Justice J. Bryan Shaughnessy desperate to avoid public hearing into Canadian Judicial Council

by Donald Best, former Sergeant, Toronto Police

Last Monday was a 20-hour day for yours truly and two friends as we printed, sorted and bound ten full sets of my legal response to tactical legal motions by Justice J. Bryan Shaughnessy and the Attorney General of Canada.

Justice Shaughnessy launched a tactical legal motion demanding that I pay a security deposit to continue with my public interest case bringing accountability and transparency to the Canadian Judicial Council.

The Attorney General of Canada, abandoning the public interest, also filed a tactical motion to end our campaign to bring public accountability to the CJC.

Unbelievably the Attorney General of Canada is supporting Justice Shaughnessy – whose misconduct is described by several senior lawyers and a retired Crown Attorney as “despotic”, “disgusting”, “reprehensible”, “malicious” and “worthy of his removal from the bench.”

And so two friends and I worked in a cold garage until 1am Tuesday morning to put our legal response together.

Here is what this latest filing meant in materials alone:

  • Appeal Book 4 volumes per set = 1487 pages x 10 sets = 14,870 pages
  • Responding Motion Record 3 volumes per set = 1441 pages x 10 sets = 14,410 pages
  • Factum = 34 pages x 10 copies = 340 pages

29,620 pages in 80 bound volumes that had to be created because Justice Shaughnessy and the Attorney General of Canada want to keep public attention from the Canadian Judicial Council.

After about five hours sleep I was up again at 7am and drove from Barrie to downtown Toronto where I personally served the Attorney General of Canada and Justice Shaughnessy’s lawyer. (No professional document server hired as I did it myself.) Then I met with my lawyer Paul Slansky at the Federal Court building where we filed the materials on time.

Justice J. Bryan Shaughnessy (r) & his lawyer, Peter Wardle

Justice Shaughnessy’s legal costs fully covered with no limit.

The court costs of both Justice Shaughnessy and the Attorney General of Canada / CJC are paid by the Government. Not a penny of the judge’s legal costs comes from the his own pocket. The Attorney General and the judge’s lawyers snap their fingers and assistants draft their legal motions, and then print, bind, serve and file everything with not a thought about the costs.

Even the Executive Director of the Canadian Judicial Council, Norman Sabourin, confirmed in a Toronto Star news article that there is no limit on the publicly-paid legal costs when Federal Court justices are defending misconduct allegations. Judges sometimes run up over a million dollars in legal fees and there is not a thing that anyone can do about it.

This is what we are up against in this public interest case. The only way we can compete is by working harder and keeping costs to the absolute minimum. That’s why you’ll find my friends and me printing and binding court documents in a cold garage at 1am. 

Lawyers especially are concerned with Shaughnessy’s misconduct as his actions strike right to the foundations of our justice system and society. Every lawyer I’ve spoken with is concerned that the Canadian Judicial Council dismissed my complaint against the judge without an investigation or even reading the court file. Background story here.

Public awareness is starting to grow. National Self-Represented Litigants Project director Dr. Julie Macfarlane just declared that our CJC challenge is necessary, and another five professors at major law schools also contacted me offering support. Several lawyers regularly send me case law references that they think might assist my lawyer.

Canadians just might make this happen!

Justice Shaughnessy and the Attorney General are also trying desperately to have the next court hearing held privately – not in public.  No wonder!

Coming Soon

I’m busy redacting Identity Information from my latest legal documents and will probably start to post them tonight.

I’ll also be posting breaking news on a strange turn of events. It is confirmed that Federal Court judges and / or court staff performed improper and unrevealed investigations of me, my lawyer and witnesses throughout the 18 months that the case was before that court. 

We have forensically proven, and the court administration has basically admitted in writing, that during the original judicial review hearings in the Federal Court of Canada, employees and/or judges of the FCC conducted extensive private online investigations of me, my witnesses and my lawyer. Even during the actual hearing as my lawyer was speaking to the judge, FCC staff or the judge himself were googling about the case and downloading evidence, information and exhibits from the internet. This is a huge deal in the legal community. 

More coming!

Please contribute $25, $100 or whatever you can to support our 2018 legal challenge to the Canadian Judicial Council. >>>

GoFundMe Donald Best CJC Public Interest Campaign

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Donald Best
Barrie, Ontario, Canada



  • Double double Sam

    I like my coffee double double..The government monitors have to get their own.,we counted on those government monitors of this website…who WOULD like to name them ??? The legal dictionary definition of extortion is so easily understood I guess the government wants to burn all dictionaries. Say hi to CSIS as well. Thanks for confirming the Federal Court was monitoring this website too. Brilliant website Donald Best. Great way to have trapped the crooked.

