Cassels Brock law firm removes offensive logo

‘A Law Until Ourselves’ Bird of Prey logo revealed contempt for lawyers’ Duty to the Public Trust.

Almost two years ago, DonaldBest.CA exposed the elitism and arrogance of the Cassels Brock law firm in their web-publishing of a bird of prey logo declaring ‘A Law Unto Ourselves’.

You can read our original article here: Cassels Brock law firm motto ‘A Law Unto Ourselves’ under a bird of prey

We can now report that Cassels Brock has removed the offensive logo at their Cassels Brock law students’ webpage.

Yes, the logo is gone… but what about the ‘A law unto ourselves’ attitude?


Next up…

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Cassels Brock website celebrates corrupt lawyer who lied to jail a self-represented litigant

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Donald Best
November 13, 2018
Barrie, Ontario