Broadcaster Jimmy Dore interviews Donald Best: “The lawyers lied to the court and as a result you were convicted…”

Jimmy Dore Show names corrupt Toronto lawyers Gerald Ranking, Lorne Silver, Sebastien Kwidzinski – plus corrupt judge and cop.

by Donald Best, former Sergeant, Detective, Toronto Police

For years the Canadian news media put a ‘kill’ on my story and shadow-banned my comments on their websites. Many supportive mainstream journalists informed me that their editors refused to publish any part of my story due to ‘libel chill’ – their fear of being sued by the corrupt lawyers who proveably lied to the court to convict and imprison me for contempt in a civil matter.

On those rare occasions when Canadian outlets did write about my case, the stories were invariably agenda-driven, inaccurate and obviously sourced from the opposition. To this day no Canadian news media has published a story comparing the provably false court testimony of the Toronto lawyers with the truth as shown in the forensically-certified secret voice recordings of our conversation.

Superior Court Justice J. Bryan Shaughnessy

Things started to change late last year when the Toronto Sun, Toronto Star, National Post and other outlets published Colin Perkel’s article Ex-cabinet minister Julian Fantino suggests judge, lawyers and cops part of conspiracy to convict man. Then on June 5, 2018 the Financial Post carried Julius Melnitzer’s story Internet research by jurors and judges during cases challenged: Julius Melnitzer.

Now the US news media is picking up the story with The Jimmy Dore Show out of Los Angeles being the first to publish a video of my guest appearance on the show. (YouTube video above or here: Cop Whistleblower Targeted by Canadian Court)

“There were secret recordings you made of your telephone conversations with the lawyers involved. I read the official court records showing what those lawyers told the court. They lied to the court, and as a result you were convicted for Contempt of Court while you weren’t even in the country.” (Jimmy Dore to Donald Best at about 10:30 into the interview.)

Jimmy Dore is the first journalist with the courage to publicly state that he compared my secret recordings with the corrupt lawyers’ testimony and finds that the lawyers lied to the court to convict me.

Corrupt Ontario lawyers Sebastien Kwidzinski, Gerald Ranking & Lorne Silver lied to the courts.

Jimmy Dore Show also names Justice J. Bryan Shaughnessy, Police Officer James ‘Jim’ Van Allen

At about 18:41 into the interview, I name and the Jimmy Dore Show names the three Ontario lawyers, Ontario Superior Court Justice J. Bryan Shaughnessy and retired Ontario Provincial Police officer Jim Van Allen – all of whom Jimmy Dore refers to as “corrupt”.

“Donald Best, we wish you all the best in getting to the bottom of this, getting justice in your case and exposing these corrupt lawyers and judges…” (Jimmy Dore to Donald Best at about 25:00 into the interview.)

Jimmy, his staff and presumably his legal team studied my case in detail prior to making his production decisions and final edits.

Viewers know exactly what it means when a citizen like me and a journalist like Jimmy Dore openly name lawyers and a judge as “corrupt” and they do not sue. The lawyers and the judge don’t dare because they would have to expose themselves to cross-examination for the first time – and they know they are guilty of corrupt acts.

Sometimes it takes a while to break through the news media gatekeepers. It looks like that time is approaching.

Notice to readers, including Persons and Entities mentoned in articles

As always, if anyone disagrees with anything published at DonaldBest.CA or wishes to provide a public response or comment, please contact me at [email protected] and I will publish your writing with equal prominence. Comments on articles are moderated about once a day. Or, of course, you can sue me and serve my lawyer Paul Slansky. You can find Mr. Slansky’s information here.

Photos have been included to put context to the article. Their use is the same as with other Canadian news outlets.

Readers are also encouraged to thoroughly study all the evidence available here at DonaldBest.CA, to perform independent research on the Internet and elsewhere, to consider all sides and to make up their own minds as to the events reported on DonaldBest.CA.

Donald Best
September 29, 2018
Barrie, Ontario



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  • Donald, have you seen the work of John Spirit? John explains how the Corporation of Canada is Illegally creating statutes codes and regulations against the Constitution. This is a crime for the Attorney General to not check for violations agains the Constitution Charter of Rights and Freedoms 1982 and how Common Law Flows through the International Covenants namely the ICCPR and the ICESCR.

    If any of this sounds foreign to anyone reading this, John will show you exactly how the Corporation of Canada incorporated you to take away your rights and freedoms.

