Quotes by, and about, Donald Best…

“In his ongoing legal cases and public advocacy, Mr. Best has exposed corruption in the Canadian legal profession including secret orders and investigations by judges, the submission of false evidence in court by lawyers, and the failure of disciplinary bodies such as the Law Society of Ontario and the Canadian Judicial Council to investigate individuals’ complaints against judges and lawyers.

Mr. Best’s tireless efforts to create integrity and accountability in the Canadian legal system make him an exemplary leader in the fight for equality before and under the law of all Canadians, including self-represented litigants.” The Ontario Civil Liberties Association (OCLA)

(Ottawa, December 4, 2018: OCLA presents its 2018 Civil Liberties Award to whistleblower and anti-corruption activist Donald Best.)

“Former Conservative cabinet minister and provincial police commissioner Julian Fantino has accused a Canadian judge, lawyers and several police forces of acting improperly and even illegally in the conviction and jailing of (Donald Best) for contempt of court.” Colin Perkel, Journalist, Canadian Press

(Toronto Star, December 29, 2017: Ex-federal cabinet minister Julian Fantino takes aim at judge, cops, lawyers)

“The systemic failings in our justice system include a Canada-wide tolerance by judges and lawyers for corruption in the legal profession.” DB

(November 1, 2017, DonaldBest.CA summary)

“There were secret recordings you made of your telephone conversations with the lawyers involved. I read the official court records showing what those lawyers told the court. They lied to the court, and as a result you were convicted for Contempt of Court while you weren’t even in the country.” Broadcaster Jimmy Dore to Donald Best

September 28, 2018, The Jimmy Dore Show at about 10:30 into the video

“My lawyer believes that everyone deserves Access to Justice and fair legal representation – but for over one hundred other Ontario lawyers, Access to Justice apparently ends if a litigant has evidence of misconduct by a fellow member of the Bar.” DB

(July 7, 2016 Windsor Law School – National Self-Represented Litigants Project (NSRLP) The client most lawyers fear – and won’t represent at any price.)

“Donald Best, one of Canada’s most methodical and well documented whistleblowers.” Peter A. Allard, founder Allard Prize for International Integrity

(September 28, 2017, Peter A. Allard at 2017 Allard Prize Ceremony)

“A thousand protesters in the street do not equal one lawyer, judge, law enforcement officer or notable business person who stands firm and refuses to give way to corruption” DB

(September 27, 2018, @DonaldBestCA Twitter)

“This is also the true story of how the Canadian legal profession and courts, when confronted with forensically certified telephone recordings and other irrefutable evidence proving the lawyers fabricated evidence and lied to the court to convict me – closed ranks to save the corrupt lawyers, even when that meant knowingly sending an innocent man to prison.” DB

(August 1, 2014, DonaldBest.CA Summary)

“Our justice system is self-destructing before our eyes because too many lawyers, judges and elected / appointed government officials place their profession, friends, cartels and profits before the Rule of Law.” DB

(January 6, 2018, Retired RCMP Inspector William Majcher swears affidavit about Corrupt Canadian Lawyers and Judges)