Famed NYPD Detective Frank Serpico Slams Ottawa Police Cover-up In Grus Case

“Incompetence or criminality will go to any length not to be exposed even at the cost of innocent infant lives.

Legendary New York Police Detective and Medal of Honor recipient Frank Serpico has slammed the Ottawa Police Service for covering up an investigation into the potential connection between mRNA ‘vaccines’ and Sudden Infant Deaths.

Detective Serpico says this cover-up is proceeding even though it puts “innocent infant lives” at risk.

OPS Detective Helen Grus faces internal Police Act charges for conducting “unauthorized” investigations into the sudden deaths of nine infants – where she sought to know the vaccine status of the mothers in January, 2022.

Detective Serpico’s powerful comment highlights the ongoing Ottawa Police cover-up that is operating at several levels:

1. Detective Grus’s inquiries into potential connections between mRNA and nine Sudden Infant Deaths (SIDS) ended when she was suspended and charged for ‘unauthorized’ investigations. Her investigation was stopped cold and the cover-up began.

2. During the April 28, 2023 hearing, citizens and journalists heard confirmation that the original Ottawa Police investigations into the nine SIDS deaths were substandard – even shoddy – with incomplete reports and sloppy investigations. The original assigned detectives did not even consider the possibility that the mothers’ Covid vaccine status could impact the baby in the womb, or through breastfeeding. This, despite numerous studies (including CDC VAERS data) confirming injuries and deaths of breastfed infants.

3. The Ottawa Police refuse to release written decisions in the case made by the Trials Officer Superintendent (Retired) Chris Renwick. The OPS also refuses to release the motions made by the prosecution or defense counsel. In effect, a good portion of the trial is being conducted secretly and out of the public view and knowledge.

4. The Ottawa Police falsely informed the public and journalists that Trials Officer Renwick had not made a decision on a certain motion, when he had in fact made the decision some two months previously in January.

5. The Ottawa Police cancelled the ‘Teams’ internet broadcast of the Grus case – despite continuing to broadcast other disciplinary cases scheduled as far in the future as November 29, 2023. This limits the ability of citizens to view the Grus case, and limits the news media to only those journalists who are able to personally attend the hearing. This is a deliberate Ottawa Police strategy to limit transparency and media coverage.

Ottawa Police cancelled broadcast of Grus Trial – while continuing to broadcast others.

Detective Serpico had earlier praised the Ottawa Police for internet broadcasting the Grus hearings as a “breakthrough in police transparency” – but now suspects that a cover-up is in progress and says “innocent infant lives” are at risk due to the Ottawa Police failure to investigate the potential connection between mother’s vaccine status and the SIDS deaths of newborn and breastfeeding infants.

The only Ottawa Police Detective to properly investigate these infant deaths now faces charges for doing so.

Whether the Grus Trial is broadcast on the internet or not, the world will be watching this most important legal event.

Detective Frank Serpico testifies at the Knapp Commission into Police Corruption

New York Police Detective Frank Serpico

Retired NYPD Detective Frank Serpico rose to fame with his whistleblowing on widespread police corruption in 1970. His testimony before the Knapp Commission resulted many indictments against corrupt New York police officers. He also testified in court to convict corrupt police officers.

In 1971, Detective Serpico was shot in face during a drug raid that had the hallmarks of a set-up by corrupt cops as revenge for his testifying against fellow officers.

Contrary to public belief, Detective Serpico was not awarded the Medal of Honor for his anti-corruption work, but for bravery during a shootout where he was wounded, and then shot the man who attempted to murder him.

A best-selling biography by author Peter Maas (Serpico, The Valachi Papers, King of the Gypsies, Underboss) brought Serpico’s story of police corruption to the world. In 1973 actor Al Pacino – fresh off his success in The Godfather – played the role Serpico in the award-winning movie of the same name.

At 87 years of age, Frank Serpico continues his decades of activism – speaking out about civil liberties, police brutality and corruption.

Detective Serpico inspired an entire generation of young police officers to stand against corruption and was probably single-handedly responsible for the end of general ‘beat collections’ in New York City and throughout North America – including in Toronto, Canada where I was sworn as a Police Constable in 1975. (And yes, Toronto once had corrupt ‘beat collections’ from shop owners.)

NOTE: This article is available in French here.


  • Detective Grus needs to do her own homework like Shaun Rickard and Karl Harrison did in the vaccine mandate for travel lawsuit. Their affidavits in Court were successful even though the government tried to have parts of it removed from the record.

    Detective Grus needs to do FOI of hospitals during covid that were empty during 2020 and profits made as has been done in the USA and then after vaccine rollout it became busier. Health Canada is caught in lies. They say they completed reviewing the Pfizer docs forced by court order to be released and saw no new adverse events for concern yet the date they ended their review is before much of the documents were released. Strange. Even more strange is the 1200 deaths recorded in those documents within 90 days. 1200 deaths isn’t a concern to Health Canada?

