Detective Helen Grus ordered back to work. Hearing adjourned to December 6, 2022

Suspended Ottawa Police Detective Grus faces one internal charge of ‘Discreditable Conduct’ for allegedly conducting “unauthorized” investigations into the sudden deaths of nine infants – where she sought to know the vaccine status of the mothers.

Grus now has a lawyer to replace the police union representatives

Hearing adjourned to Tuesday, December 6, 2022 10am

Ottawa Police ordered Detective Grus back to work!

Two big pieces of news from today’s internal hearing against suspended Ottawa Police Detective Helen Grus…

1/ Ottawa Police ordered Detective Grus back to work!

Observers were surprised today to hear that Detective Grus has been ordered back to work. She has been suspended with pay since February 4, 2022 when an internal investigation commenced – leading to the current Police Services Act charge.

Lawyer Bath-Sheba van den Berg requested that the restrictions and conditions imposed upon her client Detective Grus be negotiated and put in writing prior to her return to duty. A meeting to discuss the terms of Grus’ return to work will be arranged.

So why should the Ottawa Police order Detective Grus back to work? What’s changed since the officer was suspended in February and then formally charged in July?

In short… absolutely nothing.

The Ottawa Police Service were concerned enough about Detective Grus investigating any potential connection between the mandated vaccines and the deaths of babies that they suspended her right away in February. Then when a formal charge was filed in July, the police served Grus with a Notice that she would be fired if convicted.

Now the Ottawa Police want her back to work.

What’s changed?

Somebody with common sense has realized that the Ottawa Police have a big fat nothing case against Detective Grus… and that she was charged for political reasons.

And besides… if the Grus case goes ahead, then all the evidence and arguments will happen in public. They can’t have that.

If the Ottawa Police can’t convince Grus to take a plea deal, they will drop the case. That’s my prediction and I’m sticking to it.

2/ Grus now has legal representation – Bath-Sheba van den Berg of Foster LLP, Calgary, Alberta

For the last nine months Detective Grus has been without legal representation. In her last appearance before the Trials Officer on September 15, 2022 she was represented by Pam Twining, a non-lawyer who is a Director with the Ottawa Police Association (‘OPA’), and a Civilian Director with the Police Association of Ontario (‘PAO’).

The use of a non-lawyer raised questions not only about the competence and effectiveness of the Grus legal representation, but also about potential conflicts of interest.

Ottawa Police Association Conflict of Interest over COVID Vaccine cases

Both the OPA and the PAO have consistently been in favour of experimental mRNA gene therapy injections for police personnel. Both organizations failed to stand up for their members’ personal health autonomy and medical privacy.

Like the Ottawa Police Service that mandated the experimental injections for all employees, the OPA and PAO are defacto supporters of mandatory mRNA injections and therefore have a real conflict of interest in anything to do with the legal and medical issues surrounding the vaccines.

It would not be in the interest of the Ottawa Police, the Ottawa Police Association, or the Police Association of Ontario if evidence in the Grus Internal Hearing revealed that the mandatory mRNA vaccine injections cause injuries or deaths…

…and that is an actual (not just ‘potential’ or ‘apparent’) Conflict of Interest.

So it is good to see that Detective Grus is now represented by a lawyer.

