Ottawa Police Cancel Internet Broadcast of Detective Grus ‘Sudden Infant Deaths’ Trial – Conceal Judge’s Decisions From Public – Lie to Journalist & Public (In Writing)

Ottawa Police Service stop broadcasting the trial of Detective Helen Grus – despite (or perhaps because of) intense public interest in Canada and worldwide.

Since September 2022, every appearance by Detective Grus before the Internal Trials Officer has been publicly broadcast on the Internet via MicroSoft Teams – but Ottawa Police have now arbitrarily decided to prevent citizens and journalists outside Ottawa from witnessing the upcoming April 28, 2023 motions hearing online.

Only local Ottawa journalists will have first-hand access to the Grus trial. This includes the same agenda-driven news media that first published confidential information criminally provided to them by rogue Ottawa Police officers.

The mainstream media has covered the Grus case extensively: CBC, Global News, CTV, Globe & Mail, National Post, Toronto Star, Sun Newspapers, Epoch Times, Western Standard, Rebel News and more. The Grus case is also heavily covered and discussed on social media.

My writings and interviews alone about the Grus case have been accessed over one million times since August 2022 from all over Canada and the world.

Ottawa Police stop Internet Broadcasting of the Grus trial – despite continuing to broadcast other internal cases.

So much for the declaration by famed New York Police Detective Frank Serpico that the public broadcasting of the Detective Grus Internal Hearing was a “breakthrough in Police transparency.”

Concealing a Weak, Politically-Motivated Case from the Public

Detective Grus faces a single internal Police Services Act charge of ‘Discreditable Conduct’ for allegedly conducting “unauthorized” investigations into nine Sudden Infant Deaths – where she sought to know the vaccine status of the mothers.

Ottawa Police launched an internal investigation and suspended Detective Grus in early February 2022. Grus was formally charged on July 26, 2022, and the case has been before the internal Trials Officer on several dates since then.

“The actions of the Ottawa Police Service in ceasing to broadcast the Grus trial, and in withholding certain legal documents from journalists, make it obvious that OPS wishes to limit public attention and control the news media reporting as best as it can.”

As I reported on March 7, 2023, it is evident from watching the previous Grus appearances before the court that the Charge Against Ottawa Police Detective Helen Grus is Falling Apart.

Enough medical evidence exists to justify Detective Grus’ professional investigative concerns that there is a potential connection between the mRNA Covid ‘vaccine’ status of the mothers and the sudden deaths of the nine infants.

Detective Grus therefore acted diligently and responsibly in her investigations. Her professionalism should have been admired and rewarded – yet for reasons that need to be explained by the Ottawa Police, Grus was suspended, charged with ‘Discreditable Conduct’, and notified that she would be fired if found guilty.

Rogue Ottawa Police Officers criminally provided confidential information to CBC Journalist Shaamini Yogaretnam

Yogaretnam then actively interfered with the ongoing internal investigation.

It is entirely relevant to the charge against Detective Grus that shortly after she was suspended in early February, 2022 – multiple rogue Ottawa Police officers criminally provided confidential information about the ongoing investigation to CBC journalist Shaamini Yogaretnam.

Yogaretnam broke the story in written articles and broadcasts on March 28, 2022 after actively interfering with the internal police investigation.

Before publishing the information provided by rogue police officers, the CBC presented an ultimatum to the Ottawa Police Service on a Thursday afternoon – that the police had only 24 hours to respond before CBC broke the story.

The ultimatum also contained the inherent threat that if the police hadn’t yet contacted the parents of the nine SIDS babies – the parents would be notified of the investigation by the CBC article.

With that, the CBC effectively became the director of the internal investigation – forcing the police to throw out their investigative plan and dance to the CBC’s tune.

According to news articles, the ultimatum caused Ottawa Police to hurriedly contact the involved parents late on a Friday – totally upsetting the investigative plan that was undoubtedly in place.

CBC Reporter Shaamini Yogaretnam

The involved parents were potential witnesses who had not yet been contacted or interviewed by the Professional Standards Unit. (Of course they hadn’t yet been interviewed. Investigators would still have been collecting background information so their witness interviews would be grounded in knowledge.)

Yogaretnam and CBC knew that publishing confidential information would cause chaos with the internal investigation that was still in an early stage – but they made the ultimatum and published anyway.

