Fasken Martineau DuMoulin staff read about misconduct by Toronto lawyer Gerald Ranking

Today we welcome (again) personnel from Fasken Martineau DuMoulin LLP’s Toronto law office who dropped by my website at 11:20:21 GMT after following a link from my @DonaldBestCA Twitter account.

It is great to have you guys and gals at Faskens following my Twitter account and reading the stories here at DonaldBest.CA. You’ve visited hundreds of times in the last few years.

Faskens lawyer Gerald L Ranking

Today you read evidence of how your senior partner and colleague Gerald L. Ranking didn’t submit a claim for costs to the Supreme Court of Canada – because Gerry and the senior managing partners at Fasken Martineau DuMoulin LLP knew that their purported client, ‘PricewaterhouseCoopers East Caribbean Firm’ does not, and did not, exist at any time.

Ranking and Faskens did not want to double-down on their fraud upon the Supreme Court of Canada and have the SCC issue another cost order to what the lawyers know is a false, phoney, criminally fraudulent, non-existent ‘client’.

That’s all laid out in the articles that Faskens staff read today, including Why did Fasken Martineau lawyer Gerald Ranking not submit costs to the Supreme Court of Canada?

But hey… if you bump into your colleague in the hallowed halls of your Bay Street tower, you might want to consider (or not) asking Gerald Ranking this one question about money-laundering:

During the Nelson Barbados Group Ltd. civil case, about a million dollars in costs was paid to Faskens and Ranking in trust for their fraudulent non-existent ‘client’. So where did Faskens and Ranking transfer the money received ‘in trust’ for their phoney client?

The one thing we do know about where the money went is that it was never deposited into any bank account in the name ‘PricewaterhouseCoopers East Caribbean Firm’ as the court ordered.

Fasken’s and Ranking’s client doesn’t exist, never existed – and they know it. The use of a phony non-existent entity for court and monetary transactions is a recognized badge of fraud and money-laundering.

So where did the million dollars end up?

Will the Law Society of Upper Canada audit the financial transactions of one of the big Bay Street Boys Club law firms? Not a chance, my friends.

Not. A. Chance.

by Donald Best in Ontario, Canada



  • The second most devastating issue in this story is not only the criminal fabrication of evidence and the filing of completely provably false affidavits to win at all costs and, with malice aforethought, putting an innocent private detective in jail and ruining his life..

    The most criminal and immoral act is the “cover up” of those within a protected privileged professional society which permits dirty lawyers and judges to go scot free!

    Does anyone not think that most Canadian citizens would be facing serious jail time if they had pulled these stunts in ruining a persons life?

    Welcome to Canada’s largest oligarchy where morality, “equal before the law” fairness and accountability are just forgotten concepts.

  • “So where did the million dollars end up?

    Will the Law Society of Upper Canada audit the financial transactions of one of the big Bay Street Boys Club law firms? Not a chance, my friends.”

    The Bay Street Boys club and the law society are one and the same. There is no surprise here. That Toronto Star series is an eye opener for anyone with any doubts.

  • Donald; Is the Ontario Attorney General still acting as the judge’s personal lawyer?

    • No, the Attorney General of Ontario and Justice Shaughnessy have gone their separate ways. More to come in the next day or so when I’ll post an article about this news.

      The Attorney General of Ontario is no longer representing Justice Shaughnessy in the ongoing Judicial Review into the Canadian Judicial Council’s summary dismissal of a complaint of serious misconduct against the judge. The AGO had been acting as the judge’s personal lawyer for almost a year – since April 2016.

      Justice Shaughnessy and the AGO went their separate ways apparently on March 1, 2017 – a week after after this website, DonaldBest.CA, published an article describing how, with the AGO acting personally for the judge, nobody was acting for the public interest.

      Following the publication of that article, at least half a dozen readers reported to DonaldBest.CA that they had written to Ontario Attorney General Yasir Naqvi expressing disapproval that the AGO was representing a judge accused of serious misconduct, instead of acting for the people of Ontario.

      With the resignation of the Ontario Attorney General from representing him, Justice J. Bryan Shaughnessy hired Peter C. Wardle; a well-known senior Toronto lawyer and Elected Bencher of the Law Society of Upper Canada.

      More to come in an article to be published here soon – perhaps on Saturday March 18, 2017.

