Big Puff Podcast Covers Detective Helen Grus Story

“So this Helen Grus is a conscientious police detective, right? Who is doing her job trying to to get to the bottom of these infant deaths.

But because she tried to investigate whether there’s a link between these sudden infant deaths and vaccines, she got cancelled. She’s suspended. And now her name is being dragged through the mud. But check this man… All the charges did was shine a light on what she was doing. And this story is going worldwide, bro.”

… The Big Puff Podcast

Lex and Beach of The Big Puff Podcast spent only the first 5 minutes of their show talking about Ottawa Police Detective Helen Grus – who faces internal Police Act charges for conducting “unauthorized” investigations into the sudden deaths of nine infants where she sought to know the vaccine status of the mothers.

… but then they had me for the entire 47 minutes. Lex and Beach were so interesting, topical, fun, and irreverent that their Big Puff Podcast stole almost an hour from me in the middle of a busy day.

Here are the subjects and times into the August 23, 2022 Big Puff Podcast…

00:00 Ottawa Police Detective Helen Grus

03:23 Sudden Infant Death Syndrome, Sudden Unexplained Death in Childhood.

05:14 Normalizing SIDS, Childhood dementia

06:39 Government discontinues record-keeping re Covid vaccination statistics

10:00 Government narrative shifts from Covid to Climate Change

11:00 Co2 credit card

13:18 Patrick Moore & Greenpeace.

14:15 Patrick Moore Polar Bear book vs government Climate Change narrative.

26:21 Tennis pro Novak Djokovic

28:21 VAIDS – Vaccine Acquired Immune Deficiency Syndrome.

30:00 Autism causes, theories.

35:00 Observed psychological and personality changes in Vax’d persons.

39:39 Roundup & glyphosate.

43:00 Line City in Saudi Arabia


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August 23, 2022 • Running time: 47:33

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Lex, Beach


Lex  00:01

Cross my heart and hope to die, stick a needle in my eye. You’re listening to the dopest podcast from the root to the fruit. The Big Puff Podcast. Coming to you from the shadow of the bomb, Quebec Canada. My name is Lex and my co-host is Beach. What’s up Beach?

Beach  00:20

Hey, what’s going on? Weekly hang. Man, loving it.

Lex  00:25

Me too man. Wouldn’t miss it.

Beach  00:29

So dude, what’s going on, man? I’m ready for a little conversation. You know, I’m talking about the conservation of conversation,

Lex  00:37

My man. Well, let’s kick things kick things off with this, bro. This is an article from Donald Best is a former Sergeant Detective from Ontario, turned investigative journalist and whistleblower. And this guy has been killing it on and on Twitter throughout the plandemic.

Lex  01:01

And this story is a recent one from today I believe today or yesterday. And the title you can find it at DonaldBest.CA is called ‘Worldwide Interest in Ottawa Police Detective’s Sudden Infant Death Investigations.’

Lex  01:16

So check this my man. Ottawa Police Detective Helen Grus – I think I’m pronouncing that right G R U S. – faces internal Police Act charges for conducting unauthorized investigations into the sudden death of nine infants where she sought to know the vaccine status of the mothers.

Lex  01:37

So this is a conscientious detective, right? Who is doing her job basically right? Trying to to get to the bottom of these deaths in infants. Right. But because she tried to investigate whether there’s a link between these sudden deaths and vaccines, she got canceled basically right. She’s suspended. Right. And now her name is being dragged through the mud. But check this man. All that did was shine a light on what she was doing. And this story is going worldwide, bro.

Beach  02:14

It’s like a little bit of a Erin Brockovich style or something like that.

Lex  02:17

Oh, good one. Yeah, good analogy. Absolutely, man. Right. So apparently, Donald Best is writing in his posts that people are contacting him from all over the world, man. So I’m not, I won’t be surprised when this hits the international airwaves and starts popping up on other international podcasts.

Beach  02:38

But that’s a tell, right? She got fired for looking into something.

Lex  02:42


Beach  02:43

So obviously something is being you know, covered up.

Lex  02:48

100% Dude, right.

Lex  02:49

Of course, man. Right. So do your job, but just don’t do it too well,

Beach  02:49

Or else you wouldn’t be fired? Of course. So what a tell. It’s so silly.

Beach  02:58

Because you might expose the truth. And we don’t want that out.

Lex  03:01

Exactly, dude. And it’s funny how these things kind of pop up in bunches, right? At the same time a day before? Right? This is in the Montreal Gazette, right? The super spreader of fake news in Anglo Quebec, right? This is a story. The title is called ‘I want other people to know Ronnie was here, toddlers grieving mother says.’

Lex  03:23

Now look, I’m not making light of this. This mother lost a young child. Right? I’m not making light of that. But the story is about a death classification called ‘Sudden Unexplained Death in Childhood’.

Beach  03:38

SUDIC? would that (unclear).

