“Statistically Improbable” Sudden Infant Deaths Ignored by Ottawa Police

Ottawa Police Detective Helen Grus is charged with ‘Discreditable Conduct’ for conducting purported “unauthorized” investigations into the potential connection between mRNA vaccinated mothers, and the sudden deaths of breastfeeding babies.

“I haven’t yet reported the jaw-dropping testimony about infants dying in their mother’s arms.”

Grus’s trial resumes Monday, October 30, 2023, in Kanata, (West Ottawa) Ontario. The public is invited. (details below)

The initial five days of testimony from three prosecution witnesses in August 2023 produced many shocking revelations. I’ve already covered some of the evidence in previous articles and broadcasts on Jason Lavigne’s Morning Show – but I haven’t yet reported the jaw-dropping testimony about infants dying in their mother’s arms.

A Disconnect Between Prosecution’s Perspective of the Testimony – and Public Gallery Reactions.

Detective Helen Grus

Readers and viewers of my coverage of the first five days at the Detective Grus trial know that I’m running out of adjectives to describe each new revelation that seems more “Shocking”, “Incredible”, “Unbelievable”, “Gasp-producing”, and “Stunning” than the last.

From August 14-18, 2023, the Prosecution led so much evidence that was damning against its own case – that independent media and public observers were left with two obvious conclusions:

1/ The case against Detective Grus lacks any meaningful prosecution evidence at all, which reinforces the widespread belief that the charge against Grus is entirely political, and,

2/ The Prosecution’s perspective and faith in its ‘evidence’ is disconnected from reality and how the public perceives each shocking revelation.

“The prosecutor seems totally unaware that not only is the case floundering, the reputation of the Ottawa Police is increasingly being brought into disrepute with each new witness.”

I have no doubt that by this time, a jury would already be planning a ‘NOT GUILTY’ verdict. But there is no jury of peers involved in this internal tribunal – only Trials Officer Superintendent (Retired) Chris Renwick.

The Ottawa ‘Cluster’ of Sudden Infant Deaths was Seven, not Nine

Defense Counsel Bath-Sheba van den Berg

During the first day of testimony on August 14, 2023, we heard Defense Counsel Bath-Sheba van den Berg explain how the original ‘cluster’ of nine sudden infant deaths should be regarded as seven – because one of the nine children drowned, while another was unfortunately a homicide.

Also, during that first day the prosecution played a video of the May 12, 2022, three-hour long Professional Standards Unit ‘compelled interview’ of Detective Grus.

Many in the courtroom were moved to hear Detective Grus describe why she initiated the investigation into the cluster of Sudden Infant Deaths. She told the Professional Standards Sergeant Jason Arbuthnot that other officers in her unit were disinterested about a spike in infant deaths.

Two of the Seven Deceased Infants Died in Their Mother’s Arms

Later in the recording, Detective Grus explained that two of the seven Sudden Infant Deaths were highly unusual, yet her fellow officers “fluffed it away”…

“These two cases struck a bell suddenly that day because both those babies were sent home healthy. Both those mothers picked them up to feed them, and both of those babies collapsed and went limp in the mother’s arms.

It still gives me chills because to leave it, to just fluff it away.

As a police officer, that’s not enough. I’m a police officer; I’m there to solve and help solve if somebody dies. Especially an innocent little baby.”

Detective Grus also stated…

“I don’t want more babies to die. Whether it’s vaccine-related or not, I want to try to find out why these little babies died… I’m not okay with babies dying and not getting any answers.”**

Testimony from Prosecution Witness: Only 1 in 500 infants die suddenly in Mother’s Arms.

On Tuesday, August 15, 2023, the court heard Detective Grus’s immediate supervisor, Sergeant Marc-Andre Guy, testify that he had for many years been assigned to the ‘Deaths Under Five Committee’.

This multi-disciplinary committee was established under the office of Ontario’s Chief Coroner…

“… to review all cases investigated by a coroner involving the deaths of children under five years of age including neonatal cases where the death was potentially linked to parental behaviour (for example, sleep circumstances/unsafe sleep environment, maternal substance use, neglect, domestic violence, etcetera) and those in which a children’s aid society or Indigenous child wellbeing society (“Society”) was involved at time of the death. The committee did not review neonatal deaths that occurred prior to discharge from hospital where no substantive issues had been identified.”

