Insiders: Ottawa Police have a problem… How to stage Constable Kristina Neilson’s public apology sessions.

What if citizens at the ‘Restorative Justice’ meetings publicly state their support for Constable Neilson?

“Insiders say the Ottawa Police will tightly control the ‘Restorative Justice’ apology sessions included in the proposed sentence for Constable Kristina Neilson – but there is an internal debate as to whether the sessions should be invitation-only or open to the public.”

Ottawa Police Constable Kristina Neilson recently pleaded guilty to a charge of ‘Discreditable Conduct’ for donating $55 dollars to the Freedom Convoy. Part of the jointly proposed sentence is that Neilson will attend ‘Restorative Justice’ sessions where she will confess and apologize to the people of Ottawa – who will explain to her how she harmed them. The sentence is yet to be confirmed by the Trials Officer, who will release his decision in writing. (Ottawa Police will post the decision here when released.)

“The penalty that we’re proposing here, it gets designed, of course, it’s intended to address all the factors that I’ve outlined previously, and of course, to serve as a punitive measure. But above all else, all else, this penalty, specifically the restorative justice aspect of this penalty. The intention is to provide an opportunity to members of the Ottawa community to meet with Constable Neilson and explain how her actions by donating to this occupation affected them and the services they provide.”

Ottawa Police Prosecutor Angela Stewart at the October 6, 2022 sentencing hearing.

But what if citizens at the sessions publicly state their support for Constable Neilson? What if people voice displeasure that the Ottawa Police charged the officer and then forced a guilty plea under a threat to fire her?

That is the concern of the Ottawa Police Command Officers and Professional Standards Unit as they consider how to carefully stage the event or events.

According to police sources the Professional Standards Section wants to carefully select the audience for a single ‘Restorative Justice’ session that would be via invitation only. There might be a second internal session for police personnel only. Selected news media would also be invited to the closed sessions.

But at least one senior Ottawa Police officer (Inspector rank or higher) wants to see the public admitted to the sessions because the officer is concerned that the entire event will “look like a show trial” without open participation by Ottawa residents. This also according to an internal source who contacted the writer.

“Millions of Canadians coast-to-coast cheered the convoys on their journeys to Ottawa. Many including myself find the charges against Constable Neilson and other police personnel to be reprehensible, and entirely politically motivated.”

The problem is, of course, that once the public is admitted to the sessions – all bets are off.

Suppose Ottawa citizens at Constable Neilson’s ‘Restorative Justice’ sessions start quoting high-ranking police witnesses from the Emergency Act Inquiry – who stated that the declaration of the act was not justified? What could be done if people publicly read from the decision of Ontario Superior Court Mr. Justice McLean describing the Freedom Convoy as “a peaceful, lawful and safe protest” ???

Worst of all for ‘Restorative Justice’, suppose citizens quote from the mounting tsunami of admissions by government and medical authorities that the vaccine mandates and lockdowns were not only unjustified – but that the mandates took more lives and caused more harm than without?

There is a chance that a public ‘Restorative Justice’ session will further embarrass the Ottawa Police and make Constable Neilson into a victim-hero whose doubts about the mandates and support for the Freedom Convoy were fully justified.

Perhaps some senior officers are now regretting charging Constable Neilson? Even her coerced guilty plea continues to pour fuel on the raging dumpster fire that is the credibility of the Ottawa Police Command Leadership.

See our October 2, 2022 article: Ottawa Police Constable Kristina Neilson to take Plea Deal for $50 Convoy Donation. A Hollow Victory for the Prosecution.


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  • We feel torn and guilty, but grateful, that a death in our family meant we just didn’t have the cycles to donate to the Freedom Convoy, but we noted it in the background with pride and gratitude. Just at the point we were about to donate things got threatening and heavy and we paused. Had we not done so my husband’s job with a large mainstream company would have been in peril, especially as we chose not to vaccinate for health reasons.

    We have family who escaped Communism – a struggle session is exactly what this is.

    For those of us who were: denied family contact; jobs threatened or lost; restricted from accessing ‘public’ services; who were forbidden to travel for any reason; denied necessary medical treatment; who were threatened with forced unwanted medical treatment &/or forced confinement, who were treated as less than 2nd class citizens; etc… – where is OUR restorative justice? Where is our opportunity to put the ‘people from Ottawa’ on trial for selectively and illegally supporting select violent social justice movements while demonizing others comprised of decent people who want the constitutional rights of all Canadians upheld?

