Purolator Courier confirms Faskens lawyer Gerry Ranking and secretary Jeannine Ouellette lied to Justice Shaughnessy in Ontario Superior Court

Public Domain photos of Lawyer Gerald Ranking (L) and secretary Jeannine Ouellette (R)

Public Domain photos of Lawyer Gerald Ranking (L) and Ranking’s secretary Jeannine Ouellette (R)

“Purolator Courier confirms: No tracking number, no shipping documents exist. Gerald Ranking and his secretary lied to the court. This article lays out the evidence.

by Donald Best

by Donald Best

On January 15, 2010 while I was in Asia, I was convicted of civil contempt of court in absentia and sentenced to three months in prison during a hearing in Ontario Superior Court that I was unaware of. My conviction and three-month sentence were based upon provably fabricated evidence and lies told to the court by senior partners from some of Canada’s top law firms.

Amongst many other lies, Fasken Martineau DuMoulin LLP senior partner Gerald Ranking told the court that he and his secretary couriered to me a copy of a draft court order on November 6, 2009. Then on top of that lie, Mr. Ranking and his fellow lawyer Lorne S. Silver falsely told the court that during a November 17, 2009 phone call I had ‘confessed’ to receiving the draft court order purportedly couriered to me on November 6, 2009.

Purolator Courier confirms that Gerald Ranking and his secretary did not send me the draft court order as they assured Justice J. Bryan Shaughnessy of the Ontario Superior Court. Purolator Courier confirms that Gerald Ranking and his secretary lied to the court. This article lays out the evidence.

My fellow Canadians, don’t believe anything I say; just examine the evidence and judge for yourself.

Secret recording of telephone call

Public domain photo of Lorne Silver

Public domain photo of Lorne Silver

I have already shown how Faskens senior partner Gerry Ranking and Cassels Brock & Blackwell LLP senior partner Lorne Silver falsely told the court that, during a November 17, 2009 telephone call with them, I admitted receiving the draft court order purportedly couriered to me on November 6, 2009. Silver and Ranking lied to the court. I said no such thing and these lying lawyers knew it then and know it now.

My secret and legally made recordings of the call prove that I did not say that I had received the purported November 6, 2009 courier package or any court order. In fact, I stated exactly the opposite over a dozen times; that I had NOT received such an order and did not receive the purported package. Nonetheless, both Ranking and Silver lied to the court in writing and orally; falsely informing Justice J. Bryan Shaughnessy that I had told them during the phone call that I had received the draft court order.

Creating a second lie to support the first

Mr. Ranking and Mr. Silver were willing to lie to the court about what I said in the phone call, but their lie would be so much better if they had ‘proof’ that they did send me the draft court order they were falsely telling Justice Shaughnessy that I had ‘confessed’ to receiving.

In a very telling moment after the November 17, 2009 phone call, Fasken Martineau DuMoulin LLP lawyer Gerald Ranking stated that his legal secretary* Jeannine Ouellette on November 17, 2009 swore an affidavit of service that on November 6, 2009 she had sent to me via Purolator Courier a draft court order of Justice Shaughnessy dated November 2, 2009.

Download a pdf of Jeannine Ouellette’s affidavit here.

Jeannine Ouellette’s affidavit was a lie. Mr. Ranking lied to the court about sending me the draft court order, and lied to the court about me ‘confessing’ to him that I had received it.  

Nonetheless, in my absence from a hearing I did not know was happening, Justice J. Bryan Shaughnessy believed Mr. Ranking, Mr. Silver, and Ms. Ouellette and convicted me based upon this and other lies.

Purolator Confirms: No tracking number, no shipping documents exist

Justice Shaughnessy apparently did not notice that Ms. Ouellette’s affidavit did not contain any courier tracking numbers, shipping documents or signature of receipt as is normally included in an affidavit of service. Justice Shaughnessy believed lawyers Ranking and Silver as Officers of the Court. Justice Shaughnessy believed Ms. Ouellette as she was then a law clerk with one of the largest law firms in Canada.*

Purolator Courier confirms that Purolator never received a package to be couriered to me from Fasken Martineau DuMoulin LLP on or about November 6, 2009. Purolator Courier confirms that they never delivered such a package to me.

For the past three years my lawyer Paul Slansky and I have asked Mr. Ranking to produce the Purolator Courier receipt, tracking number, weigh bill, signature of receipt or any normal shipping document to prove that the November 6, 2009 package was sent to me.

Mr. Ranking and Fasken Martineau DuMoulin LLP refuse to present the purported November 6, 2009 Purolator Courier shipping documents for the simple reason that they cannot; they don’t have any. The purported November 6, 2009 Purolator Courier package never existed.

