Some lawyers would do well to read Peter A. Allard’s message to new Law School Grads

Here is an inspiring message from Peter A. Allard to this year’s graduates of the law school that bears his name. It’s good reading for all lawyers – and should especially be read by those BigLaw lawyers who long ago lost their way and discarded the Rule of Law in pursuit of money…

Congratulations to the Peter A. Allard School of Law Graduates of 2020!

As you all know, lawyers are involved in and affect every segment of our lives, often behind the scenes. I don’t have to remind anyone that lawyers, besides practicing law, enter into politics, become judges, and pursue a host of other occupations in the private and public sectors.

“Buried deep within each legal strategy or decision must be a social contract and equity that provides for the long term greater good in society, no matter how trivial the task, no matter how small the retainer.”

Peter A. Allard, Q.C.

Many of you know or can expect that the practice of law can be a grind. I have a deep respect for those who “do the grind” year in and year out in their ethical service to society. But I have even greater respect for those who believe that buried deep within each legal strategy or decision must be a social contract and equity that provides for the long term greater good in society, no matter how trivial the task, no matter how small the retainer.

When we do our job well, we see that the Rule of Law is upheld, and we protect our clients, our neighbours, and fellow citizens against the vagaries of unchecked abuses of power and corruption. If we didn’t do this, day in and day out, we would lose our freedom. It is more than eternal vigilance that is the price of freedom but a strong and moral judicial activism to enforce these concepts.

Your hard work, sacrifices, and achievements will open your world to new possibilities. While graduation is a time to celebrate the ending of a chapter, it is also a time to celebrate your achievements and a new beginning.

Here’s to you and your continued success.

Yours truly,

Peter A. Allard, Q.C.


  • Peter. Your industry is disgusting. It consists of a cabal of corrupt lying judges and a plethora of greedy arrogant lawyers. Perhaps you should tell grads they are actually diving into a black morass of filth and abuse for money. The Canadian law industry is founded on a heap of misrepresentations and can never deliver what it purports to sell. It should be dismantled.

  • oops its donut time

    Just like lawyers with integrity we need police officers with integrity. We need a solid foundation of rcmp and OPP to join together from the bottom as a solid rock foundation to topple the ones at the top down. Thus you remove the crumbling RCMP or OPP or others who are at the top subverting justice and accountability and the foundation of the police forces continue solid. Thus a concerted effort by thousands of police with integrity to put the handcuffs on people like Brenda Lucki and Justin Trudeau and Bill Mourneau.

    How can they hurt the little people by pushing us into our homes masking us and continue to let child trafficking/human trafficking operate where theree will be a spread of the virus too by nature of the business. This is where the hypocrisy lies too.

    Glad to see there is Randy Hillier speaking on behalf of the people doing the job he is paid to do with tax payers money. I am not political but I expect these guys to do their jobs for which we pay them and that includes the RCMP OPP and other police forces.

    People dont realize that the job losses and the small businesses collapsing will affect them and their children for years to come. Why do you think they are forcing no cash. Not because you can get the virus off of cash as even the CDC states and studies show but because the banks are profiting from the debit credit system with the % taken for the fee. We are all paying for the printing up of money.
    Sad to see your neighbours defaulting on their mortgage. Very sad. Lets seize the assets of WE charity and Morneau and Trudeau and give that to the people defaulting on their mortgages for forcing them to not be able to work. This is playing out everywhere.

    Niagara Falls is hurting. Hotels and motels with barely a few rooms occupied. Even the huge ones having to slash prices with barely any occupancy. Then these small hotels will close and the mobsters along with their clean (dirty) corporations will buy them up for pennies on the dollar and money laundering through them as well to build bigger ones using all the tricks to make more money.
    Very sad to see what is happening everywhere. I have visited many Ontario places to see what the little guy is doing. Unlike Premier Ford who visits the companies who give to his election platform. I will be staying by the airport soon to speak to the hotel workers shuttles to the airport and at the airport to see how their lives have been affected by this.

  • People have commented that are pro mask that they dont care if it makes someone uncomfortable or cant breathe. But isnt that pretty much what George Floyd said when the officer had his knee on his neck. People were outraged.

