Ottawa Police Prosecutor Vanessa Stewart Likens Detective Helen Grus to Serial Rapist-Murderer Russell Williams

Hearing Officer Superintendent Chris Renwick allows outrageous comparison over defense objections

Stewart Court Attire

Every time we think that the internal hearing against Ottawa Police Detective Helen Grus can’t get any wilder – Prosecutor Vanessa Stewart yells “HOLD MY BEER!” and once again proves us wrong.

Accompanying her outrageous courtroom behaviour with fashion statements and hi-heeled boots that rival anything seen on Ottawa’s Gladstone Strip, Prosecutor Stewart seems to have little sense of decorum and propriety. Every day she makes the hearing into a theatre of the absurd where the audience can’t even guess at her next act.

You can’t make this up!

On Wednesday, January 10, 2024 Prosecutor Vanessa Stewart cross-examined defense witness Ottawa Police Service Sergeant Major (retired) Peter Danyluk.

In earlier testimony Danyluk described Detective Helen Grus as having a calm demeanor when she spoke with him about her investigation and concerns with the mRNA Covid ‘vaccines’.

Prosecutor Vanessa Stewart then despicably likened ‘calm demeanor’ Detective Helen Grus to ‘calm’ Serial Rapist – Murderer Russell Williams

Prosecutor Stewart – “You would agree that good people can make bad decisions.”

Witness Danyluk – “Anybody would agree with that. Yes.”

Prosecutor Stewart – “You would agree with me, people who appear calm can make bad decisions?”

Witness Danyluk – “Yes”

Prosecutor Stewart – “So people who appear calm can make bad decisions. I can give you a specific example. In the course of your career, did you ever have a chance to watch the interview of Russell Williams?”

Witness Danyluk – “Possibly”

Prosecutor Stewart – “I’m going to suggest that during the video of his interview Russell Williams was extremely calm.”

Defense Counsels Bath-Sheba van den Berg and Blair Ector – “OBJECTION!”

At this exchange the public gallery looked at each other in amazement, shaking their heads and wondering what idiocy would be next. They didn’t have long to wait…

Defense Lawyers Allege Criminal Witness Intimidation, Obstruction of Justice by Professional Standards Inspector

Insp. Hugh O’Toole

At a little after 3pm just before Detective Grus was to testify in her own defense, lead counsel Bath-Sheba van den Berg and co-counsel Blair Ector informed Hearing Officer Chris Renwick that Professional Standards Inspector Hugh O’Toole had sent an intimidating and threatening email to Detective Grus just prior to her scheduled testimony.

The email threatened that if Detective Grus gave certain evidence and referred to certain Ottawa Police documents in her testimony, the Ottawa Police Professional Standards Unit would launch another investigation against her.

This email was sent directly to the witness as she was about to testify – not to her defense lawyers.

In the chaos that followed Prosecutor Vanessa Stewart also threatened Detective Grus – stating that Stewart had “Put (Grus and her lawyers) on Notice” about the use of certain Ottawa Police documents as evidence. By her comments, Stewart also revealed that she had prior knowledge about the threatening email and was probably in collusion with Inspector O’Toole in delivering the threat.

My next report will provide full details of the threats to Detective Grus and an update on further developments.

After consultation with some of my lawyer friends, I am of the strong opinion that the intimidating and threatening email from Ottawa Police Inspector Hugh O’Toole meets the criminal threshold for:

– Intimidating a Justice System Participant (CC 423.1 (1) b),

– Obstruction of Justice (CC 139 (2) AND (3) )

Next Hearing Date – About February 14 / 15, 2024

When the hearing adjourned on Thursday, January 11, 2024 the parties were discussing the next hearing dates to be confirmed on or about February 14 / 15, 2024 – but no date has yet appeared on the Ottawa Police hearings website.

News Media Articles about the latest chaos in the Detective Grus Hearing

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January 11, 2024 – (Matthew Horwood – The Epoch Times) Chaos Erupts at Hearing of Ottawa Detective as Lawyers File Report Accusing Superior of Witness Intimidation

January 10-11, 2024 – (Vlad Tepes – RAIR Foundation) Exclusive Trial Update on Helen Grus: Canadian Police Target Own Detective for Daring to Question Role of ‘Covid Vaccines’ in Death of 9 Babies

January 10, 2024 – (Matthew Horwood – The Epoch Times) Lawyers Accuse Officer of Witness Tampering, Intimidation of Detective Who Looked Into COVID Vaccine, Child Deaths

For more, see the ‘Detective Grus Case’ tab at the top of my website.