Mr. Ranking and Mr. Silver refuse to be cross-examined on this or any other issue. No wonder!

Gerald Ranking, Lorne Silver, Jeannine Ouellette, Fasken Martineau DuMoulin LLP and Cassels Brock & Blackwell LLP lied to the court, and the court convicted and sentenced me upon their lies.

If Fasken Martineau DuMoulin LLP, Gerald (Gerry) Ranking, Lorne S. Silver, Cassels Brock & Blackwell LLP, or Jeannine Ouellette send the relevant and genuine Purolator shipping documents to me at [email protected] in the form of a sworn affidavit, I will publish the affidavit with the shipping documents, publically apologize and beg their forgiveness here.

Mr. Ranking? Mr. Silver? Ms. Ouellette? Fasken Martineau DuMoulin LLP? Cassels Brock & Blackwell LLP?

I’m waiting for the Purolator shipping documents, and so are ordinary Canadians.

You lied to the courts. You are liars.

Donald Best

* Online searches reveal that Jeannine Ouellette no longer works for Fasken Martineau DuMoulin LLP. Ms. Ouellette apparently left that large law firm sometime around January 2014.

Is it a coincidence that Jeannine Ouellette left the employ of Fasken Martineau DuMoulin LLP when my lawyer and I ramped up legal efforts to have Ranking and Faskens present the November 6, 2009 Purolator Courier shipping documents?

** Photo Credits: Public domain non-copyright photo of Toronto lawyer Gerald L. Ranking, obtained online from public domain materials distributed on the internet by Fasken Martineau DuMoulin LLP without copyright or similar notations. Public domain non-copyright photo of Jeannine Ouellette as posted online by herself without copyright or similar notations. Public domain non-copyright photo of Lorne Silver as posted online without copyright or similar notations.

DonaldBest.CA reminds our readers that as of the publication date the allegations have yet to be proven in a court of law. Visitors are encouraged to examine the legal documents and other evidence posted here, to do independent research and to make up their own minds about the civil lawsuit known as ‘Donald Best v. Gerald Ranking et al’. (Superior Court of Justice, Central East Region: Barrie, Court File No. 14-0815)


  • I was reading the Affidavit of Cheri Chi on this website and it was very well written and I just have to wonder like one poster stated are there blindfolds on the people in our judicial system who can’t see the truth or do they put the blindfolds on to not deal with the truth and pretend they never saw it?

    It’s absolutely incredible such well written affidavits exposing the truth and nothing is done about it.

    The very fact that Mr. Best was charged with contempt out court and put into jail for three months is so horrendous based on failure to attend a cross examination for costs of a civil suit whereas we have a police officer contravening and committing criminal acts, lawyers making false affidavits and also paying a police officer to commit criminal acts. Add to that a legal secretary making a false affidavit a possible phoney business entity fraud upon the courts cover up by police of another officer committing a criminal offence do you not see a real problem here?

    Huge criminal acts being committed but a jail sentence going to a person for not appearing at a cross examination because he was out of the country who told them the reason he wasn’t there personally because he feared for his safety and asked to do it by tele-conferencing and denied that by the lawyers.

    Yet the real perpretrators over and over again committed fraud upon the courts and not one court did anything until this Federal Court judge decided that the Judge should go before a hearing for judicial misconduct.

    Wow! One incredible and disgusting and pathetic display of our justice system. To the judge that supported these lawyers to sue Mr. Best, you can eat your words. Finally a judge said enough is enough and realized that this case needs to be heard.

    • Sorry it was Che Claire-I must have been thinking of sweet cherries when writing. Lets look at Mr. Best incredible journey through the mess of a legal system in Ontario and look at some news stories that occurred today.

      President of Quantas gets a pie thrown in his face while giving a speech and they will decide if charges will be filed. =================================Mr. Best on the other hand has given great evidence on line regarding fabricated evidence that sent him unjustly to prison including a corrupt cop and no charges whatesoever all these years.

      Beth Richardson a Durham Regional Police officer is released of charges stemming from doing what she thought best and rescued a cat she thought was in danger at a drug users house they felt this compassionate act required charges======================= yet former Detective Van Allen worked illegally on the side as a private investigator and as such worked not only unlicensed but committed criminal acts. Other OPP officers covered this up and Mr. Van Allen was instrumental in putting Mr. Best unjustly in prison. But no one thought this police officer should be charged. Che Claire and her affidavit should have been instrumental in bringing charges.

      Mr. Best served three months in prison for contempt of court for not showing up at a cross examination for costs. The whole court process to convict Mr. Best based on false testimony was what causes delays in our justice system so murderers and drug dealers etc. walk free.

