Cassels Brock website celebrates corrupt lawyer Lorne Silver who lied to jail a self-represented litigant

Bay Street law firm dares not sue Donald Best for publishing the truth.

by Donald Best, former Sergeant, Detective, Toronto Police

Even though Canadian lawyer Lorne Silver’s corrupt acts (fabrication of evidence, obstruction of justice and lies to the court) in the Donald Best legal cases are thoroughly proven and widely recognized by credible, independent observers – the Cassels Brock website still celebrates that Silver won the case and imprisoned a self-represented person for contempt of court.


Normalizing corruption

On November 17, 2009, Cassels Brock senior lawyer (and Deputy Managing Partner) Lorne Silver and two other Bay Street lawyers deliberately fabricated false evidence against me, Donald Best, to be used in a costs hearing in the Nelson Barbados Group Ltd. v. Cox civil case.

Cassels Brock brags about victory achieved by fabrication of evidence and lying to the court.

After a conference call with me, Lorne Silver and co-counsels Gerald Ranking and Sebastien Kwidzinski created a false ‘Statement for the Record’ wherein they officially informed the Ontario Superior Court that during the phone call I had ‘confessed’ to receiving a certain court order the day before. In fact, as my secret recording of the telephone conversation proves, under Silver’s questioning I denied numerous times receiving the court order and asked that the order be sent to me.

During subsequent ‘secret’ court hearings that I was not informed of and had no knowledge of, the corrupt lawyers doubled down on their lies orally on the record – assuring the court that their Statement for the Record was true and that I and not they, were lying to the court. (This was prior to them knowing that I had secretly recorded our phone conversation.) 

Further evidence shows that Fasken lawyer Gerald Ranking and his assistant Jeannine Ouellette also lied to the court about sending me the court order in the first place. They never sent the order that the lawyers told the court I had confessed to receiving in the phone call.

Corrupt lawyers Sebastien Kwidzinski, Gerald Ranking & Lorne Silver lied to the courts.

The lawyers deliberately lied to the court to convict me of Contempt of Court in a civil case costs hearing that I was not informed of. They also illegally paid a corrupt Ontario Provincial Police officer (Det. Sgt. Jim Van Allen) to illegally act as their unlicensed private investigator and to illegally provide confidential police records about my police employment and my family including the names of my children and ex-wife.

The veracity of the above facts is not now, and has never been, at issue.

Who says so? 

  • Senior Law Society of Ontario (LSO) lawyers such as Brian Greenspan, Milton Davis, Paul Slansky, LSO Bencher Rocco Galati and many others, including law professors and a Crown Attorney – all of whom determined that Lorne Silver, Gerald Ranking and Sebastien Kwidzinski lied to the court to convict me of contempt in absentia (when I was not present).
  • The Ontario Civil Liberties Association, that openly published a statement in my support when that organization honoured me as the sole recipient of the 2018 Ontario Civil Liberties Award.
  • Former Federal Cabinet Minister and Commissioner of the Ontario Provincial Police, Julian Fantino in his sworn affidavit.
  • Dr. Stevan Pausak, forensic scientist at Ontario’s Centre of Forensic Sciences (1975-1998) in his sworn affidavit. 
  • Edward J. Primeau, noted forensic audio examiner, in his sworn affidavit.
  • Broadcast journalist Jimmy Dore during a live interview on The Jimmy Dore Show – and other Canadian and American journalists who examined the evidence and interviewed me.
  • Law Professor Julie Macfarlane, Director University of Windsor Law School National Self-Represented Litigants Project – who made a video presentation confirming that the lawyers lied to the court.
  • Two Canadian judges who privately told me that they are “ashamed” at what was done to me.
  • Hundreds of citizens who wrote to me, saying that they have listened to the voice recordings, compared them to the lawyers’ written and oral testimony in official court records – and are disgusted not only with the corrupt lawyers, but also with the legal profession and courts that worked together to save senior members of the Bay Street club even when that meant knowingly sending an innocent person to prison.

Yet, in the face of this truth and growing public realization of how Cassels Brock and its legal team imprisoned an innocent Canadian through the fabrication of false evidence and the commission of criminal offenses – the law firm’s website proudly proclaims the corrupt victory.