Lex  03:41

And we have SIDS

Beach  03:43

and SADS

Lex  03:44

and SADS. And who knows what else they’re going to drum up right. But this is a disturbing trend that I have noticed in the COVID era, which is the the normalization of death and or pathology in infants and children. Right. And I had to do this took me a while to figure out what is the difference between SIDS and SUDIC? Right. And SIDS is basically Sudden Infant Death Syndrome in children from zero to 12 months. And then the ‘Sudden Unexplained Death in Childhood’ is for unexplained death in 12 months and older. Right? So like 3, 4, 5, 6 years old,

Beach  04:27

and they have to cover all their bases. And SADS is 18 and up. We get it all right.

Lex  04:27

That’s it bro

Beach  04:27


Lex  04:33

Right. And so like I said, this is a disturbing trend. And, and these same, you know, SIDS, and SUDIC and SADS. These are coming from the same people who claim to be experts, right? So on the one hand, they’re experts and they’re scientists, and they know exactly what we need to do with respect to COVID or anything health related. But then when they have all of these mister areas death, all of a sudden they throw up their hands and like “We’re still the experts. Don’t forget, we’re still the experts. But we just, we don’t know what’s happening. But we came up with a name for how we don’t know. So therefore, we’re still experts.”

Lex  05:14

Right? And then you’ve got also I noticed today, there’s another thing that they’re kind of floating out there, right, which is the diagnosis of dementia in young children from two to six to 10 years old. Right. And this is they’re trying to normalize it, bro.

Beach  05:29

Dr.Demento is out on the loose jab in you.

Lex  05:33

And that’s it, man. That’s exactly my point. Right? Why is it that we SIDS, SUDIC, SADS and infant dementia are we not allowed, are we not allowed to talk about vaccines? That is like a No Go Zone? Right. And if you do, you are a conspiracy theorist. Right. And you are off your rocker?

Beach  05:53

Well, I mean, they aren’t vaccines, dude.

Lex  05:56


Beach  05:57

They’re a kill shot

Lex  05:58

Right. The COVID ones for sure. And while you could argue that they all are, right,

Beach  06:03

For sure.

Lex  06:03

Although there’s there’s good evidence mounting now that the COVID shots are far more dangerous than all of the other childhood vaccines combined.

Beach  06:11

The fourth one,

Lex  06:12

The fourth one, bro,

Beach  06:13

That’s a super kill shot. It was the third one. It killed off a few – fourth one kills off the rest. And then the ones who survive. Hey, man, all right. Survival of the fittest. And then okay, well it didn’t bother, it didn’t didn’t kill off all the doctors – only, what? 28 now?

Lex  06:32

Is it up to that many bro?

Beach  06:33


Beach  06:34

So that’s what I’m hearing on the inside. They don’t even keep track of the stats anymore.

Lex  06:39

You know what other stats they don’t keep track of anymore in Canada, right? Is they no longer publish statistics on hospitalizations. They no longer publish the vaccination status. Right and that was their one of their main go to stats in the last year right? Trying to scare everyone “If you’re not, if you haven’t been stabbed, there’s a good chance you’re gonna end up in the hospital.”

Lex  07:02

Oops, turns out the opposite is now true. Oh, we better bury that stat. We better delete that from our little info graph right? And then on top of that, this is somewhat oldish news, right like a few weeks old now. But in Alberta, Canadian province, the number one cause of death is “unexplained”.  Unexplained deaths.

Beach  07:23

Our explanation is ‘unexplained deaths’

Lex  07:26


Beach  07:27


Lex  07:28

Right. The same people who said “Trust the science”, right? “Stay in your, stay the fuck home” right? “Social distance. Take your jab. Wear your mask. We know what we’re talking about.”

Lex  07:40

“And this stuff here that we don’t know anything about? We know what we’re talking about too.” Right? Like the ultimate and double think. “Trust us when we know what we’re talking about. And trust us when we don’t.” Right anyways. And now they’ve got I even saw another thing man connected to COVID – they’re now they’ve got Did you hear this… a tomato virus?

Beach  08:03

No I didn’t hear

Lex  08:03

A tomato virus

Beach  08:05

What’s going on?

Lex  08:06

It’s originating somewhere I don’t even know where the fuck man but they show photos of like…

Beach  08:10

a tomato slice? (laughs) in a microscope deadly tomato virus

Lex  08:21

Yeah, apparently there’s some new virus man, and they’re calling it tomato because people are breaking out in like, you know, red spots or whatever.

Beach  08:28

Oh, sounds like chicken pox monkey pox. Smallpox

Lex  08:32

donkey pox.

Beach  08:33

Yup. There you go.

Lex  08:35

hey man

Beach  08:36

Did you hear about Fauci?

Lex  08:39

Yes, he’s gonna resign. Leaving the ship, bro.

Beach  08:42

The vaccine vampire

Lex  08:44

vaccine vampire. And you know what his name is in, in his name means Fauci. I think it means like fangs. Yeah, dude.

Beach  08:56

Oh man, Phony Tony, we’re up to we’re up to you. And we know what you’re following up, Tony. Oh, man, this guy.