    Here is some proof they won’t teach the Lawyers. (All lawyers are Corporation Lawyers for Canada that uphold the illegal statutes, codes and regulations.

    Canada is a Juristic Federal Unit.

    “Supreme Court of Canada
    Supreme Court Judgments [1980] 1 SCR 54 1979-12-21

    Re: Authority of Parliament in relation to the Upper House
    Further, although s. 91(1) gave the Queen the power, with the advice and consent of the Senate and the House of Commons, to alter the “Constitution of Canada” except in certain expressly designated areas, it does not confer a power to amend the B.N.A. Act. The word “Canada” in s. 91(1) does not refer to Canada as a geographical unit but refers to the “JURISTIC FEDERAL UNIT””

    The Corporation of Canada also admits that you only have certain rights when they incorporate you into a municipality. They also don’t deny that you have more rights. (ICCPR ICESCR)

    “Canadian Constitution Act 1982
    Canadian Charter of Rights and Freedoms
    Other rights and freedoms not affected by Charter
    26. The guarantee in this Charter of certain rights and freedoms shall not be construed as denying the existence of any other rights or freedoms that exist in Canada.”

    “Municipal Act
    Part 2 – Incorporation of Municipalities
    Incorporation of a new municipality
    7 (1) On the recommendation of the minister under subsection (2), the Lieutenant Governor in Council may, by letters patent, incorporate the residents of an area into a new municipality.”

    Here is the Corporation of Canada’s International Obligations.

    “R. v. Hape, [2007] 2 S.C.R. 292, 2007 SCC 26

    Para 53… It is a well-established principle of statutory interpretation that legislation will be presumed to conform to international law. The presumption of conformity is based on the rule of judicial policy that, as a matter of law, courts will strive to avoid constructions of domestic law pursuant to which the state would be in violation of its international obligations. ”


    • Paul Manning’s statement of claim is missing from the file. Its a claim against Hamilton Police and OPP.

      I say since criminal obstruction has been committed by removing it from the file…please post a copy of the SOC on Donald and do not redact the names. Keep them all in . The SOC was already filed so media can have access to it. Public can have access to it too and lets see who the public can sue for putting our lives in danger and that includes mobsters and government.

  • Disgraced Law Society

    Just to add to the story of Richard Chojackii the disbarred Mississauga lawyer. He got 4 years in jail after swindling over 10 million dollars. He was let out on day parole after 1 year. The law society stated they couldn’t go to the police as they had to protect client information. Lame excuse just like they hide money laundering under client solicitor privilege. Thus the victims should sue the law society for blatant cover up hiding behind this client privilege because this cover up caused more victims to lose their money.

    The citizens need to lobby the government using their angry voice as millions are stolen from victims while the law society covers up.

  • These journalists on the Most Dangerous Neighbourhood in Canada being Bay Street states Canada has no National securities commission and the only other country in the world that doesn’t have it is Bosnia Herzegovina. The reason they state is because the lawyers provincially don’t want to go after their friends.

    Such eye opening but already known truth.

    Yes the OSC is useless. The RCMP are useless. They all protect the rich as these journalists stated. The commons will be a weekly report so stay tuned for the next one regarding casinos.heyvPremier Ford I hope you will be listening to the Most Dangerous Neighbourhood in Canada as it’s in Ontario not far from Queens Park.

    I think we are seeing our organized crime link unfold before our eyes.

  • Everyone needs to listen to The Most Dangerous Neighbourhood in Canada..the financial district on Bay Street by Kevin Sexton. Amazing journalism. Russian mobster linked to a former Premier. Of course the former Premier had no comment. Ghadaffis son from Libya in bed with a Quebec company SNC Lavalin in downtown Toronto. Conrad Black is an ex con who is not a Canadian citizen anymore but allowed to live here and posts in a Canadian newspaper or something like that. I guess this ex con could chat in a media source but they banned Donald Best as he exposes people like Conrad Black.

    The RCMP IMET division was given 19 million dollars to go after white collar crime . They spent 500000. We have over one million Canadians fallen victim to white collar ctimes but how many of us will be hurt by the middle east terrorists. Great question. As these journalists put it. They simply don’t want to go after white collar crkme. Why William Majcher did and they kicked him out. He got Simon Rosenfeld the lawyer caught Nd imprisoned. You couldn’t have many more lawyers jailed for money laundering could you.

