Donald Best Story – TV Documentary in production

Award-winning journalist Aaron Maté let the cat out of the bag during a live interview the other night when he revealed that a TV Documentary is in production about … The Donald Best Story.

In response to so many inquiries from my readers after they watched Aaron’s interview with Ryan Cristian (The Last American Vagabond) – yes, this is an actual TV production for the ‘Untold Stories’ Series. (Watch the excerpt above)

And yes – our American friends will probably be able to see the documentary through some American venues and broadcasters. ‘The Donald Best Story’ is only the working title, and it will likely be called something else by the time it hits the little screen.

The show was filmed across Canada this summer and is largely complete. I am fascinated by the filming and production process and the myriad of details that go into a professionally produced documentary for television.

It all takes time but we are getting ready for editing – which like everything else in the business has to be scheduled months in advance if you want the best. Our editor is among the best in Canada if not further afield.

I was invited to meet some folks at TIFF (Toronto International Film Festival) this year and had some excellent conversations with a few visiting doc producers and exhibitors.

Thanks for your good wishes, and I’ll update you when I can.

Donald Best


  • Looking forward to the documentary

  • There is no Justice in Canada! Law Society of BC is also a joke! So disapointed!

  • I hope the story of the individual who caught the lawyer and judge colluding is featured in your story. I eagerly await to know what judge and lawyer were involved

    I was reading a CBC report that the Canadian government let Irving company off of 2 multi million dollar loans. They forgave them .
    I’m wondering if your story which really needs addressing in our Canadian Courts will be given the same forgiveness and all your court fees owing are removed ? Then you can appeal and your solid evidence will finally be investigated thoroughly as a per your Canadian Charter of Rights.

  • Donald, you are such an inspiration to me (and I’m sure countless others)! We must keep up the resistance and we must remember that the Universe is the great equalizer.

    I too am being attacked on every flank by our corporate government and have been betrayed by one lawyer after another…all for speaking the truth and sharing it with others. But as you saw with Paul Slansky, there are courageous lawyers out there still…

  • This is truely awsome… Totally looking forward to the release of this documentary. As my family have also been done wrong by lawyers, and cant seek any justly legal assistance or sny help what so ever by any other legal authoritative body. Even when we too have such IRREFUTABLE EVIDENCE of such unlawful and or criminal conduct being conducted by lawyers. And as my fsmilt have also been obstructed from any kind of justice, at least thus far after 3yrs (since the sudden and unexpected passing of my twin brother on July 16/16), where a lawyer lied and hid the existance of a Separation Agreement my late twin brother had with his estranged wife of 7-8yrs. And this dirty shady lawyer (acting as an accomplice /coconspiritor) along with the estranged wife, she who also happens to be this lawyer’s long time friend together go on a course of steeling a large life insurrance policy and were successful with until they were caught lying and ‘MAGICALLY’ a Separation Agreement did indeed come to light, and that document even revealed that that shady dirty lawyer was even the signing witness on that very legal binding contract on my late brother’s behalf, not on her behalf as his client. Whereby he should not have been representing her in the first place due to conflict of Interest…. Not to mention this lawyer even also took (STOLE) my late brothers computer from inside his house… But yet this lawyer still walks free with ZERO accountability. As he has been 100% this fur been protected by the legal system and his inside circle of legal officials… As they all protect one another (as their own).