Lex  09:03

He knows when to get out a holy shit, man. The water’s starting to boil man. The rats are leaving the sinking ship. The CDC has completely 180’d. Right? We talked about this last week, right? Different states around the world are dropping all of their COVID restrictions. Right. And because the the cat is out of the bag, man, it was a scamdemic. It was a plandemic and now people are looking for justice. People are looking for Nuremberg. 2.0 right.

Beach  09:33

And they’re flat out lying. And these people these folks people for the for the narrative, you know, and you can’t can’t defeat the internet man. It’s like from two years ago. You have clips of Fauci saying that he recommends a lockdown and then, you know, last week so he’s “I never said I never said that I would recommend a lockdown.” I mean, it’s just complete 180 So if we know they’re liars, I mean, what so just on one thing? I think Come on man.

Lex  10:02

I agree man. born liars, but now they’re switching right. Now they’re trying to shift from COVID to climate change, more climate change hysteria. And I see it in everyday small talk with people. Now people are starting to talk about it right call this heatwave. They are all this drought. You know, there are lots of droughts.

Beach  10:20

Tornadoes here locally, right? In southern Quebec here, what the fuck’s going on this summer?

Lex  10:25

It’s Tornado Alley, bro. What are you talking about?

Beach  10:27

It ain’t Kansas. That’s for sure. Yeah, what happened? The Wizard of Oz is in town. What’s up?

Lex  10:35

Hey, man, you know what I think? I think they I think they can make those tornadoes

Beach  10:41

Fuckin geoengineering man

Lex  10:43

100% Bro,

Beach  10:44

Fuckin out of a Bond movie.

Lex  10:47

But man they are. They are banging that drum man ‘be scared of climate change’, man. And I just saw this crazy story, man, this is from out of Sweden. Sweden now has a credit card. Okay, voluntary, right? But it tracks your co2 emissions. Okay, based on your purchases, right?

Beach  11:08

How does it do that?

Lex  11:10

If you buy a steak, then depending on the weight of the steak code is equal to you know, X amount of co2 emissions

Beach  11:18

Who comes up with that number?

Lex  11:23

I don’t know, dude. I don’t know. But this is where they’re trying to take us man. Right? Because then if you go over your co2 emission allowance, it prevents you from buying certain items. Again, like we’ve joked about this on the podcast about how you’re only going to be allowed to buy so much red meat in a month or so and or only burn so much gas in your car per month,

Beach  11:47

or you’re locked out of your fridge or locked out of your car,

Lex  11:50

Right. There’s no way you can get it. Maybe you can’t even get into your fridge or you can get into it we can only get into certain drawers right? No meat crisper for you brown bread and water till the end of the week. Right? And it’s literally here. Now it’s voluntary, right? But that’s how they always start. They always start by saying as voluntary. And then but it’s only it’ll only be voluntary if you don’t do it. If you don’t volunteer, it will be mandatory.

Beach  12:21

You don’t volunteer you’re gonna lose your job.

Lex  12:24

That’s it, bro.

Beach  12:26

Sound familiar?

Lex  12:27

Sure does, bro. Now look, bro stick sticking with the climate change, malarkey. I have been aging

Beach  12:37

right now. It’s changing man.

Lex  12:38

It’s kind of like a I was thinking about it’s not an oxymoron. But it’s kind of like it’s like redundant in a way.

Beach  12:45

It’s the captain obvious, right?

Lex  12:48

It’s like climate that’s part of the definition of climate is that it’s like in flux. You know what I mean? Or it’s changing. Right? So to say it’s climate change. It’s like, well, yeah, that’s what climate does.

Beach  12:59

You know, and I’m afraid of man?

Lex  13:00

Go on

Beach  13:01

mood change. Just get fucking angry the next five seconds.

Lex  13:12

Oh, boy, is there a vaccine for that?

Beach  13:14

Govern me harder daddy.

Lex  13:18

Yeah. So check this out. Man. This guy, Patrick Moore. Right. One of the OGS of the environmental movement. Right. Co-Founder of Greenpeace can’t get more OG than that. But left Greenpeace right after it got co opted right because the entire environmental movement for the most part has been co opted right and propagandized and weaponized against us. And the co2 credit card is an example of that. That’s exactly what they want. Right? How do you get a population to accept a co2 credit card, co2 emissions credit card without first indoctrinating them?

Beach  13:57

You scare the fuck out of them.

Lex  13:59

exactly right into believing that climate change is actually a real thing. Right? Or it’s that it’s a danger. Right that it’s a threat.

Beach  14:08

You heard Greta? How dare you!

Lex  14:13

Man that was child exploitation. Man. I feel bad for her man. She got used for, she got completely used and exploited by her parents and beginning with their parents, and then everyone else after that, right. But this guy, Patrick Moore, he wrote a book in 2020, I believe called ‘Fake Invisible Catastrophes and Threats of Doom’. Right. And I believe he’s Canadian as well, or at least he lives in Canada. Right. And he’s got several chapters in his book addressing different environmental issues, right from like, the Great Barrier Reef dying to ocean levels rising and for each one, he goes and shows what the real science is, and kind of debunks them. He’s kind of hoaxes to a certain extent.