The rogue Ottawa Police officers who illegally provided the confidential information to Yogaretnam undoubtedly knew and intended that their actions would cause chaos in the internal investigation. (The Criminal Code Section 129 calls that ‘Obstruct Police’)

Ottawa Police Concealing Legal Motions and Judge’s Decisions From Public and Journalists

In my February 5, 2023 article Ottawa Police Conceal Legal Motions in Detective Grus Case – Sudden Infant Deaths, I reported that Ottawa Police refuse to provide journalists with the written legal motions filed in the trial of Detective Helen Grus.

From the article:

“Most legal motions filed in real Canadian courts are public – to ensure transparency and promote public confidence in the legal process.

In the Grus case, Ottawa Police have chosen to arbitrarily and without explanation, conceal filed legal motions from the public and the news media.

Ottawa Police prosecutors know that they can get away with hiding legal motions from the public because it would take a legal motion by interested news media to force transparency – which would be prohibitively expensive.”

Ottawa Police Conceal Judge’s Motion Decision from Public – and lie about it.

For over two months, multiple Ottawa Police personnel intentionally deceived and outright lied to me in writing (and lied to the public on the OPS website) about Trial Officer Chris Renwick’s decision concerning the December 29, 2022 defense motion in the Grus case.

“As I realized that multiple Ottawa Police personnel were lying to me in writing, and coordinating this with each other – I thought I would be upset, angered, or even outraged. Instead, I feel a tremendous sadness to learn that the very police personnel in charge of maintaining professional standards and officially communicating to journalists and the public – cannot be trusted to tell the truth.”

At the last hearing on December 6, 2022, Canadians learned that Grus’s defense lawyer Bath-Sheba Van den Berg was to file a written motion by December 29, 2022 to demand additional disclosure. The prosecution would then reply in writing.

Trials Officer (retired) Superintendent Chris Renwick stated he would issue a decision about the disclosure motion early in January.

Trial Officer’s stated deadline posted on Ottawa Police website in Dec 2022

The Ottawa Police ‘Disciplinary Hearings and Decisions’ webpage was immediately updated, stating:

“Constable Helen Grus. Ruling on motion to be delivered first week of January.”

When the decision did not appear in January, I had a series of emails in February with various police officers at both the Ottawa Police Media Relations and the Professional Standards Unit – wherein I was assured that:

1/ Trials Officer Superintendent Renwick had not yet made a decision concerning the December 29, 2022 Disclosure Motion by Defense lawyer Bath-Sheba van den Berg, and…

2/ When the Trials Officer made his decision, it would be posted online for the public and journalists.

When February came and went with no decision by the Trials Officer, the Ottawa Police then changed their ‘Disciplinary Hearings and Decisions’ webpage to state:

“Constable Helen Grus. Ruling on motion to be delivered in March.”

Ottawa Police posted this lie online and deceived the public.

On March 7, 2023, I reported “The Internal Trials Officer is two months overdue with his Evidence Disclosure Decision.”

Insp. Hugh O’Toole

On April 4, 2023 I had a series of emails with both OPS Professional Standards and Media Relations personnel wherein I was again informed that the Trials Officer had not yet made a decision regarding the December 29, 2022 defense motion.

Inspector Hugh O’Toole is the officer in charge of the Ottawa Police Professional Standards Unit.

During the series of emails, personnel from the Professional Standards Unit updated the ‘Disciplinary Hearings and Decisions’ webpage to state:

“Constable Helen Grus. April 28, 2023 at 9.30, Room 205 19 Fairmont”

Later in the thread, several OPS emails contain deceptive language and a refusal to directly answer this request:

“It is now April and no decision has been posted in the Detective Grus case.

If the decision has been made, please send it to me and / or post online as earlier promised.

If the decision has not been made, please advise the reason for the three-month delay.”

Ottawa Police Manipulating News Media Coverage Through Coordinated Deceit

Trials Officer Supt Chris Renwick

If Trials Officer Chris Renwick made his awaited ‘January’ decision before April 4, 2023, it means that multiple Ottawa Police personnel from both Professional Standards and Media Relations colluded as a group, and coordinated their communications – to lie to me, and to deceive and manipulate both the news media and the public.

The deceptive language in the April 4th emails, plus my communications record with Ottawa Police personnel cause me to strongly believe – to know – that the OPS lied to the public and to me.

I have no doubt that Trials Officer Chris Renwick already delivered his ‘January’ decision, but the Ottawa Police are lying about it in emails and on the OPS website – to deceive both the public and journalists.