    I feel immense guilt that we avoided the heavy cost that so many others paid. They sacrificed on our behalf – including Constable Neilson. Please let her know that she has our support.

    For those who orchestrated this show trial, I hope you’re able to feel that sense of fear in the pit of your belly, and sickness in your stomach because your conscience is yelling at you. They’re trying to set you straight, and you’d be advised to listen to them. Calling this ‘Restorative Justice’ is mocking and taking advantage of our First Nations, and you should be ashamed of yourselves for attempting this. I highly doubt our First Nations people would recognize this as bearing any resemblance to ‘restorative justice’. But our Chinese-born citizens who came here in the 60’s would certainly recognize this for exactly what it is.

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  • Stolen data from Christian Web site. Pointing out CSIS is active in obtrusive monitoring of Cell phone and Computer commutations ‘gathering information’ meaning entrapment manufacturing proof and evidence searches to locate something written or spoken, to take it, twist it to use against the targeted person. Targeted Persons are any against or opposing dictated to Government Policies. Prior to Trucker Protests journalists, researchers etc. were identified and put on the CSIS list as Dissidents, criminalized. The Emergency Measures Act was the venue used to arrest targeted persons as ‘threats to National Security’ for potential arrest using the CSIS section of the Emergency Measures Act. Tactics such as obtaining from the Christian web site is common to them to do so. Former head of CSIS decided their mandate is to block, stop, shut down and take out opponents to government policies use intrusive surveillance that is legalized by law with no Over site, Accountability or Transparency. They are the law, do criminalize citizens, are above the law easily defined or identified by if it’s cruel it’s them, twist and invert the law, apply it to use against citizens is what Dictators do. The New Introduced law part of tactics, Canadians should define ‘it has a name, a face, a desk’ as to ‘who done it’ not as simplistic as ‘the government’ or blame it on Trudeau ‘pretty boy, groomed front’. Probably just another corrupted high level Politician, CSIS official. Civil Servant, or Justice group running the show, sold out to China, Russia, or greed, their own pockets that furthered themselves, goals and objectives with their little helpers and aids. In this case the Ottawa Police, a most corrupted, perpetrated Police Force in a category of its own recognized by its blatant evil.

  • Options….? CCP Police in Canada….choose your poison. Off to knock on their door to see how Canadian Police and citizens are treated. Just curious, that’s all.

  • I completely agree with the poster above. This has been a fiasco.
    The public inquiry is teaching us just how many lies were spoken by the Liberal government, the mass media and those pushing the agenda.
    I am glad it is back firing on this police administration. Thier behavior is what is reprehensible, not this hero police officer.
    I say, let the public in, we will show her the real support that she deserves.
    Free speech is being able to speak your mind in the public square, and act in the public square, without fear of reprisal.
    It doesn’t matter to me if a police officer wants to donate to a cause (any cause) in their free time as a free citizen.
    Cops supported BLM , but can’t support the convoy? Get real! The public sees through this charade.

  • did she contribute before or after it was declared illegal? If before this is an unconstitutional ex post facto law (before the fact)
    if before then when she did it, it would have been an entirely legal act and not chargable.

  • in the States this lady cop would have taken the firing and sued the city for unlawful termination and won millions.

    She should still try to sue her employer anyways for this railroaded guilty plea which is an unlawful use of government power to coerce an innocent person into a plea. Any further targeting means more evidence for a lawsuit.

  • Restorative Justice” funny that where there is no justice it cannot be “restored”
    I would also like to rise and speak to the bullies who charged this officer and are now proceeding with a show trial.
    They would do well to observe the Ottawa election the rabid convoy haters were voted out.

  • Amilia Van Breutmann

    Showing Ottawa persecution at its Best

  • Carolyn Vaughan

    Oh I personally think the admin cops should be sweating bullets. I would love to give my point on the issue I believe she should have been commended AND listed as a person who supports community /police efforts .I am disgusted that they charged her, disgusted that they bullied her and disgusted that they even had to consider the fiasco!