Does Canada’s justice system hold any hope for common citizens?

A reader asks: With so many elements of Canada’s legal infrastructures failing its citizens, do you think there is hope for any real recourse for common citizens?

by Donald Best, former Sergeant, Detective, Toronto Police

Dear ‘S’,

Thank you for your kind and supportive email.

At the moment there is no real access to justice for ordinary Canadians. It can be fairly said that never before in Canadian history have the people and the justice system been so far apart.

It could also be fairly said that the elites who crafted and run the system – both the lawyers and ex-lawyers now known as ‘judges’ – are completely divorced from the people.

The only question is what form the rebellion will take when it comes.

Increasingly I see a section of the population completely dismissing the justice system as irrelevant in any decision making process where they believe they have been wronged. There is also a realization that we have a class-based justice system where rule of law is scarcely remembered by the courts and not at all by the legal profession.

This is producing a dangerous undermining of the very foundations of Canadian society – and if not stopped will produce a society like many around the world, where the justice system is known as nothing but a corrupt and owned weapon of the upper-class elites.

When the Toronto Star can report without contradiction that the Law Society of Upper Canada covered up hundreds of cases where Ontario lawyers committed criminal offenses against their clients, little more need be said.

Yours truly,

Donald Best


  • Had my share of The Law Society of Upper Canada, what a joke!

  • Well they better start listening and not just the media–the justice system, the law society better start listening and investigating and the rcmp and opp better start investigating…OPP because it is their jurisdiction and rcmp because the canadian law society refuses to do anything -so both should be going from each corner investigating and they should have the same common goal and that is to clean up corrupt government, corrupt lawyers, corrupt cops etc. Perhaps by having two law enforcement entities working then they might be more successful.

  • Mr. Best, is the media listening to you? I have contacted the CBC about a case similar to a story in B.C. here in Ontario. They have an interest but have yet to contact us. It is a combination of family and criminal court. A parent thrust into a world never experienced before with no way out of the black hole.

    The story involves corruption by police, Victim’s advocates not using due diligence, CAS not using due diligence, bias family judge making decisions on hearsays , a family lawyer that breaks moral and bar laws just to “win”even if it adversely affects children involved, the lack of investigation by CAS, quick and poorly assessed decision by law enforcement, unwillingness of the Crown to allow charges pressed against people who obstruct justice, break the criminal code of Canada on several counts, and committed perjury on affidavits and in trial.

    Thousands of needless dollars spent by a citizen when all it would have taken to solve the situation would have been to cut through the red tape and have all parties and agencies involved sit down and one table and read over the facts and look at all the evidence. A tribunal so to speak, of every corner of the map to just simply meet, examine the facts and bring it all to a stop. Our justice system is organized in a manner that takes months if not years to get to the “bottom” of a situation. This is indeed a money profiting legal system, it is not justice.