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What’s that old saying about there being no bad publicity?

by Donald Best, former Sergeant, Detective, Toronto Police

by Donald Best, former Sergeant, Detective, Toronto Police

Now I truly understand why (according to a friendly TorStar reporter) the Toronto Star has had an editor’s ‘kill’ on my story for the past three years – to the point of removing my reader comments from their website even when my comments had nothing to do with my legal case or personal situation.

The Toronto Star made ‘Donald Best’ and ‘DonaldBest.CA’ disappear from their website.

Could it be libel chill that caused the newspaper to censor my story, name and website? Could it have something to do with the fact that two of the senior lawyers I sued regularly act for the Toronto Star and other mainstream news media, even representing them all the way to the Supreme Court of Canada on occasion?

Big Media won’t allow their journalists to cover my story

In the last few years I’ve been interviewed by many Canadian journalists from such outlets as the Toronto Star, National Post, Sun Media, Globe and Mail and CTV.

It usually starts in the same manner. The reporter stumbles across my website, listens to the voice recordings, downloads the transcripts and other evidence and then contacts me almost breathless for an interview. Their instinct tells them there are several good stories here, and their healthy professional skepticism is soon satisfied by the quality of my evidence.

(It’s tough to dispute forensically-certified voice recordings of me telling lawyers that I did NOT receive a certain court order – and then read the same lawyers’ sworn testimony and transcripts falsely telling the judge that during the same telephone call I ‘confessed’ that I HAD received the court order. What the lawyers did is called ‘perjury’ and ‘obstruct justice’.)

Each time I politely answer the journalist’s questions, provide them with the backup evidence they request, and each time nothing appears in the news media. A very few journalists contacted me afterwards and in a forthright manner explained in frustration and perhaps some shame what I already knew was happening.

The mainstream news media has censored my story since 2013, yet four days ago on June 21, 2016, only hours after the Appeal Court of Ontario released a decision that was critical of my lawyer Paul Slansky, the Toronto Star, National Post and Toronto Sun all ran the same one-sided, incomplete and inaccurate story about my lawyer and my case.

Journalist Colin Perkel

Award-winning senior Canadian Press Journalist Colin Perkel

Did the powers that be decide that the award-winning Canadian Press reporter Colin Perkel should write a story and it would be published nationwide? Or, did Mr. Perkel somehow trip across an Appeal Court release within a few hours, decide to cover the story himself and then convince his editors to publish?

Mr. Perkel never contacted me. His story contains inaccuracies, no background and certainly no reference to DonaldBest.CA where Canadians can listen to voice recordings, examine the evidence and decide what happened for themselves.  Read more

Twitter censors top Jian Ghomeshi #Ghomeshi tweet by yours truly

by Donald Best, former Sergeant, Detective, Toronto Police

by Donald Best, former Sergeant, Detective, Toronto Police

My latest #Ghomeshi tweet lasted all of 37 minutes on the #Ghomeshi hashtag before Twitter made it disappear. (See @DonaldBestCA for my twitter feed)

During that short 37 minutes, my tweet was re-tweeted 32 times and then… nothing. My tweet disappeared from the ‘Top’ tweets, leaving as the current ‘top’ a tweet by Chatelane editor Sarah Boesveld that has only been retweeted 24 times in in 16 hours.

So let’s be clear…

My tweet = 32 re-tweets in 37 minutes, then removed by Twitter censors.

Sarah Boesveld’s tweet = 24 re-tweets in 16 hours, but mine is gone and hers is the ‘Top’ #Ghomeshi hashtag tweet.

Obviously, my Tweet did not meet the political and social opinion test by Twitter thought police – even if the public loved it.

What did Sarah Boesveld say that Twitter approves of? Here it is…

Jian Ghomeshi Tweet 1

What did I say that was re-tweeted 32 times in 37 minutes but was then taken down by the Twitter censors?

Here it is…

Jian Ghomeshi Tweet 2#Ghomeshi court saga ends with a whimper. A lesson for all lying victims who feel the truth is not enough under oath. 

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