    • Money Laundering not using Maytags

      The Great Canadian Gaming Corp that was awarded the contracts in Ontario by Wynne former premier of Ontario had links to chinese organized crime in the early 2000s but BC government ignored it. So lets be serious here. The RCMP didnt know this even though employees of The Great Canadian Gaming told regulators. So wouldnt you say the RCMP covered it up and money laundering flourished. Then the former useless premier of Ontario got in bed with them too. The former Liberals in BC received political contributions from this casino chain. Senator Larry Campbell of BC is taking heat. Will charges be coming soon. We will wait. Former RCMP agent Bill Majcher was squeezed out of the RCMP. He did a good job so how could he keep roping in criminals. They had to get rid of him. To protect criminals of course. All RCMP involved in the removal of Bill Majcher as an RCMP in IMET need investigation both for money laumdering in casinos cover up and also crooked lawyers. These appear to protect organized crime.

    • The Globe and Mail wrote an article in 2010 regarding standing up for victims of white collar crime and it focused on the measures of the Tories to revamp and get tough on white collar crimes . It said these new measures would only overburden an already under resourced problem. They needed to get more comprehensive measures in place. One great point was to give powers to investigators to seize assets before they disappeared. Great solution. Never happened.

      The government under Stephen Harper did not make a National Enforcement Agency as the Globe and Mail article stated should be done. Look at the Charbonneau Commision and the deferred prosecution agreements. Bribes and threats were the norm. All this happening under the realm of Stephen Harper. The crime families continued their reign of terror. Vito Rizzutto stepped off the plane in 2012 after serving prison term in USA and walked free yet he committed many crimes in Canada.

      Did the Globe and Mail print your story Mr, Best. I don’t think they did. But your story shows the abuse by the justice system that enables white collar crimes to flourish. Corrupt cops are assets for maffia who pull stock manipulation money laundering rough lawyers and busibesses. So the Globe and Mail is part and parcel in cover up.

      So if you stand up for victims of white collar crime you stand up for victims like Donald Best. That’s how I see it. I am sure others do too.Protection of money laundering lawyers friendly judges makes for lots of victims. The DOJ covered up in Canada. Thd courts protect criminal lawyers.

      Good journalism isn’t to sell papers for profit.

    • Outraged victims

      Another reason why the law society shouldn’t self regulate. They might suspend lawyers freeze their accounts but that doesn’t stop the lawyers from operating. Police charges against these crooked lawyers would go a long way in public awareness of these crooked lawyers and stop others from using them. Check out cases of two susprnded lawyers who continued to take money from clients while the law society covered up their misconduct. Toronto lawyer Michael Munroe and Barry Gorlick were the culprits. Story is outlined in a CBC report in 2014 at the same time Best was in court for his case identifying judicial misconduct and lawyer fraud.

      Yes the way to curb crooked swindling lawyers is police charges. not cover up by the Law Society. The law society is complicit in their investigations and directly involved in cover up to protect their name.

    • Crooked law society

      An editorial by the Toronto Star stated Ontario should crack down on crooked lawyers and it called on the winner of the 2014 over the last 10 years election to do it. It stated that after the Star bled the whistle 10 years warbler nothing had changed. The law society still covered for lawyers and did not report to the police, so we see Kathleen Wynne did nothing. She did nothing after taking over ftom McGuinty or in the last 4 years.

      The Law Society still covers for crooked lawyers. An Oakville lawyer William Sinclair pilfered from widows charities and dead peoples estates to the tune of $3 million and never received any charges. Disbarred but no charges.

      David Simentic you got charged after you tried to out crooked lawyers. 2 and a half years house arrest. You were so outraged that you became frustrated and used choice words My guess the lawyers in Beet case who threw books chairs at him used worse stuff then you did.

      But this lawyer defrauded over 3 million and no charges.

      • Im sure they did. The lawyers and Mrs Abrecht of the law society can manipulate anything you say just like the can manipulate your families bank statements by typing out their own version of accounts.

  • On your Twitter Donald Best you have retweeted families United Ontario with a blog from an Ontario mother visited by a CAS worker and cop. NOTICE how the cop tries to stay out of the camera.