Good. I hope Cassels Brock leaves the webpage up as a testament to how far one of Canada’s premier law firms has fallen – and how it conducts itself with entitlement, impunity and contempt for Canadians and the Rule of Law.  

Donald Best cases won by Cassels Brock lawyer Lorne Silver on the basis of fabricated false evidence and other crimes:

  • Best v. Cox, 2014 ONCA 167
  • Best v. Cox, 2013 ONCA 695
  • Best v. Cox, 2013 ONSC 8025
  • Nelson Barbados Group Ltd. v. Cox, [2008] O.J. No. 2410
  • Nelson Barbados Group Ltd. v. Cox, 2008 CarswellOnt 2142
  • Nelson Barbados Group Ltd. v. Cox, [2008] O.J. No. 454

Notice to readers, including Persons and Entities mentoned in this article

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Donald Best
Barrie, Ontario, Canada


  • The end is nigh

    Oral directions of the Court: The Honourable Madam Justice Dawson dated 04-FEB-2019 directing ” [i]n response to the communication prepared by the Registry on January 28, 2019, the Court (Dawson J.A.) has directed that a notice of status review be issued in this appeal.” received on 04-FEB-2019

  • Natural Justice!

    The crooked lawyers Lorne Silver, Sabastian Kwidzinski and Gerald Ranking must be ready to screem and nothing they can do to stop it! What must their partners be thinking? This is natural justice from Mr. Best.

    • Kelly Donovan who is a former Waterloo police officer and has a business called Fit for Duty is appearing in the Ontario Superior Court on Thursday to address the issue of criticism of police.

      This is a very important endeavor by Kelly Donovan as cover up of police corruption is rampant and the only way that accountability will occur is public expose of the corruption and that freedom of criticism by speech is necessary to push for accountability and that all police officers that whistle blow on the corruption are protected when they expose it publicly.

      The Anti Slapp amendments by the Court of Appeal were necessary and in particular when it involves policing and criticism of the rampant corruption there needs to be further protection to such whistle blowers. Without it public confidence will never be attained and trust in our law enforcement will erode even further. Without this protection of freedom of speech and expose to our police officers who are striving to uphold the law and protect citizens by their whistle blowing then our Courts have stolen the Charter of Rights of the citizens. As citizens our Charter of Rights allow us to know the names of crooked cops and to demand accountability and the cover up by other cops is totally illegal. Such protection of criminals known as crooked cops is a blatant criminal cover up and police caught doing so are breaching public trust by not having these crooked cops fired immediately and then pressing criminal charges. You cant go out and arrest criminals for selling guns on the black market and protect a cop who is doing it now can you? This cop is no different then the criminal citizen who has sold the guns.

      We call on our courts to judge wisely with respect to the exposing of widespread police corruption and the freedom of honest police officers to expose it publicly. Without these courageous cops or former cops we cant have public trust and crime will continue to run rampant. How do you expect to curb crime if you cant curb it within the very departments that is supposed to do so??

      As citizens who have listened to Kelly Donovan and her story we applaud her for her courage and strength and we support her 100 percent and any efforts to silence her is done by crooked people and not honest people and it is these individuals that make our world unsafe. We know Paul Manning a former police officer has had death threats. We know that Valarie Findlay received death treats too. Donald Best received threats. The threats are endless. Remember the threats come from criminals as threatening is a criminal offence under the Criminal Code of Canada.

      So please come to the Superior Court of Ontario on Thursday and support Kelly Donovan.

  • God bless Mr. Best for trying to fight Canadian corruption. I lost everything I own trying. 77 now facing eviction because i complained about Caisse Populaire negligence. Welcome to the real world of Canada. Seniors robbed of their inheritcance, home, investments made legal by laws so criminal they are banned in every country but Canada! At 6 I began to cripple as a direct result of not having the right to know what is in our food & Health Canada’s corruption goes unconserned by our politicians, media and leaders of every party & agency I have contacted over an 18 year period.

  • David Doel would write your story as well. @RationalNational on twitter i will send him this he used to be part of the Green Party of Canada.