      In Mr. Best case they just had to make Mr. Best go to jail. Far too much money involved in this civil matter. The fraud upon the court continued for years after Mr. Best went to jail. Continues right up to today.

  • East Caribbean Firm or fake

    If you read the affidavit of Jeaninne it states-lawyers for Price Water house Coopers East Caribbean Firm and was dated in 2009. So did Price Water House Coopers East Caribbean Firm legally register this business in the appropriate court registry office in 2009 or earlier in Barbados. If not then this affidavit is worthless. Fraudulent.

    • Hello ‘East Caribbean Firm or fake’

      As proven in my affidavits, plus the affidavit of Barbados lawyer Alair Shepherd, plus the records of the Barbados Government, plus the outrageous attempt by Mr. Ranking to fraudulently place documents into the court record during his January, 2013 cross-examination of yours truly:

      The name ‘PricewaterhouseCoopers East Caribbean Firm’ was never registered as a real entity with the Barbados Government – is not now and was not so at any time. It is a fake, fraudulent entity.

      In 2011, to cover their tracks 6 years after things ‘hit the fan’, the principals changed the name of an existing partnership to ‘Pricewaterhouse East Caribbean’ (without the word ‘Firm’ which they forgot), but this only confirmed what had already been proven – that they were lying and that ‘PricewaterhouseCoopers East Caribbean Firm’ never existed even though lying lawyer Gerald Ranking said on the court record that it did exist as a proper registered entity with the Barbados government.

      But never believe me. Check it out for yourself by reading all the documents on DonaldBest.ca and by searching the Barbados government business online name records…


      • has detectives located Ms Oulelette or is she basking in an East Caribbean Island????

        • Google Jeannine Oullette and her linkedin profile shows she works for a Toronto law firm after leaving Faskens Martineau thus she is still around as a legal assistant and my guess she probably reads this website.

          Have the OPP interviewed her yet or perhaps the federal government is interested. She made an affidavit and on the affidavit it is printed the name of a business that this law firm refused under cross examination to provide legal documents for so it is very suspicious. As Mr. Best has stated this law firm never went after costs for this perhaps phoney company.

          A company with nothing to hide and a law firm with nothing to hide would have produced a registered copy of the company name and in this case both the company and this law firm did not. That is enough evidence to warrant an investigation.

          Again such legal document was never produced and years later a name change for a company from Barbados was shown and perhaps Mr. Ranking was so incompetent at covering up his illicit acts that he forgot to tell them to include the full name with Firm. Regardless this name change was in 2011 and this was way after the lawsuit was underway and before the courts so this also calls into question the misconduct of Judge Shaughnessy as well because did he ever ask for a copy showing the registration of this business? Obviously not.

          This then leads to the question of the lawyers being linked with Judge Shaughnessy in a huge cover up and possible money laundering of a fictitious account. This is the question that all readers I am sure are asking when they read Mr. Best story.

          Did the Durham Regional Police find this legal assistant and question her thoroughly? How about the OPP? I know what questions I would be asking this legal assistant. I know how tough I would be in my questioning.

    • Price Waterhouse Coopers states that there are independently operated offices throughout the world but regardless each business that would carry the banner of PWC would still have to have paper work with the official registration of their business wouldnt that be correct?

      Just like Tim Hortons franchises people purchase them but they still have to be a legally registered business isnt that correct?

      Has anyone checked with PWC to see if this business known as Price Water House Coopers East Caribbean Firm was on record with the Head Office Price Waterhouse Coopers back in 2007 and on and that the name change that we have read here on this website then registered as Price Water House Coopers East Caribbean in June 2011 was also at the Head offices of PWC.

      A name change would be necessary paper work that the PWC Head office would require wouldn’t that be correct to surmise?

      • Mr. Best has beautifully shown us with his evidence that the PriceWaterHouseCoopers East Caribbean Firm never existed, is a fake company and then these lawyers engaged in illegal activity to cover their tracks by making a name change to another existing business that was legally registered but they fogot to put in the word Firm.

        You bet we have caught all this while reading and you bet that the PWC offices never had a firm called PriceWaterHouseCoopers East Caribbean Firm as it never existed. The name change was indeed to PriceWaterHouseCoopers East Caribbean but without the Firm on the official documents it is not one and the same as PriceWaterHouseCoopers East Caribbean Firm.

        Where are the FEDS because this is a joke that Mr. Donald Best has uncovered. We are all reading it. You will not stand by and do nothing. The Durham Regional Police were downloading all the documents. You better not have been doing it to save the hyde of that Judge you better have been doing it to uncover corruption.

      • Hello Tim,

        You are correct that each PWC office is an independent business (i.e.: a franchise) and would 1/ need to be registered as a legitimate business with some government authority, and, 2/ presumably would have to inform PWC world headquarters of the business details etc.