      • Lights, camera, ACTION!

        “Following the publication of that article, at least half a dozen readers reported to DonaldBest.CA that they had written to Ontario Attorney General Yasir Naqvi expressing disapproval that the AGO was representing a judge accused of serious misconduct, instead of acting for the people of Ontario.”

        THANKYOU to the people who wrote to the Attorney General and brought this situation to his attention. It is amazing what a little light shone into the corners does to make the cockroaches crawl away.

        That is why we must fill the courtroom for the judicial review!

  • I agree we should be in court on the day of the hearing. A full spectator section will let the justice system know that people are interested in this case notwithstanding that the news media are being good little puppies and obeying their masters.

  • Sounds like a good plan, I agree; as too many closed door meetings go on, and Mr. Best needs to know other Ontarians are watching, and aware of what is taking place here. I would like to attend!

  • Disgusted and puzzled

    Dear Mr. Best,

    Your story is unbelievable. This cannot be Canada.

    I want to disbelieve you but I keep returning to listen to the tape recordings of the lawyers lying to the court and how the courts ignored that evidence to save their buddies. Shaughnessy was like the private “at your service” judge of the Bay Street lawyers. Why and why do they think they can get away with this?

    Sign me “disgusted and puzzled”

  • NSRLP intervention?

    How long has this Valentin Pintea v. Dale Johns, et al case been going on? I’ve never heard of it but it must be important for the Supreme Court to look at the case and to allow intervenors about selfrepresented litigants.

    • The plaintiff is a SRL so is is a SRL case. Apparently the SRL finally got a lawyer. The Supreme Court is not too interested to have SRL come to that court. MacLachlin CJ calls us an epidemic (a bad disease outbreak). I am very keen to see her position when this case is heard for she also says judges owe us nothing-no help no reasonable accomodation. Other senior judges have said even worse.

      I can tell you many SRLs from Alberta applied to the SCC for leave after similarly and even worse treated than the plaintiff in this case and the SCC refused their application. Imagine for not filing a change of address the majority of the Alberta Court of Appeal thinks this plaintiff should pay those who severely injured him in an accident over $80,000

      I also wonder where the case management judge got the authority to dismiss a case on which she is case manager. The rules are very clear she cannot hear such an application without both parties consent. so if this plaintiff was not there how did she get his consent?

      Also, both parties must agree to the Case management MEETING date so if they could not find this plaintiff, how did they get his agreement/consent for the meeting?The rules are very clear so why are these judges in Alberta having such difficulty reading and understanding them.-Simple rules

      They claim they could not find the plaintiff but found him when they wanted to

      If you want to know how Alberta Court of Appeal is lawless just look at cases they dismiss upon application To Restore after they hurriedly and often wrongfully strike it from the list. The rules say you have 6 months to apply but when you do they tell you applied too late and that you delayed. Stupid set can’t figure out delay has to be after 6 months.

      There are very good candidates for judicial appointment in Alberta and I wonder why the very useless ones are getting appointed. Too many of them do not know accused different from defendant

      Alberta needs to clean house and start fresh

      • McLaughlin was biased and prejudiced the rights of SRL. Arrogant of course . Thanks for telling us Allen. Definitely not Chief justice material . Yet she was.

      • Beverley McLaughlin stated that SRL’s do not need any form of reasonable accomodation. Really. That’s against the human rights of Canadians and Charter of rights. SRL do need reasonable accomodation to represent themselves because they are representing themselves for a number of reasons such as lack of funds for a lawyer or no lawyer will represent them or they feel lawyers lie so they rather represent themselves. Regardless it is the right of Canadians to represent themselves. The right of Canadians to receive fair justice. The right of Canadians to receive accomodation when they are disadvantaged as in the right to accomodation when disabled or pregnant etc. The right to unbiased justice, The right to having ther evidence read properly and fairly.

        And most important the right of all Canadians to take issue with public servants such as Judges and government entities who have administered justice poorly inefficiently or plain old corruptly. Without them facing huge costs to take issue because these civil servants are paid by we the people . We hold them accountable.

  • As someone whose own battle with the so-called justice system began many years ago, I want to offer some (cautious) optimism about the prospects for the system being forced to face (at least some of) the very harsh truth.

