Retired RCMP Inspector William Majcher swears affidavit about corrupt Canadian lawyers and judges

Retired RCMP Inspector William Majcher

Affidavit reveals deep-rooted corruption of lawyers and judges in British Columbia, Manitoba and Ontario

In 2002, it was revealed that William Majcher was a deep-cover RCMP police officer working against the dangerous Medellin Drug Cartel by targeting money-laundering operations in Canada.

“The Medellin Cartel, naturally, put out a contract to murder RCMP undercover officer William Majcher.”

For three years Majcher had worked undercover as a Futures and Options Commodity Trader primarily based on the floor of the Winnipeg Commodity Exchange. He took down disgraced Ontario lawyer Simon Rosenfeld and others for drug cartel money laundering, including Mark Valentine of the now-defunct Toronto-based brokerage firm Thomson Kernaghan & Co. Ltd..

Then in 2005, the RCMP removed Inspector Majcher from command of the Vancouver-based Integrated Market Enforcement Teams (IMET) – apparently because he sought nomination as a future candidate for the Conservative party. And because – much worse – in the news media Majcher alleged that the Crown prosecutors would not proceed with criminal charges against several high-profile individuals, and he hoped he could be more effective in politics than he had been in policing.

In other words – in 2005, RCMP Inspector William Majcher alleged corruption in the legal system and the system turned on him like a pack of wolves. What a surprise!

Flash forward to July 19, 2017 and William Majcher swore an affidavit in the Supreme Court of Canada civil case: Angleland Holdings Inc., Nederland Holdings Inc., John English, Paradise Beach Resorts Inc. and Pacific Rim resort vs Gergory N. Harney Law Corporation et al.

Every Canadian should read William Majcher’s affidavit and carefully consider the implications of what happens when the legal profession and justice system are allowed to police themselves with zero independent oversight and zero external accountability.

“During the course of my employment with the RCMP while working undercover or in handling criminal informants, I became tasked with knowlege and evidence of payoffs, bribery and case fixing that included judges, lawyers and court registry staff in various parts of Canada.”

If you read nothing else today, download and read William Majcher’s affidavit (720kb pdf)

UPDATED: July 21, 2023William Majcher Affidavit OCRd Optical Character Recognition

Then read the case of the John English family – that Majcher swore his affidavit in support of.

Former OPP boss Julian Fantino

Another Senior Canadian Police Officer alleges corruption by judge, lawyers & police.

Former Cabinet Minister and Commissioner of the Ontario Provincial Police Julian Fantino recently swore an affidavit containing bombshell allegations of corruption by an Ontario Federal Court Justice, several lawyers and an OPP Detective Sergeant under his command at the time.

Toronto Star Article: Ex-federal cabinet minister Julian Fantino takes aim at judge, cops, lawyers. 

Fantino Affidavit Summary and Court Exhibits.

“Our justice system is self-destructing before our eyes because too many lawyers, judges and elected / appointed government officials place their profession, friends, cartels and profits before the rule of law.”

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Donald Best
Barrie, Ontario, Canada


  • I was refused English in a English trial and during the judicial procedure in Moncton New Brunswick . I was knowingly charged with a false charge .Senior administrative government officials were caught in serious lies in the stand . Altered documents( I have the originals) Refused full disclosure ,assaulted by armed contractors who had no judicial authority ,this was after almost 9 years of illegal clandestine search’s and surveillance on my home and on my Canadian Government acknowledged research facility . This is just a tiny bit of what went on during the first science trial of it’s kind in this country . Involves many high provincial and federal government officials .Probably the first time ever that a chief justice (personal friend of the judge ) stood beside the prosecutors table during the voir dire .The judge became the prosecutor and the discrimination of the judge was so palpable that you could cut it with a knife but better yet it is no mistaking it in the audio .This is just a tiny bit of what went on . CBC refused to cover the case .This trial was a attempt to cover up a much deeper corruption that I had uncovered .This was not a real trial it is what is called a kangaroo court ,all basic charter ,constitution ,and human rights rules thrown right out of the window .