    Further studies show mask wearing can affect your kidneys by means of your urine getting infected. Then Nobel prize winner stated that our cells can go cancerous when we have continued loss of oxygen to them. So thus many years down the line we could have a rise in cancer due to the mask mandate. These are all important in the lawsuit that Rocco Galati is overseeing. Very huge constitutional challenge and I notice lawyers who attacked Rocco are silent. There is a nurse who wrote online in a Muskoka paper that she feels safe working with covid 19 patients even without PPE. The Ontario Nurses won 2 decisions with an arbitrator regarding mask wearing. They were told to wear masks if they refused the flu vaccine. They won the right not to wear the masks. People need to research and find all of this out. People are ignorant. Mainstream media deceiving the people. Government using main stream media to fear monger and to cover up as well. They cover up the doctors who expose the fraud upon the people with hydroxychloroquine. Big Pharma and dollars to be made. We need class action lawyers to show their stuff and hurry up and get some more lawsuits against these fake leaders and health people.

    • When there was the issue of ventilator shortage the premise was made that they would have to decide who to give it to. The older person or the younger one. We all know what the answer will be. So then for a virus with 99.9 % chance of survival with little or no symptoms as well then how come that same premise isnt used for shutting down the world. Instead of forcing healthy into quarantine they protect the vulnerable. There is no difference.

      We also know that ventilators killed more then they save. Reports from China and Italy stated this and doctors and nurses in New York were outing it too. Premier Ford stated that he knew of this and they would deal with it but they did not deal with it. Arrogant doctors cant be proven wrong can they.

      These arrogant doctors along with non credible Health officials are taxing our health care system and going to cause exhaustion by their fear mongering predictions. Wait until the children go back to school and people finally have to go to doctors when the next flu season starts. It wont be pretty. We are set to have an overburden health care system already burden by fear mongering as the usual cold viruses that appear in September when children go back to school will appear once again. Mask wearing wont stop it. Will they cal it covid 19??? will they reset the flu season button again and start with the new figures?????????? they have to. We will have more sluggish immune systems more overweight people as we go back inside during our winters especially if they shut things down to do outside that are healthy for us or snowbirds cant travel to the sunny south for their yearly retreat for their healths and welfare. Very sad. This is the tragedies to come. Will insurance companies cover the snowbirds if they can even travel to Florida or the Caribbean???? all important questions to ask.

      How will the poor nations of the world cope when they cant get their economies running which depend on tourism? will the World Bank continue blackmail and extortion by refusing loans to the poor unless they lock down their countries????????????? these are all the questions to be used in Court….very important…………..

  • I was wondering why Rebel News doesnt interview you. Did they do one and I cant find it? Also people state Jimmy Dore is the left. You know how people comment on social media. Have to decide for yourself who is legit and stands by their opinions. Far too many people pretending to be good or trying to out corruption or trying to do good for their fellow man. I was wondering why too Ezra Levant blocked Paul Manning.

    I always wonder why certain news outlets do not focus on what people are interested in and should be interested in. The WE scandal shows no accountability and it proves the RCMP do not do their job so everyone should be interested in your story Paul Mannings Valarie Findlay and so on. Your stories all prove to the path that leads to corruption and no accountability. So I get rather confused at independant journalists who seem to circumvent the stories that really make a difference.

    Dont know if you have noticed that. I also find those who state they are not biased politically but they prove otherwise by their actions. News media needs to be unbiased and need to focus on what affects the little guy day in and day out.

    Dr, Tam has proved to be the spokesperson of the WHO. She mimics them. Where on earth do they come up with another two or three years of social distancing and masks when the statistics are out that the suicides are up massively drug overdoses families in disarray divisions hate crime all pretty much finding it links to the lockdowns and toasting of the economy putting people further into misery and the masks causing people to go ballistic on others. How can you legitimately come forward and state that we might need to do this another 2 or 3 years to cause more suicides and more frustration and anger and violence. The cure is worse than the virus and they think they solve one problem by creating thousands. Doesnt make sense. This is totally wrong and these people like Tam and even the WHO need a rude awakening of the catastrophe they created. Dr. Tam mimicking the WHO has now based on no science or ignoring the past viruses of decades has thrown people into more dispair. Into more suicides and overdoses. To more mental health issues. Rocco Galati needs to hit hard and hit hard now with an injunction to masks. This issue has caused untold chaos violence hate division and does nothing to solve a problem but creates many.

  • Nobel ideals. Maybe he should send a letter to the Dean of Law at the University of Windsor who seems to have made a mess of the rule of law in Ontario as Chair of Ontario’s Deans of Law