Lex  14:56

He’s got a whole chapter on polar bear extinction. Right. And he’s basically saying it’s a complete hoax. And polar bears because they’re this like, what do they call them? They call them in the environmental movement, they call them charismatic megafauna. Right? So anytime you see stories of animals under threat, because of climate change, they don’t pick snakes and spiders, right? They pick koala bears and pandas and polar bears, right? These mammals, these big mammals that are cute, right or impressive and awe inspiring. Right? And then they show them what seals seals. Exactly. There’s Yeah, all of that man. Right? And so there’s even like, a lot like most people will have probably seen this photo, even if I just describe it. They’ll know what I’m talking about. It’s out of National Geographic. It’s from a few years ago. And it’s about this like super emaciated bear like it’s like, on its last legs. And it’s looks like it’s just been starved almost to death. Right. Does that ring a bell?

Beach  16:01

Yeah, sure.

Lex  16:01

Yeah. And then they say it’s because of global warming and rising sea temperatures and lack of ice the winter is the summer ice too much summer ice melting and that they can’t get their prey. Right. But that turns out that that photo was a complete hoax. Right?

Beach  16:17

Come on.

Lex  16:18


Beach  16:19

What was it some? Some old school polar bear release from like, Marine Land or something? Or on a zoo, or things like it’s your last hurrah on this floating piece of ice?

Lex  16:37

No, man, it was just it was a photo of what happens to bears to some bears as some of them starve to death. Some of them get old and they die, man. But oh, anybody who’s familiar with wildlife will not be tricked by that photo. But your average urban or suburban dweller who’s completely disconnected from the natural world thinks will always starving bear that must be there’s no way that happens naturally. And it’s like hello. What do you think polar bears go to some like old folks home? Right and then getting put into palliative care for their last days? No man it’s gruesome. Right. But anyways, the photos are complete hoax. Okay.

Lex  17:15

In fact, this guy, Patrick Moore, he makes the argument that polar bears exist because of climate change. Right? Yeah. He says that we’re at the tail end of this, like global cooling period. Right. And it’s only because we’ve gone through a cooling period that bears that previously could not go into the Arctic, right into the Arctic region, Nordic region, because it was too damn cold. And there was nothing there. I sorry, too damn hot. Right. And he explains that polar bears are basically like grizzly bears who have just adapted to the to the north, right? I’m not saying they evolved. They’re adapted. There’s a difference, right? To the extent that polar bears and grizzly bears can interbreed and produce viable offspring.

Beach  18:03

Hey, sounds like humans.

Lex  18:05

Yes, bro. And so this guy more he explains that they just adapted to the to the, to the cold, right? That’s why they have that white hair. And they’re a little bit bigger because they’re on an all carnivore diet, whereas a grizzly bears like more of an omnivore, right.

Beach  18:21

It’s sort of like the albinos of bear the bear kingdom.

Lex  18:25


Beach  18:28

The Nordic Nordic people,

Lex  18:31

yeah, the Nordic bears. And so he explains man, because the explanation right, the mainstream explanation for why these polar bears are threatened is because the the the Arctic ice cap, right, the sea ice is melting too much during the summer months, that the polar bears cannot hunt seals, because there isn’t enough ice for them to walk on or whatever, right? And he explains like, look, the polar ice melts every summer. Right? And he says explains that if you want. You don’t want the polar ice cap to not melt in the summer. Okay, that’s like, people think well, that that would be much better, right? Then there’d be like tons of ice and there will be tons of seals, right?

Lex  19:15

But what he explains is that if the ice in the summer does not melt, then the sunlight will not penetrate into the water as much right? And if the sunlight cannot penetrate through the ice into the water enough, then it will not produce enough phytoplankton. Yeah, and if there is less phytoplankton, there is there are fewer zooplankton that feed on the phytoplankton. If there are fewer zooplankton, then there are fewer fish. If there are fewer fish there are fewer seals if there are fewer seals there are fewer polar bears, right?

Beach  19:52

Well, you’re getting sciency on me dude,

Lex  19:55

Dude, it’s called the Food Chain man. We learned about this in elementary man. Right, and he’s just explaining that the sea ice needs to melt for the food chain to work properly.

Beach  20:10

Dude be afraid of climate change.

Lex  20:13

Hey, man. It is here, man. But you know what? It really, I have hope when it comes to the climate change hoax, because as I said earlier, I feel that it appeals almost only to urban and suburban folk and not all. Far from all but almost only because if you live in the countryside, right, like I do, and half of my family are come from farming stock and live off of the land, right and and are in the natural world. They don’t give a fuck, bro,

Beach  20:45

what’s the city folk climate change bullshit.

Lex  20:48

That’s exactly the sentiment man, they cannot be bothered, right? Because they know they’re in it day to day, right? All these people in their condos in front of their black mirrors think that they know more about the environment than all of these rural folk just because they’ve read a bunch of studies

Beach  21:04

yet they probably can’t grow a tomato.