  • its obvious to me and a lot of other like minded citizens the upper law society runs Canada. in a lot of other countries its banned for being to corrupt. look how many members of parliament are lawyers.the silver bullet to end this culture is to bring in common law. incidentaly stolen from us by crooked policticians. I have 4 companies who have defrauded me WESTJET,ADOBE,FOTOLIA,and AIR MILES and I have zero options. I went to see lieberal m.p they never showed up the subject was corruption.

    • Glen you do have lots of options. You just need to figure out how to do it. Why not tell us how you were scammed. Stock manipulations perhaps. Please share your story online.
      As one poster stated a lawyer in BC committed 200 mortgage frauds and no one wanted to do anything . It was only by the efforts of the tenacious lawyer that got the guy charged. Obviously the RCMP did nothing. The provincial police did nothing Disgusting.
      200 mortgage frauds. That’s a heck of a lot to be committing without eye lashes being batted .
      Do they take us citizens for fools. We can easily investigate stuff. The Web is amazing to link stuff together.

      Andrea on here . Do your homework. Get the dirt on the BC justice system RCMP and cover ups. We will help you by exposing them here for you. That’s how we all stand together. Wiki leaks is a great place to air your story Andrea using names. A property with perhaps gold on it is international attention material. Embarrass the cap out of the BC justice system.

      • Thank you very much for your reply its nice to know someone is on my side.
        It has been five years since I lost my property in a corrupt court case and not a day goes by I don’t think about what they did, but I haven’t given up hope, I continue to do my homework because I believe someday the truth will surface and when it does I will be prepared.

        My advice to others who find themselves in a BC courtroom where property is involved
        DON”T TRUST ANYONE If things seem a little odd use common sense and ask lots of questions and if you cant afford a lawyer bring your family and friends never face them on your own.

  • It is encouraging to see people have the courage and integrity to stand up to corruption that has plagued our publically funded judicial system! We are also being horrifically abused in an ongoing legal battle by the same people we are led to believe we can trust! The lawyers!

    • Yes David your very courageous in going after those crooked lawyers that are covered up by their own. We applaud your courage and your example helps others to do the same. if the papers refuse to print your story we will use social media avenues to print it. Who needs the papers. Kathleen Wynne had your story and did nothing. That’s your do nothing premier at her finest. Doing what she does best. Cover up . On I see there is a petition to support Patrick Brown. Well at least Patrick Brown had the guts to go after Kathleen Wynne. You would hope their next leader will follow the same path as Patrick Brown did. Isnt it rather curious though that these woman came forward after 10 years with an election looming in June and after Livingston was found guilty of having the computers wiped clean in the gas plant scandal of the liberals. I hope these woman aren’t being paid to do so and its up to law enforcement to check that out too.

      You need to make a petition and send it to the Justice Dept of Canada and the Canada Law Society. This will help bring your story to an international audience. Support other peoples petition and they will support yours. helps to expose a world wide cover up of corruption and you can learn a lot by reading the petitions and peoples comments.

      • Grace M Joubarne

        Patrick Brown was worse than Kathleen Wynne…he was running interference for her. When Wynne was proclaiming the fraud called the ‘controlled act of psychotherapy’ to give Big Pharma and its psychology and psychiatry shills total monopoly over mental healthcare, requiring some 10,000 natural care practitioners to be put out of work in the process, Patrick Brown forced his MPP Jack MacLaren to remove specific wording from a legal petition with over 15,000 signatures before it could be read into Hansard in the Legislature.

        And he did more underhanded work in preventing more than 20 decent people from being selected as the Conservative candidate in order to put into place HIS shills that nobody wanted nominated. In Eastern Ontario, he repeatedly moved the venue for the nomination meeting without notice…as just one example.

        • They all bleed into each other. Thanks for that update . So I guess slimy people can expect to get slime directed at them too. Grace you should tell us your story. We love to hear it.. It is always inspirational,

          I was trying to figure out the justice dawson case by a poster. While researching I enjoyed a case where an average joe sued the CRA regarding allowing a rich family take out 5 billion dollars tax free. He won a moral victory but of course the judge stated it wasnt proved that the CRA had been biased just sloppy but now I think we found our link to prove bias . The lawsuit was in 2001 . This case is important in Canadian history. Interference by lobbyists with the government provides the links too.