    The Canadian Judicial Council first heard from me in a complaint I filed in 2010. It was – of course – dismissed, having (they claimed) been reviewed by Council member Neil Wittmann. A second complaint, in 2012 – triggered by what happened when I found myself before one of the judges I’d previously named (though not previously appeared before) – was also dismissed, but by the Executive Director himself, not a Council member.

    The “Complaints Procedures” provision cited was section 2.2. The CJC subsequently declined to answer my questions about the origins of this provision, but I then found in the records on the Council’s website that it had been introduced in 2003 when what was previously a single set of “by-laws” was separated into the “Complaints Procedures” and a reduced set of “by-laws”. A reasonable question is why was that division made.

    I would encourage anyone with the time and interest to start examining the CJC’s record, beginning with the link “Show all publications” found by scrolling down here – http://www.cjc-ccm.gc.ca/english/news_en.asp?selMenu=news_publications_en.asp .

    I maintain that since 2003, when those changes, were made the CJC has continued to set itself up for failure.

    The Canadian press corp has had repeated opportunities to demonstrate that it is capable of what the media community calls “investigative journalism” and has failed lamentably to leverage those opportunities.

    One of the current opportunities is revealed in this article – http://www.lawtimesnews.com/201703136005/headline-news/complaints-process-against-judge-questioned – published yesterday .

  • The best thing people can do to help Mr. Best is to appear at the court in Toronto on the day of the hearing so the judge will know that this case has the public eye. We know why the Toronto papers arent covering this case because they censor Best at the National Post and the Star and Sun. Those papers published the slanted Canadian Press story and wouldnt interview Best.

    Let’s go to the public hearing and fill the courtroom to observe listen and report back online. Citizen journalists, bloggers, justice activists and everyone. That is the best thing we can do to take one day and go.

    Mr. Best, when is the hearing.?

    • He said it will probably be in June and he’ll let everyone know when he has a schedule.

  • If we do crazy things they will dismiss us as foolish people. Jackson brown, the CRA does not and cannot appeal or involve itself in Mr Best Case. If we want to help let us all write to the Federal Justice Minister. Flood her office will letters of demand. She has that obligation and authority

    Am I the only one who sees what we have for a Supreme Court? How can a person on a civil case be sent to prison let alone under the indefensible conduct of Judge Shaunessey not be a matter of national importance? That Supreme Court grants leave to cases they take for sport. We should add that to the letter to the Justice Minister (Federal) and ask for the removal of the Chief Justice.

    • Thanks for the support allen. And you are very correct that as advocates for SRLs, access to justice and anti-corruption we must be careful that nothing we say can be used out of context to undermine our very legitimate goals and efforts for all Canadians.

      As to the Supreme Court, I’ve written previously…


      On September 4, 2014, the Supreme Court of Canada dismissed my application for leave to appeal a judgment of the Court of Appeal for Ontario. I am informed that this doesn’t mean that the SCC thought that my appeal would not succeed or that it was without merit; it simply means that the SCC selects a very few cases out of hundreds of applicants. Apparently the SCC attempts to highlight cases that it believes have national implications, and for its own reasons the court did not choose to consider my case.

      That’s life. As an aside, it also means that in some twenty appearances before the courts, no court, up to and including the Supreme Court of Canada, ever listened to or chose to listen to, the voice recordings that prove big law firm lawyers Gerald Ranking and Lorne Silver fabricated evidence and lied to the Superior Court of Ontario to convict me in absentia of Contempt of Civil Court, and to put me in jail.


      What is current though, is my application for a judicial review of the CJC decision dismissing my complaint about Justice Shaughnessy.

      I know you’ve seen the latest on the JR here: Canada Federal Court refuses to release judge from Judicial Review of misconduct complaint.


      There are important developments in the Judicial Review case that I will be writing about shortly.

      The hearing will be held in Toronto, probably in late June (that’s just a guess right now) and many readers and others intend to attend to witness and report on the proceeding.


      The issues of self-represented litigants and access to justice are front and center in another Supreme Court of Canada case – SCC File Number: 37109 Valentin Pintea v. Dale Johns, et al.


      JUST RELEASED March 9, 2017:

      Valentin Pintea v. Dale Johns, et al.