None of this is said lightly. I am publicly accusing multiple Ottawa Police personnel of misconduct.

As I realized that multiple Ottawa Police personnel were lying to me in writing, and coordinating this with each other – I thought I would be upset, angered, or even outraged. Instead, I feel a tremendous sadness to learn that the very police personnel in charge of maintaining professional standards and officially communicating to journalists and the public – cannot be trusted to tell the truth.

Donald Best


  • Further to comments made here and in the National Citizens Inquiry by Daniel Bulford former RCMP who did much research at the BLM protests turned riots a group of protestors with ear pieces were seen in a group and later when riots started and looting one of the masked group with ear pieces was seen with his mask down. Clearly identifiable.

    We would like to know what our homeland security and rcmp really do for real homeland security other than protect criminals who engage in domestic terrorism and protect Chinese organized crime organized crime election interference money laundering in casinos human trafficking and so on. Can we please know what charges were levied against Canadian officials caught human trafficking in the Dominican Republic as Jeffrey Epstein was connected in the Dominican Reoublic to organized crime and the many criminal acts committed by them.

    Since the RCMP proved to be cowards with these vaccines and upholding the Charter and body autonomy to their own employees and seem to overlook domestic terrorists and organized crime into government I was wondering what good are they to citizens. What is their worth in terms of not breaching trust and abusing power?

    Also since RCMP security were seen in Barbados and talked to locals and Trudeau was spotted there in Dec 2021 the month Daniel Buford resigned and where Dr Theresa Tam told Canadians omicron was huge so please don’t travel I was just wondering why it’s OK for Trudeau to travel with the family but too dangerous for Canadians. Why the hypocrisy? Same time unvaccinated cannot travel on the airplanes yet Dr Theresa Tam won’t say a word to Canadians that these mandates are unfair and unjust and not recommended by her dept and experts

    Why has the SCC ruled on drug testing of employees as being rendered useless so the same logic for vaccine passports and mandates that are useless as they can’t detect infectious. A QR code to employees going to work or going on an airplane is useless as it doesn’t detect an infectious person at that time. 2 dosed from 4 months previous getting on an airplane did nothing to indicate they were not sick. In fact the reasoning for vaccine passports actually was a detriment to public health in that sick people with QR codes could just go regardless. Trudeau got on an airplane sick June 11 2022 on way home from Summit of America and tested positive on June 13 2022 and he was clearly sick on June 10th with symptoms. In the real world it meant nothing anyways as they changed covid rules over and over again and the measures were all useless. If criminal negligence is in order for the slaughter of people by health protocols such as ventilators and remdesivir and denial of early treatments then it should be a wake up call to all that many cannot be trusted. Fear kills.

    I would really like our RCMP and government officials to answer this very sensible question asked by many online. If your going to cross the line of body autonomy then at least answer sensible questions and provide proof.

    MK Ultra was done in the USA and Canada well after Nazi Germany. They did illegal mind control experiments so clearly the evil learned nothing from Hitler days. Where were charges against them for this ? Seems evil people have a license to kill and experiment. Canada does nothing to protect their citizens so do not insult our intelligence on covid and these vaccines. If money incentives caused many deaths then those need to be held accountable.

  • We have read your evidence of meddling by PHAC which is the grandmother of one of the babies who died of SIDS.

    PHAC Health Canada are funded by BIG PHARMA to the tune of 80% or more. Therefore conflicts arise to what PHAC does with respect to drugs and in this case the covid 19 vaccines.

    Trudeau and clan made the vaccine mandates without their Health Canada/PHAC expert advice. In fact they were told vaccine mandates not effective or makes sense. Therefore mandates made politically with no science to back up as health and experts would be the science along with data FDA Pfizer documents. The evidence in Court transcripts in tge vaccine travel mandates indicates they scrambled to get evidence to support vaccine mandates but none was to be found.

    The fact PHAC/Health Canada are funded mostly by Big Pharma puts the vaccine mandates in criminal conflict of interest as they remained quiet when Trudeau made the announcement in early October and the mandates took effect Oct 30 2022. Very serious nature as the Court transcripts of these vaccine mandate lawsuits prove. Theresa Tam remained silent but she knew.

    Very interesting research as DARPA stated that they started the first human phase 1 trials for MRNA in Feb 2019. They stated that this technology was to be counter measures against infectious diseases before becoming an epidemic. Gene encoded antibodies. They partnered with Moderna . Patents prove that. We would like to know what their results were from that phase 1 study trial?

