Cassels Brock law firm motto “A Law Unto Ourselves” under a bird of prey

What elitism. What arrogance. I couldn’t believe my eyes when I read Cassels Brock’s motto on the law firm’s website* at ‘‘ : “A Law Unto Ourselves”

As a reminder, here’s what the phrase means… “One who ignores laws or rules”

Law firm logo… or motorcycle gang tattoo?

The bird of prey logo looks like a biker’s tattoo. (Law firms’ birds of prey eat clients and their bank accounts, right? The logo and motto must be quite the inside joke at Cassels Brock.)

You just can’t make stuff like this up. It’s wild that a major Canadian law firm would choose and publish on their website such an offensive motto and bird of prey biker tattoo – er, logo. But they did.

Maybe it’s an insider thing for partners, lawyers and law students. Somehow, I don’t think that clients are supposed to know about the motto, the logo and how Cassels Brock truly views the legal profession, itself, or clients.

And right at the bottom of the page: © 2017 CASSELS BROCK & BLACKWELL LLP.

(And to the Cassels Brock management committee; there was no need to copyright the tattoo. Really, I guarantee no other professional law firm is going to steal it. Then again, these are probably the kind of people who block their lawyers and employees from visiting See: Major Toronto Law Firms block employee visits to DonaldBest.CA)

Senior Partner Lorne S. Silver lied to the court, fabricated evidence

Perhaps their “A Law Unto Ourselves” motto explains the corporate culture at the Cassels Brock law firm – a culture where a senior partner’s misconduct is ignored even when it entails criminal offenses like perjury, fabricating evidence and obstructing justice.

For instance, Cassels Brock senior partner Lorne S. Silver (above) fabricated evidence and lied to the court orally and in writing. He even took an interest in a young articling student and taught him how to lie to the court too.

But don’t take my word for it. Read the detailed articles, listen to the secretly made voice recordings, examine the evidence and court exhibits – and make up your own mind. 

Here are a few DonaldBest.CA articles. After you’ve read them, try and think of a reason why Cassels Brock, Lorne Silver and a few other law firms and lawyers haven’t sued me in the over two years that some of the stories have been published. Why do think that might be?

“A Law Unto Ourselves”


*Just in case Cassels Brock takes down their logo and motto, I’ve captured their website page here. (Click to enlarge 480k photo)

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This article is written and published from Ontario, Canada by Donald Best



  • This recorded wrong doing is just one more reason to support CACL, Canadian Anti Corruption League. The legal industry is nothing short of a gang of thieves similar to the medical industry only even more damaging to the human spirit. When in a modern society you cannot get justice as designed and every one in the system is in their club then all faith in fairness is gone. As the late GEORGE CARLIN said ” it is one big fu**ing club any YOU ARE NOT IN IT.”

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  • UnF'ingBelievable!

    How appropriate the motto is for the legal profession! It is still up on the Cassels Brock website. It is over two weeks since this article. If they remove it now, it is an admission that the motto is bad. If they keep it they show their arrogance and prove the motto true.

  • March 23, 2017 at 5:11pm it is still up. “A Law Unto Ourselves”

    That is the more sophisticated version of the biker tattoos “FTW” and “1%”

  • It does look like a biker tattoo, doesn’t it? It is interesting that this was approved in a process according to the designers. That means that everyone in the Cassels corporate culture thought this was okay.

    The logo and motto are still up at the Cassels Brock website. Looks like nobody there gets it!

    • Still up Wednesday 1:40pm Toronto!

      Unbelievable motto for a bunch of lawyers! You are right Winnipeg. Cassels Brock doesn’t get it.

  • President Trump Cassels Brock teachable moment.

    Once in a while a person or an organization does something that reveals the truth. It happened many times to Trump where he lets his guard down and the truth slips out.

    This is what happened at Cassels Brock & Blackwell. Someone said the truth that lawyers prey upon client large and small and brag that they are the law.

    The truth slipped out. That is all that happened with this “A law unto ourselves” motto and a raptor as a mascott.

    • Not Donald Trump

      In this one case “President Trump” is correct that the truth slipped out. It was Cassels Brock elitism and arrogance like Donald says.

      Donald, do you have any problems with me posting your story on 4chan and Reddit? Let me know by email or here.

  • I sent a copy of your post to Law Times. Will they publish it?

  • Codestorm is Cassels Brock website design company

    Good evening Donald,

    The people who designed the Cassels website are:

    Codestorm Inc.
    35 Harvard Road
    P.O. box 21057
    Guelph, Ontario N1G 4T3

    They have the site listed as an example of their work, along with photos of the biker tattoo that was there from the start and approved of by Cassels Brock management so Codestorm says.

    They say it is a unique website. It is that!

    Cassels Student Site

    Cassels wanted to create a new student site that reflected what students wanted to see from the Firm as well as integrate the back-end content management system with their main site to avoid duplicate entry and data management.

    The Solution

    Cassels included their students from the very start of the website design process. From reviewing the designs submitted from various design firms to the features that would be included in the final site. The combination of innovative design and Codestorm’s Webcomplete 5.1 for back-end data management proved to be the winning combination. The end result is a unique site for law firm students that combines all the content that law students need to have as a resource along with some fun features, such as the photo/video gallery and chat where students can actively participate all wrapped up in a creative student inspired design.

  • Find a great interest in these articles Mr. Best since our family too has become a victim of this legal mafia. What I can not under stand is that it is the twentieth century and it is still impossible to protect yourself from the LSUC and its union members!

    They have had over a century to make sure this system is fair and just but seems to be a complete mirage. The lawyers and their Law Societies have modified and monopolized this entire system to protect them selves and nobody else with their policies.

    I was advised by a member of the LSUC that I could go to the assessment office at our local court house to apply to get your legal fees back. I took another day off work to deal with this and when I talked to the lady at the counter she said I only had 30 days from last billing date to file an application. Well these lawyers are laughing at this policy as they can exploit this also all our lawyers would ask for retainer fees then fronts on more legal fees then wait several weeks and quit.

    Now we have to get a lawyer to try to sue the many first lawyers? Well we tried to talk to one and he said he needed $20,000 to look into it! How is this fair to anybody as they can exploit this assessment office also? Their should be no time limit on the assessment office since the LSUC took 2 years to tell us it is out of their jurisdiction and by then 9 lawyers have come and gone involved with our estate accomplishing nothing.

    Has this assessment office ever paid out any victim of lawyers?

    They should have a victim behind the counter who can simply call the lawyer and ask why he refused to provide the service requested. If no good answer is replied then the lawyer should have his license suspended till he pays back his client.

    Their is no way to protect yourself even with the many policies in place as they have all been modified by the lawyers themselves. I am sure if some of these simple policy changes were addressed the lawyers would not be doing any of this as they would have to pay their victims back and waste their time also. Hard to make money when you’re giving it back so they would have to do what is asked of them.

  • Obviously one of those insider things the public is not supposed to know about. They should have password protected it for staff only.

  • That is WILD! Some poor bastard at Cassels is going to catch hell on Monday morning.

    One of those WTF? and WHAT WERE THEY THINKING? moments to enjoy!