      (Alberta) (Civil) (By Leave)

      Decision on the motion for leave to intervene, Wa, UPON APPLICATIONS by Pro Bono Ontario and Access Pro Bono Society of British Columbia (jointly) and the National Self-Represented Litigants Project for leave to intervene in the above appeal;
      AND THE MATERIAL FILED having been read;
      The motions for leave to intervene are granted and the said two (2) interveners shall be entitled to each serve and file a factum not to exceed ten (10) pages in length on or before April 6, 2017.
      The said interveners are each granted permission to present oral argument not exceeding five (5) minutes at the hearing of the appeal.
      The interveners are not entitled to raise new issues or to adduce further evidence or to otherwise supplement the record of the parties.
      Pursuant to Rule 59(1)(a) of the Rules of the Supreme Court of Canada, the interveners shall pay to the appellant and respondents any additional disbursements occasioned to the appellant and respondents by their intervention.

      • Mr Best, I am also thinking you can ask for review by the Federal Minister of Justice (Remember cases like R. v Truscott and Donald Marshall and all the others wrongfully convicted). All we have to do is support. They close ranks and support each other so we can support one another reasonably and SENSIBLY. There is strength in numbers.

        I have been calling on SRLs to no avail to write to the Ministers of Justcie (Provincial and federal objecting to appointment of certain persons to the judiciary). when we go to court and face barefaced injudicious conduct we should write up that judge immediately and we need to start attending court with one another too. They cannot ignore us if many of us write. I don’t care for petitions unless it is one designed by the petitioners with safeguards to not change or alter the petition itself. Things like fed electronic petitions is nonsense. We can create our own and send it by our own process-directly to addressee

  • Thanks Mr. Best for explaining in simple terms what went on for those just coming to the site. Its very clear that Mr. Ranking is a lying perjured lawyer that compromises the justice system every day he goes to court or signs an affidavit or witnesses an affidavit etc. Thus all Ontario citizens are involved in this fraud upon the courts.

  • Law Society Rage!

    Mr. Best: You must be driving the lawyers mad with rage. But what can they do? I listened to the taperecordings and read your affidavits. The lawyers lied to the judge and did more than that too it seems.

    • This is becoming worrisome. The lawyers can’t attack Don through their normal means of the law. What will they do? Don is also taking on the Canadian Judicial Council that is the judges. What will the judges do? This is serious because he has the evidence and they can’t write him off as some tinfoil hat crazy.

    • observingtheliars

      I suggest that we all call the CRA- google the informant leads telephone number and voice your concern about what is written here including the money laundering of a non existent corporation. Its all anonymous calls of course and it will give this story front and centre attention.

      This will show that Canadians are interested in cleaning up the judicial system and we will demand that they do it.

  • Thanks Donald! So what happens next? Is the Attorney General and Minister of Justice aware of this? Is the Supreme Court doing something about the perjury?

    • Hi Jenny,

      It is my sad duty to inform you that nothing will happen regarding the proven lies, perjury, obstruct justice and money laundering revealed in evidence in the Nelson Barbados and Donald Best contempt civil cases.

      The lawyers are powerful members of the Bay Street Boys Club – a cabal within the legal profession that holds unhealthy influence over the Law Society of Upper Canada and the justice system.

      You see… no judge, no court right up to and including the Supreme Court of Canada listened to the voice recordings or admitted into the record any new evidence that proves the lawyers lied etc. Further, I was not allowed to cross-examine the witness lawyers on their evidence that the court used to convict and sentence me.

      Each court told me that I must launch an appeal of my conviction in an appeal court where the evidence would eventually be heard.

      Just one problem… before I am allowed to launch an appeal, I must pay the hundreds of thousands of dollars in court costs that were previously awarded to the other side on the basis of their false lying perjured evidence.

      I don’t have that kind of money, so my ability to seek justice and vindication in the justice system for my conviction and imprisonment is over.

      However… I do have the ability to simply tell my story to the Canadian public and put my carefully gathered evidence before my Canuck peers – who without exception when they listen to the recordings and examine the other evidence – agree that the lawyers lied to the courts.

      Because my evidence is so solid, I can safely publish from here in Barrie Ontario that lawyers Gerald Ranking and Lorne Silver lied to the courts and committed the criminal offenses of fraud, perjury and obstruction of justice.