    I loved the mother who was visited one day before they received a cheque and she stated that lots of time neglect is the result of poverty. No better spoken. People have to spend so much on rent they have hardly any money for groceries or that each child has their own bed. As well grocery bills are skyrocketing. As a good shopper I can give you a list of how much groceries have gone up in the last year especially after minimum wage went up to $14 hour. This is from Walmart. Milk up 20 cents muffins up 24 cents chicken wieners 1.00 chef boy ar De 39 cents campbells tomato soup 30 cents. Cheese blocks downsized and up 50 cents these are average prices give or take sales but a general increase. The prices are rising across the board. Rice is insane.

    Perhaps we should stop clawing back EI payments from enemployed. Perhaps Mike Harris should not have cut social assistance payments as the losers were the kids. Perhaps those who run out of Ei benefits and stlll can’t find a job after spending nearly a year on less than a half or 3/4 of their normal earnings as they needed tp pay the car loan and car insurance to actively search for a job and still need to do so after unemployment insurance runs out should receive fair benefits. But wait they get $1050 a month from social assistance for everything for a family with one child. That is for rent food car loan car insurance phone internet gas in the car and other expensives. How much can you shave off your monthly bills. Definitely not enough to make it to $1050 month. That is the reality.

    This mother here it appears has 3 children and is struggling in Ontario from cheque to cheque to take care of her children. This CAS worker is taking issue with sleeping arrangements. Well then you better call out the army of CAS workers in Toronto where immigrants new to Canada live in a small one bedroom with 3 kids. Hey Trudeau and the ones before you allowed them to come here. Not to mention buildings with infestation of bed bugs and cockroaches . They can’t find affordable housing in Toronto.

    So perhaps if the corporations paid their fair share of taxes instead of parking it in tax treaty islands we would have money for those who fall on hard times. Perhaps we don’t need premiers that are so arrogant they forget about the less fortunate and believe their all lazy. Taking care of children is hard work. They do need dignity to take care of those children with a measure of fair respect in what they are allowed as benefits. These children are the next generation and if they are shown respect they might end up showing respect to the next generation and so on.

    So the jerks who run our governments and allow this abuse by CAS workers to terrorize families struggling because affordable housing etc is making it difficult to survive then wake up. You are the problem and your hurting the children. This mother in the blog is obviously now stressed out further because of the unwarranted actions of this CAS worker. The children will be affected too. Tell the police to go and remove the children of mobsters from their homes as mobsters present more danger to their children and all children then children sharing a bed or sleeping on an air mattress. Students from out of country sleep on air mattresses or futons But is that ok as they bring in money to our universities and colleges. Or worse some students are forced to share rooms with other as they were brought undrr false pretenses and then are stuck with no where else to go. The police say they can’t do anything but these students were scammed.

    So perhaps CAS workers should learn to focus on the right cases of child abuse and neglect. Sadly I have been told they don’t and apparently so many of these CAS wotkers do not have the right instincts for the job.

    • Kelley Denham blogs about her experiences with Child Services. The lawyers for FCSLLC apparently want the class action judgr to stop Kelley Denham from blogging saying they are only out to protect the children as Kelley is an attention whore.

      Really Chikdrens Aid. Thats not exactly true. Kelley has a story to tell. Criminal charges that should all be dropped so the only one hurting the children is the FCSLLC and they dont want anyone to know that. The children can be proud of their mother for being courageous.

      Too late with the Jimmy Dore interview more people are readibg her story.

      The FCSLLC are out to protect their pocketbook. Not the children. We all know that so the Childrens Aid is exposed as manipulators and a vindictive agency.

      At what point isnt the whole criminal process not been exposed for what it is for over 2 years . A sham. Kelley went to file complaints in February and in April the information was still unsecured and then when Kelley made the link public she gets charged. Any smart individual would drop the charges based on this fact alone. She filed complaints. Complaints ignored by the Childrens Aid. Complaints indicatibg the FCSLLC was negligent in securing their confidential information on the web.

      Kelley does not need to pay for the negligence of the child services. They do. They need to grow up and accept responsibility as they are hurting children. First by setting a wrong example and secondly protecting money and their name not children.

      Yes blogging your stories of abuse by government by court systems by crooked lawyers and cops is important. Thats why they use the lame excuse Kelleys blogging is hurting the children. They know this fact everyone is readibg and sharing it.

      The way they can help the children is drop the charges. Plain and simple.

