National Post, I’ll pick up gauntlet here and lead Bill through the overwhelming and irrefutable evidence that proves corrupt and illegal acts by his brother Jim.

(Interesting that Bill Van Allen’s National Post comment doesn’t mention that he has skin in the game as his brother is the retired OPP officer whose criminal misconduct Fantino condemns in his affidavit. Also interesting is that Bill Van Allen does not (because he cannot) argue against the evidence that shows his brother committed corrupt acts. Bill can only question Fantino’s motives and call me ‘delusional’ – the very essence of an Ad hominem attack.)

Bill publicly attacked former Commissioner of the Ontario Provincial Police Julian Fantino for filing a sworn affidavit that includes evidence that Bill’s brother Jim Van Allen – also a retired OPP officer – committed provincial, federal and criminal offences while he was a Detective Sergeant in charge of the OPP’s elite Criminal Profiling Unit.

In this case, Bill’s affection and loyalty to his brother has caused him to ignore the overwhelming evidence and to publicly attack a fellow (former) police officer for breaking the silence, the Omertà, of the police brotherhood by exposing corruption in the ranks.

I wish I could say that this was the first time I have seen a police officer attack another police officer for exposing corruption, but sadly it is all too common.

In the mid-1980s when it became known that my Toronto Police colleagues and I had successfully infiltrated a corrupt downtown squad and were starting to arrest police officers, we couldn’t park our personal cars anywhere near the station. Calls in the middle of the night to our families, locker room threats and bullying by senior officers was the collective response to our anti-corruption investigation. My squad soon had to move from downtown to a secret office that wasn’t even at a police facility.

The most difficult part of any anti-corruption investigation is not the work itself, but the attacks that always follow as various cabals try to save valued friends and family members from prosecution and disgrace.

Retired OPP officers Jim Van Allen (left) and brother Bill Van Allen

The Evidence against Jim Van Allen

It’s unfortunate that Bill’s brother Jim created his situation by corruptly taking a few thousand dollars ‘on the side’ from lawyers who wanted access to the confidential police information that Jim Van Allen illegally provided.

You can understand how a man would want to defend his brother – but if Bill Van Allen is truly In Search of the Truth, he might want to start by looking at the invoices that his brother issued to the lawyers who hired him.

That’s right – Jim Van Allen issued at least two invoices to Fasken law firm and lawyer Gerald L. Ranking that detail his corrupt employment as an unlicensed private investigator. (October 24, 2009 and November 7, 2009)

Bill might also want to look at Jim Van Allen’s October 21, 2009 affidavit wherein Jim illegally details my drivers licence number and address history and confirms that he received my confidential Toronto Police employment record. And yes, Jim swore his affidavit on a Wednesday, his normal workday as manager of the OPP’s Criminal Profiling Unit. Very profitable for Jim Van Allen to double-dip – get paid for being on duty and get paid for doing private work on the side while on duty. Very profitable indeed.

Bill Van Allen launched Ad hominem attacks against Julian Fantino and Donald Best in the National Post, but cannot argue against the overwhelming quantity and quality of evidence detailed in Julian Fantino’s affidavit.

Readers can view a summary of Fantino’s affidavit here.

Full copies of Julian Fantino’s affidavit are available below.

What Julian Fantino’s Affidavit says about Corrupt Cop Jim Van Allen

  • “The prosecuting lawyers hired and submitted an affidavit from Mr. Van Allen. They claimed that he was a private investigator and failed to disclose that he was a serving police officer with access to police resources. This police officer obtained confidential information not available to the public which was then used by the Judge to convict, sentence and imprison Mr. Best for contempt.”
  • “Although the lawyers regularly referred to Van Allen as a ‘private investigator’ in their legal documents and on the court record in verbal submissions and discussions with the Judge, Jim Van Allen was not a licensed private investigator. James ‘Jim’ Arthur Van Allen, was in fact a serving Ontario Provincial Police Detective Sergeant and manager of the OPP’s Criminal Profiling Unit who was working secretly and illegally as an unlicensed private investigator.”
  • “From my examination of the evidence that is already filed in court and was easily available to the courts and the CJC had they examined it, it is reasonable to conclude that OPP Detective Sergeant Jim Van Allen’s inappropriate employment as a private investigator, his access to confidential information and the distribution of the same, and the very creation of his affidavit in order to benefit private parties in a civil lawsuit, represents a flagrant violation of various Provincial and Federal laws including the Police Services Act, the Private Security and Investigative Services Act, the Criminal Code and the Freedom of Information Act.”
  • “In no small way, Detective Sergeant Jim Van Allen violated his oath of office.”
  • “Detective Sergeant Van Allen’s conduct and behavior in relation to this case occurred while I was OPP Commissioner. Had I known about it at the time, I would have immediately ordered an investigation to gather all evidence to determine the details, extent and duration of his activities with a view to possible provincial and/or criminal charges against Van Allen and, potentially, charges against other involved persons.”
  • “It is inconceivable that all the involved lawyers and Judge were unaware that ‘private investigator’ and expert witness Jim Van Allen was an OPP police officer. Considering many factors, including Detective Sergeant Van Allen’s high public profile, the rules and normal vetting practices by lawyers and judges concerning Expert Witnesses, and the fact that Van Allen’s affidavit and redacted invoices were clearly suspect on their face to any ordinary person let alone lawyers and judges, it is unbelievable that nobody in that courtroom knew the truth about Van Allen or otherwise cared to find out.”
  • “I notice that Van Allen’s two redacted invoices are numbers 11 and 12 for the year 2009, which to me raises serious questions about how many other illegal investigations he had performed and which lawyer clients might have retained him previously. Had I known of his transgressions, I would have acted immediately as OPP Commissioner to deal with his rogue conduct.”

