Donald Best receives 2018 Ontario Civil Liberties Award

Scandal, Cover-up by Federal Court of Canada Exposed.

by Donald Best, former Sergeant, Toronto Police

I’m surprised and deeply honoured to receive the 2018 Ontario Civil Liberties Award – announced this morning.

Today (and in my recorded acceptance speech – transcript here) I am calling upon the Law Society of Ontario and the law societies in every province to cease investigating complaints against their own members. This most serious conflict of interest undermines the profession’s credibility and the public’s trust in our legal system.

Self-investigation by the lawyers’ unions is a real conflict of interest that is unacceptable by any modern standard and cannot be resolved – except by the establishment of independent organizations in each province to receive complaints against lawyers, to perform professional unbiased investigations and to lay charges where appropriate. The retention of investigative functions by the law societies is indefensible.

Today, I also reveal details of an ongoing major scandal and active cover-up by the Courts Administration Service and the Federal Court of Canada that impacts every Canadian who has appeared before that court for any reason in the last few years.

This documented misconduct by Federal Court of Canada personnel throws into question every recent decision of the Federal Court of Canada. Dozens of lawyers and litigants have already contacted me about this revelation and I am aware of several lawsuits / legal motions that are imminent. At least one will be filed within days.

Regarding my personal legal battles, both the Ontario Civil Liberties Association (in their news media release) and University of Windsor law professor Julie Macfarlane in her introduction speech for my award – openly declare that I was unjustly convicted of contempt of court and imprisoned based upon false evidence fabricated by senior lawyers from some of Canada’s largest law firms. (Former OPP Commissioner of Police Julian Fantino said the same thing last year in a sworn affidavit and said that if he knew then what he knows now, he would have launched a criminal investigation against named Ontario Provincial Police officers and lawyers.)

To my friends and family who believed in me during the darkest times and gave me strength – thank you. This is your Ontario Civil Liberties Award as much as it is mine. To the legal profession and the courts… We want our justice system back.

Ontario Civil Liberties Association announcement…

My acceptance speech…

Professor Julie Macfarlane’s introduction…

Donald Best Receives the 2018 OCLA Civil Liberties Award

(Ottawa, December 4, 2018) – The Ontario Civil Liberties Association (OCLA) presents its 2018 Civil Liberties Award to whistleblower and anti-corruption activist Donald Best.

Donald Best is a former Sergeant (Detective) with the Toronto Police responsible for investigating Canadian police, lawyers, and politicians involved in organized crime, and a leading Canadian anti-corruption whistleblower and activist.

In his ongoing legal cases and public advocacy, Mr. Best has exposed corruption in the Canadian legal profession including secret orders and investigations by judges, the submission of false evidence in court by lawyers, and the failure of disciplinary bodies such as the Law Society of Ontario and the Canadian Judicial Council to investigate complaints against judges and lawyers.

Mr. Best’s tireless efforts to create integrity and accountability in the Canadian legal system make him an exemplary leader in the fight for equality before and under the law of all Canadians, including self-represented litigants.

Embedded at the OCLA’s award website (link HERE) is a video of Donald Best’s acceptance speech for the 2018 OCLA Civil Liberties Award, following a video introduction of Mr. Best by law professor Julie Macfarlane, Director of the National Self-Represented Litigants Project, University of Windsor.

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  • Congrats on your award. I am sure your very honored and touched after such a long journey of exposing your story,

    I read a tweet by the Law Society Treasurer indicating the misconception that the Law Society is not a representative of the lawyers but a public interest regulator. Well based on this concise description by the Treasurer it appears it makes the Law Society look even worse. Why? They have failed miserably at investigating complaints. They have covered up for lawyers and in the case of William Gilmour the Brampton lawyer involved in a complex case of the drug trade into Canada not one of the nineteen witnesses was even contacted so the Law Society decided to be their own judge and jury and refuse to investigate this case or even involve the police in such a broad scope investigation. Many other cases too. The fact that a former lawyer bragged about how easy it is to money launder drug proceeds hiding behind the lawyer client privilege and the lawyers themselves even got lobbyists to make the Feds repeal a Bill then this regulating job is not exactly doing what it should be doing so it needs an overhaul. Saying its not an ole boys club. Read Bill Matjchers affidavit where one Judge needed only a case of whiskey to do a favor among other things or another lawyer met with a judge in a synagogue where they discussed cases and club is a great description. The facts speak for themselves but he has his opinion and so does the public. The Donald Best fiasco truly helps to paint it as a club. Ask yourself if it wasnt a club then why did that Judge not go to jail where he definitely wouldnt be savoring his whiskey or the senior member of the law society of upper Canada who regularly laundered drug monies why didnt he go to jail either.

    How about the opinion of some who think Ford is a maffioso. They call his mom the Don and please kiss my ring. Quite amusing at the picture that paints in our heads but really to be honest based on the pattern of corruption that has been painted of him then he is an iconic Canadian maffioso. The Fords used the police to cover up for them. They sold drugs that were illegal. They got into politics and abused that power. Who knows what else they did. If its true that a certain Vice Chair at the Human Rights Tribunal was given a new job after Ford became premier thereby making the tribunal hearing of a female police officer pretty much get put back to square one and that Taverner the metro Toronto police superintendent set to become the new OPP Commissioner was the last witness to be heard at the Tribunal and might not want to be testifying as it is alleged he tried to stop the female officer from making her complaint then we are starting to see a huge trail of allegations and corruption. Remember some police have even stated in the past that the Fords were being covered up and it was Taverner pulling the strings to solve the Fords problems. Nasty stuff to come forward in the future no doubt.