    The world leaders told you in lockstep of the rush to get a vaccine for a novel disease but do not divulge they already started it in Feb 2019 and further had one in progress in Jan 2020 for covid 19 months earlier before it was called a Pandemic. Very odd. Seems like a planned narrative to test the MRNA on the world and Pfizer admitted ISRAEL was the giant lab. So how anyone can Insult your intelligence that you are not a human guinea pig for this novel vaccine for a novel disease based on patents and what Moderna stated on MRNA as technology hacking the cells of life is beyond the scope of reason. Therefore when Big Pharma owns our Public Agency of Canada as they fund most of it then we have a serious conflict especially when mandates of these vaccines were ignored them when they did not recommend it. Theresa Tam had tge stage to say it so many times but did not. In fact on Twitter she ran a poll regarding the vaccines and she was blasted by 99% of people demanding she tell the truth about the vaccines. She knew what people thought but ignored the people of Canada. She ignored the harms to the health of Canadians. She ignored the layoffs of many Canadians who had natural immunity and she ignored the fact that it was just a cold to majority of Canadians. They insult you that natural immunity was around for centuries but disappeared for 3 years. What a fraud.

    The timeline of what was done during covid is all there. It is indisputable as to what harms they did against the world and the harms of these vaccines and attacking Detective Helen Grus and charging her is a ploy to cover up and stop anymore investigations.

    The National Citizens Inquiry is exposing all the harms of the covid response including outing deaths and injuries. The censorship of ithe Inquiry on You Tube is a travesty of justice. The thought police telling you how to feel and think or cover up the injury and pain is unbelievable and on the level of North Korea dictator psychopath. That is the truth of the matter.

    Remdesviir killing is subject of much investigation as the dangers of it is known including kidney failure and it was the government who enforced this drug protocol and gave money to use it. It was made by Gilead and interesting part of this is that hydroxichloroquine had a fraud study that was done with a Gilead doctor attached and had to be retracted in the Lancet but WHO did not retract their statement on this amazing study they called attacking HCQ for covid. What a fraud to push remdesivir which investigation shows contains ingredients used in mass destruction. Lawsuits are happening so lots of emphasis on killing people through remdesivir and ventilators as to push the fear and bring in these vaccines that were experimental. They are calling the use of remdesivir and ventilators a slaughter of Americans.

    Investigation needed of the patents the health protocols using bad drugs and ventilators and fraud studies attacking HCQ an inexpensive drug around 60 years by people attached to remdesivir that kills and did kill.

    Very sad and attacking Detective Helen Grus and charging her is just furthering the fraud. The evidence is there. You can believe it or not. You can continue to be fooled. Or you can research to find the truth and demand answers as to why so many deaths from ventilators and drugs and from these vaccines to healthy young and babies. Why we were locked down like a communist country did with many human rights abuses and why people were left with no money and not able to buy medication such as insulin and that was OK. Why Canada gave money to Chinese companies with home land security risk while Canadians were left destitute. Why massive money were given to friends of Trudeau in the name of covid and why the arrivecan app waived national security checks to those working on it and why it cost such exorbitant fees for essentially nothing but chaos. Removal of it made travel smooth again because vaccine mandates were the real problem.

  • May 10 2021 Trudeau in a press video states we are not a country that mandates vaccines as people can have allergies or be immunocompromised or have religious convictions.

    Bang. Trudeau incriminated himself yesterday at Ottawa U. He said he never forced anyone to get vaccinated. Yes he did as health exemptions were denied to federal workers. Health exemptions were denied to so many including those who suffered from conditions these vaccines has listed as adverse events.

    Job loss was the consequence if you didn’t get vaccinated therefore to keep your job you were forced to get vaccinated.

    Alberta Health and the Court is now caught with denial of transplant to a Immunocompromised woman who had covid already. Will her lawyers use Trudeaus video in Court or seek an injunction against those who denied her the transplant. She is terminally ill and death is a really bad consequences for refusal to be vaccinated. Trudeau told you all that.

    I hope you all enjoy VesperD on Twitter who shares really good videos of hypocrite Trudeau. The man he didn’t want to be be in 2010 and is now. A man who uses division and creates different classes like he said politicians were doing that he definately doesn’t want to be then but was now doing. All political of course.