Donald Best – October 11, 2022


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  • We need high profile arrests ASAP of those who lied and defrauded with vaccine passports and mandates and this includes police who charged Helen Grus and Kristin Neilson and others.
    Pfizer has admitted the vaccines never tested on stopping transmission and their vaccine study trials proved it. They knew and defrauded the public and investors.
    To all those who pushed these vaccines and hurled insults and hatred at the unvaccinated you have been outed as ignorant fools who lack intelligence and common sense. You deserve to be in the unemployment line not the unvaccinated . You are responsible for division and chaos and harms created because of it. You are far from virtuous and in fact your cowards and your lies and fraud have hurt many innocent people. Your a disgrace to humanity and Danielle Smith the new Alberta Premier said it best on discrimination of the unvaccinated and she is backed up by many people of color gays and indigenous who state the last 2 years have been the worse discrimination ever experienced. The same ignorant fools attack Danielle Smith with the low IQs they possess. Many of them deserve prison terms as well. We have a list of many of them with conflicts of interest and their lies and fabrication. Safe and effective you say at preventing covid 19. Where is the evidence from last year to prove that. You don’t have any but you spouted those lies to look virtuous. We saved those lies that have cost lives. We have the lying media caught so many times. Can’t wait for the Court trials.
    Apologies not good enough. Jail time is better.
    Where’s the lying media on reporting on what Pfizer revealed in the EU Parliament. How about why Pfizer started the vaccine before covid was even a real thing in early Jan 2020. Or Moderna started the vaccine study trials of covid 19 vaccine in 2017. Like 3 years before the Pandemic started. Appears the Pandemic was made for the vaccine not the other way around. Real media reports on stuff that doesn’t make sense and they ask questions. Not bought and paid for media spinning a narrative of lies.
    Safe and effective cannot be used for a new drug especially EUA and every adverse event has to be recorded as a vaccine injury and ruled out later. This is not happening and many Canadian doctors are refusing to report these injuries. Very bad considering its all experimental and only Emergency Use Authorization. That demands careful recording of all adverse events including deaths. Where are the autopsies for healthy dying as EUA requires that and so does new drugs. Canada will cover funeral costs for those who die from the vaccines so they admitted vaccines kill and since you dont know who can die or be harmed you can’t mandate them therefore mandates were criminal negligence especially as they were based on lies and fraud of Pfizer and our public health and immunization agency. Lots of stories of people coerced to get the shots and died or injured. Everyone who pushed these vaccines and applauded these vaccine mandates aided and abetted deaths and harms. They can’t weasel out of this. The data and documentation is all there and so is the cover up. A novel coronavirus so scary better run and hide and restrict life but wait let’s run and roll up our sleeves for a novel vaccine developed so quickly for that novel coronavirus that you know nothing about in less than a year . Makes sense to fools I guess.
    Remember if your a politician or an elite it was OK to travel during covid or go to parties and family gatherings with no masks and no social distancing but very bad if you were regular folks. They only apologized when caught but the common folk got tickets. We have lots of photos of them breaking covid rules or lying it was too dangerous to travel while they did.. Hypocrites galore. Doctors spouting garbage how unsafe it was to be unmasked caught unmasked in restaurants not social distancing. Priceless pictures.
    Isn’t it amazing how effective it is when the death rate is 3x what it was before the vaccines were rolled out. The vaccines are so effective at stopping transmission and severe outcomes but cases were higher after the rollout. Oh right they lied on that. One has to have a low IQ to fall for the scam after all thqe evidence is there. The biggest brainwashing ever. The cover up of the most vaccine injuries and deaths to ever occur and people still pretend it isn’t happening. It isn’t until vaccine injury or death happens to their family they might take notice or they won’t admit it’s the vaccine as it’s too difficult to admit they were conned. A therapeutic requires continued doses just like you take vitamins as a therapeutic. It’s not a vaccine that’s stops transmission and it doesn’t provide mucosal protection. Competent doctors should know this. It’s a therapeutic with a massive list of side effects including death.
    Drop the charges against these police officers you low IQ police who deserve jail time for your political fraud.

    • After reading Matthew Horwoods stories of vaccine injuries along with the many I have found I know who should be in handcuffs.
      Iit is absolutely devastating and these injuries and deaths were known before they started shoving it in our kids 12 to 17 then 5 to 11 and finally 6 mths to 5 yrs. I would love to see lawsuits by 12 to 17 yr olds discriminated from traveling on planes and trains against the government and the news media like CTV that ran a poll should the unvaccinated be jailed or denied healthcare. Lets see CTV face our canadian children 12 to 17 who choose not to get the vaccines of their own choice.

  • She needs a good agressive defense. She needs to document all and any workplace harassementbor inflyence, reassignments , peer peessure, union contacts. If charges sre dropped she needs to mount An AGGRESSIVE civil suit against all involved for harasssment and obstruction of justice.
    Where can i donate.

    • Now that Detective Grus has a lawyer, there is probably a solid core of Canadians who would contribute to her defense. You are not the first to mention it. I’ll contact her lawyer and see what we can come up with. Cheers, Donald

      • Her union should be paying all the legal fees. That’s why she pays dues. I believe it is the law.

        • The unions don’t care about the law. They do many things that raise eyebrows. They should have represented union members against vaccine mandates but many did not. One Air Canada employee had to force their union to represent them. Some union members in BC suing their unions for refusal to represent them in vaccine mandates.
          Unions are notorious for bullying members into silence.

      • Like to thank you for your tireless work on advocating for Justice. I see you were vindicated outing the absolute corrupt people of Ontario and Canada’s Justice system where the woman from Barbados won the largest US payout for being swindled of her land . Congrats on being proven right and exposing crooked lawyers and judges and police.
        Dr Denis Rancourt has been solid on his research from masks to vaccines and he is being proven right even though he was smeared. abused and ridiculed.
        We have all been subject to abuse for over 2 years from our government and people you are supposed to trust and some like you have been abused for longer in trying to out corruption. It’s a nice day when people are vindicated.
        Let’s hope Detective Grus and Constable Neilson can find justice. Same for all other courageous people. Can you imagine on Nov 11th where they have remembrance day as members of the military that have fought along side fellow soldiers in Aghanistan and other dangerous missions yet are cowards to stand up for them in Canada because they refused these vaccines and were fired. James Topp being at the helm of representing the fired military. How sad the lack of courage on display in all jobs like healthcare and EMT. Fired unvaccinated who worked the whole pandemic only to be fired because they refused the vaccines. The zoom class demanding their take out foods be made and delivered as they ran and hid and enjoyed full paycheques and other perks.
        So just wanted to bring awareness to your vindication and kudos to the Barbadian woman for never giving up. The USA courts came through and did what thd Ontario and Canadian Courts failed to do. A sham of a Justice system. Of course we do have some good and fair judges. They can be proud of who they are. It’s the bad ones who need removal.

