Lies, Defamation, & Hypocrisy: CBC, Ottawa Citizen, CTV Reporting of Ottawa Police Settlement in Detective Grus Parental Complaint

Ottawa Police strategically settle a parental compliant the day before Detective Grus’s Judicial Review Hearing

CBC, Ottawa Citizen, CTV deliberately lied to public, Defamed Detective Helen Grus


* CBC, Ottawa Citizen, CTV know that court evidence showed Detective Grus did NOT access the ‘vaccination records’ of the deceased infants – but the outlets nonetheless reported this falsehood on December 7, 2023.

* CBC, Ottawa Citizen, CTV know that court evidence showed that in March 2022, rogue Ottawa Police officers illegally released confidential information to CBC reporter Shaamini Yogaretnam – who then presented an ultimatum to the Ottawa Police Service that the police had only 24 hours to contact the parents of the deceased infants before CBC broke the story.

* CBC, Ottawa Citizen, CTV know that court evidence has shown Detective Grus had absolutely nothing to do with the public release of any information about her investigation of the cluster of nine sudden infant deaths.

* CBC, Ottawa Citizen, CTV know that court evidence showed it was CBC and reporter Shaamini Yogaretnam and the news media’s reporting of stolen confidential police information that resulted in the current OPS settlement.

* CBC, Ottawa Citizen, CTV. also know that the family involved in the OPS settlement includes two Public Health Agency of Canada personnel who monitored and actively sought to influence the OPS investigation of Detective Grus from March, 2022, and even after she was charged in July 2022.

* CBC, Ottawa Citizen, CTV know that the Public Health Agency of Canada is part of the government group that advised and mandated experimental mRNA injections – even declaring that the injections were safe and effective for pregnant women and breastfeeding babies.

* Media Outlets defamed and attacked Detective Helen Grus, calling her ‘rogue’, and dehumanizing and degrading her in public – when those media outlets know that Grus had nothing to do with the illegal release of confidential police information. These media outlets know that court evidence showed the Ottawa Police refused to investigate the rogue police officers who illegally provided confidential police information to CBC reporter Shaamini Yogaretnam.

* CBC, Ottawa Citizen, CTV know that court evidence showed the Ottawa Police illegally, abusively WIRETAPPED Detective Grus and her family – yet they refuse to report this to the public.


Why Do Canadian Media Outlets Promote Lies, Corruption, Defamation, and Cover-ups?

Shaamini Yogaretnam CBC Reporter

Yesterday CBC, Ottawa Citizen, and CTV – all government-subsidized news outlets – published reports of a settlement between the Ottawa Police and mother of a deceased infant who complained of privacy violations but did not file a lawsuit.

The timing of this monetary settlement was clearly a strategic decision by the Ottawa Police Service (OPS). The OPS faces imminent embarrassment and exposure in today’s December 8, 2023, Divisional Court Judicial Review application filed by Detective Helen Grus’s defense lawyers.

The settlement, media release, and published news articles are clearly intended to impact public opinion on the day of a court hearing where Grus’s lawyers have filed court documents detailing extreme bias by both the prosecution and Hearing Officer Chris Renwick in the internal trial of Detective Helen Grus.

Ottawa Police Detective Helen Grus is charged with ‘Discreditable Conduct’ under the Ontario Police Services Act for conducting “unauthorized” investigations into the sudden deaths of nine infants. Detective Grus was investigating any potential connection between the vaccination status of the mothers and the sudden deaths of breastfeeding babies.

In ten days of prosecution hearings in August and October / November 2023, this reporter witnessed firsthand many of the incidents of bias by the Hearing Officer, and outrageous behaviour by Prosecutor Vanessa Stewart. Among other excesses, Prosecutor Stewart weaponized ‘objections’ to prevent Grus’s defense lawyers from effectively cross-examining prosecution witnesses.

Trials Officer Supt. Chris Renwick

Prosecutor Stewart was so obviously attempting to protect the prosecution witnesses from impeachment – one of whom was her own family member sister-in-law Detective Renee Stewart. This conflict of interest was only revealed on the last day of the August hearings and shocked all public observers in the court.

More shocking, however, was that Hearing Officer Superintendent (Retired) Chris Renwick knew and approved of the conflict of interest.

Hearing Officer Renwick Refuses ALL Defence Expert Witnesses

In a decision dated November 26, 2023, Hearing Officer Chris Renwick DISALLOWED ALL FIVE DEFENCE WITNESSES.

Detective Grus’s lawyers sought to have three medical experts, one police expert, and one legal expert testify…

Dr. Eric Payne, Paediatric Neurology,

Dr. James Thorp, Obstetrics and Gynecology

Dr. Gregory Chan, Family Medicine

Ottawa Police Staff Sergeant (retired) Peter Danyluk

Lawyer Shawn Buckley

The biased Tribunal Hearing Officer Chris Renwick disallowed every defense witness.

December 7, 2023 Media Articles

CBC: Ottawa police board settles with family over invasion of privacy

CTV News: Ottawa police board settles with family over officer who accessed dead child’s vaccine records

Ottawa Citizen: Family settles privacy complaint with Ottawa Police Services Board

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  • The prosecution of Det. Grus stinks it is nothing more than a politically motivated “Witch Hunt.”. I am a former police officer and detective of the Toronto Police Service with 35 years + of service and experience. Reading and investigating reports, and arrests from other divisions, and other police services are routinely conducted to determine if other “Similar Facts” are present. As a Detective it is incumbent upon you to conduct a thorough investigation of all known facts. If a “House breaker’ is arrested for entries into a home, all “Similar Fact Evidence” is examined to determine if the same House braker may be responsible for other offences in this jurisdiction and any other. Det. Grus should be commended for her diligent investigation(s).

  • Well done Donald… What some of those will do to climb that ladder
    of deceit. We Know. Talk soon.

  • Hello,
    I apologize for being dense; I can’t figure out what is happening here with all the moving parts.

    Hopefully, a documentary-type video will be produced.


  • What has happened to our country Donald? How can this be allowed to stand, common sense says it will not stand for long because for one these witnesses will be heard at some point. This country has completely fallen in their attempts to coverup their involvement in the greatest crime against humanity of the last 3 years.