Questions, Doubts, Lack of Accountability Undermine Coutts Fundraising

Coutts Four Fundraising Chaos

Declaration by Donald Best

I, Donald Best, am the sole author of this Investigation Report concerning Fundraising for the accused men commonly known as the ‘Coutts Four’: Anthony Olienick, Chris Carbert, Chris Lysak, and Jerry Morin.

I verily believe that everything in this report is accurate and true to the best of my professional abilities, and considering the sources and information available to me at the time.

Should the need arise or be required, I am willing to create a sworn affidavit based upon this report and / or testify under oath if subpoenaed.

If any person or group objects to anything in this report or that I have published or broadcast anywhere regarding the subjects and issues at hand, I can be contacted via email at:

[email protected]

I will professionally consider all communications and especially any relevant evidence or exhibits sent to me. Should new evidence disprove anything in this report or cause me to change any reported fact or my analysis, I will prominently publish that evidence and a revised report at my website: DonaldBest.CA

This report is the result of requests from almost a hundred people (witnesses) who contacted me starting in July, 2023 and expressed concern with the fundraising activities of what I call ‘The Margaret MacKay Group’ or for brevity ‘The MacKay Group’. Some friends and family members of the four accused also contacted me.

I have never directly spoken with any of the four accused, although I have received messages through others.

The intent of this report is twofold:

1/ To document the Coutts Four joint fundraising controversy that is undermining the ability of the Coutts Accused to raise funds, and,

2/ To restore public confidence in fundraising through a recommended ‘Clean Start’ for the individual fundraising efforts of each accused. As detailed later, it is my belief that the current situation has destroyed the viability of joint fundraising for the foreseeable future.

Note: I will be further copying the text of the report into this post, but for now here is the full report in .pdf format…


Donald Best

Sunday, November 19, 2023

23:20 hours Eastern


  • Thank you very much for your report–which confirmed many of my suspicions. I appreciate your professionalism in remaining mute on the subject until you released your report. We can now move forward and support these men with confidence.

  • Sharon (Chey) Nickerson (SADSAK)

    After being a recipient of an accusing email from Danielle Frank because, as she put it, some of her GROUP felt I was standing with you and Jason rather than Granny’s gang, I lost all faith in what it was they were doing. I saw and heard Jaclyn attacking anyone who DARED disobey her and I am SO glad we chose to stand with the MEN. After listening to Betty, and Chris Lysak’s story and then being bombarded by bullies if you dare question anything I don’t go to the sites of those who choose to use GOD to say they are protected. They will be judged by a far higher court in time.
    Thank you so much to you and Jason for having the stamina to stand for truth