Somebody is worried about CJC Judicial Review on Monday November 20, 2017

It’s so nice to know that people care… and that some are obviously having trouble sleeping these days wondering when the story will break mainstream.

Thanks for the encouragement, because website visits from various law firms, government agencies and people like you who are upset about my telling the truth on the internet are highly motivating.

And as I’ve said in the FAQ section, ordinary people understand exactly what it means when I publicly name lawyers as “corrupt” and “liars” and the lawyers do not sue me.

You and your corrupt colleagues lost the moment you jailed me on provably false evidence.

Judicial Review scheduled for Monday November 20, 2017 9:30am

Federal Court: 180 Queen Street West, Toronto, Ontario.

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  • I do suggest we setup a non-for-profit organization to uncover the bad judges and help people who has no enough money nor enough legal knowledge to sue judge. if so, the public and politicians will pay attention to us.

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