        My comments:

        1/ Whether the franchise holders told PWC world headquarters of some name or not, they would have to register that name and business with some government to be legitimate. In this case, the name was never registered with the Barbados government (notwithstanding witnesses sworn testimony that it was).


        2/ Don’t forget that in the franchise business, whether selling submarine sandwiches under the ‘Subway’ brand, or renting trailers under the ‘U-Haul’ brand, some franchisees have always set up secondary companies that the main company doesn’t know about – so they can service special clients without having to pay a percentage of the profits to headquarters.

        I wonder if any of the PWC franchisees ever do such a thing?

        thanks for your interest.


        • Exactly. They set up a second business hidden from the first for special clients and do you think they pay their right share to Subway or Uhaul? Do you think they pay their respective governments the fair share of taxes as well? What do you think Mr. Best. Wouldnt this be the perfect avenue for money laundering? No paper work or trail and its only cases like yours where they get sued that it becomes public.

          Or it’s as you stated in one of your posts that they use a secondary company to make it harder to sue.

          With respect to the inability of the lawyers to provide under cross examination proper duly registered papers of this PWC EastCaribbean Firm and then tried to cover it up with an actual duly registered business that was a name change from a business already in existence but does not include Firm in the name: no court of law will accept it as being the same business. They cannot honestly do so now can they?

          Under the laws of Ontario the lawyers are under obligation to check out all businesses they represent therefore when they decided to take on the case of PWC EastCaribbean Firm being sued by your company then they were under obligation to the government of Ontario to have in their possession and on file a duly registered copy of a legitimate business before they could represent them in the courts of Ontario.

  • They apparently tried to take this website down-using cyber terrorist attacks-remote computers all indicating big money involved here and cover up. Thanks to Mr. Best for telling us about the cyber attacks. That means Mr. Best and his website is stepping on the hornets nest rocking the boat poking the dragon.

    If certain individuals can pay and have a 1000 remote computers try to take this website down then there are some well paid hackers involved.

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  • anonymous comment

    Holy fuck you’ve got nerve LOL. You can make all the crazy allegations you want in court documents and there is little consequence, other than of course losing your case and paying a ton of costs (have you paid up yet?)

    Making these scandalous allegations outside of the litigation privilege is going to cost you everything else you own (if there’s anything left). Perhaps you think because the first, or second, or third post was ignored, that you are free and clear? LOL keep going Donald, they are going to wait just a little longer and let you take a few more feet of rope.

    Usually when your position gets rejected by the Supreme Court of Canada it’s time to shut your trap.

    If you really feel so confident in your allegations why don’t you go post them on ripoffreport.com? Then you will get first page and probably even #1 or #2 spot on Google, if you phrase your title the right way (ie keywords keywords keywords!). Only if you have the balls my friend, because I guarantee you it will get noticed once it’s on ripoffreport. They might even let you put this shitty URL in, that will help your shitty ranking.

    • Mr Best sounds like a man who has the evidence and is not afraid of saying so. If Mr Ranking fails to address this it is because he is guilty of lying to the judge.

    • Well anonymous comment Mr. Best never shut his trap even though the supreme court of canada did not do their job and look at that the federal court refused to release the Judge from the judicial complaint and made the JUDGE pay Donald Best legal fees. So I guess its best never to give up and never shut your trap.

      Now is that a threat to Mr. Best that his scandalous allegations outside of the litigation privilege is going to cost him everything else he owns because I believe it is a threat and I would have to wonder what IP address shows up and using the litigation privilege terminology gives us readers a clue as to your identity.

      So yes as a reader I am deeply troubled by your threat especially when we can all read Mr. Best website and listen to the evidence and see who are the guilty ones and the even bigger picture of who else covers up for the guilty.

      Care to threaten me anonymous comment because we could duke it out in court any day. Then you can also post the legal registration of the business entity online to answer that very simple question that Mr. Best posed here and no one cares to answer. Not even the courts.

  • This is a simple matter: Mr. Ranking should be able to produce the courier slip immediately. No slip = Ranking is a liar as stated.

    Fucking lying lawyers.

    Where is the Law Society of Upper Canada in this? Fuyck, I am so tired of these peoples.

  • Dear Lord! WTF!????

    Dear Mr. Best, you clearly state that the lawyers Sivler, Rankiing and all lied to the courts. You clearly state that they pulled a fraud on the courts. This has been up for months, therefore they have seen it and cannot respond. thees f’ing laywers would take you down if they could right away.

    They can’t cause it’ s all true. !!!!

    kGood for you Mr. Best. Good for you and thank you for telling the truth.