Lawyer Andreas Kalogiannides talks about lawyers wearing suits

Lawyer Andreas Kalogiannides


by Donald Best, former Sergeant, Detective, Toronto Police

by Donald Best, former Sergeant, Detective, Toronto Police

Lawyers wear suits because that article of clothing is as much a uniform to them as my hat, badge and red-striped trousers were to me as a Patrol Sergeant with the Toronto Police.

Our friend Andreas Kalogiannides (photo above) has just discovered that he is a lawyer even without wearing a tie. Oh joy!

But as Andreas and his lawyer friends at will surely be informed by their more senior colleagues and the members of the Bay Street Cabal, such thoughts are dangerous and heretical.

Here’s what Andreas has to say:

The other week, I was putting on a suit for work; I had a client meeting in the afternoon and I was speaking on a legal panel that evening, and I wanted to look sharp.

But on this morning, I observed a new feeling that I hadn’t ever experienced: putting it on just didn’t feel right. This was a suit that I’d worn many times before; as I looked in the mirror to put on my tie, I felt that something was “off”. Like many feelings, it was hard to pin down at first. All I knew was that this was a new feeling and something wasn’t right. The feeling was of contradiction; conflict, even. After sitting with it for a while, I narrowed it down: I no longer needed to wear a suit in order to feel like, well…me.

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