Ottawa Police Constable Kristina Neilson to take Plea Deal for $50 Convoy Donation – A hollow victory for the prosecution

Shocker: Ottawa Police Constable Kristina Neilson Has No Lawyer!

Charged with donating $50 to ‘Freedom Convoy’

Afghan War Veteran Neilson Remanded for Plea Deal with Joint Sentencing Submission – October 6, 2022 10am


Online Public Sentencing Hearing: Thursday October 6, 2022 – 10:00am *

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Growing Tsunami of Vax Injuries and Deaths a Factor in Plea Deal?

(Ottawa) Informed observers of the recent September 29, 2022 online video-hearing for Ottawa Police Constable Kristina Neilson were astonished to see that the officer appeared without a lawyer.

Neilson’s representative, police union Sergeant Patrick Laflamme, asked the Trials Officer to set a date for a 2-hour joint defense-prosecution submission on the facts of the case and an appropriate sentence. Constable Neilson will plead guilty to the charge of discreditable conduct for donating $50 to a Christian website to purchase food and gas for the ‘Freedom Convoy’.

The Ottawa Police had served Neilson with a ‘Notice of Increased Penalty’ – meaning that the organization wants to fire her. Being fired would effectively destroy both her pension and any possible employment with other law enforcement or government agencies.

The internal Police Services Act charge is a serious, life-changing matter.

So why no lawyer?

The Ottawa Police will find that wielding such blunt power to force a ‘guilty plea’ over a $50 donation is a hollow victory that further estranges police from ordinary Canadians – and also estranges serving police officers from Command Officers and their political masters.

Millions of Canadians coast-to-coast cheered the convoys on their journeys to Ottawa. Many including myself find the charges against Constable Neilson and other police personnel to be reprehensible, and entirely politically motivated.

“Canadians will not fault Constable Neilson for taking a ‘plea deal’ to keep her job and pension. We realize the true dynamics of what is taking place, and give the process about as much credibility as a Russian Show Trial during the Cold War.”

Canadians know that few citizens (including police officers) are able to stand alone against the crushing power of the state. Each of us faces different circumstances with mortgages, families, health concerns, elderly parents, & many other challenges known only to us and God.

This guilty plea by the well-respected police officer and Royal Canadian Navy Afghan War veteran will be a hollow ‘victory’ indeed…

… also considering that the Ottawa Police used criminally stolen data from the Christian ‘GiveSendGo’ website to ‘prove’ the charge.

Further, Neilson’s donation was given BEFORE the Trudeau Government’s illegal declaration of the Emergencies Act. Both of those factors could be the foundation of a viable defense – but the Ottawa Police Association long ago indicated its support for the most invasive and regressive mandates including forced-coerced vaccination of police personnel.

So the Ottawa Police Association (the police union) is not funding an independent lawyer for Constable Kristina Neilson.


After vilifying and calling for the firing of police ‘traitors’… Ottawa Police are now priming News Media to allow Constable Neilson to remain on the job.

Ottawa Police Command Officers Regret Charging Constable Neilson?

Ottawa Chief of Police Steve Bell took a hard line against Freedom Convoy protestors even after they left Ottawa – vowing to “actively look to identify you and follow up with financial sanctions and criminal charges, absolutely. …for months to come.”

“We need to deal with the police personnel who supported the Convoy, because there’s no room for them…”  Ottawa Chief of Police Steve Bell

On August 26, 2021, The Toronto Star published it’s infamous headline “I have no empathy left for the wilfully unvaccinated. Let them die.”

In dozens of follow-up articles the same newspaper continued to vilify anyone opposing the government narratives – especially police officers, military personnel, and health workers who failed to submit to mandatory injections of experimental mRNA gene therapies.

But now the winds have changed…

The Toronto Star just published an article that is obviously designed to redeem Kristina Neilson in the eyes of the public, and soften any resistance to the upcoming plea deal that will see her remain as a police officer.