    • How about the WSIB that denies claims sending families into poverty by ignoring doctors.
      Or Insurance companies doing the same.

    • Do not corporations and wealthy and politicians spend $1000 or more a plate to attend functions where they lobby or shall we call it wine and dine government or politicians to get elected.

      We should find sone of the very expensive functions and perhaps the reason behind them. Perhaps all that money made on these functions can be used for the less fortunate

  • Justice and accountability for the complicit

    Mr. Best, before you write your book or do a movie, please give us a list of the complicit judges,administrators or police in charge who looked the other way and who were as complicit as the original malfeasors and just as guilty. This would include their photos with descriptions of each act of complicity whether it was a failure to act or deliberate falsification.

    Their Legacy needs to be told.

    Slansky was steadfast in the face of overwhelming pressure and intimidation. He is a true legal hero.

    • Bobbie Doolittle

      I was perusing twitter and the comments of people are a blast. They are not letting trudeau’s groping sexual assault get buried. In fact so many people were blasting Bob Rae and Trudeau on NBC with respect to the Kavanaugh confirmation hearing that’s taking place and they are embarrassing the RCMP and Canada with the scandal swirling over Kavanaugh for sexual improprieties. Yet its quiet about Justin. . Has the RCMP investigated this groping incidence. Or covered it up.

  • Captain Underpants XXX

    Is it the OPP that threatened by email. Is my source correct? Wouldn’t surprise me.

    Jimmy Dore interview was amazing. You spoke fluently . Confident and well informed. Facial expressions and especially your smile win people over as to your credibility. High points for your expose of corruption in the judicial system law enforcement and others.

    The amount of support must be overwhelming but refreshing.

  • Vexatious in the law denotes an action that has been brought about without sufficent grounds for winning and it is done to annoy the defendant.

    In the Donald Best case there was sufficient evidence. The Court didn’t want to listen to it . Thats because their was sufficient evidence to win and the Court couldn’t have that. The Cabal of morons couldnt lose.

    Based on the massive response to Mr. Bests interview with Jimmy Dore I believe the citizens realize that Donalds case was neither frivolous or vexatious. That the corrupt Court of Ontario is outright malicious corrupt and protecting criminals.

    What do you have to say to that you dirty Ontario Court system. You made your bed so now your lying in it.. Great pun intended.

    The many you tube listeners are asking that question. Only a few dislikes and we know who that is. Doug Ford you are not turning the stones to uncover the crooked so you can move them elsewhere to be covered.

    In 2010 OPP raided MacDonald Block on Bay Street. What happened there. Any charges or did the employees get protected. Did a union coerce you as well OPP. Please inform the citizens. We would like a briefing. Mr. Ford can you brief the citizens on what charges were laid.

  • Donald Best is a very brave man It takes a lot of courage to stand up to these people and I hope others will do the same.

    I would to take the opportunity to mention another very brave man Mr John Carten a lawyer who stood up to defend a man whoosh property was taken by government officials. Mr Carten recently passed away a hero

    please check out his website @ www. warwatercrimes

    • Water War Crimes

      Thanks for letting us know of the passing of John Carten. Very sad to hear. The water war crimes is very interesting. What happened to the disciplinary hearing against the crooked lawyer Harney last year. He get disbarred or did they cover him up as he helped steal the resort of the English family So to disbar him opens up a can of worms then. I see gangsters out blog they are trying to keep John Cartens work and memory alive.

  • Go to the link on Donalds Twitter.,,Kelly Denham Jane Doe vs CAS Kelly is innocent and apparently she is watched and they are doing unethical things. Every one on You Tube Jimmy Dore read Kelly Denhams story.

    Crooked are running rampant in Ontario. Money is King and citizens safety is chopped meat. Citizens are disposable. Cnildrens safety comes after money.

  • Frank Serpico revisited

    Frank Serpico stated in the Knapp Commission that 10% of cops were dirty 10 % were honest and 80% wish they were honest . Do you think that is any different today. . The Knapp Commission brought out recommendations for curbing corruption in the police forces . It stated the commanders or chiefs were responsible for those under them. It also stated a special prosecutor should be hired to probe police corruption. In 1992 another commission called the Mollen Commission was formed once again for police corruption in NYPD.

    Is Doug Ford going to organize a special prosecutor to probe police corruption in Ontario.

  • Frank Serpico has a twitter account. He says he supports courageous people. You and Paul Manning should follow him.

