Mike Sweet and Eddie Adamson died together – 25 years apart.

Eddie Adamson & Michael Sweet

It was 37 years ago today that my station-mate Mike Sweet was shot down by the Munro brothers during a robbery at a Queen Street bar in Toronto’s downtown. As Mike lay bleeding out on the floor begging for mercy, the murderous Munroe thugs did more heroin and taunted the police officers surrounding the building. They threatened to kill Mike if anyone approached.

They tortured Mike. The press went easy on those details to spare the family and to not inflame potential jury members.

Outside stood Eddie Adamson and his ETF Emergency Task Force team – yanking at their leashes to go in and rescue Mike.

Senior Officers on scene gave orders for Eddie and his squad to stand down. For over an hour everyone listened to Mike dying; crying, screaming, begging. Then just low moans. Then silence.

The men were outraged at the idiocy of the senior officers who wanted to ‘negotiate’ while Mike was bleeding out. Some were crying. In frustration, one officer smashed out a car window with the butt of his shotgun.

Still the senior officers ordered no action. They held a press conference while Mike lay dying…

And in the middle of that press conference, Eddie Adamson and his ETF breached the building, shot the hell out of Craig and Jamie Munroe, while some of the uniform guys dragged Mike up the stairs and to the hospital.

But it was too late for Mike. The Munroe brothers lived because they were jacked up on drugs. My friends could have been excused for finishing off each Munro with a shot to the head – but – they were disciplined police officers who served the rule of law first even in this horrific situation. It must have taken every bit of self-control and discipline to not murder the Munroes.

If I had been there in that basement, I might have murdered them.

Haunted like all of us, but perhaps worse because of his rank, twenty-five years later Eddie Adamson rented a hotel room, spread out newspaper articles about Mike, put his pistol into his mouth and pulled the trigger. The Munroe brothers taunted Eddie and his family from prison both before and after his death.

Eddie was right. We should have gone in way sooner no matter what the idiots in charge said.

And therein is the lesson of March 14, 1980: When authority is wrong, disobey and do the right thing no matter what the personal consequences. All the brass hat senior police officers and dignified second-guessing judges won’t bring back Mike or Eddie.

May God bless both of them, and their families.



  • Remembering today. Eddie and family were very close to my family. He was my Uncle Jim’s best friend. When Eddie killed himself, he took a piece of my uncle with him. I am lucky I had the opportunity to know him and his family. Hopefully they are at rest and found peace.

  • Davie Cassidy 1 Traffic

    And Eddie too. I worked with Mike at 52 and he was a friend.

    • respect to fallen officers

      Can I ask what a badge means that goes along with the job of being a police officer- I believe its courage and not being afraid to help-that includes helping fellow police officers. I am disgusted at the senior police who obviously had no clue what the badge represents. Would a fireman refuse to rush into a burning building? I think not.

      Very sad story and its making us citizens feel really shocked at what has transpired in our police department. I observed two police officers at the airport talking while two cars nearly collided and they continued to talk. Didnt even bat an eye lash at what was taking place. Not happy to see that.

      To the police officers killed in the line of duty helping to rid our streets of criminals we applaud their courage and to Mr. Donald Best, former police officer, we salute your courage in exposing all the stuff you witnessed. To all police officers reading this website you can support Mr. Best by coming forward with stories of corruption in the police ranks. A fellow officer who is corrupt is not your friend. He is not good morale for the police force. Rid your forces of these corrupt characters. They would turn on you in a heartbeat and bring harm to you and your family so expose them early.

      • Hello Respect,

        Thanks for visiting DonaldBest.CA.

        There was lots of courage there that night, but a couple of idiots were in charge. When the troops finally rebelled and did it themselves against orders, it was too late.

        As far as working against corruption, in some ways that takes much more courage than kicking down a door and going in with your Remington pump shotgun at the ready. I’ve seen and done both – and I know that there is a high price to be paid for leading against corruption in any organization. That goes for lawyers and judges too. It’s always easier to not notice.

        Nothing like arresting a bad cop one day, and then discovering your personal auto trashed in the underground garage at the police station where you work. Happened to me, happened to my squad mates. We ended up having to park away from the station and walking the last few blocks to work.

        • respect to fallen officers

          We could see all the courage when many of them disobeyed the senior officers. It was the senior officers who lacked courage to storm in and remove the injured officer. If you cant trust your own who can you trust???

          Your story is very disheartening as we read that you arrested a bad cop and then other cops decided to trash your automobile in retaliation. They should have applauded you for ridding the force of a bad apple. At least thats how we read your story. I would hope the arrested officer was not allowed on the police premises to trash your auto.

          Lets look at what you write Mr. Best on your website in the full context and digest your words. When dirty cops do not receive accountability for their actions which should result in their badge being removed whereas you were charged with contempt of court which now stops you from being a cop isnt there a double standard here? We can all read the Toronto Star report of corrupt cops and the slap on the wrists they receive for being such and not fired so based on your story Mr. Best we will ask the police forces of Ontario–why are cops not being removed and badges taken away when these cops are brought up on charges and are guilty. Regardless of whether the government has enacted a law as to how to deal with them I dont think its that difficult to figure out that being a police officer is a job and as such when your incompetent or have engaged in acts that discredit the police force and hinge on criminal then you should be fired.

          You can stop Donald Best from being a police officer again because of his time served in jail but you continue to allow corrupt cops to continue with minimal accountability. This whole case of Mr. Best exposes so many corrupt avenues that are not being addressed properly.

          There is no white washing this question and as citizens we demand an answer. Any day a cop is killed on the job is sad and any time police officers cover up for dirty officers that is sad as well.

          This website is leading citizens of the province of Ontario to ask tough questions of their government who has to provide transparency and they are not and the police forces fall under this same transparency. The questions will continue to get tougher as Mr. Best’s story unfolds in the public forum. There will be no more white washing it. Paint is not for sale anymore to the government.

      • Carmen McMulkin

        Are you Randy, with a previous or now spouce named Allison?
        Worked with Brian McMulkin at 52 division?

  • Davie Cassidy 1 Traffic

    Sergeant Don, thanks for remembering Mike.