British lawyer jailed four and a half years for fabricating evidence. Three corrupt Canadian Bay Street lawyers get pass for same crime.

Same crime – different outcomes for corrupt lawyers in England and Canada.

Jailed lawyer Diljit Bachada

British solicitor Diljit Bachada fabricated evidence and placed false documents before the court in a civil dispute. She was caught when it was found that her documents contained a copyright notice that didn’t come into existence until six months after the date of the forged documents. (Law Society Gazette: Solicitor jailed for falsifying legal documents)

As a result, Bachada will spend the next four and a half years as a guest of Her Majesty’s Prisons. A second solicitor, Tharinjit Biring, assisted by providing a false witness statement and will spend eighteen months in prison.

In Canada though, Ontario’s Law Society of Upper Canada covered up and whitewashed hundreds of crimes by lawyers who committed criminal offences against their clients – according to the Toronto Star’s Broken Trust investigation.

In my own case, three corrupt Bay Street lawyers fabricated evidence and committed other criminal offences – yet the Law Society of Upper Canada, the legal profession and the courts gave them a pass.

The Law Society of Upper Canada is an exclusive club, and once you’re in it the rule of law doesn’t always apply. It just wouldn’t do to send senior members of the club to jail – even if an innocent man must go to prison instead.

Corrupt Ontario lawyers Sebastien Kwidzinski, Gerald Ranking & Lorne Silver lied to the courts.

The three corrupt Bay Street lawyers in my case are:

On November 17, 2009, Ranking, Silver and Kwidzinski crafted a false ‘Statement for the Record’ of a telephone call they had with me, Donald Best. They falsely told a judge in writing and then orally in court that I had informed them during the call that I did receive a certain court order. In fact I had told them many times that I had not received the court order and they cross-examined me on this point.

The corrupt lawyers did not know that I was in Asia and had secretly recorded the phone call which proved they lied to me in the call and to the judge. Further, later evidence showed that Ranking and his secretary lied to the court about sending me the court order via courier.

Further, Ranking and Kwidzinski’s purported ‘Barbados registered’ client was in fact a phony, non-entity which had been fraudulently created for the purpose of deflecting liability from their real client. Ranking was of course never able to present registration documents for his phony client. In January 2013 he was again caught red-handed filing fraudulent documents intended to legitimize his non-existent client some three years after the case had ended.

Then there is the fact that Gerald Ranking and Fasken Martineau law firm received over a million dollars in settlement and court costs which could not have been transferred to their non-existent client. That, my friends, is a badge of fraud and money-laundering.

Oh… and did I mention that Ranking and Kwidzinski illegally hired a corrupt Ontario Provincial Police officer to perform an illegal investigation for them? It’s called bribery of a peace officer under the Criminal Code of Canada.

Yes, the Law Society of Upper Canada and the courts were and are well aware of all of this – but the Bay Street lawyers are members of The Club, and rule of law doesn’t apply to them.

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Donald Best
Barrie, Ontario, Canada

* Thanks to a loyal reader who informed me of the jailed British lawyers.



  • Affidavits of Fabrication

    I was reading the affidavit of Mr. Van Allen and its very interesting as he loves to tell in his affidavit all his credentials except he is missing one important notation…and that is—he is a duly registered and licensed private investigator in the province of Ontario…that Judge Oshaughnessy would need to accept as his credentials as a private investigator allowed to search for Donald Best and which could be used to convict a man of contempt of court.

    What a cover up. Thanks for such a display of meaningless affidavits that our court accepted.

  • Kathleen Wynne not doing her job

    A lawyer for the OPP union has had his license to practice law suspended while he fights charges. He used to be a police officer. Then he became a lawyer and now he is up on charges for misuse of members money along with 3 union officials. Documents in his law office that were protected under solicitor client privilege were not allowed to be taken by the RCMP. Thats rather interesting when you see an OPP officer working on the side as a private investigator who illegally entered the data bases. Wouldnt you say what the ex OPP Van Allen did accessing data bases amounts to same thing as if the rcmp took the files protected under client lawyer privilege? Criminal lawyers love to use client solicitor privilege to protect criminal clients and get them off on technicalities. What about Mr. Donald Bests rights???

    So yes the RCMP can become involved in cases pertaining to crooked lawyers. It is their jurisdiction. So the question is RCMP involved in investigating the Donald Best case and the phony business paid one million dollars. Or are these lawyers being protected by some one higher up.When you see the OMAG get involved to protect a judge in a huge case involving fabricated evidence by lawyers wrongful imprisonment and a phony business then that begs to ask tougher questions of who is covering up. It has been a chain of judges involved that have covered it up all the way to The Supreme Court of Ontario and the CJC.

    Paint is not for sale to the RCMP either.

    • Kathleen Wynne not doing her job

      and what about the rights of every citizen who might have had a police officer illegally search the data bases and steal their personal information. No accountability to Mr. Van Allen with the evidence that Mr. Best has put on this website proves that there is a cover up and that crooked police and crooked people are getting away with so much meanwhile our courts lets criminals off on technicalities if there has been a breach of client solicitor privilege. What a pathetic display of a justice system that has lost its credibility with the citizens and for that Kathleen Wynne the premier of this province is not left off the hook.

  • Kathleen Wynne not doing her job

    In the Toronto Star Report about Rogue Lawyers Kathleen Wynnes government promised to use the Attorney General and her government to work with the law society in cleaning up rogue lawyers. That was Oct. 2014 nearly three years ago. Kathleen Wynnes government is obviously getting a failing grade—the OMAG decided to use their office to represent a rogue judge until public pressure forced him out. So its not our premier doing her job its the citizens of Ontario. You should send your bill into Kathleen Wynn and demand payment for doing her job.

    The article stated that investigators cant divulge their findings to the police. Would you not say that is a cover up if the police are not called in to investigate criminal lawyers???? Thats the easiet way to cover up. The police are not allowed to be talked to. A former forensic auditor is the one that went forward with the story which the Toronto Star printed.

  • Very good post Mr. Best. You are doing a great job representing your case with solid evidence and with excellent research skills of cases similar to yours and how they were held accountable. Thats skillful journalism.. Maybe you can follow that career path.
    Tne notable reference to the Toronto Stars Broken Trust article is great as it was newsworthy but then we watch as the Toronto Star was bias with respect to your story because Shabas is their lawyer. That biased atttude is a very unprofesional journalist stand testing the credibility of reporting important news in Canada.