      After all, the court transcripts prove that Gerald Ranking and Lorne Silver falsely told the court that I confessed to receiving their court order; notwithstanding that my secret recording of our conversation proves that I told them over a dozen times that I did not receive their order. They are liars. Further, Ranking told the court that he Purolator couriered the order to me on November 6, 2009 – but Purolator says it never received any such package from Ranking and therefore never delivered it to me.

      Further, Ranking has refused to present the Purolator bill of lading, tracking number and signature card of the recipient – because none of it exists. Purolator says so. Ranking lied again! The liar.

      Why haven’t the courts, the law society or the news media taken Mr. Ranking and Mr. Silver to task for their proven criminal offences?

      Hey… good question.

      • observingtheliars

        For all those reading call the CRA and demand they investigate the alleged non existent corportion paid one million dollars and the fraudulent claim by these lawyers and demand that Mr. Best be given help to appeal any court action by helping him pay his court costs as payment of a tip–I believe CRA will give people a percentage for snitching.

        This might lead to many avenues of money laundering with the Feds snooping. Were watching Revenue Canada and what they will do.

  • L. Hall, Prince George BC

    Why doesnt the law society investigate this? Why wouldn’t they audit the lawyers trust account to discover where that money went? Looks like a slam dunk to me.

    • @L. Hall, Prince George-Why would they not? Why would they? They don’t want to expose anything that points negatively to their profession. They close ranks like the gang they are

    • Not a member of the Club.

      The big law firms run the Law Society of Upper Canada same as in British Columbia. They vote as a block to elect a slate of loyal benchers who can be controlled. Hardly surprising that nothing is done. As that lady said in one of Best’s SRL videos, it’s a club and you’re not in it. The big law firms are a separate and powerful club within the club.

      • Its a powerful club charading as that but really a maffia type entity and the citizens know it and they know we know it and they know that they need to continue to cover up but Mr. Best is doing a fine job in exposing it with great links.

  • I have to confess I was thinking the other party (Nelson Barbados Group) was the dummy corporation). I got most of my information here https://donaldbest.ca/wp-content/uploads/2014/11/20081210-The-Nelson-Barbados-Group-Ltd-Affair-Goes-To-Court-In-BARBADOSPart-XIV-REDCHECKED.pdf


    The action is advanced by Nelson Barbados Group Ltd (.Nelson
    Barbados.), an Ontario corporation which was incorporated shortly before this
    action was commenced, and whose registered address is the same as its
    solicitor in this proceeding. Virtually nothing is known of this corporation other
    than a vague assertion in the Amended Statement of Claim, that it has an
    interest in shares in Kingsland Estates Limited (.Kingsland.), a Barbados
    corporation, the majority of which was acquired in 2005 (pursuant to an offer to
    purchase made in 1997), by certain of the Barbados defendants. The Plaintiff’s
    counsel, and its affiant, have refused to provide any additional information
    regarding Nelson Barbados. [para 2]

    Where did I go wrong?

    • Hi Allen,

      Nelson Barbados Group Ltd. was indeed my company, properly registered in the Province of Ontario. There was nothing ‘wrong’ with it however the opposition in the lawsuit characterized it as somehow sinister because it had no listed phone number. It was however properly registered with the government, including a mailing address etc. with yours truly properly listed as the sole officer/director. The certificate of incorporation is in the court record placed there by the other side. As well Nelson Barbados Group Ltd. was assessed costs during the civil hearing and duly paid those costs. It was a real entity run by a real person, me.

      Contrast that with Ranking and Faskens’ non-existent fraudulent client: ‘PricewaterhouseCoopers East Caribbean Firm’. Both Ranking and his witness Marcus Hatch testified (as in under oath with a duty to tell the truth) that ‘PWCECF’ was a properly registered business entity in Barbados. Ranking launched motions in this phony name and used it to put me in jail. He also was caught red-handed fraudulently filing documents at my cross-examination in an attempt to cover his tracks and criminal wrongdoing during the Nelson Barbados and my contempt cases. Ranking refused to be cross-examined about anything – even about his false testimony given to the court when I was overseas and not aware of the hearing.

      ‘PWCECF’ was all a lie, as so much filed evidence proves. Check out the affidavit of Barbados lawyer Alair Shepherd here: 20130104 Affidavit of Lawyer Alair Shepherd (PDF 794kb)


      Once again, thanks to you Allen and all my readers (so many now) who are interested enough in the state of justice in Canada to ask questions of me and others. The fact that the Law Society of Ontario was informed of all of this and did nothing is a terrible self-indictment of Ontario’s legal profession, and an illustration of the unhealthy influence that the Bay Street Boys Club has upon the law society and upon Ontario’s courts.