      • Thank you for this information I will go check it out now !

  • JUST BECAUSE People are let off on technicalities doesn’t mean they are not guilty. Just because a lawyer got them off once agzin doesn’t mean their not guilty. With all the cover ups exposed and this RCMPS affidavit many guilty people are walking free .

  • cover up of their own

    The Canadian lawyer magazine tried to use the successful repeal of the Fed’s bill in 2003 to make it look like it was the right decision and they tried to attack the rcmp and others for saying crooks hide behind the solicitor client privilege. Well I guess the Canadian lawyer magazine can eat its words as simon rosenfeld one of their lawyers boasted how easy it is to money launder using client solicitor privilege and no doubt that’s what they all boast about and of course the rizzuto lawyer got caught and jailed. Just another branch of the legal system trying to protect themselves. How silly .

    Just a note one lawyer that was caught money laundering cocaine proceeds got 2 years less a day on house arrest. Cocaine is a deadly drug goes hand in hand with gun violence money laundering and tac evasion. At what point is the crooked lawyer any less a criminal then the drug dealer and at what point is the lawyer not responsible for untold deaths from cocaine and guns? Thus a sentence to befit a crooked lawyer not a slap on the wrist sentence by a justice system protecting their own.

    David Simetic got 2 years house arrest after they frustrated and bullied him. Again what a joke.

    • Still in on going fabricated legal battle with many lawyers busted on fraud regarding our family estate! Still obstructed from family accounts after a dozen lawyers as an executor! Found 2/3s of missing $400,000.00 the many lawyers overlooked. We need help!

  • Adrian Humphries crime reporter working for the national post stated that never before have we seen such a systematic wide scale misuse of the legal system. He was talking about lawyers for the maffia including thr rizzuto famiky that had a branch of lawyers. What a great way to describe our Canadian and provincial legal systems.

    One of the rizzuto lawyers has been jailed for 34 months. Step in the right direction but far too low of a sentence considering Mr, Cavaleri gave the crime family members police information stating it was reliable indicating he had a leak in the police department. What a disgusting sentence. However it did send shockwaves in the Toronto area in the legal circle of mob lawyers. Let’s send more shockwaves with more arrests. The legal profession in 2003 pressured the Feds to back down on their anti terrorism bill that would require lawyers to report to them about suspicious activity. Can you believe this based on what former rcmp bill majcher told us with his experience with crooked lawyers. Can you imagine your backless spineless Feds giving into the legal profession demands in order for them to cover up criminal crooked lawyers and judges. Canadians should be outraged based on bill majchers affidavit. Again get your keyboard clicking and write the justice dept your MPs and MPPs your law societies and express your outrage at this allowing of criminal acts to be covered up. Yes the law societies told their members to report cash over 7500 but let’s be real the law society is not the police and 1 in 5 crooked lawyers get charged so I guess it made it easier to money launder.

    Adrian Humphries is very informative and the rizzuto family threatened a lawsuit if he circulated his book the Sixth Son. Adrian Humphries sold his book and funny that no lawsuit materialized. The maffia don’t like the spotlight for being mobsters. They love their suits and jewellery but not the sunshine on their criminal activities and their crooked lawyers.

    • The book by Adrian Hunphries was the sixth Family. Has anyone read it?
      Now that Julian Fantino has supported your cause Mr. Best has Adrian Humphries contacted you for an interview?

  • Corrupt law society

    The law society also states lawyers are supposed to know the difference between right and wrong. . Perhaps they should reword it and say they need to practice knowing the difference between right and wrong. So the law society is not following their own mandate as 1 in 5 lawyers guilty of misappropriation of funds and other negligence do not face criminal charges Lawyers bully in court and so do judges and bullying can be a criminal offence. Ask the RCMP. Harassment is also a criminal offence and bullying falls into this category and backroom deals stifling the charter of rights of a citizen (SLR) is bullying . Perhaps the law society can stop being corrupt by protecting criminals.

