Julie Macfarlane of National Self-Represented Litigants Project named to Top 25 Most Influential legal professionals in Canada

Prof. Julie Macfarlane

Congratulations to University of Windsor law professor Julie Macfarlane who is named one of Canada’s 25 Most Influential legal professionals by Canadian Lawyer Magazine.

Julie works tirelessly for for the rights of self-represented litigants and all Canadians to have access to justice – against a system that is set up and predisposed to favour those who are able to afford lawyers.



  • Thank you evert-Jansteen for that post as it got me to thinking of abuse of process vs. malicious prosecution. Which one bests suits Donald Best case. Not being a lawyer but able to read the law dictionaries and case studies it’s interesting to use common sense as common sense can’t be subverted. One might try but will fail. So in the court of public opinion we use the law dictionary and other legal books to make sense of it along with common sense.

    Abuse of process denotes a person who misuses or perverts the court process which is already in progress. Malicious prosecution denotes the commencement of a court process that should never have happened. Both legal actions are similar as they denote a corrupted court process or action.

    In Donald Best case there was abuse of process both by the lawyers and judge. Fabricated affidavits. Illegal police record searches. But then there was malicious prosecution as the contempt of court on was based on fabricated false affidavits which brought about an action in court of contempt of court charge which lead to a prison sentence which then leads to Malice . Down right coniving lawyers and Judge out to stop the lawsuit at all costs. So lets make lying affidavits to send a message to Best we can abuse the justice system and win. We can do criminal acts and win.

    Shame on all the useless corrupt people named here as co conspirators who covered up further. All stealing justice from Donald Best and subsequently the people of Ontario muddying the jystice system and making it a farce,

  • respect for citizens

    It is our constitutional right to represent ourselves in court and the judicial system has trampled on our rights proved right here with the Donald best case. The lawyers and judges could not have pulled off what they did if there were measures put in place years ago to help self represented litigants.

    Bravo to Julie McFarland for her tireless work . As we have read in posts here where one person couldn’t have their sister sit in court to help with notes while lawyers are allowed an assistant this is proof positive that the citizens of Canada are being failed by the judicial system thus the government is trampling on our constitutional rights. The case of David Simetic and his family estate and what has transpired reiterates the need to push the government into respecting our constitutional rights

    There are countless stories out there of how judges are ignoring the self representing litigant and their rights. That’s a lawsuit in the making A university education and title do not circumvent your rights at any time therefore you are allowed the same liberties that lawyers get in court. SADLY WE SEE OVER AND OVER AGAIN disrespect to the citizen who chooses or can’t afford a lawyer to receive justice. We live in Canada not in Russia .

  • Having terminated my more than 6 year full-time journey to interrogate our ‘Justice’ system, I concluded it to essentially be little more than a self-serving legal system. Our varying provincial laws are played at random, adjusted by collusive lawyers and justices as they suitably see fit.
    I personally took on BC’s Ministry of Justice with a claim holding it responsible for one of their Justice’s knowingly dismissing my earlier claim against an Ontario Web Developer for “lack of Jurisdiction.” In attendance were: The judge (representing the Ministry) and Defence Counsel (representing the Ministry) and myself. I was again dismissed for ‘Abuse of Court.’ (The Default Ontario Rule for filing a claim is where the claim originated!)
    At the foundation of every society functions it legal system; when it is corrupt, every other of its institutions will be also. Our democracy is a farce.