  • More brave souls like yourself are needed to get this country back on track as a unified People. Treating ALL Canadians, all humans, fairly with honesty and respect regardless of minority or interest group should be the Canadian way. Hopefully you will be a beacon of hope and action for others.

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  • Your video tape of the story of a woman in Manitoba forced to deliver her baby in the parking lot in the ambulance is exploding everywhere on the internet.

    The outrage is happening. Like it should. Compassionate empathetic people are sounding the alarm of the horrors of covid protocols and the vaccine. The citizens sharing their stories at the NCI are absolutely courageous. I think many of us are wiping tears as we listen to it.

    I thought I would relate a story I saw online regarding these vaccine mandates. Very sad and it goes nicely with the endless stories of abuse these tyrants of Canada and I will call them psychopaths unleashed on Canadians.

    A doctor from NJ USA was a victim of the thalidomide tragedy and he was born with no legs. He is 53 years old and decided not to get the covid vaccines. Guess what he was FIRED. He was fired from the Valley Medical Group in NJ. For refusing a vaccine as he was the victim of another drug that was called Safe and wasn’t so he choose not to take this covid vaccine that was rushed. But that hospital did not care. They fired him.

    So if you all feel so important that you think the government cares about you and they will do everything to keep you safe I own a beach front ocean property in Alberta.

    The mainstream media isn’t there. Why? Because the truth exposes their lack of honesty and integrity and that they are part and parcel of the harms these brave men and woman have had to endure and they don’t have am ounce of compassion or love and they will do everything to wriggle out of what they help create. They have been the source of so much hatred and it needs to end.

    To the media and all those who fired employees, shamed others including family members, told children in school that the unvaccinated were murderers and segregated our unvaccinated children, to politicians that are cowards who did nothing and our courts filled with cowards who treat criminals better then healthy law abiding citizens and unions who deserted their dues paying members and absolutely decimated their fundamental human rights you better shape up as your a disgrace to humanity. You are frauds. Your actions exposing who you really are. We saved many tweets that are absolutely disgusting. An ambulance union President in Hamilton who vouched for a criminal mobster in Court. How low do you go. To the Courts letting out criminals at the beginning of the Pandemic yet floating the idea of jailing unvaccinated in polls. Ontario government sent out surveys with that very question and asking should children be removed from parents if they are not vaccinated. The media does their bidding so does paid survey influencers. To Doug Ford and his stag and doe with mobsters partying there with pay for influence. A name on a hospital doesn’t make you honorable. It just exposes the corruption and reminds us of it every time we see it.

  • Detective Grus must be in such turmoil over what has been done to her unfairly. Good honorable cops attacked viciously by their own. Very sad.

    I see you made it to Naomi Wolf’s twitter which has an audience into the millions. Bravo. We can’t wait for your breaking story. I think everyone who reads your Twitter is on the edge of their seats waiting as you deliver such great expose. Strong evidence always.

  • Fools on display

    Thank you Donald for sharing the story of the Ottawa Police revealing info to the CBC journalist regarding Detective Grus case.

    The CBC states that they are independent of lobbyists and political and economic influence. Rodney Palmer tells it a different way. In fact he made us aware of the Trusted News Iniative which doesn’t appear to be independent nor trustworthy as they put forth the news in a biased narrative as clearly seen in many instances. People have screenshots of what these so called trusted media sources said in lockstep fashion. One example is the model study of David Fisman of the unvaccinated spreading with the vaccinated. Hilarious model study not supported by real life data and facts. But those trusted news media trumpeted that study. Many more examples to use. Disgrace and malicious intent to decieve.

    Just to clarify using common sense and I believe if one does a study on Charter of Rights and usage of it in areas like covid restrictions and vaccine mandates you would find common sense is actually required and whereby the government has to justify actions using common sense and logic.

    An example is when the vaccines came out the vulnerable and healthcare received it first. They told us the vulnerable were the ones dying from covid. The very sick predominantly. No different then the flu. In Canads 2 kids died from covidi in 2020 in the whole of Canada. 2 kids 19 years and under with comorbidities. Not healthy children. If this vaccine was for the vulnerable how come they had restrictions still and in Ontario they stopped you from shopping for what they considered non essential such as kids and baby clothes . Not reasonable or common sense as the vulnerable who made up the most deaths many in sheltered LTC and they shut down healthy from working going to movies eating inside restaurants and bars and even shopping for what the government decided as non essential. One of the best is the Premier of Ontario closed camping grounds and on the Victoria day weekend he opened golf courses but kept campgrounds closed. I think we have a lack of common sense guided by $$. Not real health.