  • Corrupt law society

    The law society of upper Canada refused a individual from getting his law license because what they cited was not character befitting a lawyer. They uphold the standard that lawyers should be of a high moral fibre . That’s what they state. Really. Wasn’t one of the lawyers Ranking or Silver caught throwing stuff at Mr. BEST. OR Ranking was caught lying on the taped conversations and producing fabricated affidavits and using a police officer as a private investigator . Where is that moral fibre . Or as one senior lawyer stated all lawyers lie and now we have RCMP Majcher in a sworn affidavit support evidence of corrupt lawyers and judges throughout Canada. WOW what hypocrisy.

    • That comical. Norman Groot was ex fired police officer who cost tax payers hundreds of thousands in paid leave and labeled the “Notorious Norman Groot”, Google ” Norman Groot police brutality” Now he is a bay street lawyer defrauding his own clients! How come the LSUC deemed him of good character and offered him a law license? Obviously back door deals here! They turn a bad cop into a crooked lawyer! He destroyed our family by standing us up in court and misleading us on bank statements! He said he gave us everything the banks had but refused us court orders to check our selves. We later found 2/3s of missing $400,000.00 and he had the nerve to call my house and ask how I found the assets? This guy is a very troubled man!

  • double standard

    SIMON Rosenfeld received a 3 year sentence for money laundering. I hope he is disbarred. Donald Best as a former police officer cannot return to law enforcement after serving time in jail for contempt of court–so then a jailed lawyer shouldn’t be allowed to return to the legal field either. Can’t have a double standard here . A KNOWN PEDOPHILE lawyer was allowed back so yes we are seeing a double standard here in Ontario and it’s going to have to stop.

  • We ordinary folk know all about this and most of all the SRLs among us know first hand because we have been at the receiving end of this corruption. What I hope for most of all is that well meaning institutions such as NSRLP will read it and believe us that legal representation is NOT the problem. The corruption among these cohort of persons in the justice system IS the problem. We need ACTIN ridding our system of them and it is not rocket science. It is doable

    For the record, all those legal clinics in Ontario are part of the problem for they are controlled by the same cabal who control the corruption in our courts, tribunals and boards. The actual people we interact with are well meaning and well intentioned but just like our Courts, tribunals and boards we have the cabal hiding often in plain sight

    Let’s get rid of the problem and stop creating more of it. If all of us on this site decides to act together SENSIBLY we can at least get the movement going. Such a movement is necessary to this society’s exostence

    • Corrupt justice system

      Allen you hit the nail on the head. I spoke to one law clinic regarding flaws in the system and they admitted it’s true but can’t change the flaws. Really that’s the problem. Yes you can when you get rid of the corrupt individuals controlling it. When people seek parole they need to prove they have changed. What hypocrites running our justice system who refuse to change it. It’s all in the name of power and money as they put our lives in danger over and over again and for a lawyer who has courage and conviction that’s the class action lawsuit on behalf of Canadians against the corrupt justice system including corrupt law enforcement . The story about the law student denied his license to practice law even though he had great marks apparently had a dispute regarding a condominim board. He became frustrated and used choice words. Yes not good behavior but the behavior of lying lawyers lying judges friendly judges theft by lawyers etc is right here on the high end of the totem pole therefore what is trying law society going to do about them to clean it up. We’re waiting to see. My suggestion thouh is that reporters check who was involved with the condo board to see if here is a link to the law society and was there bias against this law student. Considering we have friendly judges an interesting question to ask.

      • The problem and root of this evil is their self governing policies of the lawyers and the police. Try getting a cop to cross the thin blue line! Same goes for lawyers any lawyer that goes against the law societies gets black balled! If you want to bring public confidence back to our system you have to abolish these self governing policies or at least put victims of the lawyers and police on these watchdog agencies as they are nothing but a gross conflict of interest! It should not be almost impossible to force public inquiries also as our family has tried but then again it is the same people (the elites) that can issue them!

  • Good catch ,valuable information.Article has been republished on my blog.