  • If it was not Valerie Findlay who brought the tapes in I apologize. But she reported these developments . Valerie Findlay I read is a consultant who has worked on Anti Gang and organized crime strategies so a very credible source.

    A cover up is going on in Ottawa. VERY huge story with this undercover operation. Glad to see police embarking on these types of operations and we call on police across the nation to follow suit as in every police force there is an organized crime mole or two. No point to hide tha. Special tasks forces need to be set up for this.
    Doug Ford you have told Paul Manning you will leave no stone unturned. Well lets see if you stick to your word. We have seen what Paul Manning gives you. We await his documents and tape recordings that will be made public soon. The dragging of his lawsuit indicates a massive cover up by the police involved and endangerment of the public.

    Govern yourself accordingly Ford and all the crooked involved.

  • A Valerie Findlay in Ottawa apparently tried to take into the Ottawa Police audio recordings of an undercover operation where the president of the Police union spoke of organized crime link to the Ottawa Police Service Board Eli El Chantiry. On July 4th they refused to take the audio recordings. On Sept.13 th once again the audio tapes were taken to the Ottawa Police and this time they accepted them. A summary report was made and days later they were privatized and assigned to the police officer who had refused them on July 4th. Not too bright a move to give it to this cop would you say.

    Paul Manning who posted these recordings on You Tube did so in the name of public interest. We the public thank him for doing so. Even though he removed the recording I found the same recording and taped it So Paul Manning is not the only one who leaked it.

    To denounce the statement made by the Ottawa Police on behalf of citizens Paul Manning never breached trust, Paul Manning did not endanger the public. The only people endangering the public are crooked police crooked government and organized crime.

    So Ottawa Police and your lawyers. You are endangering our lives by your cover up. By painting Paul Manning a lunatic. He might have PTSD but he is far from a lunatic. He is courgeous. Courage you do not possess. He is a loving father and amazing example of integrity.

    The blood of innocent victims of orgznized crime is on your hands unless you clean house.

    OPP do the job we pay you and do not drag your feet. We are watching. We are tired of crooked cops. We are tired of Maffia in our country. We are tired of ruthless politicians.

  • You need to Google Stephen Sinclair. He speaks of 2 OPP officers in Kirkland Lake area named Dube and Turner involved in some scam with stocks connected to an IDA pharmacy owned by family members. Kirkland Lake residents are losing as much as 90% on their investment. What a scam. What a fraud. The corruption in Canada is astronomical.

  • One comment on You Tube was from a BIF Webster. He commented on character assassination. Whose character was he talking about. The character assassination of Donald Best that lead to a prison sentence of 63 days. I hope not about the character of the lawyers and judge and cop. Now that would be a real laugh if he was. These guys assassinated their own characters.

  • We like whistleblowers too. Way to go Donald Best. Great interview and great expose of corruption in our judicial system. You’re definitely getting the story front and center embarassing the newspapers who had no integrity or courage to expose it in their papers.

    Thanks Jimmy Dore. Never heard of your show till now. Canada thanks you for helping to bring Donald Best story to the forefront. I see You Tube has gotten over 33000 views and climbing. That’s amazing. The point I loved the most was Mr. Best spoke of the power police have with their badge and gun and how they can access information or get others to investigate information and that is what is dangerous and very serious when crooked cops are involved or cops look the other way. Then when individuals whistle blow this power police hold can result in abuse of their powers to hurt the whistleblower and cover up corruption.

    I also agreed with Best’s comment that the system extorts guilty pleas and as his experience showed it is to cover up corruption many times. To cover up the cabal of powerful people .

    Thanks Jimmy Dore for sharing publicly that many credible people support Donald Best. Yes Mr. Best has many good people on his side. I see by the comments many consider Donald Best a hero and a very courageous person doing a great service for Canadians by outing corruption both in the judicial system law enforcement and government.
    The weasels named on this website and outed on the Jimmy Dore show are now made famous for their lying and corruption and cover up. But remember they did it to themselves and they have no one to blame but themselves

    I am so pleased to see that people do care and are willing to help whistle blowers regardless of what these powerful people try to do. Yes the Attorney General is desperate to cover Donald Best story but he sure isn’t succeeding. Thanks again Jimmy Dore for interviewing Mr. Best. Let’s keep putting the nails in the coffin of corruption in Canada.