    I think it was to coerce and bully and scare people into getting vaccinated including healthy 12 to 19 year olds with no risk whatsoever and with more risk then benefits to them as the vaccine study trials indicated. If you can’t shop then your more likely go line up for hours with loads of people to get a vaccine. Pure stupidity. Too dangerous to do normal things of life but let’s cram lots and lots of people together like cattle into vaccination centres. Yet the vulnerable were already vaccinated. The ones most at risk of serious issues and dying. Yet they were dying after the vaccines. It wasn’t the fault of the healthy. The government tried to blame it on you with the most peculiar restrictions. We know astra zeneca vaccine was harming and killiing. But they bullied you into taking the first vaccine offered. We have the screenshots to verify and so do millions of canadians . Astra zeneca was like thalidomide. Many doctors tried to keep thalidomide on the shelf. My bet that happened here with Astra zeneca. Was money conflicts the reason? I believe David Fisman was shilling for Astra zeneca and his ridiculous model study of the unvaccinated mixing with the vaccinated was pure rubbish as the vaccinated were mixing with only the vaccinated and spreading covid among themselves. Eileen DeVillas husband was shilling for Astra zeneca. Eileen DeVilla was the medical officer for Toronto Ontario Canada one of the most locked down cities in the world apart from N Korea. Classic misinformation from those paid lots of tax payers $ and from big pharma.

    Malicious lies spread to cause division and hatred tearing families apart and even encroaching in the employer employee relationship. That can’t be good for public health.

    Very sad the media stories of one’s lying in hospital beds lamenting thry should have gotten the vaccines. Where’s the proof as many of those stories were outed as paid actors. Australia Health was caught with one. Trust in media and government especially health eroded by fraud and lack of common sense.

  • It is beyond belief what government officials and the legal system will do to try and avoid and hide the truth from getting out. They will openly lie, create false documents, deny, deny, deny and they seem to get away with it, until a large group gets together to make these people account for what they are doing to everyday Canadians,
    In the meantime God help us all.

  • Investigative Journalism

    Appears Bonnie Henry Health Minister of BC needs to be paid a visit by police investigators regarding what she misleads BC residents regarding the covid 19 vaccines. She states they protect you from getting infection. No they do not. Strike 1. She states that they prevent severe symptoms and death. Strike 2. They don’t always. She says the vaccinated get mild symptoms compared to the unvaccinated. Strike 3 Bonnie Henry your out. We have read lots of vaccinated with many doses all very sick with covid including Healthcare. The twitter doctors let us know lots and we thank them for sharing their sickness with us all.

    The unvaccinated woman in Alberta who is denied a transplant had covid twice and is fine. She is immuno compromised to boot. The CDC forced to admit in Congress that the vaccines do not stop transmission therefore vaccinated spread to vaccinated . The FDA acknowledges that covid can come as a result of the vaccines. It is considered a side effect.

    Not sure if Bonnie Henry has checked with the German Health Minister Karl Lauderbach who confirmed these vaccines can cause serious adverse events and he has made a full 180 degree turn on this.

    Has Bonnie Henry asked for the report of 4000 pregnant females from early 2021 who were to be in a vaccine study trial. By now the report is a year and a half late in coming out. As Health Minister she has the obligation to inquire as to the status and data as she called them safe before any study data was done. A precedent has been set in Court where the polio vaccine was called safe and it wasn’t so the manufacturer was found guilty.

    The Ottawa Police should be calling the FDA and Pfizer on this report on pregnant females. A hint it might not be so good. I hear it dwindled down to 347 pregnant females and many baby deaths.

    Detective Helen Grus lawyer should be enquiring to Pfizer and the FDA as to the data on pregnant females and the covid vaccines. In October 2020 Pfizer and the FDA shared a list of adverse events. Myocarditis pericarditis stroke blood clots and many others including death but noteworthy they wrote it could affect pregnancy and birth outcome. It’s right in the documents dated Oct 22 2020. In the Pfizer vaccine study trials 270 woman became pregnant even though warned and men not to have unprotected sex and 234 of the records of these woman were lost and 78% of the remainder lost their baby. This was excluded from the documents but regardless isn’t favorable to pregnancy safe narrative.

    Thus Bonnie Henry is under obligation to prove safe and effective and we have provided avenues for police to investigate.