    Myocarditis was added to the vaccine as a warning by Health Canada in June 2021 yet never were people told at the vaccination clinics of this including parents and did doctors do tropinin levels test after administering these shots as was done in one Swiss Healthcare where healthy workers had tropinin tests done after getting the vaccines and tropinin levels were still high after 3 days in many. They called myocarditis mild so how many kids had myocarditis go undetected just thinking it was a pulled muscle and this silent killer is ready to attack at any moment. A social media doc stated he had many patients in their 30s and 40s complaining of chest pain shoveling snow. It must be severe as he told them to have it checked out. That’s weird when healthy unvaccinated even in their 50s and 60s and 70sc do not have that and it was usually those in their late 60s and 70s who were warned in the past of not ignoring chest pain when shoveling. What could be causing the young to experience chest pain when doing a simple task as shovelling snow which is healthy exercise. This is real life data that needs investigating. A good detective follows their instincts and researches like Detective Grus was trying to do. Children in their teens should not be getting chest pain when shoveling snow and the vaccine will be the common denominator in investigation by any good doctor. If the vaccines cause myocarditis in the young then what do you think it may do to healthy babies in the womb as it crosses the placenta as was known in animal studies of rats. They couldn’t ignore the myocarditis in under 30 healthy especially 12 to 17 year olds so then how come it’s ignored for pregnant females many who were under 30 with unborn babies in their bodies? Perhaps the OB/Gyn who were paid lots of money to push these vaccines can answer that simple question. Same for Health Canada.

    The questions are endless and the focus is on the safety aspect of these vaccines and the coercion bullying and outright attacks to citizens of Canada to get these vaccines or else is the criminal aspect to be dealt with.

    Health Canada is reading these comments so they can fess up to what they did. Edward Dowd is exposing the numbers of disabled and deaths that have skyrocketed since the vaccine rollout and he uses data average from 2016 to 2020 to show it. Health Canada cannot cover that up. They may threaten doctors reporting adverse events through their respective bodies and doctors who write exemptions to the covid vaccines but data from insurance companies cannot be hidden. In fact as myocarditis is a warning on the vaccines and doctors were threatened with licenses being taken away for writing health exemptions many doctors are criminally responsible for refusing to write a health exemption to those who got myocarditis on the first dose. Health Canada as well. The data doesn’t lie either on the fact nearly 2 million Canadians refused the 2nd dose by the time vaccine mandates were in place. Why would they refuse it when 2 was needed to work or travel on planes or even go to movies and restaurants. Makes no sense unless they were injured or died from the 1st dose. This needs investigation on cover up of vaccine injuries or deaths.

  • What is happening to Detective Helen Grus is unbelievable but it really does out the criminals for the world to see.

    The same criminals denied a 35 year old Sudbury Ontario man a kidney transplant because he was unvaccinated and he died in May. Very tragic and outs the hazi mentality running rampant in Canada,

    The doctors can go and protest at Queens Park for more money but are silent on the refusal of a transplant due to vaccination status. Pretty sad what doctors have become. They sell their souls for money,

    Let’s sum it up in a nutshell to separate the stupid evil from good . It’s so bad to die from covid but ok to die from kidney failure because they refuse to give you a transplant. Same level as nazi Germany. It was against the law to hide the Jews but the law said it was OK to kill the Jews. When you can reason properly on this and be outraged at the manslaughter of this young Sudbury father of 5 then you can classify yourself as a good person. This man had his 2 brothers willing to donate their kidneys and yet the doctors and hospital of Sudbury refused to do the surgery which is considered an easier transplant and common. Pretty sick puppies in Canada masquerading as doctors.

  • When it comes to corruption in public office, criminality by police officers takes the top spot.

  • Vito Rizzutto head of the Montreal crime family stepped off a plane in Toronto at Pearson after serving nearly 7 years in an American prison for conspiring to kill 3 men and he wasn’t arrested. Why not? Yet Bill Majcher was arrested after stepping off a plane in Vancouver on Tuesday and obviously let go then re arrested on Thursday from an Quebec judge and we know many corrupt judges in Quebec so the legitimacy of the arrest warrant is called into question and I believe readers when searching would put 2 and 2 together that Bruce Gorcyca the whistle-blower exiled in China might have met up with Bill Majcher there thus arresting Bill Majcher who lived in Hong Kong would be an easy target for a trumped charge giving secrets to China. I agree that Bil. Majcher was probably coming to Canada to bring evidence.

    Definately crooked cops have incriminated themselves and crooked judges as well. The Justice Dept of Canada refused to go ahead on charges against these crooked crowns and lawyers and judges who were money laundering and rigging court cases even with wiretaps and honest CRA agents have complained of elites being protected by higher ups who are tax evading and ommitting other crimes.

    This is all connected in that criminal enterprise that is at work in Canada.

  • I see intimidation tactics against William Matjcher former RCMP agent who outed corruption in the justice system and even more important he had helped bust crooked lawyer trafficking in drugs.