Donald Best

January 24, 2024 – 1045am Eastern Time


  • Thank you Donald for such excellent coverage of the police officer Helen Grus trial. It is very thorough and thought provoking. The comments are priceless and indicate we have many courageous people who prove thry would have hidden the Jews during Nazi Germany attrocities.

    The removal of Vanessa Stewart is not enough. We need this trial shut down. This trial needs to be filed at the international criminal court at the Hague. Human Rights abuses occur due to state and crooked police and justice system shreddimg rule of law and abusig power. The United Nations indicates that corruption brings about human rights abuses creating hardship for citizens.

    The moral dilemma faced by Ottswa Police and other police forces and honorable people in the government is this very fact from our history lessons,

    ^It was a crime to hide the Jews but legal to kill the Jews. A moral compass so out of control and this very mentality permeating society today. Who has courage to stop it. Dead babies from a forced experimental shot or from scaring people into taking it needs investigating and putting a police officer on trial to stop investigatimg is a hitler like mentality.

    Who has courage like the Danes who helped hide Jews and saved over 7000 Jews from death from the nazis. That same courage is needed today. We dont have history lessons to ignore. We learn and develop courage. We make changes for the good of humanity and we do not allow egos to stand in the way of honor love and compassion and get our backs up at loving admonition.

    Donald I can safely say you would have helped theJews during Nazi Germany to be saved. We can all ask ourselves do we display the same courage as many of the people of Denmark. A couragous German high up in the German army in the occupation of Denmark displayed such courage. He was responsible for leaking information to save the Jews.

    Who will have courage to end this scam trial? Who will have courage to file this trial as a criminal complaint at the Hague? I believe lawyers and police are in that position to lead the way.

    We still search for nazi war criminals to this day. So we need to hold those accountable for a mockery of a police trial that damages the credibility of all police and the judicial system.

  • Everyone needs to listen to the Regina Watteel interview with Leighton Gray. Regina Watteel has written a book available on Amazon called Fismans fraud. David Fisman of Toronto and the Dalla Lana School of public health was responsible for a paper stating that vaccinated mixing with the unvaccinated was dangerous. A fraud paper and Regina”s book outs the fraud. Regina had a interview with the Ontario Provimcial Police giving them a 150 page report outing the fraud. They have done nothing just like they sit back and watch the fraud of this trial against Detective Helen Grus and do nothing.

    David Fismans fraud is further noted from over a decade ago where David Fisman stated models are fudged or inflated as respect to viruses and cases and deaths. David Fisman has spoke of Farrs Law of epidemiology where for viruses they follow a natural bell curve and come down. They do not accelerate indefinately . This destroys the fudged models and fraud of covid and then the vaccine as noted in Regina”s book. The media should be asking David Fisman what he wrote over a decade ago for H1N1. His words destroyed Neil Ferguson back in 2009 2010 and a need for a vaccine. The truth was outed back then. David Fismzn even destroyed the use of a pcr test to call a death from covid. Only a serological test can do that. We know they were not using that test only PCR to label a death a covid death. The fraud of covid.

    We wouldnt have a Detective Grus trial if the fraud was held to account before the criminal coercion of the vaccine occurred. Before pregnant and breastfeeding moms were coerced to use an experimental product of which they did not need The fraud of the vaccine and vaccine mandates clearly outed in Regina Watteel”s book.. The fraud study of David Fisman needs to be retracted and the police check the financial earnings of David Fisman. I heard David Fisman came to fame because of Donald Trumps possible stand on vaccines and Fisman was used to attack Trump a few years before covid so investigators might like to check this route for money chain and reasons for fraud.

    I also hear rumblings of monkeypox scare going to be used again by the same fraudsters behind covid fear mongering. See through it all. The vaccines have caused skin rashes pimples and shingles both through intake and shedding so important to take care of these ailments naturally. Many many amazing natural health care products to use and when Naomi Wolf gets banned on you tube for talking about natural skin care products then you know who is behind censorship.

    So we ask the OPP who were given Regina Wateel”s 150 page report outing Fismans fraud what they plan on doing for abusing their positions and breachimg public trust through inaction of this fraud and criminal coercion to take these experimental shots.

  • They take the definition of kangaroo court and take it to new heights with this sham trial and persecution of a dedicated police officer who did her job competently and was troubled by these out of the ordinary baby deaths occurring and with a mind and thought processes that any police detective should possess her skills at detective work brought her to question the vaccines which any honest honorable person regardless of being a police detective or not would question as the focal point of an investigation. Only makes sense to reasonable people.