    Thank you for tirelessly advocating for Det. Grus. She needs support and it’s a little odd what is going on here with her case. What is her lawyer doing?

  • Horrified Canadian

    I just read the case of the Canadian woman Annette Lewis of Alberta who has been denied a life saving transplant as she is unvaccinated. She is heading to the Supreme Court .

    Tge twister is she has had covid twice. An immunoco promised wo an gets covid and survives both.

    Donald I think the scam has been uncovered. I believe this case is evidence beyond a shadow of a doubt that no one needs these vaccines.

    Are people going to keep pushing this lie that you need a vaccine when it’s obvious our immune systems especially healthy does the job. This immunocompromised obviously has robust immunity.

    Are these officials in health and our Courts going to continue this charade of these experimental shots. You have been uncovered as FRAUDS. This Alberta woman is a hero. She has exposed the FRAUD of these vaccines.

    When are we going after these fraudsters. Did you know in Australia during covid we had a modern day Warsaw Ghetto. Yes for those who doubted parallels to Nazi Germany there was a real life modern day draconian quarantine in Australia in South end Sydney a minority rich area in Aug 2021 ( @BradHazzard twitter who instigated tgese measures) ) just like Warsaw Ghetto where 3 million polish jews were slaughtered and in Australia where people during covid were held using a Pandemic as an excuse. For all readers please read all of this. The Warsaw Ghetto had 100 doctors push for this segregation of Jews for typhus which is lice and the rest is history. All lies back in Nazi Germany. The same lies with covid exposed by Annette Lewis who survived covid just fine 2 times. Natural immunity wins. Cowards lose.

    Perhaps those up in Alberta in the health system and the Courts who ruled it was ok to deny this woman a transplant would like to read up on the Warsaw Ghetto so they can take a deep look at who they are as a person and their moral compass that appears to not work. Maybe they would like to get it fixed.

  • Gary Michael McCollom

    Each time I come back ere Donald the more outraged I am. How on earth are they getting away with this. Are we sure the Ottawa police stations are not Chinese…

  • This is so typical of how the legal system and government works to hide relevant information from getting out to the public. The government and the legal system will deny, deny, deny any wrongdoings because they do not want the public from knowing.

    Our lives begin to end the day we become silent about things that matter – Martin Luther King Jr.
    Never be bullied into silence. Never allow yourself to be made a victim. So make sure your voices and concerns are heard.

  • The truth can not and will not be stopped, God will ensure this in due time.

    Up my way in Temagami this past summer a 1 year old girl never woke up from her nap on a boat ride with her parents. I would bet everything I own its related to her mom breastfeeding her after getting the injection or just pure shedding from parent to child.

    So glad I found you on Twitter Donald and appreciate your dedication to our country and the truth very much.

    Oh, Twitter banned me again, but oddly enough I still trust that Elon is on the side of good.

    But in the end I trust no man or woman, my trust is in God alone.

    Far too many people trusted in man and science, both of whom lie and manipulate whereas I chose to trust in God and His amazing immune system.

    Guess who has not been let down.

    • Thanks for your support Gary. As more people (and even people in authority) realize that they have been test subjects in the world’s largest medical experiment and fraud – the system will fight harder than ever to suppress evidence and destroy opposition. But they can’t continue to successfully hide the injured and dead – there are too many.

  • Clearly Ottawa Police are a clear arm of the JT PMO’s office and are following direct orders from the top..disgusting as are the white shirts involved at OPS…,not unlike the the Truckers for Freedom…same unlawful separation…it’s corrupt.

  • Here is a great argument in Court against vaccine mandates and goes nicely with the Chinese interference into elections eniching Trudeau and MPs and others. The genome sequence came from China. It is what the vaccines are based on. Winnipeg theft by 2 Chinese scientists. They say national security risk to investigate. Well Canadians can use national security risk assessment themselves for these vaccines and decide NO. Security of the person of the Canadian Charter great here. China has Human Rights abuses and genocide. They traffick humans and organs. Drug trafficking huge from China. Therefore vaccine mandates from a PM who is heavily invested with a Chinese communist dictator is a national security risk assessment argument for Canadians No consequences for refusal like job loss. Sam Cooper and CSIS confirm this and CSIS asked Canadians to help.