This decision by the Ottawa Police and the government news media to ‘go soft’ on Constable Neilson could have to do with the very weak case against her, including that the ‘evidence’ is criminally stolen data from the GiveSendGo Christian website.

Death Certificate – Lisa EVE (June 19, 1976 – August 27, 2011), dear wife of Gareth Eve. **

Growing Tsunami of Vax Injuries and Deaths a Factor in Plea Deal?

No doubt the mounting tsunami of peer-reviewed studies showing incredible numbers of serious injuries and deaths from the mandated injections is giving governments and health authorities pause.

Recently we see so much backtracking from politicians and public health officials now attempting to deny what they did and said – but fortunately the deep Internet is a forever archive.

On July 6, 2021, Ontario’s Chief Medical Officer of Health Doctor Kieran Moore issued a public ‘call to arms‘ demanding that teens and young adults should get vaccinated against Covid… “People will need to have received two doses of a COVID-19 vaccine before the start of the school year to be fully protected.”

Then on July 13, 2022, Doctor Moore answered a journalist’s question and acknowledged that the mandated shots caused severe myocarditis and other adverse outcomes in many people. Dr. Moore further confessed that the decision to take the vaccine should be a personal medical decision in consultation with one’s physician. This from the very government authority who drove the vaccine mandates in Ontario.

Chief Medical Officer of Health Dr. Kieran Moore’s July 13, 2022 public admission that the mandated vaccines cause deaths and injuries – was an inculpatory statement by a guilty party.

Further, recent peer-reviewed studies of spiking overall death rates and plunging infertility are finally being reported in the mainstream news media. The media outlets are obviously attempting to salvage what they can of public credibility destroyed by three years of lies and subservience to governments and big pharma.


Neilson Sentencing Hearing – October 6, 2022 10am

How this all plays out for Ottawa Police Constable Kristina Neilson on October 6, 2022 is yet to be seen…

… but millions of Canadians here and abroad appreciate and honour Kristina Neilson’s long service for Canada – and her commitment to the Charter of Rights and Rule of Law.



Online Public Sentencing Hearing: Thursday October 6, 2022 – 10:00am *

Microsoft Teams meeting – Thursday, October 6, 2022 10am

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** The full story of Lisa Eve can be found on her husband’s Twitter account @garetheve.

*** Original Donald Best reporting on the Kristina Neilson story here…

Public Online Hearing for Ottawa Police Officer Kristina Neilson


In Memory of 17-year-old Sean Hartman. He just wanted to play hockey.

Many of my readers and I have been deeply touched by the story of 17-year-old Sean Hartman – who just wanted to play hockey but under the Ontario Conservative Ford Government had to inject an experimental mRNA gene treatment before being allowed on the ice.

Sean – a healthy, athletic young man only 17 years old – “died suddenly and unexpectedly” after the coerced injection of the mRNA vax.

Sean’s father Dan has been inconsolable. The story of a family destroyed is only one of tens of thousands (hundreds of thousands? millions?) – but Dan has worked tirelessly to tell the story of his son, seeking both answers and justice – but also to alert other parents of the truth.

Dan Hartman can be found on Twitter at: @Answers4Sean


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  • An inquiry found massive conflicts of interest between the Liberal Party of Canada and the RCMP and Privy Council. Imagine that. Now we have the Emergency Acts Inquiry run by a former liberal party of Canada donater. Will the lawyers please bring this up un Court including what I just said about the RCMP and Liberal Party. Who was used to freeze Bank accounts?

    • I do not allow multiple comments from one person using different names. You might want to start your own website and grow your own traffic. Please stop this behaviour. Thanks!

  • Remember when Paul Mannings cell phone was taken when he was arrested falsely last summer and they were trying to enter his icloud and his Twitter. The phone was being accessed in North York . Considering the Hamilton and Niagara Police are linked to organized crime then the unlawful entry to his phone was done and a judge ruled his phone was off limits as he had people giving him tips. The case was dropped against Paul Manning and he was let out of prison .
    I wonder what illegal stuff the police stole from his phone. These police are so corrupt and go to lengths to cover up criminal activity. Did they sell any tips to the mafia or government organized crime?