    The government and police forces are proving to be lawless in Canada, The only way to bring accountability is sue these critters and file police complaints for breach of trust and abuse of power and this sham trial of Detective Grus is both a criminal breach of trust and criminal abuse of power along with criminal intimidation.

    The invocation of the Emergency Act has been proven to be lawless and unjust and anyone reading the Emergency Act realizes the criminal abuse of power that was done by the government because the very Act requires that the Bill of Rights and Charter of Rights be the guiding point to follow and the Emergency Act replaced the old War Measures Act that was used by the former PM Pierre Elliott Trudeau in the Quebec Crisis of 1970 that was essentially abuse by the RCMP at the request of the government. Like father like son. Both abuse the law and the processes of the judicial system. Both use crooked cops that abuse power and breach trust
    I am sure this despicable crown prosecutor doesnt do her homework or she should know what the Emergency Act involves. How many lawyers actually research this. The former Minister of Justice and Attorney General of Canada is trying to subvert the Federal Court ruling of the unlawful use of the Emergency Act when in fact he was caught in many lies and those lies constitute abuse of power and breach of trust.

    The Emergency Act clearly states that the government has to compensate citizens who they breach their charter so we will be waiting for compensation for all unvaccinated Canadians and those whose bank accounts were frozen or were arrested for protesting. Do the class action lawyers need anymore proof. Read the Emergency Act and do your job. Also the Emergency Act cannot be used for a labour dispute and the vaccine mandate at the border hindered the truckers from doing their jobs and the government proved this because they told federal workers to go to the tribunals to grieve the vaccine mandates. They cant have it both ways and they are caught.

    This inept disgusting crown prosecutor using Colonel Russell Williams who was a serial rapist and murderer is a far cry from a competent police officer investigating suspicious unprecedented baby deaths and is absolutely appalling and shows the lengths these evil people will go to win and keep their egos intact., Disgusting behavior known the world over. The fraud is outed as Dr Anthony Fauci is being grilled in a congressional hearing in the USA where he has admitted social distancing was never based on science. They just made it up as they went along. The same for masks and a vaccine made for fraudulent purposes that has been killing and harming people is a very serious charge, The fraud has been outed and the kracken variant really drove home the fraud and scare tactics. The same players including the media who tried to scare the people last year because people were living normally free of masks and refusing any more vaccines indicates the lengths they go to gain control and kudos to humanity for not complying. The absolute fraud is seen in the fact they tried to scare people that you could get covid variant kracken from the beach and ocean waters because people were travelling like normal free of masks to the warmer climates and refusing any more vaccines. The scary variant Kracken the mother of all variants they said wasnt very scary and disappeared on its own. Imagine that. Same for ERIS variant the greek goddess of strife. They certainly love using vivid names to call these variants. The scam is uncovered. We the people uncovered the scam. Its right there in their faces. The truth cannot be denied. So stay tune for the next scam called Disease X. H5N1 perhaps. This scam trial of Detective Grus needs to end. The destruction of the rule of law and kangaroo courts is being seen the world over with Canada the laughing stock of the world. Can the lawyers please press criminal complaints so that the tarnished reputation of the police and judicial citizens is fixed by honest people.

  • At a minimum, Stewart needs to be investigated by the Upper Canada Law Society.
    As a former O.P.P., I find this extremely troubling. These surpasses slander and moves directly into criminal libel!
    We cannot allow Crown prosecutors or Municipal prosecutors ro make public statements like this.
    In my opinion, Stewart has now created bias and needs to be removed ASAP!
    The court cannot let this stand or we will begin walking down a path, which may become irretrievable?
    In conclusion, this is one of ,if not, the most unprofessional behavior I’ve witnessed!
    Disgraceful 👎🏻

    • Well said Steve. Having been present for most days of this farce of a hearing, I can attest to the fact they disallowed Helens defence witnesses due to their “Bias.” Meanwhile the first 2 weeks were swallowed up by prosecution witnesses, whom several of had an obvious bias against Helens stance on the mandates etc. One witness had a blazon professional/personal jealousy towards Helen. Chris Renwick is way out of his field legally and Id love to know if he has a third party legal opinion available to him or if he’s merely using Venessa Stewart and her crew to provide him legal opinion.

  • They are simply amazing Donald. Damaged egos.