Lex  21:08

Exactly, bro. Right. So anyways, check this element. Patrick Moore goes on to explain that there’s a Canadian, I think Patrick Moore’s Canadian. And he talks about Susan Crockford, who is also a Canadian, right, a polar bear researcher, right. And she studied polar bears extensively. And she made a putt, she published her findings in a paper called ‘State of Polar Bear Report 2019’. And as soon as that dropped, she got labeled a science denier. And she was a longtime adjunct professor at the University of Victoria. They declined to renew her contract. Right. And why? Because in her paper, she demonstrated that the polar bear population has never been healthier or more robust, right? You’re fired!

Beach  22:06

What are you gonna do teach people or something? or you’re working on a university or something was tough. That’s not That’s not our goal here.

Lex  22:12

But it shows you man don’t go to university for the truth. Right? Because the truth is suppressed. If it is off brand,

Beach  22:19

I go for the parties, man. Dude, now you’re not you have to be masked up and jabbed up so what kind of parties are they man?

Lex  22:28

Yeah, no do that. The university system is collapsing, bro.

Beach  22:31

Let’s hold the party man throwing a party called like demented youth party.

Lex  22:36

Man. frosh week in the studio in the barn studio. Yeah, we should have our own like over the hill frosh.

Beach  22:49

keggers Yeah, yeah, bro, fire out back.

Lex  22:54

So dude, here’s a good quote, just to kind of like cap off this Patrick Moore point, right? He writes, and you’re gonna like this, bro, because this rhymes with something we have been saying on the podcast from the jump. Right? He quote, “They have fabricated a fake catastrophe that the average citizen could not validate through independent observation.”

Lex  23:17

That sounds like something we’ve said a few times, right? They per day present to us these threats that we can neither confirm nor deny as an as a regular individual, right? It’s always like, it’s in the it’s invisible. Right. And it can pass through. And it can pat it can be everywhere, right? Like a virus in the air. Right? Or it’s deep underground, right? Or it’s all the way in the north

Beach  23:42

Or in space.

Lex  23:44

Or in space. Right. Right. Right, right. I had a I had a conversation with a buddy like a couple of years ago, I’ll go about this about all of these environmental issues and how you can’t find them or anything, right? It’s like you can’t see them. Only the experts know how to identify them right and diagnose them right.

Beach  24:01

The word wizards you mean?

Lex  24:02


Beach  24:03

The what? the word wizards?

Lex  24:05

Yeah, dude. 100% man, casting spells, right SPELL spells.

Beach  24:13

Programming us.

Lex  24:16

And I have traveled a lot, right? I’ve been all around the world. Because I’m a surfer and I traveled to surf. And I go to these to the coasts of all of these third world countries where I’m told you will see environmental devastation, right? These are kind of they call them like liminal spaces, right like that, where land and ocean meet, you’re gonna find a lot of pollution, right? And I just haven’t seen it man. And I was having this conversation with a buddy and he said to me, Well, you got to go and look for it, man. You got to go and look

Beach  24:49

for Yeah, go to the resort.

Lex  24:53

Yeah, so you can just plug into your fucking Black Mirror. That’s where you’re gonna see it right? Yeah,

Beach  24:57

with the pool next to the ocean. Yeah, that’s where you’ll see The damage

Lex  25:00

on Unreal man. And like, it’s just interesting that he said that right? Because it’s like, you gotta go and look for it. Well, that’s kind of like a self refuting argument. Because if it’s like if it’s all if it’s everywhere and it’s a threat to mankind, right like we need to overhaul society because this is the biggest threat to humanity? Then why do I have to go and look for it? It can’t be both can’t be that is really hard to find and it’s going to get and we’re all doomed. That’s a major double think, bro.

Beach  25:39

I think that guy needs to chill with us and smoke a big fatty

Lex  25:43

got that right. Can’t hurt, can’t hurt.

Beach  25:48

the zombie apocalypse. Amen. Stick big buff dude. Chill out. play some video games. scan through our phone, go on Twitter

Lex  26:01

speaking of playing games, bro. Novak Djokovic, which probably not going to play in the US Open can’t get into the country

Beach  26:10

Too much conscience

Lex  26:13

Amen. He’s a hero in my books man.

Beach  26:16

And legend living legend

Lex  26:17

that this just ups his popularity. It ups his brand

Beach  26:23


Lex  26:24

His notoriety for me and his overall legend and his infamy. Right? Because sports are super political. A lot of people don’t realize that right? Because for a lot of people sports is like their entertainment. Right? And if you try and like expose some of the cracks in sports to people, man they wall up real fast because like – don’t fuck with my football men. You know what I mean? Don’t fuck with my hockey. There’s no way there’s no way right? Meanwhile, it’s like it’s a worldwide professional sports is like, is it a multi billion industry? A trillion dollar industry? Right. Like either way it’s unquantifiable. Almost right. And with all that money, there’s no corruption. No shenanigans. Come on.

Beach  27:12

Entertainment, Sports Entertainment, right. What’s difference?

