Ontario Appeal Court decision clears the way for lawyers Lorne Silver and Gerald Ranking to sue Donald Best for Internet libel.

Toronto lawyers Gerald Ranking and Lorne Silver lied to the court, fabricated evidence.

Toronto lawyers Gerald Ranking (Faskens) and Lorne Silver (Cassels Brock) lied to the court, fabricated evidence.

by Donald Best, former Sergeant, Detective, Toronto Police

by Donald Best, former Sergeant, Detective, Toronto Police

There remains just one small problem… everything Donald Best published is true.

A recent cutting-edge decision by the Ontario Court of Appeal clears the way for residents of Ontario to sue for Internet libel no matter where in the world the offending material is published.

The Appeal Court upheld a lower court ruling that persons are entitled to sue in the jurisdiction where they enjoy their reputation. (The Lawyers Weekly: Israeli paper libel case to be tried in an Ontario court.)

If there was any doubt on the part of Toronto lawyers Gerald Ranking and Lorne Silver about their ability to sue me in Ontario, the decision in Goldhar v. Haaretz.com 2016 ONCA 515 should clear the way if they wish to launch a civil action concerning my articles about them as published here at DonaldBest.CA.

I, Donald Best, hereby declare that I write and publish this website in Ontario, Canada, where I am resident.

Some of my articles document how Messrs. Ranking and Silver, as Officers of the Court, fabricated a false ’Statement for the Record’ and lied to the court in writing and orally to convict me in absentia of ‘Contempt of Court’ in a civil case costs hearing I was unaware of while I was overseas.

In several articles, I directly call both Mr. Ranking and Mr. Silver ‘liars’, which they are. They are proven to be liars by my secret telephone recordings and other evidence. By example, they even taught a junior lawyer how to lie to the court.

Please don’t believe anything I say. Examine all the affidavits, exhibits, recordings and court transcripts posted on this website and make up your own mind.

I also published several articles describing how Gerald Ranking committed fraud upon the courts when he knowingly conspired with his clients to use a phoney non-entity to bring motions and appear before the courts, including before the Supreme Court of Canada. 

Former OPP Detective Jim Van Allen

Former OPP Detective & criminal profiler Jim Van Allen

My articles also clearly state how now-retired Ontario Provincial Police Detective Sergeant Jim Van Allen, while a serving police officer, corruptly and illegally took money from lawyer Gerald Ranking to illegally work as an unlicensed private investigator in contravention of the Police Services Act, the Ontario Private Security and Investigative Services Act, 2005, S.0. 2005, c. 34, and the Criminal Code, Section 120 (Bribery of Officers) and/or Section 122 (Breach of Trust).

I’ve been publishing DonaldBest.CA for over two years now. Many of my readers commented how the fact that I haven’t been sued brings additional credibility to my articles.

Lawyers Ranking and Silver could have sued me long ago

Really though, there wasn’t much of an issue before this new Court of Appeal decision. Messrs. Ranking, Silver and Van Allen could have easily sued me long ago as they know that I am a resident of Ontario. I’ve sworn affidavits about where I live, and Ranking and Silver even cross-examined me in Barrie, Ontario. They know they can serve legal documents upon me anytime through my Toronto-based lawyer, Paul Slansky, with whom they are well acquainted.

Although my website is hosted by GoDaddy and might be located on servers the USA or Canada or both through website mirroring, my website’s domain name is a Canadian .CA domain and I freely admit that I, Donald Best, publish my website here in Ontario.

Today I will again hit the ‘publish’ button from my location just north of Barrie, Ontario, Canada. Give me a day or two and I’ll publish a photo of me editing DonaldBest.CA in front of a known Ontario landmark.

So why haven’t Ranking, Silver or Van Allen sued me for libel or defamation?

Perhaps it has something to do with why Fasken Martineau lawyer Gerald Ranking never submitted costs to the Supreme Court of Canada as he normally should have.

My mission as an advocate for access to justice and self-represented litigants is much larger than my own case, but every so often I revisit the circumstances that saw the legal profession and the Law Society of Upper Canada knowingly choose to send an innocent man to jail to cover-up and protect two senior members of the Bay Street Boys Club.

Although Canadians cherish a number fundamental rights such as equal protection under the law, access to justice, the Rule of Law, as well as health care rights – these goals are fought for daily by honest and law abiding people around the world.

Access to Justice through a fair and impartial system is a human rights issue. Until my dying day, I intend to do everything I can to return Canada’s legal profession to its noble foundations of integrity, rule of law and duty to the public trust.

Donald Best
August 2, 2016
Barrie, Ontario, Canada


  • No actually these lawyers do not have a leg to stand on with respect to libel. It’s the other way around. You Donald and citizens have the right to sue for many criminal acts covered up. Criminal Acts covered by one judge to the next. Your posts are not opinions. They are fact supported by irrefutable evidence. The posters have opinions but these opinions are supported by fact..

  • Any public statement printed or verbal not knowingly misleading is always covered by “qualified privilege”. If the statements are true and the other party insists on suing then their actions may amount to ‘SLAPP’ – “Strategic Litigation against Public Participation” which is not allowed and actionable by counter claim.

    Donald’s right there are many injustices built into our legal system. In Ontario 13 million people are ‘presumed guilty’ of child abuse – but never told of the damaging “presumptive rule” enabling Children’s Aid Societies (private corporations as “delegated authorities”) to profit from rubberstamped Crown Ward orders dooming children to 18 years of CAS profitable custody.

    Learn more, it’s even worse then that!

    • I read a story in the Toronto Star yesterday about a grandmother who had her 3 grand children removed and put into foster care because her house was in need of some repairs. The cost of the foster care was equal to or more than the costs of the repairs. These children were ripped from the loving care of their grandmother by the CAS who should have given the money to the grand mother to fix her home as the grandmother was looking after the children while the mother who was in an abusive relationship was trying to clean up her life.

      The CAS goes after cases that take up their time and easily solvable while the real cases of child abuse go unnoticed.

      So in every aspect of our judicial system including these governmental agencies that use the court system they are proving to be incompetent and we know the CAS has been in hot water for money problems etc.

      Perhaps they can go and search the run down buildings in Toronto including low income housing and the children growing up in poverty with bed bugs, cockroaches and god knows what else before they stick their nose into a loving grandmother who needed a little help with repairs. There are schools in Toronto I wouldnt send my dogs to because they are disgusting. Cockroaches crawling in the microwaves as well. Time to get competent people who know what cases are important and how to truly help people in need.

      • You are right Jackson. CAS does what it does since the government allows their litigation abuse, even abuse of children by denying treatment for decades. The government fails / refuses to tell the public up front the “presumptive rule” and other key facts parents need to know in CAS cases since they want parents and children to fail to justify the system they designed to ‘help’ CAS corporations profit. Now, 100 years later the government won’t own up to the monster they created.

  • Bingo! You should now go and sue them somewhere where you have your reputation and that is anywhere but that bogus Ontario jurisdiction.

  • they can’t sue ,even if they sue ,they wouldn’t get anything from it,wasting time,resources and abusing court system even if they attempt to sue you.

  • winners, whiners and wieners

    There’s no way the lawyers can sue Best and no amount of excuses that will explain to others why they don’t sue Best. It is an advertisement for how powerful they are. They don’t care if people know they lied they only care if people know they won.