Julian Fantino affidavit & exhibits

In .PDF format for downloading. Size indicated.

1/ Affidavit of Julian Fantino sworn September 28, 2017, Notice of Motion, Written Submissions NO EXHIBITS (72 pages – PDF 8.7mb)

2/ Julian Fantino: Full affidavit including exhibits.

Fantino Vol1 with exhibits sworn Sept 28, 2017 (344 pages – PDF 43mb) – very large, will fix soon.

Fantino Vol2 with exhibits sworn Sept 28, 2017 (245 pages – PDF 22.3mb) – very large, will fix soon.

Bill Van Allen’s book, Criminal Investigation: In Search of the Truth

Bill Van Allen’s book ‘Criminal Investigation: In Search of the Truth‘ is an excellent textbook for new and aspiring law enforcement officers. The book is widely used in Canadian college policing courses and is even popular with experienced police officers. A friend gave me a copy of the second edition for Christmas back in 2010. I’ve read it cover to cover twice and strongly recommend it to all serving police officers and private investigators no matter what their background or training. Yup… that’s me at the top of this article reading Bill’s textbook.

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  • Cabal of morons

    What morons do we have serving as Judges?complete and utter retards not only Shaughnessy but all of them in donalds case right up to this federal court judge. The amount of cover up is astronomical as you read the evidence, Absolutely shocking to see a gang of criminal conspiring judges.

  • McMaster University R83B

    I read Fantino’s affidavit and looked at the evidence. He’s right. Detective Jim Van Allen is a rogue. He sold his badge for money to some crooked lawyers. The evidence is right in Fantino’s affidavit evidence attachments.

    • Exactly the Fantino affidavit contains the evidence so the Federal Judge who denied Fantino as the intervener was indeed covering up the evidence of a criminal act on the part of the OPP police officer Jim Van Allen. What better evidence do you have then a bill for services rendered. If a criminal investigation of a murder was as shoddy as this whole cover up there would be many people hauled in for misconduct.
      Is it because the judicial system is self regulating and they pressured the government to drop a Bill to curb money laundering so they think they are untouchable and that their lawyers and judges along with anyone that helps them can escape criminal charges . Has our federal government caused a massive cover up on many levels by allowing them to self regulate?
      No wonder he denied Fantinos request and then refused to postpone the hearing. It was a bought hearing from day one. Fantino caused a bit of a snag in it but the Judge just denied the request and went on with the hearing.

      • Self regulating is a gross conflict of interest and why our judicial system corruption is so deeply rooted. Police and lawyers allowed to govern themselves is why are system has gone bad with no public confidence. Our family is involved in another major scandal that could rival Best’s. He is a very brave man and admire his courage. His determination to expose the broken system has kept our family going.

  • That was a joke to read how he attacks Fantino and calls Donald Best delusional. Are all readers delusional who see a cover up. Are all readers delusional when they see air tight evidence of a crooked criminal cop of the OPP engaging in the business of being a private investigator which is against the law. Is this Bill Van Allen asking canadians to cover up for his brother?

    Istead of cover up we readers will ask an even tougher question based on the evidence put forth here—did Jim Van Allen engage in criminal activities of being a private investigator for the mob????? since he accessed data base illegally then what is to say he didnt cross the line even further. Based on the leaked reports of Derrick Snowdy this is a question on the minds of many Canadians.

    Perhaps Bill Van Allen would like to answer that question for his brother on this forum. Hey lets be serious he is reading it. So Bill care to answer whether your brother crossed the line and did work for the mob on the side while getting paid as an OPP officer. I as a citizen under the circumstances of these leaked documents when reading of the cover up by OPP of an officer commiting crimes can ask that question in public. The evidence is air tight against your brother. Also when looking at Paul Manning mob infiltrator we see that crooked OPP were involved too. There was cover up of mob infiltration into the hamilton police covered up for 14 years.

    My question is very valid and warrants an investigation to find out the answer.

  • Fantino is amazing

    Great post Mr. Best. You amazingly trap them every time. The double dipping is awesome. You gave tax payers legal action against the OPP for our taxes paying an OPP cop to double book on tax payers money. That’s breach of trust combined with many other charges.

  • Corrupt cops are those who cover up too

    How can a former cop attack an affidavit of Fantino that is supported by retired RCMP agent Bill Majcher? Do these former cops ever realize how stupid they are appearing to the public and then we question the moral fibre of former cops in the OPP and others? Then we ask are candidates for police being carefully screened for moral character and knowing and practicing right from wrong?