  • The plea deal is based on criminal possession of Constable Kristin Neilsons banking info donation. These police who charged her are the ones to be charged with using information obtained from a crime.
    Does everyone realize that now many are trying to backpedal on what they said about vaccine passports as Pfizer admits the vaccines were never tested to stop transmission and ths discussion of vaccine passports started in June 2021 where it was widely known the vaccinated were spreading to the vaccinated? It was not a Pandemic of the unvaccinated. It was all lies. So vaccine passports and mandates were lies. Let’s go down memory land to those paid to make policy or advise. Jane Philpotts and Dr Jacob’s believe vaccines stopped transmission and vaccine passports made sense. Jane Phillpots even went to show how ignorant she is and lazy to research on the yellow fever vaccines. She said she pulled up her yellow card to show she needed the yellow fever vaccine to travel. Well thats interesting as the yellow fever vaccine took many decades to make not a few short months like the covid ones and one of the first yellow fdverv vaccines rushed cause 100000 US military to get hepatitis that can lead to long term harms like cancer and disability. They had to stop using it. Imagine 100000 and compare that to millions of covid vaccine injuries and deaths. I think we pay these people too much money and they are incompetent. I’m sure Jane Phillpot would not have liked to have taken these first yellow fever vaccines. Well its not much different for these rushed covid vaccines. Many are trying to wriggle out of what they have tweeted or put on Facebook but we have so much of it. Thousands online bring back these policy makers and advisers old tweets from last year and the year before. Thanks to all smart citizens for keeping it. You need to read all comments online as that’s where you find key information. I have gathered lots just by reading them and researching what is linked. I know others like Donald Best have dome the same. Theresa Tam put out a poll on her Twitter regarding what Canadians thought of covid vaccine effectiveness and over 90% called her a scam.
    Constable Neilson when representing herself had a wealth of evidence to use but probably never realized it. A storehouse of relevant stuff.
    Are the RCMP and OPP going to investigate the 54 million dollar fraud of the arrivecan app? Who got $8 million from it? In one-week a smiliar arrive can app was designed for less than $200000. We Charity scandal all over again. $900 million for a student work program while we were restricted across Canada and employees working from home? So exactly what were young students going to do for work? What a scam. Since the RCMP already breached public trust by not doing anything about Trudeaus hate speech inciting violence and discrimination and the media lied to protect Trudeau including Rueters as Trudeau directed hatred at unvaccinated parents and children and said they were a danger to other parents and children sitting on a plane so he was going to ban them on airplanes and trains well its time to stop breaching public trust and covering up RCMP. Many had submitted criminal complaints against Trudeau. The RCMP refused to do anything. Again hand delivered complaints dropped off at RCMP offices just recently and an amazing site…..… is worth a read.

    • Hopefully in the commission investigating the Emergency Act being used that the lawyers will dwell on the criminal hacking of the givesendgo donations and how City of Ottawa officials cheered on the breach of privacy of citizens and even released City info on Ottawa residents who donated. Constable Neilson herself being a victim of the criminal hacking and privacy breach. Then this witchhunt to penalize her. Same for Detective Helen Grus. Both vilified and cruelly used as sn example by wicked police.