      • I’d be all over that as well.

    • Appears she has a lawyer fighting for the protestors in the Emergency Act Inquiry. These lawyers need to be aggressive and go after the government andwitnesses. Trudeau is there so they need to show the photo of him and Sophie getting the vaccines and ask if he got ghe real stuff as a politician in France has stated Macron and many world leaders and MPs did not get the shots. I would question any police who dares charge anyone with any covid issues whether they have fake vaccine passports. Lay it on thick. They could also show Trudeau with 1 doze at the G7 in 2021 frolicking with no mask. So if it was safe to travel with1 dose and be maskless with the 95 year old Queen and no social distancing it is good for all to travel with no doses and if Macron and all these leaders and MPs are traveling with fake vaccine passports it’s fine to have no vaccines whatsoever. We already knew that. Trudeau came home from the Summit of Americas sick. He flew home sick. Doesn’t take a doctor to know he was sick on June 10th. He tested positive on June 13th. So clearly doctors are political who cover for Trudeau. Do you want a political doctor who follows political science and healthcare? I surely don’t.
      The Emergency Act can only be done when the provinces have no control over the situation. Doesn’t appear the provinces needed any help. In fact while the Ottawa protest was going on a protest in Toronto that carried the theme of hating Jews and calling for violence was going on. Nothing from media and police on that. The Emergency Act can’t be pulled for labour disputes and the vaccine mandates were a labour dispute and this is seen by multiple tribunals going on in Canada against firing for being unvaccinated. It was purely political. Trashed rule of law and was to protect big Pharma. The Emergency Pandemic Planning requires open and transparent debate. Dr.Theresa Tam and PHAC were invited to debate with Dr. Byram Bridle Dr Roger Hodkinson and Dr. Paul Alexander in Ottawa and they refused. The kicker here is that the travel vaccine mandates including the border mandates for truckers never had approval from the epidemiologist of PHAC. In fact they stated that travel mandates were ineffective so Trudeau knew this when he created the vaccine border mandates for truckers. He deceived the Canadian public and the police carried on with enforcing this Fraud. Al, to the harm of Canadians so any witnesses in Court feigning PTSD from the protest in Ottawa can blame Trudesu and his cabinet and all who supported these vaccine mandates for their Fraud. My suggestion they better start researching before they enter court and blame the truckers. On June 2 Trudeau and his minions stated the science meant keeping the fraud of vaccine mandates going but 11 days later the science changed. Fools who allow this fraud to continue.

      There needs to be civilian oversight as MPs have proven not to be competent so they need watching. Especially the fact that it has been stated many MPs have fake vaccine passports. If in Spain 2200 elites including a head of a pharmaceutical company have fake vaccine passports we know it will be higher in Canada. Where is interpol to investigate this fraud. The fraud of pushing these vaccine on others and using criminal coercion with consequences and hurting and killing many. It’s not the fake vaccine passports as the focus it’s those who pushed it on others and refuse it themselves and lie and scheme on social media or in front of the cameras.

  • Let’s hope this is a good sign that the Ottawa Police are trying to back away quietly from this fiasco of charging an officer doing her job especially where adverse events are being recorded worldwide of vaccine injuries and babies dying whose mothers were vaccinated during pregnancy or breastfeeding.
    This is outrageous and perhaps these police would like to pull up their boot straps and investigate assisted suicide in Canada that might be being abuse and could get worse in March next year when mentally ill can apply for assisted suicide. Were witnessing evilness on the scale of nazi Germany being done here and people are sleepwalking into acceptance. Unlike NazibGermany where people were taken and killed were seeing our manipulators here in Canada aiding people to kill themselves instead of helping them in solving their problems like getting them better living accommodations for their disabilities or programs that help them have a more satisfying life. Disgusting and very alarming. The mentally ill can be manipulated with drugs and psychiatrists. This is what police should be Investigating.

  • She got rid of her union rep. Good. They are useless and will not work for her but rather for the Ottawa Police. Fake representative. Smart of her to get a lawyer. Great news and let’s hope her charges quietly disappears. Brook Jackson lawsuit huge. Thomas Renz a courageous lawyer lawsuit huge.