Sgt. Guy testified,

“I was part of the Death Under Five committee. I went to Toronto three times a year and investigated about 500 infant deaths (in total). I reviewed investigations from other police services. Over four or five years every time I reviewed at least 150 different files.” **

Defense attorney Blair Ector asked Sgt. Guy how common it was for healthy babies to just die in their mother’s arms. Guy replied…

“In my experience it is very rare. I can think of a case or two that the committee reviewed where it happened, but that’s all.”

So there it is. Testimony at the August hearing showed that Detective Grus had every right to be concerned about the cluster of infant deaths and to launch an investigation… when the usual is 1 of 500 babies suddenly dying in their mother’s arms versus the 2 of 7 infant deaths in the Ottawa cluster.

An argument can be made that the sample size (7) is too small to extrapolate from, and that it might be an anomaly. While that position has technical merit, the testimony of Sgt Marc-Andre Guy that he only saw one or two ‘dying in mother’s arms’ incidents in over 500 infant deaths over a five year period is powerful.

Further, Canadians will not have a larger sample size anytime soon because the Ottawa Police Service shut down Detective Grus’s investigation and punished her for daring to ask if mothers’ mRNA injections could have anything to do with the Sudden Deaths of breastfeeding infants.

Conflict of Interest between Prosecutor Vanessa Stewart and Prosecution Witness Renee Stewart

Defense Attorney Blair Ector also pointed out that prosecution witness Detective Renee Stewart investigated one of the cases where the infant died in its mother’s arms.

Then on the last day of the hearings, Friday, August 18, 2023, the public gallery and journalists were shocked to learn that Prosecutor Stewart and Detective Stewart are close family members – sisters-in-law.

My next article will cover this serious conflict of interest that threatens to undermine the prosecution’s entire case.

Grus Hearings – October 30 to November 3, 2023 – 9:30am

Community Boardroom, 211 Huntmar Drive, Kanata, ON

Ottawa Police Service: Police Act Matters – Scheduled Hearings

** Testimony Quotes appearing in this article are taken from my own notes, and may differ from those reported by other journalists or in any official court transcripts.

Legal Defense Fund for Detective Helen Grus

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  • Very simple question that puts the bad people in the corner including those in the Detective Helen Grus smear campaign.

    How can you mandate a vaccine that has a $2 billion dollar vaccine fraud lawsuit for the vaccine study trials and EUA commenced in Jan 2021 and was being outed prior to the lawsuit action being started and covered up by FDA CDC and Justice Dept of the USA.

    Quite simple common sense question that is indisputable and that $2 billion fraud lawsuit had another lawsuit added by another individual of alleged mold and mildew in the factories supplying pfizer and moderna for these covid vaccines.

  • You are spot on in your coverage of this kangaroo court case against an honorable police officer and its amazing the cowards we have out there with badges who are not coming together to push for the charge against Detective Grus to be dropped. Strength in numbers.

    Was listening to your interview with Viva Frei on the Coutts fundraiser and we would expect fundsraised for the political prisoners to be used to fund lawsuits against the RCMP and attorney general of Canada. These 4 guys aren rotting in jail because of the wrong focus of how to bring accountability.

    Does everyone including the CBC forget about the dirty tricks of the RCMP who blew up an oilfield because the Alberta utility being government asked them to so they could blame it on a farmer who complained. They got caught and were forced to reveal the scam and criminal domestic terrorist plot.

    The Coutts 4 story follows the same pattern it would appear.

    Like Detective Grus honorable police need to come together to demand accountability. Just gasping in the court audience is not enough. Lawsuits against the RCMP and government are necessary and criminal complaints filed to force out evidence and set ups.

  • Outrageous court case. Witch hunt to cover up vaccine injuries to try and absolve criminal negligence.

    Just to put it into perspective how could Moderna and Pfizer provide a protype covid 19 vaccine weeks before the Wuahn pneumonia was known.

    Scam narrative ? You be the judge. The proof is out there including DARPA excitingly declaring MRNA vaccine study trials in Feb 2019. The crimes against humanity case has prosecutors reviewing evidence from the co founder of the WEF son who has filed criminal complaints at the ICC at the Hague and in Costa Rica they will be discussing the removal of the covid vaccines from use on Nov 9th.

    Stay tuned the perpretrators of the fraud are facing indictments shortly and those who charged Detective Grus will hang their heads in disgrace.

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