Colin Perkel – Toronto Star fake news hit piece targets lawyer Paul Slansky

Hired Gun Hit-Piece Journalist Colin Perkel

Colin Perkel’s new Toronto Star hit-piece targeting lawyer Paul Slansky contains such deliberately limited information that it can only be called fake news.

It is a real shame to see a career journalist like Colin Perkel writing agenda-driven propaganda at the behest of his corporate masters – when he must know that he is being used to deliver half-truths in furtherance of a cover-up of criminal behaviour by senior Ontario lawyers.

After his first hit-piece against my lawyer Paul Slansky, published June 21, 2016, Perkel did not reply to my offers to be interviewed.

At the same time, persons using the Toronto Star computer network downloaded from my website; court documents, audio files and exhibits that conclusively prove that Toronto lawyers Lorne Silver, Gerald Ranking and Sebastien Kwidzinski lied to the courts to convict me in absentia (while I was out of the country and unaware of the proceeding) of contempt of civil court.

Junior lawyer Sebastien Kwidzinski and senior Ontario lawyers Gerald Ranking, Lorne Silver deliberately lied to the courts.

The DonaldBest.CA articles that the Toronto Star reporters read also documented (supported by sworn affidavits and court transcripts) that no judge and no court has ever listened to the voice recordings that prove that I was convicted and jailed upon the deliberate lies, perjury and deception of corrupt Toronto lawyers Lorne Silver, Gerald Ranking and Sebastien Kwidzinski.

The judges who never listened to my audio recordings include Justice Susan Healey – whose comments Perkel loves to selectively quote in his articles. Perkel knows that truth, but the truth is not included in his commissioned hit-piece:

Justice Susan Healey made her decision and comments based upon the court record that excluded the voice recordings and other irrefutable evidence of illegal acts by the named lawyers.

Colin Perkel and his Toronto Star editors and colleagues know my full story; that lawyers Silver, Ranking and Kwidzinski refused to be cross-examined about their false testimony and successfully used legal tactics to avoid having a civil trial. The three lawyers simply could not have a jury of ordinary Canadians listening to the damning voice recordings of a teleconference where I clearly told them that I did not receive a certain court order.

Court transcripts confirm that after that telephone conversation with me, the lawyers falsely told the court (when I wasn’t present) that I admitted during the conversation that I had received the court order. The lawyers deliberately lied and my voice recordings prove that fact. Further, evidence from Purolator Courier also proves that lawyer Gerald Ranking and his secretary Jeannine Ouellette lied to the court under oath about sending me a copy of a court order.

Perkel knows all this and has undoubtedly listened to the secretly made voice recordings that irrefutably prove the lawyers lied to the court.

Colin Perkel and his Toronto Star editors and colleagues know that my case has never gone to trial because the courts ruled that if I want a trial I must pay hundreds of thousands of dollars in security costs up front – money that no ordinary Canadian has. Perkel knows that the system effectively protected two corrupt senior lawyers by preventing me from presenting the evidence to a jury of ordinary Canadians.

The journalists also know that there is a current Judicial Review of the Canadian Judicial Council’s decision regarding my complaint about serious judicial misconduct by Justice J. Bryan Shaughnessy. But neither Perkel nor his Toronto Star masters will cover that inconvenient story because it leads back to how I was convicted in the first place.

Perkel and his colleagues at the Toronto Star know all of this – yet published a commissioned hit piece that presents only carefully selected snippets that support their masters’ narrative.

The death of the legacy news media

How appropriate that in the same Toronto Star online edition where Colin Perkel published his fake news article, Atkinson Fellow Catherine Wallace lamented the slow and agonizing death of the legacy news media.

“Just 20 years ago, the news industry was the gatekeeper of information and opinion, deciding what and who would be covered, and in what manner; choosing whose views would be aired.”


Catherine Wallace – Journalists are vanishing. Who will fill the void?

The last time that Perkel and the Toronto Star published a hit piece against my lawyer, within a few days over four thousand Canadians took the trouble to find my website, listen to the secretly made audio recordings and read the evidence that proves my account of events is accurate.

As the result of Perkel’s latest article, several thousand ordinary Canadians who might not have been aware of my case visited DonaldBest.CA, read the articles, listened to the recordings and downloaded the legal documents that prove the accuracy of what I write.

So once again I say to Colin Perkel, the Canadian Press and the Toronto Star, “Thanks for the boost.”

Donald Best

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  • Joke Judges Removal from bench

    |Judge Susan Healey sounds like a real piece of work Judge that refused to listen to your tapes and called your lawsuit frivalous but then she made another lawyer pay back money because he used a witness that was supposedly biased so to make Colin Perkel look rather silly with his articles we can then ask what another poster wrote –couldnt what Judge Susan Healey used as an argument with Jeffrey Streisfeld be used to tell Mr. Wardell that his representing the Judge with the conflicted lawyers would be deemed to be the same as in the Jeffrey Streisfeld argument and therefore conflict of interest that could end up costing Mr. Wardell money if he uses the conflicted lawyers to be witnesses for Judge Shaughnessey. Quite interesting way to look at it and to show what a cover up and conspiracy there is within the Ontario Court System to call your case frivilous and vexacious. The only frivilous people here are the whitewashing judges that prove they are corrupt. Time to remove them from the bench.