Somebody is worried about CJC Judicial Review on Monday November 20, 2017

It’s so nice to know that people care… and that some are obviously having trouble sleeping these days wondering when the story will break mainstream.

Thanks for the encouragement, because website visits from various law firms, government agencies and people like you who are upset about my telling the truth on the internet are highly motivating.

And as I’ve said in the FAQ section, ordinary people understand exactly what it means when I publicly name lawyers as “corrupt” and “liars” and the lawyers do not sue me.

You and your corrupt colleagues lost the moment you jailed me on provably false evidence.

Judicial Review scheduled for Monday November 20, 2017 9:30am

Federal Court: 180 Queen Street West, Toronto, Ontario.


  • Anyone who was treated by a judge with bias shall complain to CJC, which does not cost any money. CJC is Robert who just sent the same copy of a letter to complainer, we don’t mind. After received the CJC decisions, file review to Federal court. We may not win, or we never win, like a mosquito to bite an lion, but I just think if there are millions mosquito to bite the lion, the lion will die at last. I have complained 4 bad judges to CJC, appealed one to Federal court. If anyone want to complain bad judges, I’d like to help. Scientist has proved that people not died from disease died from not being treated fairly. We need fight for fairness, or we may try some way like that happened in movies, use a very wild way to get fairness.

  • Yes, totally right. the bad judicial system is very strong and the judges has power to take your anything away and send you to jail. So fight with this bad system, one guy by one is too weak, we need work together as a group. Just think, if just one judge has been complained, nobody care, if 10, 20, or 100 judges have been complained and sued to court, what may happen? I think the judges do not have time to deal with any other cases except their own cases?
    Think and let’s take action, use all ours money, time and intelligent together to set up a party or similar organization to fight with the bad judges together, we will win for sure.

    • The prediction that Donald Best would lose hard is so far from the truth. Donald Best did not win but it exposed the crooked and those who cover up . The hearing was so biased and the Judge and lawyer so inept. Bumbling idiots.

  • I have been fighting for 3 years trying to protect my property and its been a hard battle that has drained me both emotionally and financially .

    I think a non profit organization would be an excellent way to support those who are victems to this devastating crime.

    As Canadian Citizens we must stand together and stand up to this coruption

    They are not acting in our best interests we cantt let them get away with this .we need to inform every one we know and tell them to tell everyone they know and maybe if we are strong enough in number we can put a stop to these crooks before it’s too late

  • When judges become corrupt judicial systems become contaminated and those you trust to protect you become those you need protection from.


  • I agree !!!

    It is a judges job to manage the steps of a court proceeding fairly and provide a fair hearing and fair decision according to the rules of the court and the law.

    Fair meaning the judge must listen carefully to your case, your evidence and all that you and the other party have to say without treating one party substantially differently than the other party.


    Is it legal for a judge to adjourn a summary trial for a future date

    Leave the claiment sitting in ttostrike the claiment’s Notice of Family Claim.

    My Answer

    No it is not legal for a JUDGE to leave a courtroom slated for a summary trial and go down the hall to another courtroom where the respondant and his lawyer are waiting and and secretly strike the claiments Notice of Family Claim without her knowledge or her pressence.



    • I appologize for the error on my previous post it looks like a few sentences were missing so I reposted

      It is a judges job to manage the steps of a court proceeding in a fair manner and provide a fair hearing and a fair decision according to the rules of the court and the law.

      Fair meaning the judge must listen carefully to your case, your evidence and all that you and the other party have to say without treating one party substantially differently than the other.

      The Summary Trial

      At 10 45 am the judge adjourned court for the day and left the courtroom.

      I asked the court clerk why I was not given a chance to speak to the judge and she told me my case had been adjourned for a future date and advised me to go to the court registry to find out what the future date would be.

      I did not know it at the time but when the judge left courtroom 410 he went to courtroom 207 and secretly struck my Notice of Family Claim.

      The judges, lawyers and court clerks at the New WESTMINSTER SUPREME COURT are a corrupt criminal gang. They worked together like a team and allowed one of the largest gold corporations in the world and the Vice Chair of the BCIMC take my property in a fixed corrupt court case that will no doubt bennifit their pension fund and their bank accounts.

      WHY ? I am not sure but it could have something to do with the fact that I recently found the entance to an old lost and hidden goldmine on the property and if history books and oldtimers are correct it could be worth billions.

      Or they may be after the never ending flow of crisp clean mountain run off water coming from the creek and natural waterfall.

      Whatever it is it must be valuable because two judges, a lawyer and at least 4 court clerks broke the rules of the court and the law numerous times to get it.

      I didn”t even have a chance they just took everything I owned and watched me walk away with absolutely nothing………..and they think that is OK



    • Canada polluted by corruption

      It amounts to criminality but the criminals that protect this judge continue on with their organized crime activities there in British Columbia. You need to go to the RCMP and your provincial police and press charges. Make sure both of them are fully aware of your story.

      Then let us all know online what the RCMP and provincial police do. We will all be rooting for you and please keep us abreast of what is happening just like Donald Best does.

      These judges, lawyer and court clerks are like vomit that comes out of them and we will be waiting as the vomit gets all over them and they cant wash it off.

  • I do suggest we setup a non-for-profit organization to uncover the bad judges and help people who has no enough money nor enough legal knowledge to sue judge. if so, the public and politicians will pay attention to us.

    • Canada polluted by corruption

      yes lobby the government for a non profit organization that allows citizens to investigate these characters.