    The RCMP no doubt have done trumped up charges against Matjcher so who was he coming to Canada to see. He wouldn’t come to Canada if he was actually selling to the Chinese. Way too smart to do that. He was coming for a reason and any charges out of Quebec is connected to the laurentian elites and crooked RCMP so it connects to the William Gilmour and drugs into Canada fiasco no doubt. Bil. Matcher was trying to help the English family get their stolen Pacific Rim Resort back connected to crooked lawyers and politicians.

    It’s everywhere on the internet so the crooked RCMP have just outed they are connected to a sophisticated crime network. That crime network is attached to the Robert Pickton murders as well and snuff films and elites. It’s a matter of connecting the dots that brings you to this conclusion that Bill Matjcher was arrested to silence him and intimidate like they have done to Detective Grus. Bill Matjcher was friends with Dere k Snowdy the detective who outed the organized crime and politicians and dirty cops in Hamilton and Peel.

    Someone is getting nervous here.

  • I am suing RCMP for unlawful arrest of a peaceful protester and failure to investigate govt cover-up and environmental fraud. CBC censorship of drinking water contamination. At a mediation hearing the judge tried to intimidate by ordering a costly two day small claims trial. The govt has not called on any witnesses and submitted only the shoddy RCMP complaints report.


  • Serpico is amazing. Still going strong at 87 years of age,

    The CBC is caught in cover up just like the Ottawa Police are here. The movie Sound of Freedom that the legacy media are attacking as conspiracy theory is laughable since the CBS outed the story of Tim Ballard who rescued the children from the child trafficking sex ring in Columbia one decade ago, so my question is the CBC paid to lie to protect pedophiles?

    Are the Ottawa Police paid to lie about the vaccines and harms to pregnant females and babies? If you can stoop so low as to protect pedophiles what else do you do?

    I hear the movie is a massive success and general consensus online is that anyone who is denouncing this movie as conspiracy is a pedophile or protects pedophiles and we know Pierre Elliott Trudeau was outed as being attached to these types of sex child rings and it’s hidden under national security.

  • Mark B Petrie

    There are two types of officers, one respected for the good they do and I personally have no problem in addressing them as ‘Police Officers’. Then there’s the ‘bad cop’ and from past experience(s), a cop is a ‘Criminal On Patrol’. Been there dealing with COPS in Tilbury Ontario.

  • Great seeing Serpico commenting on your Twitter feed. Hebis an inspiration to those who out corruption whether police officer former police or any other whistls blower.

    Would have thought after all this coverage Ottawa Police would drop the charge but the guilty when confronted double down on their fraud. The Ottawa Police pushed the vaccine.

    Sad story from Britain where a 5 month old baby died of SIDS and hours later the mother died of SAD. Not suicide but sudden adult death happening more frequently now.

    The Ottawa Police haven excuse in researching to back up the charge and the SEC filings of Biontek Pfizer are where to start and the Ottawa Police can’t escape the facts in all the SEC filings. These documents incriminate many in trying to call these vaccines safe especially for pregnant females.

    Everyone needs to research all the SEC filings. Graphene Oxide is definately the base for the lipid nanoparticle in the MRNA vaccine as has been outed in the FDA documents they tried to hide for 75 years but court order forced them to start sharing them and research graphene oxide and bad toxic effects of it in the body. Pneumonia blood clots to name a few. They stated they did not need to do toxicity or carcinogenicity studies for these so called vaccines yet studies from many experts stated graphene oxide used in biomedical products had to be balanced due to toxic nature and the effects on body organs. They were warning of this in the years leading up to the MRNA vaccines and even in 2021 as the vaccines were being rolled out No excuse to research and pay heed to the warnings given.

    Lawyer for Detective Grus needs to research the SEC filings the lipid nanoparticle and Pfizer documents being released. The adverse events seen worldwide are the exact toxic effects known to lipid nanoparticles and graphene oxide and remember masks were recalled by Health Canada using graphene in them.

    Definately pregnant females should have been cautioned on these vaccines and when breastfeeding yet were pushed onto them by doctors public health and politicians. The ruling by the Courts regarding the polio vaccine in 1955 that was killing and harming stated the vaccine manufacturer was guilty for calling the polio vaccine SAFE. This is being played out again here with the covid vaccines.

    A whistle-blower employee of Pfizer put online a letter from Pfizer regarding the question of graphene oxide in them and Pfizer told them they can’t say NO as third party supplies the ingredients. Now it’s coming out in the released documents. The Uruguay Court demanded Pfizer answer that question in Court regarding the vaccine for children and Pfizer refused to answer then regarding graphene oxide. If graphene oxide was safe then why would Pfizer refuse to answer. Is it because they know it is toxic and can create many bad health issues as experts after experts warned doing research for the use of lipid nanoparticles and graphene oxide as the way to deliver the MRNA?

    Everyone should be horrified on what has transpired here with Detective Grus and the cover up by Ottawa Police using the police charge to silence. Serpico nails it.