    Detective Grus was investigating possible harm to mom and babies from these vaccines they called SAFE. Vaccines based on a communist country genome sequencing. Each Canadian can use national security risk and other risk vs benefit analysis to choose free of consequences or free from dictator police who charge police who care to investigate harms done. Where is the promised report on the study of 4000 pregnant female in Feb 2021 as this vaccine was pushed on Canadian pregnant females and called SAFE with no studies done to prove it. I hear the babies died. Lots of them. Is that why we do not have the report on that huge study? Are the deaths of these babies Detective Grus waxs investigating killed by these vaccines? We want to know and cover up is not possible.

  • This entire country is depending on people with real character, like you. Thank you for all the effort you have put in to this and for your future efforts!

  • Donald, Have you asked Detective Grus’ lawyer, Bath-Sheba van den Berg about the secrecy? I am certain that she would know if any rulings have been made and may want them public.
    My understanding is that she has been involved in a case or two, where information from a government entity was not forth coming

    • Since the Globe and Mail broke the story in March, 2022, neither Grus nor her lawyer will comment to the Globe and Mail or in any other news media. When Western Standard and Rebel News interviewed me about my stories about the case, they tried to get a comment from both the police and Grus’ lawyer but nobody is talking.

  • Well I guess one can assume the decision wasn’t to the Police’ liking. Bad enough when our police forces will not investigate cover ups and other criminal behavior if if involves anything government, now they are following suit.

  • Excellent reporting! Keep up pressure on the Corrupt Ottawa Police officers prosecuting Det. Grus. This is a political charge and agenda.. similar to OPS outlandish treatment and arrests of Tamara Lich. The truth is coming out and soon everyone will realize many people were harmed and killed by the vax including infants and stillborn. Shame on OPS for not investigating the truth and facts of illegal mandates and harmful vaccines. I support Det. Grus and the search for the truth. These hearings must be public and full disclosure.

  • I was one of a few dozen city employees who went to Elgin Street Police HQ in October of 2021 to file coercion charges against Senior City Managment and the Mayor. There was no provincial mandate for vaxines ever. Their vax mandate said they had to have a policy and not mandate a vax in order to provide for one’s family, and that testing and other options were available. We were not allowed in police HQ and were handled outside by a Sargent on (modified) desk duty due to a injury.
    He would not let us file our notices and said the brass would not support it. At the end of what was about an hour and a half of to and fro when we realised the futility of the police service and their blatant refusal to protect basic human rights we were about to leave when a question was posed of the Sargent. What happens if one day you’re given an order which you know is wrong and even criminal would you refuse or not To comply. He states he would NOT REFUSE the order as his pay cheque depended on it. That was when I realised we had been talking to the wrong person all along.
    It is sad but these are the people who are in charge of the public trust.
    Detective Helen Grus is a true hero and a very courageous and dedicated woman of conviction and integrity.
    I wish more Police officers all over Canada could learn from her and her ethics.

  • Is this what we call corruption ?

  • Nothing the so called authorities and the ruling class do, surprise me anymore. They are only law abiding when it suits their cause. The are two sets of laws, one for the peasants and one for the rich and authorities.

  • charlie canzano

    Chris Renwick and Hugh O’Toole will high-tail it out of the country if bill c-11 proves inadequate to stop Canadian viewing of GoP committees in the states, should they go on.

  • The thalidomide tragedy is necessary to review and what went wrong that parallels to the dovid vaccines in pregnant females. First as articles on the tragedy expose no pregnant animals were used to test thalidomide yet it was called safe. Same for covid 19 vaccines. Never trialed on pregnant females or pregnant animals. Tge governmebt of Canada dragged their feet on withdrawing it but there were doctors in Canada who tried to stop thalidomide from being taken off the shelves.

    The Ottawa Police would do well to examine the thalidomide tragedy and on what has occurred with the covid 19 vaccines and if police back in the 1961 Era had embarked on investigation would they be influenced by the doctors who tried to stop Healhh Canada from removing it.

    We use past tragedies to move forward and we don’t repeat past tragedies and we certainly do not charge police officers with discredited conduct for investigating a tragedy.

  • When results are hidden (vile) then one can only conclude that the results were what most of us suspected – that the babies died because the mothers got the vax.

  • Terrence Colpitts

    This is outrageous. No agency, tribunal, or self-appointed commission, board or whatever should determine criminality other than the courts of law. The law needs to be independent and impartial. Not a council of peers.

  • Thank you Donald for your unwavering investigative tenacity. Sharing far and wide.