    Ask why the Metro Toronto Police Services prez McCormick was called to a private meeting in Fords mothers home. That makes eye brows get raised. These are situations where people will say what they say. They work for us. Thus they are subjected to public scrutiny.What is a police union boss doing meeting in the premiers mothers home?

  • If you take your union representation before the Ontario Labour Relations Board only 2 to 3 percent of the cases win. Its called duty of fair representation. This dismal success indicates that unions can not self represent themselves and we call on lawyers to change this and there is no justice to union members.

    The ongoing battles of police who expose harassment and other criminal acts and are reprimanded, intimidated and even threatened with death when going to their union is just a picture of what occurs in other unions too.

    The stories are endless of corruption therefore the Labour Relations Board is not working. It is a perversion of justice.

    It has to change. A 2 to 3 percent success rate for union members is a failing grade to the current system.

    With the presence of the maffia in unions this makes the system more deplorable.

  • I need help exposing crooked lawyers in Guelph, had seperation agreement and equalization payment before was they tryin to cover up

  • Project Corruption

    You nailed it on the head. Every profession regardless cannot self regulate because unions are notorious for having union reps protect themselves not the members who pay their wages and we call on charges to be levied like in the Mike Duffy fiasco against union reps that abuse their powers and prey on members who take issue with them. We can start naming unions and reps involved in such behavior.

    We can also name lawyers involved in the cover up of these unions. When a head of a union for the paramedics gives a letter of recommendation to known mobsters as seen with the Violi brothers in Hamilton we have a huge problem with breach of trust to members of that union.

    To union members across Canada please send your stories to Donald Best and Paul Manning as organized crime infiltration is in unions too. Be courageous and share your stories of abuse by union reps because you are not alone as you can see within the police services union there is rampant abuse and harassment when police officers take issue. We will all stand together to stop the abuse.

  • Impossible to bind to local socket

    Very impressive Mr. Best. You truly deserve that award and your appearance on the Jimmy Dore show was spectacular and definitely embarassed the corrupt lawyers and judges. Im sure these lawyers are hurting and so is the law society of Ontario and Canada. But they brought that on themselves and have no one to blame. If I were them I would start coming clean as their legacy is not very impressive.

    The fact that they have to glorify one of the lawyers on their website indicates that he is taking a hit and it is not in a good way. I always love when corrupt people try to make themselves look good after being exposed. It never works. Im sure everyone reading their website is shaking their heads and laughing at their law firm and lawyer. Love to see how much their client list is shrinking and is any government using them. Shame on the government if they are but interesting observation is that the Ontario Securities commission was in bed with them and the OSC is being exposed left and right for corruption. Is is true that the OSC used a disgraced RCMP agent and were contravening laws of surveillance. Perhaps the OSC would like to comment on that. We would love to hear their explanation. Were all ears government. Any surveillance of those who expose corruption is not allowed.

    When corrupt people are in bed with government they believe they can get away with anything including lying bribery money laundering etc.

  • Congratulations MR Best! You truly earned it with your courage and determination. Our family is still being horrifically abused by the local legal mafia in Windsor Ontario. Might be 20 lawyers now and I am still obstructed from my own family accounts as an executor. Which means it is still impossible to finish estate since I am legally responsible to provide revenue Canada with an accurate set of assets as an executor. We have found 2/3s of missing $400,000.00 the many lawyers overlooked while keeping me obstructed from my own family accounts including my name removed as beneficiary on accounts. I did submit a statement of claim as instructed by one of the lawyers involved but this was guaranteed to fail as no lawyer in the province was willing to help with it. Susan Hirota legal council for Windsor police went to work immediately accusing me of frivolous and vexatious allegations as 20 lawyers abuse court process obstructing me from family accounts. Since this statement of claim squashed by the local elites we are forced to continue with the fraud charges since their is no statute of limitations on fraud. Our family is still seeking help in this province. no body will investigaste the fraud with the evidence we have. It is obvious the lawyers in the province have turned our public into a racket! The first lawyer in Windsor Ontario Jerry Goldberg types out his own version of your family assets removing about $400,000.00 and the rest of his legal profession put up a brick wall at the expense of the victim. Windsor fraud investigators (Mike Akpata) also a city councilman are throwing fraud victims in jail to conceal the corruption! We are afraid for our well being!

    Sincerely the Simetic family

  • Wonderful

  • I am so proud of you, and your due diligence Donald. How perfect that Professor Julie MacFarlane introduced you for your award. Well done Donald, and congratulations!!
    Hopefully the Ministry of the Attorney General will raise a committee on these issues, and seek to change the current processes utilized in the interest of fair and equal justice.
    How fanstatic if Julian Fantino ( of Toronto and London) could head such an investigative and legislative committee!