      Anyone realize that while the truckers were there it would have been during winterlude where millions come to enjoy festivities. They have ice sculptures fireplaces to sit and warm hands food booths skating on the canal a boat race bar hopping at night music drag queen events burlesque mini carnival for kids. I’m sure it’s very busy and noisy then.
      They advise you to dress warm and can go indoors to museums to stay warm or the shopping center there. The restaurants and bars and hotels makes lots of money during this time that they would not have made because winterlude was canceled for Feb 4 to 21st. So exactly how could Ottawa Business Association or Chrystia Freeland whine about losing so much money because of the truckers when they were the ones that shut winterlude down losing over a million patrons of Winterlude and millions in lost revenue. The Restaurants of Canada told restaurants and bars to close during the protest so if you listened to them you lost money. The trucker protest did not do that. In fact it brought in revenue badly needed to make up for lost winterlude. We have scammers lying left and right.
      They encourage you to dress warm and go inside to stay warm during winterlude as it can be very cold but how dare people like Constable Kristin Neilson donate money to a trucker to get a hotel room to be warm and cozy. We have monsters up in Ottawa. Despicable. Do we pay these people from our hard earned tax dollars. So please all you despicable people who posted the names of those who donated come and testify so we can all know who is the worst. Bring your sob stories of lies that so far are being outed. Stories keep changing on the stand. The paid actors are not very good. I will watch it for a few laughs. What a mockery and embarrassment on the world stage. The rule of law crushed in Canada by cowards.
      I hope lawyers and civil liberties at the commission looking into the Emergency Act will question Trudeau on the stand with what I commented here and out him as a cruel vile person that he is. Did you know the judge in the travel mandate mootness case from Sept 21st ruled that prisoners could watch porn in jail and that the corrections dept couldn’t stop them. How interesting that convicted criminals have more rights then unvaccinated healthy Canadians and it was up to their unions to deal with sexual harassment if these criminals watched porn then harassed the female guards. Someone wrote of Omar Khadr the child terrorist soldier getting$10 mil settlement because his Charter rights breached but terrorizing healthy Canadiansfor a year by Trudeau media social media docs was OK. We have a real ethics breach not to mention Charter rights to Canadians. Have any class action lawsuits eem started on behalf of the unvaccinated for Charter breaches just like Onar Khadr? For compensation not just dropping mandates?

  • In his speech to Canadians regarding the child terrorist Omar Khadr and the $10 million settlement Trudeau stated if they went to Court the government would lose and they would have to pay $30 to $40 million in settlement. Trudeau stated when you step on human rights the government pays.

    They stepped on Kristen Neilsons Human Rights to contribute to a cause she thought was worthy and they used a criminal hacker to steal financial records and dox many people and then freeze bank accounts. So the Ottawa police used stolen evidence to charge this police officer. That’s fraud. The truckers were upholding their Charter of Rights to protest these vaccine mandates where the vaccines have been proved to cause injury and death. The government already had the data before bringing in these vaccine mandates that the vaccine doesn’t stop transmission and there is no difference between the unvaccinated and vaccinated and the human rights issues is massive when you go into the realm of natural immunity through natural infection and antibodies created there. The government were caught in Court basing vaccine mandates on political rather then real health science and even their own health advisers threw Trudeau under the bus and exposed his vindictate coward reasons for these vaccine mandates.

    The Supreme Court ruled in the past further emphasizing the human rights violations against the unvaccinated when it stated a person has a right to choose medical treatments and doctors and others have to accept the decision free of consequences and the Supreme Court of Canada stated that facts have to be free of controversy and dispute in tge Courts and these vaccines are controversial due to rushed and experimental and causing massive adverse events including deaths in such a short period of time. The vaccine mandates are consequences for refusal to get the shot and included loss of jobs and travel on airplanes and trains and other daily activities. This is criminal coercion and the consequences are body assault underThe Medical Act. Massive breach of human rights of which Constable Neilson wanted to expose this by contributing to those who were protesting against human rights abuses allowed to go on for months. She had that right. She had a right to protection from criminal hacking and doxing. She had a right to her privacy of choice in her own free time to support a cause she deemed worthy.

    Constable Nelson needs to get a lawyer and sue Ottawa Police and all citizens should back her up in the massive Human Rights violation and criminal theft and doxing the Ottawa Police used to file charges against this police officer. What a display of criminality by Police never held accountable for bad practices and corruption cover up.

  • What was she charged with? Donating to a legal protest is not a crime. Especially if done before Dictator Turdo self proclaimed it to be illegal.

  • Awful if you can’t voice an opinion the “state” does not agree with

    Good article