Letter from Canadian Political Prisoner Tony Olienick – Without Bail 563 Days

Clockwise from top left: Jerry Morin, Tony Olienick, Chris Carbert, Chris Lysak.

I received the following letter on August 29, 2023 from Father Jeffrey Stephaniuk, who had received the original from Coutts Four political prisoner Tony Olienick. The original hand-written letter appears at the end…

Freedom Convoy

Honk! Honk!

Hold the Line

Stand on Guard For Thee

August 24, 2023

Dear Jeffrey Stephaniuk,

Hello! Thank you for sending me your heartfelt letter of support. I am grateful and honoured to serve God and all the amazing Patriots out there like yourself. I honour and respect your father for his military service for this great nation, and I appreciate you for being a Priest and fellow son of God.

I’ve been a new Christian believer since March of 2020, that’s when I realized the battle between good and evil happening in the spirit world, and now how it’s spilling out into the physical world now. Since being in custody it has given me the much needed time, I always made excuses of not having ample time to sit down and read the bible and to understand God’s great words.

I’m grateful for being in custody as it truly saved me, I feel more free behind these walls than a lot of people out there are. So I totally believe this was my destiny, God’s plan for me, so I have no regrets from my time at Coutts and know in my heart that we are not guilty of anything except peacefully protesting against a corrupt system.

“We stood there at Coutts for the people of this great nation and I will continue to stand and defend their God given rights and freedoms for as long as need be. Especially for the children as their fate rests in all our hands, so we must not give up for their sake.”

For the little time I’ve known the other three men, I can say they are real down to earth peace loving Patriots and like myself love this country and ALL Canadians. We are passionate about Freedom and concerned about the direction our government is leading us.

Now myself and one of my co-accused were arrested at Coutts while standing peacefully at the front of the protest crowd, filming the events on our phones outside the saloon. We were unarmed and were surrounded by heavily armed militarized RCMP. We did not cause any incidents to warrant our arrest for mischief.

A few hours later the third guy was sick and asleep in his trailer which was parked blocks away from the protest site and on private property. He was suddenly awoken and told to come out, he came out peacefully and unarmed but shocked to be face to face with dozens of RCMP pointing their rifles directly at him. He did not cause any incidents to warrant his arrest for mischief either.

The next day the fourth guy was in Calgary and driving to work when he was suddenly pulled over and arrested by SWAT. Again he did not cause any incidents to warrant his arrest and was 4 ½ hrs away from Coutts!

“It wasn’t until after we were all in custody is when the corrupt evil system needed an excuse to justify their draconian act in implementing the Emergencies Act so that’s when they hit us with bogus charges of weapons for a dangerous purpose and conspiracy to murder RCMP.”

This was all fabricated by a bias evil agenda driven by the federal government, when in fact the real criminals at Coutts were the RCMP as they admitted on the record for vandalizing three excavator machines which posed no threat and were parked on private farmland outside of Coutts. The RCMP did this blatant act of sabotage to try and provoke us peaceful protestors into acting out in a retaliatory response which none of us did. So that’s when the RCMP used more underhanded evil tactics, breaking the law and our charter rights to push a government agenda.

“Now just yesterday the judge announced that he is going to open and review the envelope our defense lawyers submitted containing crime fraud between the Federally appointed crown prosecutors and the RCMP. This is a big win for all Canadians!”

We can’t have a corrupt law system, so people need to hold the courts liable to expose the corruption.

My lawyer fees have reached $500,000.00 to expose this. I am very grateful for the help I’ve received financially from all the Patriot donations that have come through my angel Granny McKay!

I pray as we move forward that no stone gets left unturned. I want the truth to be told to the public, everyone has a right to know what’s going on.

You don’t hear much about us any more on the mainstream as they don’t want to report the crime fraud collusion that happened between the crown and RCMP. They know they are the ones who should be sitting here in jail and not me or the three other men.

Anyway, thank you for reaching out to me! It sure means a lot. God bless you, Jeffrey! Thank you for being a Freedom Warrior with me!!

With sincere love and gratitude

Tony Olienick

P.S. If you have access to Instagram please follow and share my profile tony_o1911 as I posted all my videos from Coutts on there. The last video I posted was minutes before my arrest and depicts the exact location as well as events leading up to my arrest. Please share my story far and wide!



  • Thankyou. God bless. 🙏. We need to get this out as so much is still suppressed. So sad our Canada is so compliant to lies

  • WoW we can feel his love, courage, determination and his endless patriotism in his letter.

    The Coutts 4 are national heroes.

    God bless them and their families

    Thank you for your sacrifices