Lex  27:16

These are good people moral they would never do anything illegal or immoral.

Beach  27:22

Amen. Since the gladiators right isn’t that it’s not the story. It’s always been sports entertainment. The fixed fight the fixed game, run in numbers.

Lex  27:32

Bread and Circuses

Beach  27:35

selling tickets.

Lex  27:36

Yep. 100%, bro. So Dude, where are my notes here, bro?

Beach  27:50

Got notes?

Lex  27:51

Dude. We’re pros. Man. We’re not amateurs.

Beach  27:55

Just like blank sheets of paper there was

Lex  28:01

I’m like Biden over here. Just looking at blank sheets of paper. Okay, so check this out, man. This is from the expose right. From August 21st “COVID-19 Vaccination causes Acquired Immunodeficiency Syndrome” otherwise known as AIDS,

Beach  28:24

it’s up vaids.

Lex  28:26

Yeah, or vaids vaccine acquired. Right. So do check this out. This is how they introduced the the article. On let me spark this up here. I can get this out smooth.

Lex  28:39

This is how they started. They told you that if you got the COVID vaccine, you wouldn’t catch COVID-19. They lied. Then you were told the COVID vaccines make you less likely to be infected with or transmit COVID-19. They lied.

Lex  29:01

They told you that the COVID vaccines are safe and effective. They lied.

Lex  29:07

They told you that the contents of the COVID vaccines stay at the injection site site. They lied.

Lex  29:13

They told you that the mRNA COVID-19 vaccines do not interfere with your DNA. Liar liar pants on fire.

Beach  29:22


Lex  29:23

now they’re trying to tell you that the COVID-19 vaccines lose effectiveness over time and that you need to repeat booster shots. You need repeat booster shots. And actually what the experts say goes on to say is that that is a lie to write that saying that the vaccines are that the effectiveness is waning is actually a red herring distracting us from the truth. Right, which is the effectiveness of the vaccines don’t wayne it’s just that you think that one thing about what vaccine effectiveness means and they have their own definition of vaccine vaccine effectiveness.

Lex  29:58

Right so they are are really effective for them not for you bro. But what is waning? There is waning efficacy, but it’s not the vaccines it is your immune system. The vaccines kill your immune system because they’re the, the, the the injection goes around the body, right and it stays in the body way longer than they said it would. And because it’s doing that it continues to release spike proteins right? And so your immune system is constantly trying to fight off these spike proteins and it becomes weakened and it becomes distracted and open and makes itself vulnerable to other pathogens.

Beach  30:40

So you’re saying getting more jabs doesn’t help

Lex  30:48

it would seem that way right? Yeah. Oh, more more is not better. Okay. So

Beach  30:53

booster not for the immune system. It’s not boosting the immune system. It’s boosting the kill shot.

Lex  31:00

It’s boosting the kill shot 100%

Beach  31:03

for the club booster? Yeah, I thought boosters were seats that like your kids. Your infant sit on. Used to be that what happened?

Lex  31:13

I don’t know. We’re have to come up with a new name for those things. Man. That wasn’t gonna get triggered all the time

Beach  31:22

there was a booster more than in this year and then ever said

Lex  31:28

Bunch of words like that day where it’s like I’m sick of saying boosters for sure.

Beach  31:34

pandemics. The pandemic Oh, ever since the pandemic

Lex  31:40

we’re all in this together. Or in Quebec seva vnla and the rainbows I hate rainbow I always hated them but now man rainbows bro come on,

Beach  31:50

man. You know rainbows proof

Lex  31:52

go on.

Beach  31:53

We’re living in a dome

Lex  31:56

good points that

Beach  31:57

the drop that one

Lex  31:58

it was slash All right check this out, man. We’re gonna skip to this one. This is from the Expose as well. Great fucking journalists over there, man love them or hate them. They’re trying to do their fuckin jobs is from August 19th “One in thirty children are now diagnosed with autism. Are vaccines to blame?” Okay.

Beach  32:32

Oh, it sounds exactly like the rise in infant dementia or childhood dementia.

Lex  32:39

Exactly. Autism is being so normalized now. Right. And but there’s never any investigation into what causes autism. And you ask people what causes autism? And they always reply with something. Well, that’s that’s a good question. Right? There’s one theory that it’s this and there’s one theory that it’s that but again, just like with SIDS, SIDCA, SADS, and whatever the other one was, we’re not allowed to even question vaccines, we’re not allowed to scrutinize it. Right? Can we at least be allowed to scrutinize it in an honest way? And if we’re wrong, we’re wrong

Lex  33:11

What about polio man? What about polio man?

Lex  33:12

right. And that’s why they don’t want us to scrutinize because the more you dig into vaccines, the more you learn about vaccines in general and the truth behind polio, right slash DDT. Right?

Beach  33:26

What What would you say? Was that fake then too?

Lex  33:31

Was fake then too bro. Now, this article does a good job of just asking questions. Right. So there’s been a massive increase just in the last couple years of diagnoses of autism, right. So that it’s one in 30, which is insane to me. Right. And that’s a big jump.