      Also of note is the recent Toronto Star newspaper’s ‘Broken Trust’ series that found the Law Society of Upper Canada covered up and whitewashed over 200 incidents where Ontario lawyers committed criminal offenses against their clients. Disgusting!

      It is time for independent civilian oversight and accountability of Ontario’s legal profession.


      • thank you Mr. Best for answering the question from Allen so promptly and efficiently. Thats what sets you apart from the lying lawyers and judges etc. Its a very simple question you have asked Ranking and those whose job it is to investigate-where is the one million dollars. Very simple question with a very simple answerif its not a dummy corporation but remember they were involved with the Ontario Securities exchange in some way so what have they been up to behind the scenes to cover their tracks???????

        We can ask that question publicly as it has become a concern of the citizens of Ontario as we read your story and follow the links.

        • @jackson brown that is a regular tactics in courts. It happens more often than you know. There are many tactics used in our courts sadly by judges and lawyers. I often say they should be thoroughly investigated financially.

          One of the most regualr occurence is in collusion with insurance companies. John Carten wrote a bout that on his waterwarcrimes website and Kelly Marie Richard case (Canary in the coal mine and Corruption Unlimited)

          My friend became a victim in Alberta recently. The crooked lawyer named a phone Applicant in attempts to collect the insurance money and syphon it off to their buddie. They expected the Master (wanna be judge) to grant the order by Summary Judgement behind my friends back but the Master apparently wanted ot to look moer

          legit so he told the lawyer to serve my friend. Then the thiefing Master granted the order and he argued the point for the lawyer against my friend that the phony applicant for the Motion was just a typo. You should see how all the judges fall in line to protect that scam and just like that they robbed my friend of over$ 8, 000. (REDACTED by DonaldBest.ca*)

          Without these scams many of those useless lawyers would be out of business. That is how they exist

          • Hello friends,

            Thank you for your dedication to access to justice and anti-corruption and for your support of my case.

            I’ve redacted some information from this comment because it could have identified one of the persons alleged by allen to have committed wrongdoing.

            I’m reluctant to redact or not permit comments of any type – but I’ve seen where some persons (not Allen, I want to emphasize strongly) have tried to use my website to post long and detailed accusations of wrongdoing against named persons, lawyers, judges. I’ve even had persons leave comments indicating that certain persons are pedophiles or drug addicts without a shred of supporting evidence.

            It is one thing for me to post my own stories, accusations and evidence, but quite another to let people post accusations with named persons if I am not familiar with the evidence supporting the allegations. I simply don’t have time to vet each article and comments for supporting evidence.

            I ask my readers to be considerate of my position and to not make unsupported specific allegations against persons.



          • Mr Best not a problem here. I am not too sure what it is but to err is human.

            Even if you know the facts of our cases, it is not a good idea to allow naming and identifying others . There is a case in Ontario where a judge tried to change the law on slander by saying so long as what is said is published it is slander 9 The law requires it to be false but not this judge). Unfortunatly I do not think that decision was appealed so until such time in Ontario at least, we can cause action against ourselves for just saying things about identifiable persons even if true

          • Yes Allen I know thats the tactic used in court so for all those who plan to represent themselves they need to be on guard. That is a sign of dirty people who rather twist the truth then get the real truth. The real truth is usually put in the background and money is most often at the root of it. But thats what helps to make this website credible-answering questions posed and pushing the limits of jurisdiction to force people to look at the jobs they do and how they can make changes.

            This site wont lose its credibility because Mr. Best answers the questions properly. He has provided credible evidence that we can listen to ourselves and judge for ourselves what is truth and what is not. We clearly see a Justice system covering up for corrupt people with again money at the root of the problems and the prestige that goes along with it. Mr. Best removed a name from a post and by doing so is protecting the poster. Thats good moderation.

            He lets us know who is visiting this website and shows that people from this law firm involved are visiting this site and keeping an eye on it. Once again a sign of a good website moderator.

