Hamilton Councillor Sam Merulla embraces police investigation of Mafia connections – with custom Godfather logo

Hamilton Councillor jokes about leaked police investigation – but offers no explanation to citizens.

by Donald Best, former Sergeant, Detective, Toronto Police

When DonaldBest.CA re-published leaked police documents showing Hamilton politician Sam Merulla under investigation for apparent association with notorious ‘Ndrangheta Mafia members Antonio Agresta and brothers Angelo and Pat Musitano – Merulla responded by blocking your writer Donald Best from reading his Twitter feed.

Now the newly re-elected council member’s Twitter profile @SamMerulla shows him wearing a custom Godfather-style logo ‘The Councillor’ in an apparent attempt to defuse the issue through humour and mocking.

Left unsaid by Merulla is any real reply or explanation to the concern that an elected official appears as a subject in a long term investigation into organized crime. ‘Project SCOPA’ also revealed corrupt Hamilton cops in the pay of the mob.

Nothing from Sam Merulla – and very surprising during the recent municipal election – not one word about the police investigation into Merulla from the Hamilton Spectator, the Toronto Star or any other local news media. 

Whether due to ‘libel chill’ or the corrupt influence of organized crime, the result is the same: the mainstream news media failed in its duty to the public and to the public trust.

Hamilton politician Sam Merulla blocked Donald Best on Twitter

Hamilton Citizens deserve the Truth from Merulla and the Police

In 2016, the Toronto Star reported on a lawsuit by undercover officer Paul Manning – who alleges he was betrayed by the Hamilton Police Service and by corrupt police officers working for the Mafia.

Then about a year ago Oakville-based private investigator Derrick Snowdy published confidential police reports into organized crime showing connections between Hamilton mobsters, corrupt cops and several politicians – including Councillor Sam Merulla and former Hamilton Police Board Chair Bernie Morelli. (Morelli passed at 70 years old in 2014 after a long illness.)

In late 2017 I published two articles:

Leaked police report: Hamilton City Councillor Sam Merulla & former Police Board Chair linked with organized crime, ‘Ndrangheta mafia

Domenic Violi arrest a reminder that Organized Crime has penetrated Canadian police for decades

On November 15, 2017 the Toronto Star published a teaser about the Derrick Snowdy material – but only mentioned mob figures and corrupt cops. Again, the mainstream news media lacked the courage and integrity to report the full story, including that Sam Merulla was a target / subject of a major police investigation into the Hamilton mob.

Is it any wonder that Canadians no longer trust the mainstream news media as they once did?

‘The Councillor’ Sam Merulla wouldn’t be wearing a mocking Godfather shirt if the Hamilton and Toronto mainstream news media was doing its job.

Hamilton Councillor Sam Merulla and Musitano brothers (montage from original document below)

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Donald Best
Barrie, Ontario, Canada



  • Stolen Canadian Charter of Rights

    Did this retard Sam M threaten to sue you Donald Best. Has any of the guilty ones decided to? it appears the couple of posters that threatened that you would be paying heavily for your continued push for accountability are silent. I guess its not exactly going the way they hoped.

    Definitely not going to well for the guilty in their cover up. The internet doesnt allow for that any longer. Remember the maffia and those they feed do not want public exposure and most definitely dont want to end up in court to answer for their crimes. Especially by SRLs who would not be afraid to push hard at them and it appears that Slansky the honorable lawyer for Donald Best isn intimidated either. The court costs he was forced to pay by the Judge who called Bests lawsuits friviolous and vexatious has not deterrred him either. So these court costs were nothing short then an intimidation tactic.

    I see David Simetic had his lawsuit thrown out as being friviolous and vexatious. It appears our Courts are using this term rather loosely especially when it involves complaints of lawyer fraud and cover up. Perhaps David Simetic needs to write to the Treasurer of the Law Society and file a complaint about his lawsuit being thrown out and he should visit the OPP citing fraud by the Courts to cover up fraud by the lawyers. The average citizen has a right to have their civil lawsuits heard and it appears our Ontario courts are doing everything in their power to take away the civil rights of Canadians and muzzle exposure of criminal acts by lawyers and judges. David Simeic has a right to his lawsuit being heard.