    • My name is Forest Gump..my mommy taught me to read and I can read the law dictionary without paying a lawyer $500 an hr for a legal opinion and based on crooked judges and lawyers in Canada a legal opinion from them doesn’t carry much weight. The court system sounds like a joke. I can read the dictionary term for criminals and the criminal code of Canada too so I know Detective Van Allen fits the dictionary term.

    • Yes it would be easy to know what government departments were watching . CRA as money laundering issue .. FSCO..OSC…all law enforcement including CSIS ..CIA ..FBI… OMAG …AG of Canada.. Dept. Of Justice.. Of course our crooked Law Society

  • We thank all those helping to expose corruption. Keep it coming. To honest people working in law offices and courts to other government offices keep spilling the beans as the desperate people continue with their strategies that expose their guilt. The tactic of a security deposit is nothing but extortion following the law dictionary.
    Dont be fooled.

    Your children deserve a better future and so do your grandchildren. Look at your children to give you the courage to leak documents. Leaking crooked criminals is not a criminal act. Only criminals say that.

  • The crooked use transparent paint to cover up. We easily see through it.

  • Thx for the social media.These crooks are above the law.
    Real criminals in this country are judges99.9%,law society members 99%,police officers 70%,What a wonderful Canada ,we are proud to show these bastards time has been changed and noting will be left beside them ,they will face consequences of their actions.
    Forever and ever nonstop,these stories are going to be on here even after we die.

  • The Crown Grant dated 1884 states that the government may remove gold from the property but must pay the owner a reasonable fee if the government monitors would like to discuss a fair fee that would be the fair thing to do expecting me to walk away after 20 years with absolutely nothing is not acceptable.

    There is also the issue of the creek and natural waterfall that provide fresh mountain spring water 11 months of the year and although the government own most water sources in BC our creek is unappointed non fishbearing surface run off man made in the 1800s for the purpose of mining gold and the government does not own the water in our creek until it reaches the Fraser River.

    Again this is for the government monitors ….I am not asking for anything more than what is legally mine I understand the wealth does not belong to me and that it belongs to our country but what you took from me is more than just land it was my home for 20 years it was where we raised our kids it was everything we worked for and you had no right to take it. and I will not stop fighting for what is legally mine.

    • Hi Andrea,

      If accurate, your account is worthy of a full investigation, but –

      What evidence do you have? You probably have lots, but how strong is it? Do you have independent corroboration for your main points in issue?

      These are the foundational questions that must answered to see if your case meets the threshold for an investigation by any authority.

      I’d be happy to look at your evidence or detailed timeline if you wish.

      You could also benefit from reading my article:

      9 Tips for dealing with an abusive lawyer.


      Good luck with your legal case.


    • I guess they didn’t expect me to show up on the 1st of December for the so called trial as I was expecting the lawyer to contact me with the new trial date. and if he had done what he said he would do and the original date was set down

      why was my name called to courtroom # 410 at 10 30 am December 1st
      why was the defendant and his lawyer at the courthouse December 1st
      why did the judge adjourn the courtroom early when I was the only one in the courtroom
      why did the judge meet the defendant and his lawyer in another room and strike my claim.

      I understand Donald’s frustration the extra jail time must have been devastating and I am sure he understands how hard it must be for me to have them take my home of 20 years in the same despicable manner. I wonder what those senior judges think of my story ….and the worst is yet to be told.

    • David simetic

      I am in similar situation in windsor ontario as i have several lawyers busted on fraud regarding family estate! 6 years and approx 20 lawyers i am still obstructed from my family accounts as an executor! Nobody in peovince of ontario will help! System is a complete fraud at tax payers expense!

  • I am sorry Donald Best had to go through such an unfortunate experience but I am also glad it happened because it gave him a reason to stand up and expose the networks of criminals working inside the British Columbia administration of justice, who are accepting ‘bribes and payoffs’ in exchange for fixing the outcome of court proceedings.

    I spent the past two years trying to protect my property from a group of crooked lawyers, judges, court clerks and government officials operating inside the New Westminster Courthouse. They are criminals who used the power of the court to deny my right to claim property I legally own and they fixed my court case to make it look like what they did to me is legal and their crimes have been covered up and hidden under the umbrella of justice.

