Former Ottawa Police Chief Peter Sloly’s Testimony Trainwreck – Panel Commentary

Jason Lavigne, Kris Eriksen, and Donald Best comment on the first morning of testimony from former Ottawa Chief of Police Peter Sloly…

“What dysfunction. What a complete mess. And this was the Chief.”

… Jason Lavigne, Candidate Federal Parliament

“It’s a shame… when you have someone like (Sloly) who is supposed to be a leader – the strain that it puts onto the other officers who were trying to do their jobs and were looking for direction… It seems like so much chaos… So much disorganization, so much Keystone Cops…”

… Kris Eriksen, former staff to Speaker, BC Legislature.

“What an unmitigated disaster of a trainwreck. I can’t remember the last time I’ve seen such testimony – such a disaster – from someone with so much experience and at such a high rank…”

“It’s obvious that despite his experience, his training, his C.V., and his wonderful use of police-management lingo… Peter Sloly was unable to meet the challenges of being the Chief of a major policing organization…”

“Compare (former Chief Peter Sloly) to the professionalism and the leadership qualities of the other police witnesses that we’ve seen so far – and he just falls short, let alone being the Chief of Police of our nation’s capital.”

… Donald Best

Why Donald Best was Imprisoned for 63 Days in Solitary Confinement

In this lunch hour panel Jason Lavigne, Kris Eriksen, and Donald Best discuss the first morning of Emergencies Act Inquiry testimony from former Ottawa Police Chief Peter Sloly.

Then Donald Best tells how he was convicted of Contempt of Court and sentenced to three months in prison – because three corrupt Ontario lawyers fabricated evidence, lied to the courts, and bribed a police officer to provide additional false evidence during a secret court hearing that Donald was not notified of.

(Donald’s full story can be found at: Donald Best Receives the 2018 OCLA Civil Liberties Award)