Beach  33:53

So brain damage. Brain damage from 1 in 30.

Lex  33:59

Yeah. Yeah. Right. Whether it’s vaccines or not, whether it’s something else, like, I have a hard time believing that autism is just something kind of natural. That happens. To me that that seems like that has been something that has been that that’s a side effect of some something environmental, right. Whether it’s an injection, or something in your food or something in the air or whatever, right. But the idea that one in 30 infants, that there’s nothing abnormal, but one in 30 infants being born autistic? I can’t get on board with that man, that does not make common sense, right? Turns out, according to NHS data, which is comes and also from the CDC in the US, there’s actually a difference in the rate of autism in the rates of autism between economic classes. Right, and higher income families have fewer rates have lower rates of autism versus lower income families. And what correlates with that? Lower vaccination rates and higher income families and higher vaccination rates in lower income families. Right now correlation is not causation. Right, but worth looking into. No. Right.

Beach  35:15

More needles more autism, don’t you think? More jabs,

Lex  35:19

I think so

Beach  35:20

more brain damage,

Lex  35:21

more brain damage

Beach  35:22

when everything in between.

Lex  35:24

I agree all types, all forms man. I have seen such a psychological change in the in the stabbed in the last year and a half. Right. It’s just it’s just like just anecdotal, right? This is just my experience. But this is what I seem to have witnessed, right and where people just seem different than they were, right? And a little bit more. I don’t know. I really don’t know how to explain it, but just kind of closed off. Right? Very closed off to new ideas. And very easily triggered. Very easily triggered.

Beach  36:01

Yeah, I hear amen. I see a lot of, let’s just say closed doors in conversations with the jabbed. Whereas previously they were wide open, you know,

Lex  36:18


Beach  36:19

Just just regular regular things that you wouldn’t even think of, you know, it’s talking about like rising gas prices. And it’s just some total, becomes some total rant about Ukraine and Russia and this and that, and I’m like, Whoa, okay. Okay. Do I even have a door to walk through? You know, right. Okay. That’s set in stone. I know how they feel.

Lex  36:49

People who are in that mindset, I find are only interested in having conversations about pre-approved topics. Things that are already mainstream that everyone else is talking about. Right? Because then they have a whole bunch of talking points. Because, you know, I can’t be mad at people for being uninformed. People are busy. You know, and I mean, people have hectic, hectic lives, hectic lives, I recognize that right? Full time jobs sometimes two jobs, families, you know, so on and so forth. So there’s people don’t have a lot of disposable time to do the research.

Lex  37:22

You and I are in unique positions, in our in terms of our lifestyles, where we’re able to listen to a lot of podcasts during the day while we’re working. Right, multitasking, right? Not everybody has that advantage, right? And podcasting is an insane incredible way to absorb information right

Beach  37:43

or to open doors in your mind and open doors in your mind go look into it and do further research right and

Lex  37:50

we have no time to research by just searching for other podcasts on give you know a given topic right or a given speaker. A lot of people don’t have the time to do that. And because they have such little time in their week to do that type of thing. They opt not to because they’d rather just spend a relaxing and I get that bro you know, I just want to let me watch my my hockey and let me have my six beach day every days and you know, stay away with me with me stay away from me with that truth shit. You know what I mean? It’s making me uncomfortable

Lex  38:20

or that podcasting truth shit,

Lex  38:20


Beach  38:20

becomes equated to the medium. Right? Sometimes so Right, right, right, right. That’s that’s another door that gets closed. Right? It’s like, oh, okay, I’m not telling that dude that I have a podcast because I think I’m on some kind of right wing extremist or something.

Lex  38:40

domestic terrorist. My man. Yeah.

Beach  38:42

Which I am.

Lex  38:45

Good one. Yeah, man. It’s interesting. So getting back to this vaids article, right? There also no sorry, autism. There. Also, this article does a good job of putting forth other explanations. It’s not all about vaccines, right? They they talk they talk about vaccines, the beginning and then they move on. They’re like, what about glyphosate? How come we’re not looking into the relationship between glyphosate and autism?

Beach  39:13

You talked about what’s glyphosate is? Is that the shit that they’re spraying in the sky?

Lex  39:20

That hadn’t occurred to me but now that makes all the sense. That’s what I would do, bro. That’s what I would do.

Beach  39:25

One of the camera chemicals in the chemtrails I mean chemtrails is a lot of chemicals. Right? Chemistry world come on. Yeah. But my being glyphosate.

Lex  39:34

Yeah, dude,

Beach  39:36

or in our foods is that we were saying, well, well, it isn’t our foods.

