Canada’s Largest Pharmacy Chain Quietly Deletes ‘Trans’ From Pride Month

Shoppers Drug Mart publicly embraced the Transgender Agenda from 2021 to 2022 – But Not Now.

The Bud Light Effect – or something much deeper?

Shoppers Drug Mart admits it supplies and injects hormones for ‘Transitioning’ people – Does that include puberty blockers and hormones for children? 

In Part 1 of our investigative series Exploring the Trans-Industrial-Complex, former Toronto Police Detective Donald Best interviews a Shoppers Drug Mart hormone replacement patient.

This is the horrific story of transsexual-woman Lois Cardinal – a Shoppers Drug Mart hormone patient “On a mission to save vulnerable children and young people from the predatory trans-industry that destroyed me.”

Lois Cardinal: Transsexual Woman & Shoppers Drug Mart Patient – On a Mission to “save vulnerable children and young people from the Predatory Trans-Industry.”

“I woke up in the Recovery Room. And like that, just like that – Regret. That Instant. Regret.

Oh My God, I shouldn’t have done that! I should have listened to my intuition. Instead I listened to others.”

A Sterilized Indian Celebrates PRIDE Month by Burning a Flag

On Saturday June 3, 2023, self-described “Sterilized Indian” Lois Cardinal marked Pride Month by going to the Shoppers Drug Mart that supplies the hormone treatments that he can never stop taking since his disastrous sex change surgery in 2009.

At Shoppers, Lois purchased a ‘Progressive Pride’ flag. Within 24 hours almost half a million people had watched online as he cut the ‘trans’ triangle from the flag and burned it, declaring…

“I reclaimed the flag, and I burned the ideologies, the sterilization of children and vulnerable people, and I am taking a stand.”

“Transition is Conversion Therapy, and I will NOT STAND for it.” 

The next day Lois spoke to me for over three hours from his Alberta home on a Treaty 6 Reservation where he was born, raised, and lives now.

His story is that of a child who knew he was different, of a youth attracted to other males, and of a 14 year old vulnerable teen who at 18 finally succumbed to years of propaganda and pressure from the trans-industry. Looking back, Lois recognizes that he was depressed, upset, and confused as many teens are to some degree.

In hindsight, he also realizes just how vulnerable he was at the time because of his youth, his sexual feelings and awakening, and the culture and reality of growing up on a Reserve.

Quick Approvals – The Sex-Change Business Needs Customers for Profits

Lois tells of a short one hour initial medical ‘assessment’ in October 2007 where the doctor declared him to be ‘feminine’, accepted him into the transitioning program, and immediately prescribed testosterone blocker. The doctor also wrote in a report, “Lois is depressed but that will disappear once she is on estrogen.”

Taking a patient into the transitioning program after only a single one hour meeting was, according to Lois, unusual and a violation of the normal program procedures. Acceptance into the program was supposed to be given only after a series of meetings and assessments over several months. The doctor next saw Lois again six months later in April, 2008.

In November of 2008, Lois started estrogen prescribed by doctors at the University of Alberta’s Division of Endocrinology and Metabolism.

Rushed – Pushed into Irreversible Surgery to Ensure Government Funding

The transitioning program was supposed to take an initial two years of assessment, education, and lifestyle changes – and then another two to four years living as a transsexual before what is euphemistically referred to as ‘bottom surgery.’

But the Alberta Government funding for the program was ending, so the trans-industry rush-approved Lois for the irreversible surgery. This was done even though one of his psychiatrists reported that he did not meet all the criteria and did not pass the assessment.

The shortened timeline was two years sooner than he had initially been told to expect.

Lois still had only a general idea of what the surgery entailed, so the Alberta doctors provided him with videos of the surgical procedure – videos that even at this stage of the program he had never seen before. He couldn’t watch more than a few minutes because he found it so upsetting.

Lois told me that he was relieved when he heard that the program funding had stopped because he had been having serious doubts. But how could he explain to the doctors – authorities that he had been trained to trust since he was a child – that he thought he wanted the surgery, just not right now?

Nobody ever asked if he watched the video or questioned him about what he had seen.

When he expressed doubts about going ahead with the surgery, he was universally told that doubts were normal and he would get over them. Program staff indicated that it was “Now or never” if he wanted the government funding. As he had no way to pay for the expensive surgery on his own, with growing doubts he agreed to proceed.

Availability of Government Funding Ensured His Mutilation Would Proceed

On September 10, 2009, just two business days before the scheduled surgery, he flew to Montreal with travel expenses paid for by the program’s government funds. Lois had never before met or even talked with the surgeon. Fear replaced doubt. He felt pressured into making the decision to have surgery that would cut off his penis and testicles.

The entire transitioning program and the medical industry operating it had been all about achieving this moment. An unsophisticated, conflicted, young man from the Reserve felt powerless, pressured, and alone.

“I was the most scared I had ever been in my life. I should have listened to my gut instinct.”

The next day a frightened Lois deliberately missed his pre-surgery consultation in Montreal. When he finally gathered the courage to attend at the clinic, instead of asking how he was feeling the clinic staff angrily berated him. They now had to reschedule his pre-surgery appointment at the surgeon’s practice.

When Lois and the surgeon met for the first and only time before the next day’s operation, it was only for a quick 20 minutes during which the surgeon examined his penis and “constantly picked his nose.” The surgeon declared the penis large enough that he could invert it to perform vaginoplasty – the creation of an artificial vagina.

The next morning as Lois was sitting on the gurney in the clinic hospital – naked and about to be taken into surgery – he felt consumed by the urge to run. He repeatedly told the nurses “I don’t think I should do this.” They said “calm down” and assured him that “everybody feels this way”.

“So when they wheeled me into the operating room I was panicking. I went to get up and they said that they were gonna give me a spinal epidural… And they’re putting me in a headlock and stuck me in the back with a needle. That was so painful.”

The next thing he remembers was waking up in the Recovery Room…

“I woke up in the Recovery Room. And like that, just like that – Regret. That Instant. Regret. 

Oh My God, I shouldn’t have done that! I should have listened to my intuition. Instead I listened to others.”


by Donald Best

Coming in Part 2… A Transsexual-Woman’s Lost Years of Regret, Sorrow, and Self-Harm.

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  • Chester Malcolm

    I am heart broken for this person along with the thousands of other “detransitioners” who have been exploited into this very egregious indoctrination by this cult.
    I can not believe how our politicians, health care professionals and schools have not fought back. I do not understand why we are not filing class-action lawsuits against the politicians, schools and pharma. These cults are no difference than the Jonestown, Branch Davidians or Scientology.
    We will persevere to rid our country of the sexual exploitation of our children. Even the LBG community supports us, they are Gays Against Groomers.
    Many more sad stories to come until we oust this ideology out of the country.