    It took the lawyer ten months to contact me with a trial date and he told me to let him know if I was unavailable on that date and he would set the matter down and book another trial date. I told him I was unavailable at least three times but due to the lies he told and the unethical tactics he used I decided to go to the courthouse just in case.

    I arrived at the New Westminster Courthouse at 10:30 am December 1st 2016 and at 10 35 my name was called to courtroom # 410 at 10 40 I was the only person in courtroom # 410 and at 10:42 am, without so much as a glance in my direction, Judge G adjourned courtroom # 410 and left the room.

    I asked the court clerk why I had not been called to speak to the judge and she said my case had been adjourned for a future date and advised me to inquire at the court registry

    I didn’t know it at the time but when Judge G left courtroom #410 he went directly to courtroom #207 where the defendant and his lawyer were waiting and while I was at the court registry inquiring about a future court date Judge G struck my Notice of Family Claim.

    I am the legal co-owner of the property I am claiming, a property that is obviously of interest to this group, important enough for several judges to risk their reputation, their high paid salaries. their retirement and their freedom and if the history books are correct there is a hidden gold mine on the property worth billions and I am expected to just walk away with nothing.not even my day in court,

    These people are getting away with serious crimes and their devastated victims are left with nowhere to turn. Surely there must be an honest judge somewhere in this country who will listen to what the victims have to say and make things right. If not perhaps we need to go somewhere where we can be heard somewhere that will punish these people for what they have done and put a stop to this corruption once and for all.

    This is only the beginning the further we go the more corrupt it gets and those who are involved are guilty of serious crimes including but not limited to perjury, impersonation, judicial misconduct, and a case of conflict of interest like you have never seen or heard of before. If given a chance to be heard my story has what we need to make the changes we seek.

    Please feel free to contact me for further information

  • Our family is in a horrific mess with many lawyers in Ontario also. Have several busted of fraud regarding family estate. I am still obstructed from family accounts as an executor after 5 years and over 15 lawyers involved know! how is this possible in the 21st century? When the LSUC and there union members have more power over public assets and family accounts then the families them selves then there is something very bad happening at the LSUC. Found two thirds of the missing $400,000.00 the many lawyers over looked while all kept me obstructed from family accounts as an executor. This horrific financial and emotional abuse of our family has no end in site as the LSUC refuse to investigate the fraudulent lawyers with evidence we provided and the local police , RCMP and OPP anti rackets department all refuse to investigate the lawyers even with evidence. Our family needs help. Tried getting evidence into justice of peace and was arrested 3 days before my court date to get evidence in. Spent 2 and a half years under house arrest with no previous trouble with the law which kept me obstructed from the court house and police station. This is ridiculous and our family still cannot access our own family accounts after several hundred thousand in damages. The lawyers are not even good at stealing the problem is nobody is investigating them! We need help! Is it no longer safe to raise a family and assets in Ontario?

  • How do you like your coffee? :)

    Interesting. How do we find out if they are also searching curious followers? And public supporters?

    The entire Justice System relies on public faith. Without it, it is my understanding – and Law Society members whom I have spoken with have agreed – the entire system could fall into anarchy. I am not a lawyer so that is not to be deemed legal advice…just my thoughts. The only people who are permitted to give legal advice…are lawyers…of which most require you to pay them on average $300 to $500 an hour (a weeks pay for most Canadians, if you are lucky to earn that much) or else you are not able to obtain a legal opinion. I have read the Blacks Law Dicitionary definition of extortion…and I am wondering if anyone could offer a legal opinion in this regard? 🙂

    Jagmeet Singh, NDP, has spoken about the access to justice issue. Perhaps he would run with this? … He…is a lawyer 🙂

    If the government monitors of this website would like me to bring them a Timmies, let me know 🙂

  • Mr Best

    You need to share this particular post with the Official Opposition and ask them to embarrass the particular ministers in the relevant legislature/parliament. This is such a disgrace! This is how these judges make decisions based on some googled foolishness about people instead of based on the evidence before them. Any SRL who knows what’s going on can tell you this is the new norm in our courts while our legislators and parliamentarians remain in Lala Land

    All those heap of pages as if those lazy judges are even going to read any of it

    The relevant levels of government(s) must restrain these paid gangs who engage in this behaviour while being paid on our tax-payer dime. Taxpayer should not be paying for people to contravene our laws and worse to sabotage our justice system

  • This is a good news ,cost is one of the legal barrier for the SRL ,legal system is a big mess in this country ,Justice system is bias and law society stinks.