Worldwide interest in Ottawa Police Detective’s Sudden Infant Death Investigations

Ottawa Police Detective Helen Grus faces internal Police Act charges for conducting “unauthorized” investigations into the sudden deaths of nine infants – where she sought to know the vaccine status of the mothers.

The world wants to know what’s going on.

From August 9th to 17th, 2022 I published a series of twelve tweets and one article about the case of suspended and charged Ottawa Police Detective Helen Grus.

Almost two weeks and over 400,000 views later, I am stunned by the level of interest from around the world: Canada, United States, Mexico, United Kingdom, Australia, India, Singapore, Brazil, New Zealand, Iceland, Germany, Spain, South Africa, Kenya, Nigeria, Uzbekistan… the list goes on and on.

Over one hundred readers contacted me directly to comment, ask questions, or thank me for reporting the Detective Grus story.

Fourteen accredited journalists from as far away as Australia asked me to share my sources for Detective Grus’ September 2021 letter to Chief of Police Sloly and other information in my reports. (Thanks for your interest ladies and gentlemen of the media… not going to reveal my sources.)

The vast majority of comments and emails I received were supportive of Detective Grus. A few readers, however, supported the charges against Grus and were upset that she or anyone should question the safety of the ‘vaccines’ for pregnant women and nursing infants.

Whatever your thoughts, perspectives, and opinions about the charges against Detective Helen Grus – you are one of at least hundreds of thousands (probably more) who are interested in the case.

Next Court Appearance Open to the Public – September 15, 2022

The next appearance date in the Detective Grus case is September 15, 2022.

The Ottawa Police Service recently stated that the hearing would be open to the public.

During Covid, Ottawa Police internal hearings are conducted remotely, as was the first Detective Grus hearing in July, 2022. I will publish information about how members of the public can remotely attend the September 15, 2022 hearing as soon as it becomes available.


  • Exactly what one might expect from a police department that would use horses to stomp an elderly lady in a walker – would perp walk an elderly physically deformed man – then attempt to coverup the evidence.

    • gracejoubarne461654805

      I heard recently that the man who went to the aid of the elderly lady with a walker when she was tampled, was also trampled. While some reports claimed he had had a heart attack, it appears that a police horse had stomped on the man’s head and he died recently.

      I trained horse professionally for decades and when I saw the footage of those horses being driven through the peaceful group, I felt that they were neither police horses or police riders. I am very suspicious that they were UN Mercanaries, just like the ones who could speak no English whatsoever who stood in front of the protestors in a line. They had no badge or IDs on their labels as well.

      I challenge people to dig up footage of police horses used in crowd control and the ability of the riders to control and direct the horses. The horses are NOT out of control, with the riders trying to pull them here and there as was the case that day. Properly-trained riders stay well seated and their hands are not hauling on the horse’s mouth, as was the case on the day the elderly lady was trampled.

      The UN is notorious for paying mercanaries to show up in situations like this; mercenaries get double the pay. Of course, since our tax dollars go directly to the UN for their ‘programs’ and government, we are paying for these mercenaries to do this to us. I have to wonder of those horses and riders did not also come out of the UN plane found in North Bay, Ontario when all this was going on.

      IF anyone gets concrete confirmation about the man who died trying to help the elderly lady, please share asap with my gratitude.

  • gracejoubarne461654805

    Thank you as always for keeping important events in the public consciousness!

    Regarding the negative comments about the Detective: many people who have done ‘wrong’ and harmed others are desperate and are trying to close down discussions as a last resort. They will be brought to Justice and they know it, but I think they honestly believe that they can kick the can down the road and get away with a lot for years more.

    Many others who make negative comments that defy logic are paid to do so. For $5.00 there are ‘commentors’ on Fiver that will post hundreds of negative reviews and comments.

    The genie is out of the bottle; we are capping the bottle so she cannot again hide.

    BTW: I’ve been waiting for the launch of your video…hope it’s soon.

  • Anyone who supports charges against this brave police officer is conspiring as well. Those mothers and families deserve to know the truth as well as the public and if you don’t like it then get the hell out of Canada and move to China you communists!