Lex  39:39

Well, yeah, because it’s one of the pesticides in Roundup, and roundup gets sprayed on all of our produce basically. And The Expose explains that glut first of all, glyphosate is super dangerous for you, right and it’s going to cause all types of health problems including potentially autism, right? But then they go on to explain that… He writes, they write that they believe that glyphosate also contributes to and worsens damage caused by vaccines, in part because it binds very efficiently to aluminum, used as an adjuvant in certain vaccines. It like binds strongly to many other exotic other toxic metals as well. So it’s kind of like a it’s like a, what do they call that a, like a combo? Or do they call it bio, a bio weapon or combo weapon. But anyways, it’ll come to me. But they act, they’re the ingredients of vaccines are dangerous, and glyphosate is dangerous and there are dangerous on their own, but they’re even more dangerous in combination is what the article is trying to say. Right. And it’s the same the same people that are behind the vaccines are behind the glyphosate. It’s the same people.

Beach  41:00

The alchemists,

Lex  41:02

good one. And then they also there’s even a section in the article where they say there’s maybe a link between autism and Tylenol. Right. There’s something about Tylenol, right where there’s data this suggests that the more Tylenol you’re exposed to as an infant, the higher the rates are of autism.

Beach  41:21

Nah, man, I want my Tylenol! No, not my Tylenol. Don’t touch my Advil. Don’t you go near that she opened my mind about Advil. Hey, man, fuck that shit. Two apples a day. Amen. Not me.

Lex  41:39

I don’t take any pills, bro.

Beach  41:41

Two joints a day. Or like it.

Lex  41:44

100% Dude, so check out this story from Rebel News. “Working from home is causing worrying rise in porn addiction.”

Beach  41:59

Gettin Dangerous.

Lex  42:01

Hey man. But that’s what they want, right? They want us in our pods right in front of our black mirrors, right? Those cool buds watching the cone pods watching porn, right? But to me, that’s just a stepping stone. To me. That’s a stepping stone to the metaverse. Right? You get people make people fear the outside world, right because the air is pathogenic. Right? The environment is dangerous and deadly. Right. And people are dangerous and and flood them into cities packed with crime. And they’re going to be incentivized in a number of ways to stay in

Beach  42:40

or you can make money from home work from home

Lex  42:42

work from home as well.

Beach  42:43

Yeah, just you know, click on ads and shit you know, from home. Have a vid cam or something, you know,

Lex  42:53

socialize at home?

Beach  42:54

Yeah, make money off of it somehow. You know, people want you just hanging out talking.

Lex  42:59

Exactly. And to me, they’re setting the table. Right? They want to bring us to that state where we’re stuck in our in our pods. Right? So hey, then they’re gonna tell us “Hey, pod like pod life kind of sucks too eh? How about log into the metaverse right spend your days there instead?”

Beach  43:19

It’s it’s a black mirror episode man. For real Yeah, the run on treadmill. Get some energy points, get some coins or whatever hearts and whatever have you…  and then you can spend them in your little pod area which is like you know, the size of a bed. The screen in front of you

Lex  43:40

do it I even saw I was driving on the highway today man. And I saw a hotel. But it was called a Microtel. Right

Beach  43:48

on wheels?

Lex  43:49

No no, it’s a big building like a big hotel building right like 10 storeys high hotel,

Beach  43:54

a new hotel?

Lex  43:55

a new hotel but it was called a microtel instead of a motel a microtel and I was driving by on the highway so I just saw quickly but it looked like they had twice as many hotel rooms right because they the ones that were existed they chopped into two and made these micro rooms for the microtel right. And man that is telling because that’s where they’re trying to take us man and that’s they want that’s too big they don’t even want us in the microtels man they want us in fucking like tubes is in the coffin size tubes.

Beach  44:25

That new city. That line city? Where is that?

Lex  44:30

Saudi Arabia maybe? Yes. Well, obviously. That should do that is so dystopic, man I can’t believe it man.

Beach  44:40

It reminds me of the fifth element. You know those scenes with cars just floating around?

Lex  44:47

Yes, dude,

Beach  44:48

or any any sci fi movie. Vast.

Lex  44:51

You know what it also makes me think of is I haven’t even seen the whole movie but Snowpiercer.

Beach  44:57

Oh, awesome movie I was just gonna write talk about it

Lex  44:59

Because it’s a train right and that line city is like a train too, Right? And maybe they’ll… and in Snowpiercer if I remember correctly, it’s like the elites are up at the front and the pros are at the back or something like that? And you could see how they could organize the line city that way too because we’re not going to have them I mean, the elites are not even going to be in the line city right? but they’ll they’ll create a new elite a faux elite right mind city

Beach  45:27

you have to pay for access to nature because the mountains are right beside you that’s how it’s being pushed right? Oh, you can get out get out of the line. And then see the wonderful Desert Mountain desert but you’d have to pay for it to its tourism

Lex  45:43

Can you imagine, Dude can you imagine in that line city like how many like floor arrows there are gonna be?

Beach  45:53

oh my god it’s gonna look like a Tokyo like subway map man with all those arrows like 40

Lex  46:02

Unreal bro so what do you say bro? That we smoke it to the filter?

Beach  47:04

Yo Yo the ending, ending to Snowpiercer remember that final scene?

Lex  47:10

Oh dude. Polar Bear.

Lex  47:14

Haha, perfect synchronicity my man. All right, well