            But remember dirty people are corrupt and unless they admit what they have done then they will never be perceived as credible regardless of who whitewashes for them. The justice system both in Ontario and BC and Alberta and no doubt all of Canada is being whitewash to protect criminal acts. Thats the heart of this website and peoples opinions matter regardless whether you agree with it or not.

            Your point about slander is true. They might try to take action but if you look at the definition of slander-if its true its not slander-people in office including paid government jobs have a real time with slander because they are being paid to do a job and/or were voted in-but once again a corrupt judicial system will take the real term of slander out of context and try to call it slander.

            The fact that 2500 cyber attacks were done against this website in one day by remote computers proves that this website is containing truth that people want covered up. Those cyber attacks are criminal in nature. Everyone reading can pretty much decide for themselves who was responsible for those attacks and we can definatly rule out Mr. Best. LOL

            Emotions will run high as people read the stories on here so perhaps thats why people posted names. Its quite easy to do when people are being treated unjustly. They can thank Mr. Best for removing it.

            Your right about the Truscott case that can be used. SRL’s need to look at case studies to help them in their lawsuits. Same lesson for those in tribunals-look at case studies of tribunals and find the ones that can be used for your particularly case. You can learn alot from studying the winners and the losers of tribunals.

            We can all write the Justice Minister but then the justice minister will pawn the allegations of money laundering on to the other department. Then nothing gets done thats why we push all the avenues of a thorough investigation of what has transpired here. Thats whats important.

          • thanks for that story Allen about the scam. There are many other scams out there that would shock people. And where there are scams there is tax evasion so many times.

      • observingtheliars

        Thanks Mr. Best for answering the question Allen posed to you. You answered a very simple question precisely and what we the readers already have figured out. Yes you can use a lawyers address on a corporation. Its all legal.
        My guess is that the lawyers wont answer your simple question because they cant. A non existent corporation is illegal and its been covered up by the justice system of Ontario and even the judicial system of Canada. Thus the silence.

        I was reading your website and one of the posters used the name marty so my guess is that is the OPP officer listed on your website. Such intimidation by an OPP officer. Perhaps Marty wants to come on and comment.

        Thanks for not being intimidated though by the boys of the Bay Street Club or the lying OPP officers who covered up for a criminal cop. Were all watching and reading and we will all be there at the hearing for this Judge.

      • The whole no accountability for the lawyers bit is disgusting, yet they go around characterizing whether other regular citizens are trustworthy, integrity based and lawful? It’s sad. What do you propose is the best way to resolve this on behalf of the lay people?

  • Jenny, until someone gives you a Canlii referece why don’t you enter the name of the one litigant provided in the blog you read and then go from there?

    So far you have:
    Nelson Barbados Group Ltd.
    Civil case

    That info shoul dget you somewhere at least

  • Mr. Best, yours is an incredible story because you have the evidence and you keep telling the story and the truth publicly in words that would ordinarily get you sued and dragged before the courts. EXCEPT THAT YOUR STORY IS TRUE. What are they going to do with you? In Mexico or South American you know what would happen. In Russia you would be another Sergy Magnitski the lawyer they murdered for exposing corruption.

    Your evidence makes all the difference to them not suing you, but what will they do to you?

  • and I am pretty sure all the judges who had anything to do with this case full well know all these facts that is why Judge Shaunessey had to send you to prison. It is the norm. Just look at all the SRLs in Alberta who were declared vexatious and/or sent to prison and you will see a common tread. Those SRLs had very scandalous and embarrassing FACTs about lawyers, judges and their crime ring partners on their cases so the crooks have to get vicious to bully and silence these litigants. These litigants will not be able to get lawyers no matter how much money they have.

    That is why I am total LIVID when anybody says stupid things like most judges are good and honest. Not one of them can afford to be. Any politician who opens their mouth and talk about the judicial crookedness is because of need for training is a jack or jinny ass and I have no patience for those who keep throwing our tax dollars in “more legal aid funds” fo keep lazy useless lawyers who cannot make their own billable hours. Over the past twenty one years every year governments have been giving money into legal aid programs and over the same time period anyone who gets legal aid have to REPAY every damn cent with INTEREST so where ids all that money?

