So Sue Me… Please

Donald Best YouTube-private

by Donald Best, former Sergeant, Detective, Toronto Police

by Donald Best, former Sergeant, Detective, Toronto Police

The ongoing attempt to take down DonaldBest.CA through thousands of brute-force login attacks continues today. (As previously reported here.)

Apparently some persons are upset by what is published on this website – so upset that they hired professional hackers to destroy it. I can’t imagine why the truth as revealed in voice recordings, court documents and other evidence would upset anybody. Well, maybe a few people.

If some people and organizations aren’t terribly pleased with my writing, they probably won’t like my new videos either.

Those stills at the top are taken from my first ‘green screen’ video, still in production. The editorial commentary is easy – it’s learning the editing software that is taking the time. It will probably be the end of the week before I hit publish on YouTube. After that, I hope to make at least one video a week.

So Sue Me… dot CA

The people are who are paying professional hackers to try to take down my website should have more faith in our justice system and courts. If they believe that I’ve broken the law or done something for which I could be held responsible for in a civil action, they should serve me with legal papers.

It is much better to solve things in the courts rather than to commit criminal offences in efforts to take down my website. Of course, some people think nothing of lying to the courts, fabricating evidence or filing court motions under the name of a phony non-existent business entity – but those people are lawyers, not ordinary citizens like me.

To make the legal process easier for the hackers or anyone who wishes to sue me, I’ve purchased two domain names:


and, of course…


To those who would use libel chill or litigation intimidation in efforts to stop DonaldBest.CA from publishing articles, evidence and fair commentary – please, Oh Please… Sue Me.


  • Florips Bajouco

    Too many back room deals happening in the province of Ontario. I am a witness the legal decisions are written by the lawyers and not the judges. This monkey business is happening in the small claims court, Divisional court, probate court and right into the court of appeal in Ontario. The claims are staged and they are milking all of us for the legal fees.

    Very important information settle your estate when you are alive because the probate court mafia is coming after everything. Your legal beneficiaries will never see an inheritance. A will has no value until it goes through the probate court and this is when the greedy vultures will take seizure of all assets. The probate court shyster signs off on the decision to take seizure of the joint accounts as well in my name.

    The court appointed trustee/lawyer documents in a sworn statement “an estate without a will.” There was a will registered at the court July 2018. See she now claims “no will” because I did not consent to the appointment of this lawyer. I was to be administering the estate as this is what my mother had stated in her will. The court is removing family executors and beneficiaries for their personal profit and control.

  • Long and Winding Road

    Those attempts to take down your lawsuit must be very disappointed they were not successful. A long and winding road of exposure. One that continues until justice is attained. Koodos to your efforts.

  • Dave Simetic 519 562 3652 I believe you were addressing me. I am from Windsor and have a story of real bad apples in this justice system

    • Florips Bajouco

      Yes, Dave you are right about the bad apples in the justice system. They are the kind of bad apples rotten to the core and they are everywhere in Ontario. You can find them in the highest court of Ontario administering their rotten apple justice to rob you.

  • I’ll phone you. What is your phone number? I was told about Windsor and have been watching the judge’s decisions. Surprised Mr. Camp hasn’t had an influence over them.

  • Dear Mr. Best: It has been four years since our marital separation. I reassured my daughters that we live in a democratic country and have a justice system. Now I’m told that if I think we have a justice system in our local area, that I live in a fool’s paradise. We have a family business with partnership papers and share certificates. We finalized mediation in June, 2013, twenty five times before different judges endeavouring to secure a separation agreement. Then completed fifteen day trial.

    I was a woman business owner and now I am destitute.

    I am a senior citizen and those were my working years. I will be receiving a token transfer of money for having been a ‘wife and mother’ for over thirty years. My husband is trying to put a stop to these funds through Family Responsibility Office. With ‘Principle of Natural Justice’ I am requesting a new trial because my evidence was not submitted during trial when I asked it to be.

    I have a Legal Aid certificate for an opinion letter for an appeal but no lawyer is willing to take my case. Whenever I am discouraged and frustrated with the justice system, I read your entries which I find enlightening. It encourages me to not give up. Thank you. I am very disturbed to learn what is going on in our justice system in our local area. Beverly