Why over 100 lawyers refused to represent me, even as they acknowledged the validity of my case.

by Donald Best, former Sergeant, Detective, Toronto Police

by Donald Best, former Sergeant, Detective, Toronto Police

Why would no lawyer represent me? Read my latest guest column published at the National Self-Represented Litigants Project.

The Client most lawyers fear – and won’t represent at any price


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    YES Canada is as corrupt as Mexico. Now that a Barbados Minister of Industry has been indicted in the USA on charges of money laundering is the link from Barbados to Canada going to be uncovered. I am sure there is a link especially in light of the tax treaty between Canada and Barbados. Those tax treaties open up the possibility of money laundering and make it easier to do it. Thats my opinion anyways. Donald I read on Paul Mannings twitter a comment from one person where they say that Paul Manning is being quiet because the crooked cant be held accountable so for that twitterer I like what Paul Manning stated as thats exactly what I commented to a friend was probably taking place. Paul Manning is letting the OPP investigation take over and bring accountability to the crooked if the tape is found to be genuine and considering it was an undercover police operation I think we all know its a legitimate tape recording outing a link of organized crime into the policing in Ottawa which will have severe implications in the coming months.

    So for all those reading your website no lawyer is too big to go to jail and no crooked cop is above the law and it takes the courage of posters and people like Donald Best and Paul Manning outing every move of the parasites to bring justice and rid our streets of the corrupt who put our lives in danger everyday.

    To the rich money laundering and sitting by the seaside drinking their rum you have absolutely nothing to look into the mirror and be proud of because your nothing but a bunch of skunks stinking up the country. By the way Cockspur rum is a great Barbados rum. You should try it.

    To the crooked government officials who protect the crooked cops and crooked money launderers and lawyers we can be proud that we have courageous Canadians outing them. We Canadians are proud of their efforts and we are disgusted at the amount of criminality in our Country being swept under the carpet.

  • I have been denied justice and also identified systemic problems that need to be investigated. Mr. Best can I please contact you by personal email?

  • Jesus. And I thought Mexico was corrupt.

  • I have had a similar experience to yours. My evidence has not been accepted. I have been banned from filing documents and appearing unrepresented. However, I am now represented by BLAKES here in Metro Vancouver. A pivotal document, withheld by my mother’s lawyer, and his law firm FARRIS, since 1981 was released to me in 2014. The lawyer, now deceased, lied during a 1986 Law Society complaint investigation. The document was required for me to seek a Grant of Probate and secure my inheritance from my mother. The judicial comment, during a February 25, 2016 hearing before Justice Paul Walker, included reference to “mistake”. I now can take action against the law firm. What concerns me about your story is the jail time/solitary confinement aspect.