    Legal Aid is such a damn scam on the society: Who knows that they only give it to their friends and will NEVER give it to a litigant who has a case such as the ones described above- having scandalous and embarrassing and criminal evidence of court room behaviours? They manage to fool everybody because most people just encounter them once or twice and never talk to anyone else who has had encounter so people only know their encounter and not how widespread the damn legal aid scam is. Stupid lazy politiicians -usually lawyers who get in and fatten their buddies pockets

  • I’m confused where, and to whom the Supreme Court Ordered money to? Is there a CanLII number on this?

    • Hi Jenny,

      Thanks for taking the time to care about the details of this case. When Canadians understand what happened, they are truly appalled and concerned about how this happened.

      There are two costs incidents mentioned in this story. The first is the over one million dollars to be paid to ‘PriceWaterhouseCoopers East Caribbean Firm’ (‘PWCECF’) by placing the money in Trust to the lawyers representing them: Gerald Ranking and Fasken Martineau DuMoulin LLP.

      This happened in the Nelson Barbados Group Ltd. vs Richard Ivan Cox et al case. Ontario Superior Court File No. 07-0141.

      Nelson Barbados Group Ltd. was my company and I had launched a civil lawsuit in Ontario against various entities from Canada, Barbados and the UK. Ranking and Faskens represented defendant ‘PriceWaterhouseCoopers East Caribbean Firm’ during the case and in a settlement that saw certain parties pay court costs to ‘PWCECF’ and others.

      However, what the payees didn’t realize at the time was that ‘PriceWaterhouseCoopers East Caribbean Firm’ (‘PWCECF’) was a phony, fraudulent non-existent entity that had been conjured up to protect Ranking’s real clients from liability in the event that they lost the Nelson Barbados case.

      The June 7, 2010 settlement read in part:

      *** BETWEEN
      PriceWaterhouseCoopers East Caribbean Firm (“PwC”)
      -and- (others redacted here for brevity but available in various court docs here at DonaldBest.CA)

      NOW THEREFORE the Parties agree as follows:
      1. The Respondent Group will pay the following amounts in respect of costs (fees, disbursements and GST) of the Action, including of the Costs Motion, within 30 days, by certified cheque or bank draft:
      a. To PwC, the amount of $927,981.50, payable to Fasken Martineau DuMoulin LLP, In trust.
      b. To the Cox Defendants, the amount of $775,000, payable to Cassels Brock & Blackwell LLP, in trust. ***

      The money was paid to the lawyer Gerald Ranking and his Faskens LLP in trust for the phony ‘PWCECF’ company. As a phony non-existent company cannot have bank accounts in their phony name, it means that Ranking and Faskens transferred the money somewhere else. That is a badge of money laundering. (There had been previous cost payments that brings the total paid to the phoney company to over a million dollars.)

      Later during further court procedures in 2012 and 2013 it was proven that ‘PWCECF’ was not a real entity as both Gerald Ranking and his witness Marcus Hatch had testified. That is perjury and fraud upon the courts as Ranking had filed motions in court on behalf of this phony entity – that he knew was phony.

      Further, Ranking tried to falsely insert fraudulent documents purportedly about ‘PWCECF’ into the court record during my cross-examination and was caught doing so. Ranking was called out on the record and in sworn affidavits for his perjury and fraud upon the court.

      In a related matter, I had been convicted (in my absence – I was overseas and unaware of the hearing) of civil contempt of court based upon the provably false testimony of Gerald Ranking and other lawyers. I sought leave to appeal my conviction from the Supreme Court of Canada. That leave to appeal was denied – the SCC did not choose my case as one of the few that they hear every year.

      This was Court File No. 35785 in the Supreme Court of Canada between Donald Best, Applicant, and various defendants.

      In the SCC, Ranking / Faskens filed materials in the name of the phony ‘PWCECF’ entity/client even though they knew it was phony and their client did not exist as stated.

      When the SCC declined to review my conviction, the court awarded costs to the defendants who applied for costs as is normal. Ranking and ‘PWCECF’ did not apply for costs because Ranking and Faskens knew that their client didn’t really exist and to apply for costs they would again be under scrutiny about money laundering and fraud upon the SCC.

      All the supporting court documents and the entire detailed story is available here at DonaldBest.CA

      I hope that answers some of your questions.

      Donald Best

      • CRA informant leads—1-866-809-6841 call and ask that question-are they investigating tax evasion/money laundering with this company involved and the lawyers involved as well stand together as canadians and ask them what they will be doing since its all public and we all know the story.