  • The interim OPP Commissioner Blair reported that our Premier Ford ask the OPP to purchase a camper type vehicle off the books. This is against the law. It appears that Blair has been removed as the interim Commissioner. Why? because he became a whistle blower and outed corruption. But that is the job of the OPP police commissioner isnt that correct? So he is being penalized for outing this transaction by our premier. He iis being penalized for doing his job.

    My guess is all premiers in the past have done the same thing and the OPP covered it up. No doubt Blair is upset he was not made the OPP Commissioner and watched Tavener become it although not as qualified. The appointment of Tavener is on hold. Public outcry accomplished this.

    Its a sad day when a whistle blower is penalized. The question though would Blair have outed the camper trailer if he was made the OPP Commissioner and I think he would not have. So it is an even sadder day when our police forces cover up corruption. Canadians faith in the police forces has disintegrated because of their lack of policing when it comes to the politicians and wealthy including the maffia,

    Te 5 Eyes Suveillance project that spies on everyday citizens is a joke because if you are spying on everyone then you know who is corrupt. You have the maffia committing their criminal acts on camera. You have corrupt politicians lawyers and police committing their crimes too. So we are waiting for you 5 Eyes Surveillance to round up the corrupt. You cant be legitimate if you are looking the other way at the criminals. In one Hawaii Five 0 episode all the gangsters and politicians were rounded up in a pen. We are waiting for this similar action to be done.

  • loss of confidence in justice

    Police conducted raids on the maffia in Italy Germany Belgium and the Netherlands this past week. This is very amazing as terrorist links exist that put the maffia in bed with terrorists of the middle east either directly or indirectly.

    Bravo to the police with courage and integrity to conduct these raids. We await as the Canadian police need to save face by conducting the same raids here in Canada. We have enough links to conduct these raids.

    A ripple effect will now happen as motions and lawsuits start to fly against our justice system in Canada linked to crooked lawyers and judges and government officials. Such a corrupt system in bed with mobsters. We Canadians thank individuals such as Donald Best Paul Manning Valerie Findlay Kelly Donovan and others who have shown such integrity and courage to fight this corrupt system in Canada. We owe you a ton of respect. It is you guys that make our world a better place and help economies to prosper. Corruption actually is detrimental to the country prospering as a nation in the world.

    Bravo to lawyers with ethics contacting Donald Best with respect to the conduct of the Federal Court of Canada and embarking on exposing a 2 tiered justice system that works against hard working Canadians and allows corruption to flourish. Thank you to all those who courageously post on Donald Best.ca and expose their stories. We owe you a debt of gratitude too. Your voices are being heard across the world. We thank Dr. Eric Cole for helping Donald Best to catch the cover up with his expertise skills and those reporters with courage to print it.

    It is very evident that the criminal families in Hamilton are working behind the scenes to manipulate the police forces and into government and its continual exposure of them that will bring them down. It is this criminal network that is more dangerous then the middle east terrorist. So all Canadians should be concerned and expose this criminal organization. So we call on all lawyers to embark on this journey alongside Donald Best and Paul Manning and others to force our police forces to do their jobs and dismantle this criminal organization of Canada that puts all our lives at risk. We can all do our parts in a small way to do so. There is strength in numbers.

  • Shame on the newspapers if they are scared of libel chill. The maffia are nothing but a bunch of criminals so who is afraid of any libel chill from them or their lawyers. The newspapers have lost their credibility with the public and it appears that it is average everyday citizens that possess good investigative skills and are not afraid to share them with the public. Congragulations on your award Mr. Best. Well deserved.

    Look forward to the lawsuits and motions that are flowing from the cover up by the Federal Court of Canada. We predicted this would happen and success to you for helping to uncover the flaws and corruption. Hope Justice Boswell comes under police investigation too.

    • Now that your appeal has been denied based on failure to be able to pay court costs Mr. Best and your legal challanges are done then now the OPP and RCMP can definitely step in to the arena. They know exactly what criminal code charges can be used. All readers are waiting!!!!!!!

      You gave them the rope and they hung themselves.